The Prisoner Wore Panties Ch. 05

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Chapter Five – Subtleties and Nuances

Steven awoke first to find Danielle snuggled up to him; she still wore her stockings and he couldn’t resist running his hands over her legs, rubbing her negligee against her stocking-clad thigh.

Danielle stirred and he moved his hand to her groin and caressed her morning erection, feeling the girth of her through the nylon slip and satin panties. His whole attitude towards Danielle had begun to change during their time together at Stalag Luft Oberursel rehearsing for Clash by Night. He no longer even associated her with Corporal Daniel Collingwood; she was just Danielle Bouvier, and although she was a transvestite he considered her female. He considered her his lover. He had no idea what form their relationship would take when and if they made it home to England but for the moment he would live in the now.

Danielle curled up against him and he gazed down at her face; her makeup was a mess but somehow that made her appear sexier. Her eyes darkened by smudged eyeliner and mascara; her lipstick smeared and lips bruised from their torrid lovemaking the previous evening. To him she was beautiful.

She purred as he massaged her penis through her panties and he lowered his mouth to hers. She seemed reluctant to open her mouth, whether it was because she was worried about her morning-breath or because she was still sleepy he wasn’t sure, so he decided a little encouragement was required.

He disentangled himself from her and she sighed with disappointment but still did not open her eyes; she turned around and burrowed her face into the pillow allowing Steven to spoon her, which was exactly what he wanted. Her buttocks protruded invitingly so he placed his erection into the crevice of her buttocks outside her panties and kneaded his penis back and forth whilst his arm wrapped around her slim waist and his hand once again found her tented her panties.

Steven massaged Danielle’s rigid shaft as his own pressed against her backside; he nuzzled at her neck and Danielle mewed and sleepily placed her hand on his hip and wriggled her buttocks to deter him.

Wriggling her buttocks was precisely the wrong thing to do in this situation, as all it did was inflame Steve’s lust; he eased aside the gusset of Danielle’s panties and slipped his hard cock inside her.

Danielle purred like a kitten and pressed back against him.

“You’re not going to let me sleep are you lover? I suppose this is one of the situations where the quote ‘if you can’t avoid it, enjoy it’ comes from,” Danielle murmured.

“If you say so darling,” Steven slipped his hands under her armpits and onto her shoulders.

Steven began to fuck her with long slow strokes as she wriggled invitingly against him. They murmured soft words of endearment as they made love; Danielle turned her head so that Steven could kiss her mouth. He held her close to him and ground himself against her soft buttocks, his hard cock buried up to the hilt in her anus. His glans pressed on her prostate evoking feelings of wanton desire.

“Mmm, I suppose this might be worth being rudely awaken for,” Danielle droned languidly and shivered lasciviously.

Steven moved his hands to her tiny breasts and tweaked her nipples; Danielle squirmed in his arms and waggled her buttocks encouraging Steven to increase the tempo. But just like last night he made her wait for her climax as he squeezed her cock and fucked her at a leisurely pace, despite the fact that he wished to impale her on his phallus and come deep inside her.

Danielle began to moan and pant as her climax approached, Steven was wicked; bringing her to the brink and then backing off but he too longed for release. He thrust into her hard and deep and ground against her satiny derriere and pulled her close to him as he ejaculated. He coaxed her to ejaculate too; milking her penis and feeling the hot gush of semen soak her panties. Steven bit her earlobe and drove her wild; she wanted to thrash and buck in his arms but he held her tighter; feeling her shudder and writhe in his grasp.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Danielle sobbed as her climax peaked.

Steven kissed her neck and whispered terms of endearments into her ear and finally…

“I love you Danielle.”

Danielle froze in his arms when he uttered those words, then after a beat she relaxed and allowed herself to enjoy the last scintilla of fulfilment but she remained silent.

Steven slowly subsided from extremis and held Danielle lovingly in his arms; his penis still inside her. Danielle wriggled free and turned around to face him; she put her arms around him and intertwined her legs with his and kissed him deeply.

She tenderly swept the hair from his eyes and smiled at him lovingly.

“Well! I wanted to sleep in but that was a lovely way to be awakened,” Danielle kissed him gently.

It was not lost on Steven that Danielle had called him ‘lover’ this morning and once had almost, but not quite, accidentally told him that she loved him, but she had not echoed his declaration of love this xslot morning.

