This is my first attempt at storytelling, so be nice. Story is fictional though based on actual characters and their circumstances. Material is copyrighted.

I have never been comfortable with flying. It is a form of travel that I will not do. So when the chance came to go to Australia some six years ago, ship travel was the only option. Ship travel has some nice advantages over plane such as on board entertainment and all the shops and conveniences of home. There are four of us, this kind of vacation was a once in a lifetime trip for us. My wife Constance of twenty years, my son Andy who was fourteen and my daughter Rose who was twelve set out on our voyage expecting to have a wonderful time and to be home in a few weeks.

That is when the trouble began. Most cruise ships avoid ocean storms unless they are not considered severe. Our cruise ship was no different in this respect. When we cruised into a storm on our fifth day of the cruise I was not concerned and did not see it as a dangerous situation. The ship was traveling along with no real signs of stress and we took advantage of the storm to hold up in our cabin and relax for a while. It was while we were relaxing that I heard what sounded like an explosion and felt the ship shudder. To this day, I do not know if this was related to the storm or was a separate situation.

The captain issued the abandon ship order over the loud speakers. We made our way to the nearest life raft and followed the directions we had received about inflating and entering the raft. The ship was sinking faster than I expected and we barely got the raft afloat before the deck we were standing on slipped below water. We managed to climb onto the raft and began looking for other survivors. We saw other rafts floating but could not make our way to them for the storm. The storm was not severe for our ship but was very turbulent for a life raft. It was not long before we could not see any of the other strobe lights blinking on the other rafts. So it was just my family and I on a raft built for about sixteen people. There was enough food and water to keep us going for about two weeks. According to the ship staff that instructed us as to how to inflate the raft, there was supposed to be a rescue beacon on the raft. I do not know what happened to it but apparently it did not work for no rescue vessels ever came. We drifted for two weeks on the currents of the sea and had no idea where we were or where we were going.

The food and water was running out and I was starting to think we would die on the raft in the middle of the ocean when Constance spotted land. We paddled toward the shore with the oars that were part of the equipment of the raft. I was never so relieved to be back on solid land before. We drug the raft ashore and then began to survey the area to see if we could locate some help. We stayed together to avoid having anyone get lost. It did not take long for us to figure out that we were on an island roughly a half by three fourths mile in size. Fortunately, for us there was an abundance of vegetation and life on the island. However, there were no signs of human habitations except for the trash that washed up on shore from who knows where.

So there we were on an island that no one bothered to settle with just the four of us. The first order of the day was survival. We began harvesting plant life for food and building shelter from the downed limbs we found on the island. As time passed we got better at catching marine life to provide protein to go with vegetation that we were eating. We were all somewhat heavy when went into the rescue raft but as time and struggle continued we all became very thin healthy weights. You might say that we were experiencing the perfect weight loss program. The years melted away without any one showing up or any sign of ships that we could hope to have spot us. This is when the real story begins;

It had been six years since we pulled ourselves into the raft. We had become very good at providing for ourselves and even found that we had time for leisure. My children were now twenty and eighteen gaziantep minyon escort bayan years old. They had turned into beautiful young people with no one around to help with the natural issues that come with physical development. Add to that that we had long since worn our clothes out and had become basically nudist. Oh, we tried to cover our shame with plant life and the like. But we might as well have been naked as most everything was visible. I suspected that the kidy had to take matters into their own hands when the urges became overwhelming. As for me and my wife, we never looked better and our sex life was considerably better on the island than it had been back home. I felt like I had my newlywed wife and her figure again. I enjoyed playing with her like a new toy just as I had when we were first married. The lost weight had caused her breast size to go down but had the additional effect of making her breast perkier.

My daughter had turned into a real stunner. She had developed a very athletic build on the island and had all the right curves in all the right places. She did not have the mature build that my wife did but the delicious tightness of a young woman. My son was very muscular and was as handsome as my daughter was beautiful. It was at this time that the trouble began. I was wondering the woods when I came upon my daughter giving my son a blow job. He was thoroughly enjoying himself when I walked thru brush and startled them and myself. They immediately stopped what they were doing and could not look me in the eye. Since there was no way I could ignore what I had seen I asked them how long this had been going on and how far they had gone.

They explained to me that they had been experimenting for a couple of years but had not had actual intercourse as they were afraid of pregnancy.

I tried to look at this in a realistic way. I understood that their urges were very natural and that there really was no one else around to find release with. However, I was also aware that there was no medical help on our island and that their mother had difficulty with her delivery of both my children. I explained this to them and told them they could not have intercourse under any circumstances as that it could put Rose in great danger if she got pregnant. Even if they tried withdrawing before ejaculation she could still get pregnant.

My son explained that he had seen my mother and I having sex many times and wanted to know why the same rules did not apply to she and I. There was real hurt in his voice and I felt real guilt that he was in such a circumstance as this.

I explained that I had a vasectomy right after Rose was born. Also that Constance, his mom had a hysterectomy within one year of Rose’s birth making the vasectomy a mute point. For this reason, his mom and I could have an abundant sex life without worrying about pregnancy.

This seemed to answer his question although it did not satisfy him or the situation. I told them to continue with oral and self gratification if they must but never engage in vaginal intercourse. I also told them that they should be discrete as possible as I was not sure how their mother would react.

