An Interesting Life Ch. 05

Group Sex

It’s been two years from the start of the affair. Things have cooled down between Linda and Grant.

There were various reasons for it. Linda was in a young marriage and they were thinking of a family. Grant and his wife were happier than ever.

He didn’t know if she was still seeing her stranger but he was not complaining about their sex life. Mandy moved away and kind of lost contact.

He just thought about Mandy one day and he doesn’t know why but he in boxed her to see how she were. She immediately answered back and they started chatting. It was as if they were old friends and they really started enjoying their chats.

It took a while before Mandy asked him how his and Linda’s relationship was going. He was shocked as he thought that nobody else knew about it. She tentatively told him that Linda told her and that she knows that he was the only one that knew about the time she and Linda have spent together.

After this their friendly chatting started to take a sexual turn. Mandy sent him various photos of herself and he really started to fantasize about the beautiful woman with the full boobs, shy smile glorious ass.

They started to chat about their likes and dislikes and mostly how much Mandy still longed for Linda. Grant remembered how much of a turn on the story was and his mind started working. The photos didn’t help much as he now had a body to put with the wonderful story Linda told him

He asked Mandy when she was going to be back in their home town. She told him that she was going home alone for the birth of her sister’s baby.

Grant started thinking about how he missed Linda. He further knew from their chats that Linda was missing Mandy allot too. He started to get a plan together to get everybody’s needs satisfied.

He first started by making sure of Mandy’s feelings. The feelings she had not only for Linda but for him as well. It didn’t take long for Mandy to tell him that she was so intrigued by their chats and that she has always had a bit of a crush on him.

Next he started to steer Linda’s thought to the time she had with Mandy and he realized that she had more than a passing interest in repeating the experience.

His plan started coming together but there were so many things to think about. The ladies time of the month. Linda was a very self conscious person. This was kind of funny if you think how beautiful she is. He had to make sure that she was in the right frame of mind.

Luckily the ladies were on the same menstrual cycle and he only had to make sure that Linda was in the right frame of mind. This was the difficult part. He used to ignore her until she started to wonder what was wrong and then she would start to be a lot friendlier.

He decided to try his luck. Two weeks before the time he stopped touching her. He used to touch her leg or steal a stolen kiss whenever they were alone but he stopped that completely. He was still very friendly and he always complimented her on how stunning she looked. He could see that this bugged her. He peeked by telling her a day before the time that he has tried to stay away from her for her to sort out her relationship with her husband but he could really not be without her for another day. He waited the whole day for an answer and it was with some relief when she sent him a text the Wednesday afternoon that she would meet him at their hideaway the next day,

Mandy has already decided to take their relationship to the next level and although very shy and more than a bit scared she agreed to meet him for a drink and for what would happen next.

He told Linda to meet him at 1 in the afternoon. He left a bottle of Spiced Gold and a bottle of shooters in the room. He had a few things to do so he told her to take a nice bath and have a drink while she waited for him. He met Mandy at the same time at a pub close by. She was very shy but after a few shooters she loosened up quickly. She was great fun and he had to almost tear himself away for the rest of the plan to get together.

He asked her if she was sure about the next step. She assured him that she has waited too long to stop now.

He asked for the bill and told her to meet him at the hotel. He gave her an extra key and said that he will be about ten minutes behind her. He watched her drive off and followed at a distance. She first drove past the place and then turned around. He told the gate guard before the time and he let her in without stopping her. He drove in behind her but stopped a distance away to wait for her. She didn’t climb out. It took 5 minutes for her Onwin to send him a text to ask where he was. He told her to go in and fix them a drink he would be there in a few minutes. He was holding his breath until she climbed out. He could see that she was nervous.

“Was this going to work? “He thought. He watched her fumbling with the key and he could just imagine Linda on the other side looking at the door and the shock and surprise for both of them when they saw each other. He could see Mandy entering and then immediately coming out again. She later told him that she only saw a woman and that she thought it to be the wrong room. She jumped back and only then realizing that it was Linda in the room. She slowly opened the door again and from a distance he could see her shy smile. She closed the door behind her.

He let out his breath realizing that his plan has worked so far. He sat there for another half an hour before he walked up to the bungalow. He tried the door but it was locked. He knocked but no answer. He tried both their phones but they didn’t answer although he could hear it ringing inside. He walked around trying to peer into the windows. All the blinds were drawn. He heard a knock on a window and walking up to it he saw the blind has been lifted just enough for him to see in.

Linda and Mandy was sitting on the couch looking at him. They had naughty smiles on their faces. “Open the door!” he shouted. They just smiled and went on chatting. Linda stood up to poor themselves a shooter. She poured him one as well but put it on the window sill. Smiling and looking into his eyes but then turning around.

She had an extra swing in her step as she walked away. She offered Mandy a shooter pulling her upright at the same time. They stood very close to each other as they toasted him and downed it. They were still standing looking into each other’s eyes.

