The Trigger Ch. 02: Surrogate

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A bisexual sub considers being a surrogate for a gay couple.

I was kneeling in front of the door, waiting for my mistresses, Chelsea and Jessica, to come home from their night out. Earlier that night, when they were about to leave, I could not stop admiring the couple, with Chelsea shining in her green satin dress which was complimentary to her red hair and hugged her hourglass figure, and Jessica in her sexy pants suit which accentuated her athletic build. Jessica had told me to assume the kneeling position when they were about to come back, as this night would be definitely a “play night”. Following the instructions, I was naked except for the gold chain collar around my neck, which was adorned with a tag with the words “Chelsea and Jessica” engraved on it. My hands were clasped behind my neck and my chest was pushing forward to showcase my huge breasts. I also had to put on a blindfold.

When I heard footsteps from behind the door, my heartbeat got faster. As the door was opened and a cool breeze engulfed my naked body, I anticipated the girls to start caressing my milk-white skin and smooth curves. When nothing happened for a few seconds, I started panting and shaking with need. I was shocked to hear a man’s voice murmuring “holy shit.”

When I tore away the blindfold, I saw two huge hunks standing in front of me. I shrieked and like a dumb girl, instead of running away, tried to hide my naked breasts and crotch. The guys were apparently startled, but I could hear laughter from behind. When I turned and saw Chelsea and Jessica giggling, I felt relieved and confused at the same time. I rose and scowled at the girls on my way to my room, which made them stop laughing.

In my room, I could hear my heart pounding. As a former party-girl, I wasn’t scandalized for being naked in front of strangers, but nonetheless I was totally stunned by what just happened. I could not work it out, especially considering that Chelsea was a shy angel, Jessica was a possessive dominatrix, and both girls were radical feminists. The only way I could make sense of the situation was that maybe they had realized that I missed having cocks after many months of being their sub, and this was their goodbye gift before leaving me for their trip to Paris. This thought got me excited and I decided to start playing a game. I could not stop trembling as I put on my slutty maid outfit.

I held my breath as I sauntered to the living room and in a formal manner, asked the girls if they needed anything. The girls grinned and played along by ordering me to bring some cocktails. Their guests, a black guy and a redhead, were still a little confused but manage to utter their own orders.

When I returned to serve the drinks, I checked out on the guys more closely. The black guy had short hair and a goatee. His black eyes were playful and the whites of his eyes and teeth contrasted with his blue black skin. The redhead had somber blue eyes, and his long hair was tied in a ponytail. He was a little taller than the black guy. None of them seemed to be interested in the cleavage that my outfit presented. Somewhat thwarted, I turned to return to the kitchen, but Jessica told me to have a seat and introduced the two guys; The Black guy was called Mike, and his friend was Bill.

“Mike and his partner are both teachers. After hearing about you, they wished to meet you in person.” Said Jessica.

Partner? My eyes went wide and I gazed at the guys, unbelieving. Upset over my shattered fantasy about a surprise orgy, I blurted out something which I immediately regretted.

“Don’t tell me you are fucking gays.”

“Don’t tell me you are a fucking homophobic” Said Bill, who seemed to be offended by my reaction.

I shook my head frantically, suddenly feeling intimidated and at the same time aroused by their pack of muscles. I could not help imagining how hot it would be to be held in those thick arms. I decided to try my chance once more.

“I am bisexual myself and I have absolutely no problem with gay people. So, why do you wanted to meet me anyway? Are you also bisexuals?”

Jessica snorted, but Bill seemed to be irritated again. He opened his mouth to say something, but Mike gave him a stern look, which apparently leashed the redhead. This was followed by some awkward moments of silence. Now that it was clear that there wasn’t going to be any orgy, I felt miserable and stupid, and was looking for some excuse to go back into my room. It was Chelsea who broke the silence.

“These guys wanted to discuss a delicate matter with you, and I think it’s best if we stop fooling around and get to the main point.”

This made the atmosphere heavier, and I started to feel a little anxious. Mike’s face was now serious and he clasped his shaking fingers together.

“Bill and I have been living together for about ten years now. We think that we are settled enough and it is time for us to have a child.”

