Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Wet


It had been a busy week for Ruth and Christine. After their very public outing, where several girls had seen them fuck at a party, they were now more open. Kissing in public and several people were happy for them.It was Friday night, and their teacher had set a group assignment. They were supposed to do a presentation in front of the class, but when it came time to assign partners it was the two girls, a third girl Jenna, and the real problem Jackie.Jackie was one of the most popular girls in school, it was her that had outed the girlfriends to the party. And although it had led to the girls at the party enjoying a sex show by Ruth and Christine, as well as several girls masturbating and more. Ruth hadn’t yet forgiven the popular girl.Arranging to meet at Jean’s house, Ruth wasn’t expecting Jackie to do much work. After an hour of hard work, the four girls agreed to take a break. Sitting on Jean’s bedroom floor, the four girls gossiped.”So I heard about you two,” Jean told Ruth and Christine. “That’s great. How did you two get together?” Seeing Jackie smirk when Jean asked this, Ruth took a deep breath.”Well I take it you heard about the party?” Ruth asked Jean, enjoying the uncomfortable look on Jackie’s face when she mentioned the party. Jackie didn’t want to admit how turned brazzers on she had been watching the lesbian show and hadn’t wanted to admit that she had joined in. In the end, she had licked the pussy of one of the girls’ best companions Heather.”I think everyone in school knows about the party,” Jean squealed.”Oh really? Have you heard the details?” Christine asked, watching Jackie blush.”Only that you guys had a very public make-out session,” Jean said, letting her hand wander over her neck, almost as if she wanted to put her hand into the top.”You haven’t heard that some of the girls enjoyed the show a little too much then?” Ruth said with a smirk on her face, Jackie looked like she was about to hit both the girls.”Oh, I heard,” Jean told her friends, “in fact I think some of them would like to try more.” When Jean said this the three friends giggled whilst Jackie glowered. “But that doesn’t answer the question, how did you two get together?” She finished.”Well, for our birthday we were around my house for a birthday meal,” Ruth began telling the story, “when Christine,” Ruth held her girlfriend’s hand at this, “told me that she had started experimenting with masturbation.” When Ruth told the story, Jean looked so excited, she probably was as clueless as Ruth had been cuckold porno that night.”Ruth had never done it before,” Christine continued the story, “and wanted to know what to do.” Watching Jackie smirk at this, Christine watched Ruth blush. “So I taught her what to do there and then,” Christine continued, “when I watched her cum for the first time, I wanted to give her an orgasm myself.”Kissing her girlfriend when the story was finished, Ruth tried not to get too turned on. After all, after the public performance, they had put on she didn’t want their virginal, geeky friend to know the details.”Aww, that is so cute,” Jean said, hugging her friends, “and you were outed when you kissed at the party?””No,” Ruth said with venom in her voice, “we were outed when someone…” she emphasized the last word glaring at Jackie, “made us in a game of truth or dare.” Jackie looking defiant didn’t give anything away.”Oh,” Jean turned to Jackie. “You made them kiss in truth or dare?” Jean asked the popular girl.The look of contempt Jackie gave the other three girls was undeniable. “Nope,” Jackie said with a vicious smile, “I made them fuck in front of everyone.”The look of shock on Jean’s face was adorable. “In front of everyone?” She asked, being met by czech porno nods from the three girls. “Did you want to watch them then?” Jean asked Jackie”Of course not,” Jackie denied. “It was all just a game,” she finished.”But why we’re you trying to show everyone?” Jean asked innocently.A look of amusement fell on Ruth and Christine’s face. “She has a point,” Ruth told Jackie, “if you really don’t care,” Jackie tried to ignore the girls, “why were you trying to get us to publicly fuck?”Jackie looked uncomfortable, she looked like she wanted to hit the trio. “Didn’t take much to get you to lez out though, did it?” Jackie said accusingly.”If you want a repeat performance,” Ruth told the popular girl, “just ask,” Jean looked shocked at this, “I’m sure Jean will leave us for a few minutes, whilst you enjoy the show.””Why would I want to see that again?” Jackie told the group, “I’m straight.”Defiantly Ruth kissed her girlfriend in front of the bully. It was a deep kiss with passion. Looking deep into Christine’s eyes, Ruth felt her panties moisten. She wanted her girlfriend, now.”Sorry, Jean,” Ruth told her friend, “you’ll have to leave for a bit.” Looking at Jackie she finished with, “Jackie can stay and watch, if she wants.” And she kissed Christine again.”No,” Jean said in a determined voice.”You heard her,” Jackie countered, “she doesn’t want to leave so you two can get it on.” Jackie smiled evilly as she said this.”No, I don’t mean that,” Jean countered, “I want to stay and watch too.” Jean looked pleadingly at her friends.

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