They were a sight. Mandy was wearing tight jeans and a tight top that showed of her breasts wonderfully. Her short brown hair was done just right for the occasion. She looked delicious.

Linda was wearing a very corporate grey suite with a long skirt, white shirt and a nice fitting blazer. He could see a faint cleavage showing and he saw when she removed her blazer that she has unbuttoned the top few buttons of her shirt and that her wonderful full breasts were being pushed up by her wonder bra.

They still stood close to each other as they leaned in to kiss. Linda was at least thinking of him as she pulled her long blonde hair away for him to see the two glorious young girls kiss. It was a soft feminine kiss, tentatively first and then harder. He could hear their soft moans through the window. Their hands were starting to explore each other’s asses.

He could feel himself getting hard and he looked around to see if anybody could see him. It was as if this was planned as well. He was totally covered by bushes. “Is this a coincidence, or have they been playing him?” he thought. He was immediately distracted when Mandy started loosening the rest of Linda’s buttons. She did it slowly without parting their lips. He always loved Linda’s breasts and seeing it uncovered like this almost made him come in his pants. Mandy pulled Linda’s blouse over her shoulders. Linda turned showing him her wonderful breasts barely contained in the wonder bra. She turned back to Mandy pulling her shirt up while kissing her. Although he could see her nipples poking out of her shirt he only now realized that she was not wearing a bra. Linda pulled the shirt up exposing the underside of her breasts. She turned Mandy towards him showing him the wonderful site of her flat tummy and the underside of her perky breasts just showing under her shirt.

They both started a slow dance removing the bottom part of their clothing. They turned around as first Linda slowly unbuttoned her skirt and letting it slowly drop down exposing her wonderful thong covered tanned ass. She then turned to Mandy unbuttoning her jeans and while kissing her belly slowly lowered it to show her ass covered in very short hot pants. The bottom cheeks of her ass exposed to him.

They looked at him and then they dashed away towards the bathroom. It was a wonderful sight as he saw the side of their breasts and their beautiful asses. They closed the door behind them and it felt like an eternity before they returned. They were both wearing only a small bath towel. That was even worst for his rock hard cock.

They poured another drink and a shooter. Nothing for him this time and he was rather thirsty. They sat down on Onwin Giriş the coach not even a meter from him casually lighting a cigarette and smoking while not even glancing at him. The towels weren’t covering much and he could almost see their full breasts and most of their assets. Mandy turned giving him a quick flash of her shaven pussy. His cock couldn’t be contained by his pants anymore. He unzipped his pants and after looking around again with a sigh he removed his cock. His pre-cum was already lubricating his cock while he slowly stroked his cock. He is definitely not one of the smallest but even to him his cock looked huge.

The girls looked up at him and after saying something softly they both stood up and walked to the window. They both were planting wet kisses on the glass centimetres away from his throbbing member. They turned and started kissing right in front of him. They were exploring each other’s mouths lost in their own desire. They broke the kiss and then slowly removed the towels. He has never seen anything so beautiful. They were both beautiful in a different way. Linda has shaven her pussy with just a little landing strip and Mandy’s pussy was completely shaven. He felt like he could use his cock to break the window when they both leaned in closer to push their wonderful breasts against the window. Linda bent down and took Mandy’s nipple into her mouth. She sucked and then bit it softly. He could see the nipple standing out. She did it with the other nipple while Mandy was pinching hers. They hugged each other as they pressed their tight bodies against each other.

They moved away and after glancing at them again Linda unlocked the door. Grant almost broke his cock when he pushed it back into his pants and rushed for the door. He burst in and the sight was even better than through the window. He moved towards Linda taking her into his arms trying to kiss her. She pushed him away towards the coach. They both moved towards him bending over him to plant soft kisses on his cheeks and neck. When he tried to pull them closer they danced away swaying their beautiful bodies. They hugged and they slowly seductively touched each other’s pussies. He could see that they were both extremely wet and him knowing Linda he knew that she was very close or have already had her first orgasm.

She moved closer to him again and first pushed his arms down she started unbuttoning his shirt placing soft kisses on his body while doing it. She bit his nipple softly and for the first time she allowed him a soft kiss. How he loves her soft full lips. Mandy meanwhile was standing behind her stroking her but chicks and slightly touching her wet pussy. She moaned in his mouth.

She stood up changing places. Mandy was now unbuttoning his belt and loosening his pants. He lifts his ass to help her remove his pants. He kicked his shoes off allowing her to remove his pants completely.

She licked her lips when she saw his hard cock peeping out of his boxers.

She took the elastic and slowly pulled them of while taking the head of his cock into her mouth. Linda saw this as she was playing with Mandy’s pussy from behind. Mandy almost bit his cock off when Linda pushed three fingers into her. She released his cock and held onto his legs as Linda was finger fucking her from behind. He took her breasts into his hands and pinched her nipples while Linda picked up the pace. He was sure that the guards would come running when Mandy screamed out with her orgasm.