I could not understand why these guys thought that this was such a big deal and why did they come all the way here to talk to me about such stuff. I shrugged.

“Well, Betturkey congratulations. So, have you started the adoption process?”

“Well, adoption agencies do not like us very much, because we have a criminal record. And after being rejected over and over, we were hurt enough to entirely give up on the adaption option.” Said Mike.

I gulped and stared at the guys. “To be honest, you don’t strike me as the criminal type.”

“I injured a guy in a fight long ago, but I assure you that I am changed and now I have full control over my anger.” Said Bill.

This guys were really creeping me now.

“Why do you assure me? I mean, why are you telling me these things?” I asked.

The two guys exchanged a look with my girls, and Mike leaned forward.

“We decided to consider other options for having a baby, and after giving it some thought, we realized that it would be ideal if we could find a lady who would consider surrogacy.”

It took me a few moments to stomach that revelation. It stirred some deep and wild feelings, and finally, a cold anger took over. There was many things that I wanted to shout at my girls, but I did not want these strangers to see how humiliated I felt. I stormed out to my room and banged the door shut. As I was not the crying type, I just leaned against the door and panted until I heard the guys leave. After some murmurs between the girls, I heard a knock on my door. I took a deep breath.

“Just leave me alone. I am angry and I might say things that I will regret.”

There was some more murmurs, and I heard Jessica’s voice.

“We will feel worse if you don’t talk to us.”

I remained silent for some seconds, and then half opened the door and sat on my bed. The girls came in and sat on each side of me. Jessica held my hand and started talking.

“What we did was dumb and we did it out of a drunk impulse, but I swear that I could not guess that this could hurt you. I thought that even if you were not interested in helping them, you would just shrug it off and laugh about it.”

I didn’t say anything for about a minute, and when I had my breathing under control, I started talking without looking at them.

“I feel so cheap and humiliated. How you offer my body to some strangers for breeding?”

I touched my collar.

“Before, I came to believe that this meant something. That our thing could be something forever. But apparently I’m just some dispensable plaything. How naïve of me to believe that I had eventually found somewhere and someone that I belonged to.”

“You do belong to us. You…” Chelsea began to say with a shaking voice.

“If I really mattered, you would have asked my opinion before making a deal with the guys.”

Chelsea started perspiring and her face got blood red. “Tonight, at the party, I saw Bill drinking alone in a corner. He seemed lost and grim, so I asked what was wrong. He suddenly started crying and said that he felt guilty that they could not adopt a baby because of his criminal record. I could not bear to see him suffer like that but I could not console him. Suddenly, I thought of you and how generous and selfless you are. I assumed that you would love them as much as I do, so I insisted to bring them to meet you.”

Chelsea shook her head in despair. Her words became barely understandable through her sobs.

“I swear that all I wanted was to help and to make everybody happier, but I ended up hurting the guys even more, and worst of all, I broke your heart.”

And then the dam broke. No matter how much I tried to soothe her and tell her that we were cool, she just could not stop crying hysterically. I and Jessica watched her cry herself to sleep, and finally left her there and went to the living room.

“You should have listened to me when I told you to leave me alone. I already regret what I said.” I told Jessica in a hushed tone.

“You shouldn’t. I appreciate it that you decided to be frank. It scares the shit out of me to think that you were going to keep quiet about those feelings. At least now we know how to make it up to you.”

She put her hand over my shoulder and drew me to herself.

“I should confess that it also made me happy. Before tonight, I thought that you intentionally kept your distance, while I and Chelsea were getting attached to you more and more. I was afraid that you saw us just as playmates and would leave us one day. Now I know that you take this relationship as seriously as we do.”

She gave me a tender kiss, which made my heart skip a beat. She let go with a kind smile.

“But there is some misunderstandings which should be corrected. First, I would never expose you to strangers. Mike is the closest person that I have to a brother, and I owe him a lot. Second, we did not make a deal with anybody. We just gave them a chance to try to convince you, which they failed. Your decision will have no effect on our relationship. It is something between you and the guys, and as they are strangers to you, you have no obligation to them.”

She went Betturkey Giriş on to promise that she will never mention the guys again, and she also made me promise to act as if this never happened.