“You know I love you,” Steven continued to pursue a response.

“Don’t be silly; we all say foolish things in the heat of passion,” Danielle attempted to lighten the atmosphere.

“I’m not in the heat of passion now; I’m just in love with you,” Steven said earnestly.

“We’ve had this discussion Steven; it’s never going to work,” Danielle was miffed.

“We never finished the conversation and regardless of what anyone thinks that won’t change my feelings for you Danielle,” Steven searched her eyes.

“This is the worst possible time and place to have this conversation. I’m getting up and going to use the bathroom; you can use it after me while I change,” Danielle said quite artlessly given the situation.

She extracted herself from his embrace and lit a cigarette as she padded around the room laying out makeup on the vanity and selecting her clothes for the day. She took the little toilette kit from her suitcase and self-consciously picked up her douche and surgical tape.

“Well if he loves me, he can see the unpleasant things I have to go through for him,” she mumbled to herself.

“What?” Steven called from the bed.

“Nothing!” she replied a little angrily; she took off her stockings and suspender belt, adjusted her underwear and negligee and crept cautiously down the corridor towards the bathroom.

She wished that she had a proper dressing gown in her luggage but space was tight, as were the resources to make ladies clothing at Stalag Luft Oberursel. Danielle was surprised that there was hot water available but there was and she enjoyed the luxury of it. She washed and completed her toilette and nearly collided with Katerina Scholl as she left the bathroom.

“Good morning Danielle,” Katerina blushed as she recalled listening to Danielle and Steven making love last night.

“Good morning Katerina,” Danielle blushed too.

“We should sit down and discuss future developments for your escape; please have yourself and Steven join myself and Wilhelm for a late breakfast in one hour please,” Katerina said.

Danielle was well aware of the late hour to be rising.

“Please forgive us our tardiness, we were both exhausted. Escaping took a bigger toll on us than I thought; mostly psychological I suppose, but running through a forest in an evening gown and high heels also burned up some energy,” Danielle smiled.

“I was dressed in my party dress too but at least I was wearing low heels,” Katerina chuckled

“You have to tell me all about how you got away from the camp. Perhaps over a schnapps after dinner tonight,” Katerina lightly placed her fingers on Danielle’s arm.

“I look forward to some girl talk,” Danielle patted Katerina’s hand and winked.

Steven was still sulking when Danielle returned but he knew better than to pursue the conversation, or more accurately the argument, that they were having before Danielle went to use the bathroom. While Steven was away, Danielle hurriedly applied her makeup, gaffed, slipped into panties, bra, stockings and slip and put on the sensible brown suit. She fixed her hair and deliberately went down stairs before Steven returned.

Wilhelm was at the bottom of the stairs attending to some task or another and he gave her a polite nod and went about his business. His demeanour implied that he didn’t think much of people who slept in, in the morning.

Danielle found Katerina in the kitchen and she poured Danielle a cup of coffee.

“Not the best, but I make do with rationing in force,” Katerina apologised.

“This is wonderful compared to the dust we get in camp, and Red Cross parcels usually contain tea,” Danielle smiled over the rim of her cup.

“You British and your tea,” Katerina laughed.

“Hey! The entire British Empire was built on cups of tea; we shouldn’t have to fight a war without it,” Danielle joined in the joviality.

Danielle and Katerina were bonding; Danielle’s excellent German language skills an obvious advantage.

“Herr Schmitt was not impressed with my oversleeping,” Danielle commented.

“Willy has a strong work ethic and little sense of humour I’m afraid. His son was a member of the White Rose organisation at the University of Munich and was arrested by the Gestapo and is being held in jail indefinitely,” Katerina explained.

“That’s why he is with your Resistance cell?” Danielle inquired.

“Yes. We are a very small cell but we do what we can; we all love our country but hate the Nazi regime,” Katerina said with some venom.

“Do I smell coffee?” Steven’s head popped around the door to the kitchen.

Katerina caught the word coffee and poured him a cup.

“Because of my position and affluence I am able to barter directly with the local farmers; I will cook us some speck and eggs. Danielle will you assist me and slice some bread?” Katerina smiled at Danielle graciously.