She fell onto his lap and he held her while she came down from the orgasm. He looked into Linda’s beautiful eyes as she licked her fingers with a very naughty smile on her face. He pulled her down kissing her deeply tasting Mandy on her lips. He pulled her against him feeling her soft breasts against his body.

He felt Mandy stir again. He pulled her onto her back with her head on his shoulder. He turned Linda around so that she was in a 69 position on top of Mandy. They started licking each other with Linda’s wet pussy centimetres from his face. He pushed two fingers into her pussy with his palm facing downwards. He searched for her G spot. It is the slight rough peace of skin that becomes a bump when he starts stroking it. He knows how much she loves it and the whole experience of eating another woman’s pussy with Mandy’s lips sucking on her clit and his attention to her G Spot brought her to a massive orgasm within minutes. He loved the way her pussy became sopping wet and he couldn’t help himself taking a taste of her delicious pussy. Although she has reached her orgasm she didn’t Onwin Güncel Giriş stop eating Mandy and it didn’t take long for Mandy to reach her next even bigger orgasm.

They stayed on top of him and he could feel someone slowly stroking his cock. His balls were hurting wanting release. Linda lifts herself above his cock facing him. She directed Mandy to sit on his face. The two girls were now facing each other. Linda lowered herself impaling herself with his cock. He could see the blissful look on her face before he gave all his attention to eating Mandy’s cunt. She tasted different than Linda but still wonderful. The girls started kissing again and palming each other’s breasts. He tried his best to keep control but he knew that he was very close. He attacked Mandy’s pussy with his mouth and fingers. He used all his skill to bring her to orgasm before he spilled his seed. He could feel her getting close and by the sounds from Linda he knew she was close as well. He felt Linda’s cunt contracting around his cock. He could hold no longer. He felt his balls contract and then he spewed his cum deep into her womb. He felt Mandy get even wetter as they all came together.

Luckily the couch was big enough for both girls to stretch out next to him. He kissed them both on the mouth and then they just lay there stroking each other in wonderful aftermath. Linda looked at him while stroking his hardening cock.

“Do you want to fuck her? “She asked.

He looked into her eyes. They still were a greyish colour. The colour her eyes get when she gets pissed off or like now when she is horny as hell. He could feel his cock hardening even more. He stood up pouring everybody drinks and lighting smokes for the girls. He still couldn’t keep his eyes of them. Linda was normally shy about being naked but not this time. She folded her legs under her showing them her wet pussy. Her beautiful breasts were standing out. Mandy was sitting across from her and her long nipples were standing out and her shaven pussy on display.

He moved closer to her kissing her. Linda came forward and they shared a three way kiss. They finished their smoke and then looked up at him as if asking what next.

He bent Mandy over pushing her head down into Linda’s cunt. She immediately started eating her out every now and again coming up to kiss her and then suck on her nipples. Linda was playing with her breasts pinching her nipples. He moved in behind Mandy lifting her for her pussy to be in line with his cock. He stroked her pussy with his cock getting a satisfied moan as she was eating Linda out. Linda was looking at him nodding her head and silently mouthing the words; “Fuck her” He put the head of his hard cock into her and then with force he buried his cock into her deliciously tight pussy. He didn’t waste time and didn’t wait for her to adjust to his size. He started ramming her cunt with long forceful strokes. He kept on looking into Linda’s eyes while he was doing this and he again realized how much he loved her. He saw her mouth open and how she pushed Mandy’s head down onto her pussy and then she again gave that delightful giggle when she came. Incredibly Mandy still kept going eating Linda out. He sped up his speed holding onto her wonderful ass while he really fucked her hole.

He felt her cunt muscles contracting and she again screamed out when she came. As he has only come a short while ago it took time for him to reach a peek. He stopped counting how many times the girls came as he kept on fucking Mandy for an eternity. He felt his balls grow and he pulled out showering her back with his cum. His cock actually hurt not being used to the tight cunts.

He stood back looking at the wonderful mess he made. He walked to the bathroom running a nice bubble bath for the girls.

He came back first picking Linda up in his arms. Kissing her he carried her and placed her in the bath. He came back and Mandy smiled at him before she took his cock into her mouth cleaning him. He again felt himself growing but he ignored it and rather picked her up as well carrying her to the bath. He brought them their cigarettes and an ashtray. He poured them each another drink and a shooter and brought it to them.

He stopped outside the door and listened to them chatting and they confirmed that they have played him. Linda knew about the chats that Mandy and he had. They worked out the plan long before he finalized it. He smiled when he walked is kissing each girl and saying thank you for a wonderful fantasy that they fulfilled.

He went back out got dressed and left the girls for their own fun. Linda told him later that they stayed the night and that they had a very pissed off husband and fiancé until they told them that they were together having wonderful sex.

Obviously Grant’s part was completely left out.

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