Although the girls remained true to their word and never talked about the surrogacy thing again, I kept thinking about it anyway. I remembered how stressed the guys looked when they brought the matter up and I also thought about Chelsea’s words about Bill’s suffering. There were also some existential concerns in my soul about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Eventually, one particular event gave me the opportunity to face the matter seriously. We all went to a party and there I saw a pregnant girl. As I overheard others, the girl was a surrogate and the baby belonged to her sister and brother-in-law. The pregnant girl, Pam, was a tall blonde and even with her bulging belly, looked like Scandinavian supermodels. Later that night, when she was alone, I went to her. When I introduced myself, her face lit up.

“Oh, I have heard about you. I really was curious to see what was so special about you, because Jess never went out with bi girls. Oh, by the way, I am also into BDSM.”

“Are you friends with Jessica?”

“Not exactly. But that’s a long story. So, tell me. Do you want me to reveal some dark secrets about her past?”

I shook my head, and after some thinking, I finally asked what was on my mind.

“I wanted to ask you a few things about the pregnancy.”

Pam puffed and responded in an exasperated tone.

“Why don’t you guys stop it already? I am so fed up with people treating me like a wierdo. So yes, it is my sister’s baby, and no, my brother-in-law did not fuck me, and I won’t do it again for you and your partner.”

God she could be as intimidating as Jessica. I apologized and tried to explain myself.

“Some guys asked me if I could be their surrogate. I refused them, but I don’t feel very good about my decision right now.”

She calmed down and looked at me for a few moments, then sighed.

“OK, I’ll give you the short answer. The pregnancy is not a very enjoyable experience. You will feel sick all the time, you will look all puffy and ugly, and people will tend to avoid you. The surrogacy has the additional disadvantage that in the end, you will not be rewarded with a cute little baby and you should give it to its real parents. Do not do it for money, and do not do it for strangers. Do it only if you really care about the people who want the baby.”

I did not dare to ask her further questions and just thanked her. When I wanted to go, she grabbed my hand.

“So, I have heard that Jessica and Chelsea are planning to travel to Paris without you. Aren’t you upset?”

“Yes and no. I know I am going to miss the girls, but I really don’t think that I can tolerate that city for two months.”

“Bullshit. Nobody would want to miss the opportunity to visit Paris.”

“Well, I have already been to Paris a couple of times with my parents, and let’s just say that I rather be homeless in San Francisco, then to live in the fancy hotels in Paris. I have really bad memories from my previous trips there. And besides, I don’t want to ruin it for the girls.”

Pam nodded, then looked over my shoulder and grinned.

“Please don’t turn around. Jessica is watching us. For a little background, Jessica and I used to compete over subs and sometimes had fights after one of us stole a girl from the other. Now let’s tease her a little.”

She took a pen out of her purse and started writing a number on my palm. This made Jessica reach us with light speed.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

Pam looked at her innocently and raised her shoulders.

“She just asked me about the surrogacy and I am giving her my number in case she has more questions.”

Jessica seemed a little embarrassed by her abrupt rage and apologized in a low voice, but Pam did not stop teasing.

“Besides, I heard that you are going to Paris and I thought she might need a loving Mistress who won’t leave her behind.”

Jessica’s face was white with anger. She pulled my hand out of Pam’s grip violently, and made me stand behind her. She pointed a finger at Pam.

“I am so going to kill you after the baby is born.”

The next day, when I asked for the address of the school where Mike and Bill worked, both Jessica and Chelsea were surprised. Chelsea was excited, but Jessica frowned.

“You know we do not expect you to do it, Amanda.”

“I don’t want to do it for you. I haven’t reached a decision so far and I need to think more and know the guys better, but if I do it, I’ll do it only for myself.”

This convinced Jessica, and she gave me the address. I went there the next day and tried to hide my identity by wearing plain jeans, a black T-shirt, and a cap. I first went to the football field where Bill was training some kids. It was quite a sight, and it reminded me of Arnold in “Kindergarten Cop”. I smiled watching him try to separate two fighting Betturkey Güncel Giriş boys or to help a crying girl who had fallen on her face. Then I was startled to hear Mike’s voice from behind.