Being outside of the camp for the first time and Katerina knowing xslot Giriş her situation, Danielle appreciated being given what was considered women’s work. It was a subtle affirmation by Katerina of Danielle’s femininity.

The woman chatted affably in German while they did their chores and once again Steven began to feel overlooked and precluded. He sipped his coffee and watched Danielle; even in her drab brown suit she looked delightful to him.

Willy must have smelt breakfast being cooked because he came into the kitchen and helped himself to coffee. Danielle kept busy and set the table.

The four sat down and ate breakfast together, Danielle and Steven marvelled at the bacon, eggs and fresh bread. They spoke about the progress of the war and other generalities; the conversation interrupted now and then as Danielle translated for Steven.

Katerina and Danielle cleared the table while the men smoked; Wilhelm took a turn around the grounds to check that all was well and then they gathered in the lounge to discuss their short-term plans.

“We do not know the full details of your travel plans; we were only advised that we need to get you safely to Frankfurt railway station and to get you on a train to Cologne. Effectively you are on your own from there but we assume you will be heading to France and will likely meet up with other Resistance cells in Belgium and France,” Katerina began.

“I propose we wait two or three days for the heat to die down from your escape as the authorities will have expected you to move out of the area as soon as possible. It is also most likely that they will be looking for two men travelling together rather than a man and a woman.”

Danielle translated for Steven.

“Is there anything I can do? I feel like a spare prick at a wedding,” Danielle could sense Steven’s frustration.

She translated for Katerina and watched her face as she pondered the question.

“I have a task that Stephan can undertake with minimal risk. He can accompany Willy to Frankfurt railway station each day and observe the activity there. A contingent of Feldjägerkorps are permanently stationed there and I expect that they are particularly active now looking for the escaped POWs and may possibly have the Gestapo overseeing their work.”

“I doubt Steven and Willy will be questioned because Willy is too old to fit the profile of the escapees. If they do question Stephan his documentation will hold up and justify his inability to speak German. When Steven and Willy consider it is safe to do so they can purchase two tickets to Cologne. It would be expected that the husband, being the man of the house, would undertake such a task rather than his wife,” Katerina seemed happy that she had found something meaningful for Steven for to do.

Danielle explained the situation to Steven who was happy that he had something useful to do rather than just hang around the house waiting.

They discussed the plan in detail, had a light lunch and Steven and Willy left for Frankfurt railway station for the rest of the day. Danielle retired to her bedroom for a nap.

Katerina knocked softly but did not wait for a response before she entered the bedroom. Danielle lay on the bed; her suit hung on the hanger behind the door so it wouldn’t get wrinkled; she was still wearing her blouse, slip, lingerie and nylons; her heels had been kicked off next to the bed.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you,” Katerina slid sideways through the door and gently closed it behind her.

“I’m studying my travel papers to make sure that when I have to produce them I know the answers to any questions by rote,” Danielle replied.

“I have a present for you. As you know I am quite well off and can afford such luxuries,” Katerina held out five packages of good quality silk stockings.

“If you are ever questioned as to how you could possibly afford them simply say that Generallieutenant Ernst Huber gave them to you as a farewell present. As your laissez-passer was issued by General Huber his giving you such an intimate gift insinuates that you have more than a professional relationship,” Katerina raised a brow.

“Thank you so much; and you are right, as well as being a wonderful gift, the implication that I have been intimate with General Huber will possibly provide me with more influence should we be stopped,” Danielle said graciously.

“You know I keep complimenting you on how feminine and passable you look, but there are some subtleties I can help you with. You have been schooled in how to pass as a woman by other men pretending to be women, there are nuances that you should get right,” Katerina came over and sat on the corner of the bed uninvited, but it was afterall her house.

Danielle’s ears picked up; anything that would help her appear womanlier appealed to her. She nodded at Katerina.

“Ok. Stand up and put on your high heels. Walk up and down the room for me; but casually, not self-consciously because you know I’m watching,” Danielle put on her heels and began to xslot Güncel Giriş walk slowly up and down the room.

“Good! Not bad at all, but turn your toes inward slightly before you land your feet. Yes, that’s better she clapped her hands together lightly when Danielle complied.

“Yes much better; now glide. Perfect.” Katerina got off the bed and stood beside Danielle as they walked up and down the room.

“Ok now stop. I want you to do this,” Katerina pointed a toe and turned her calf and looked back over her shoulder to see her reflection in the mirror and checked the seams of her stockings; adjusting them every so slightly so they ran straight.

“Pretend you are on the street and the mirror is a shop window. It is a very ladylike thing to do for two reasons. One; a woman should always make sure her seams are straight and two; men will surreptitiously watch you because they love to do so,” Katerina grinned.

“But shouldn’t I try to be inconspicuous?” Danielle looked puzzled.

“Look; crowds are your friends, it’s easy to become part of the throng; you don’t want to be flagrantly obvious, but trying too hard to be inconspicuous will draw attention. You are young and pretty and men are going to ogle you and women will stare at you with envy. Be confident and self-assured in your good looks but don’t be flamboyant, do you get the difference?” Katerina placed her hands on Danielle’s shoulder for emphasis and Danielle nodded.

Katerina unbuttoned Danielle’s blouse.

“Just as I thought. These silly things, what do you call them?” Katerina dug the rice filled stockings out of the cups of Danielle’s bra.

“Breastforms,” Danielle sounded a little hurt.

“Get rid of them. Best to appear flat chested like a flapper than have these things which, while suitable on a stage, will not stand up to scrutiny. Tomorrow we will get you two brassieres with just a little padding in the cups. With your slender figure, that pretty face and those killer legs, no man is going to care that you have little tits,” Katerina laughed and tossed the breastforms on the bed.

She eased Danielle out of her blouse and her brassiere and they followed the breastforms onto the bed.

“You do have nice little nubbins though,” Katerina squeezed Danielle’s nipples and they hardened to her touch.

Danielle gasped.

“Yes; these little titties will do just fine,” Katerina languidly stroked Danielle’s meagre breasts and flicked her firm nipples.

“But this is what I find astounding! You have a lovely nice mound here just like a woman,” Danielle was wearing silk boy-leg camiknickers made from parachute-silk by the tailors in The Shop.

Katerina pressed her hand over Danielle’s pubic mound and rubbed it sensuously.

“Where is it?” Katerina bit Danielle on the earlobe.

“I’m gaffed. That is, I’ve tucked my testes up inside myself and my penis is taped under me,” Danielle was self-conscious of her imperfections.

Katerina kept rubbing.

“What happens if you become aroused,” she blew into Danielle’s ear softly and applied more pressure to the front of Danielle’s knickers.

Danielle was very aware of the closeness Katerina’s body; she could smell Katerina’s perfume and sense her warmth. Her nipples still ached, and she was becoming painfully tumescent.

“It becomes painful if I become aroused; so I either have to hope my erection goes away quickly or remove my gaff,” Danielle finally answered.

“Like this?” Katerina put her hand inside Danielle’s knickers and tore away her gaff.

Danielle gasped.

Katerina caught Danielle’s penis and squeezed it as it sprang forward.

“There were no subtleties or nuances that you needed to teach me were there?” Danielle whispered, her lips nearly touching Katerina’s.

“Not really, no,” Katerina pressed her lips to Danielle’s and slipped just the tip of her tongue into her mouth and teased her.

Katerina opened her arms and Danielle fell into them; they embraced and kissed softly. They kicked off their heels and made their way over to the bed whilst still locked in each other’s arms. Katerina impatiently pulled out her blouse and pulled it over head without bothering to unbutton it; she unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor then she resumed kissing Danielle.

They fell on the bed, Katerina lying on top of Danielle who reached behind her and unclipped Katerina’s bra; her rather pendulous breasts fell out and Danielle caught one in her mouth and suckled the nipple, which became immediately erect. She playfully bit it and Katerina gasped. Katerina pushed Danielle away from her breasts.

“I want to kiss you,” she sighed and lowered her face; their lips touched and tongues intertwined.

Katerina found Danielle’s erect penis and stroked it to full tumescence.

“We can spend all afternoon exploring each other’s bodies but I want you inside me now.” Katerina moaned; she straddled Danielle’s body and eased Danielle’s penis from her knickers.

Katerina lifted up her haunches and guided Danielle’s penis inside the loose leg of her panties and lowered herself onto Danielle’ hard phallus. She lowered her face to Danielle’s so they could kiss while they fucked and then she began to rise and lower herself up and down on Danielle’s cock.

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