“Hello detective.” He said, grinning and showing off his sexy white teeth.

“The girls couldn’t keep their mouth shut, could they?”

“It was actually Chelsea who called a few minutes ago. She just wanted to make sure that we won’t screw up again.”

I turned my attention to the children again.

“I thought that Bill had a problem controlling his anger. How can he be trusted with children?”

“It was only one incident that made him end up in prison, and that was when a kid told him that his dad kept beating his mom in front of him. Bill just couldn’t wait for the law to do its job. After sending that parent to the hospital and spending some time behind the bars, he have learned to manage his anger.”

I nodded, and we watched the field in silence. As I spoke again, it took me some effort to keep my voice steady.

“The night that we first met, it wasn’t your fault that I freaked out. The girls don’t know anything about it, but I had a very unhappy childhood and at a point during my adolescence, I vowed that I will never have children.”

My voice did shake, and Mike noticed it.

“I am so sorry if we made you suffer. We couldn’t possibly know.”

I shrugged.

“Anyway, you guys made me think seriously about my life, and I realized that up until now, I haven’t done anything important with it. I still don’t see it in myself to raise a child, but it’s also hard to ignore my instincts for having a baby. I think that maybe I can deal with my crazy hormones by helping other people. You know, I can give you guys a child, and then move on with my life.”

Bill’s class was over now, and he was sending the children back to the main building. When they were gone, he spotted us, and walked towards where we were standing. Mike seemed a little confused, and I decided to lighten the mood.

“Besides, they say that giving birth reduces the chance of ovarian cancer, which killed my aunt.”

Mike smiled to that, but he was still gloomy.

“I am not sure if you are taking this seriously. But we have been through hell these past years and personally I cannot bear to be let down once more.”

At this point, Bill reached us, and we greeted. He blushed a little when he recognized me. He tried to apologize for the last time, but I punched his bulging biceps and said that we were cool. Mike still looked worried and was waiting for my answer. I took a deep breath.

“Do not raise your hope just now. I should know you better before making any decision. But one thing is certain. If I tell you that I am in, I will keep my word to the end.”

In the airport, Mike and Bill helped the girls with their heavy baggage. The plan was that after the girls were gone, I would be staying with the guys for some time so I could get familiar with them. When it was finally time to say goodbye, Jessica started giving some instructions to Mike.

“Do not let her masturbate in any circumstances. I have tried so hard to eliminate that bad habit. And don’t forget to wax her regularly. I want her back as smooth as shiny as she is now.”

Mike was a little taken aback and Bill’s face was blood red, and I was aroused already from this farewell game.

“Ah, and don’t forget to spank her from time to time. I would have disciplined her one last time right here, but I think that it would cause some problems with the airport security. So, can I count on you guys?”

Naturally, their answer was negative. Jessica insisted some more, but to no avail. She finally turned to me.

“Well, darling, seems that I am going to have to do a lot of corrections when I am back, but until then, have fun.”

She grabbed my face and gave me a tender kiss, which sharply contrasted her little act of roughness. Chelsea, whose eyes were teary the whole day, came to me next and held me in her embrace for so long that Jessica had to pull her away by force. Chelsea suggested again that they could still cancel the trip and I had to push her through the gate to make her leave. It was only when they were completely out of sight that I let go of my tears. And soon, I felt myself hugged by Mike and Bill.

Their apartment was somewhere near the school. I expected it to be the usual man cave with beer cans, dirty T-shirts, and pizza boxes scattered all over the place, but it was far from that. The living room was surrounded by bookshelves and there were some puffy and tempting armchairs and a sofa pointed to a big screen TV.

They showed me my room, which had a separate bathroom. Mike explained that it used to be their home office. They left me alone to settle in and refresh. When I joined them again, they were both watching football. We watched in silence and waited for the girls’ call from Paris. It was around midnight when they finally called, and I went to bed after that.

The next morning, I woke to the aroma of coffee and pancake. I dried myself after the shower and out of habit, walked naked into the kitchen. I was really amused by their startled reaction. I sat at the table, and waited for the guys to finish preparing the breakfast. I used this opportunity to tease Bill a little.

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