A couple more months went by and I wondered how things were going for my children. I was concerned that curiosity might get the best of them and we would have an unwanted pregnancy on our hands. I chose to tell my wife about what I had seen and about the conversation. She was not at all surprised. She said that she expected there would be some exploration as their adult urges were completely natural. She was also concerned about the chance of pregnancy and the danger that this would create in our shipwrecked lifestyle. We left the conversation at that, hoping the children would do the right thing. Meanwhile there sexual tension seemed to be palpable. Somehow I knew we were reaching some kind of critical mass.

It was at this time, Andy asked for a family meeting. I was afraid that he was going to inform us that Rose was pregnant that they nizip escort bayan could not resist the urge to experience real intercourse. Instead, they seemed very calm and logical in their mannerisms and conversation. Andy said, “You both know that we are full grown adults and we have full grown adult needs.” Constance and I nodded our heads as he continued. “We are the only unmarried male and female on the island. We cannot have vaginal sex as Rose might get pregnant. A risk that we cannot take. Rose and I have discussed this at some length and we have come to a decision that we need your help with.” Constance and I looked at each other quizzically. We wondered where this was leading. Andy continued, “Rose and I have resisted the urges about as long as we can. At this point we need to have real sex as any adult should. It occurred to us that you, dad, cannot get anyone pregnant and mom cannot get pregnant. The logical conclusion to us is that dad should have sex with Rose and I should have sex with mom.”

As you might expect this suggestion came as a bit of a shock to Constance and I. We simply did not connect the dots as the kids had and were not prepared for this kind of suggestion.

Being your normal man, I immediately looked at my daughter to assess the question at hand. She is very pretty with red hair and an attractive face. Looking on down I realized that she had about C cup breast that were tan and delectable as is normal for a girl her age. Her breast defied gravity and just asked to be suckled. I assume my son had done just that often over the last couple of years. I continued looking down her body following her thin waste as it began to flare back out to her nearly perfect hips. Continuing down, I saw her read bush and how delicious it looked. By this time I was about half erect just from the thought of and inspection of her body. I noticed that her labia were distended and that she was ready for sex just having discussed it. I looked back up to her eyes and they were almost pleading me to agree. However, I was not sure how my conservative wife would react to this suggestion. Was she repulsed, would she hate me if I even looked like this was something that I would go along with? I looked over and realized her eyes were traveling up and down Andy’s toned body as well. I wondered if she was having the same thoughts that I was. What middle age person has not fantasized about having a young toned twenty something body to enjoy? Perhaps women have the same fantasy life as men. Neither of us wanted to appear too anxious to pursue Andy’s suggestion.

Constance looked at me and I looked at her. Finally Constance said, “It is unorthodox but I cannot think of a better solution.” This seemed to be as much encouragement as the group needed. I asked, “Are we all sure that we could handle the emotions that would come along with this experience? Constance would still be my wife and she and I would still be the parents and expect the respect that comes along with those titles.”

The kids anxiously told us that they could handle the physical and emotional strains that might be caused by such adult exploration. This seemed to be the assurances that everyone needed. With that, I decided it was time for action. By now I am fully erect.

I reached out for my daughter who immediately met my embrace. Our lips met as our embrace was made. I felt her breast and her curves as they met my body. My penis was trapped between her and me. There was now no doubt that I was excited by the contact and the idea of contact between me and this remarkable young woman. As we made out, I ran my hands down her back and began to massage her perfect ass with my hands. As nice as her mom’s ass was it could not compare with the youth that was now in my hands. As we necked I opened my eyes just long enough to see that Andy was at about the same point with his mother as I was with his sister. Andy actually had one hand up to my wife’s pussy and had inserted a couple of fingers into her. She was enjoying every minute of the experience and I knew nurdağı escort bayan her well enough that she was not going to have much more of this before she threw him down and humped his legs off.

I closed my eyes and went back to the action at hand. I took one of my two hands off of Rose’s butt and brought it around to her chest. Her nipples were fully erect and I gently cupped them with my hand while still cupping her ass with the other. At this point she reached for my cock and began stroking it while I continued my assault on all her goodies. I lowered my mouth from hers and traced down her neck and down her chest until I reached one of her nipples. I had always been a breast man and really enjoy suckling a great set of tits. These were really great tits and I enjoyed the new experience of a new set of breast. Rose’s stroking of my cock increased in speed as I nursed her breast. While I suckled her breast I reached down with my now free hands and reached between her legs. I was surprised by how wet she was. Normally I would orally gratify my wife before ever entering her vagina with my penis. Rose was so excited that as soon as I touched her clit she exploded in orgasm. Lack of experience had resulted in a quick release. I laid her down on the ground and moved between her legs. She looked at me with pleading in her eyes and without words being said I knew it was time. I took one quick look over at my wife and son who were already engaged in vaginal intercourse. Constance looked to be having a great time and I could tell that Andy would not last long as this was his first time of experiencing the velvety pleasure of an actually vagina.

I looked down at my daughter with a look of are you sure and she looked back at me with a look of acknowledgement. I slowly moved my penis toward her labia. I knew this would be her first insertion and wanted it to be a pleasant one. I felt her lips touch the end of my penis and I gently continued to push until the head of my penis was inserted into her lips. Once the head of my penis was in her lips I knew her hymen could not be much further in. Sure enough just a little more push and I was up against the resistance that a hymen offers. I could not help but remember taking her moms hymen the same way 26 years ago. It was at this time that I said, “honey you will feel some pain.” I pushed a little harder until finally her hymen yielded to the pressure and I slipped into her vagina. A couple more pushes and I was all the way into her pussy. I paused to let her get used to this new sensation and give her a second to recover from the pain. The blood was trickling out of her vagina onto the ground beneath us. I was not sure if it was time to continue or not. Just then Rose began to thrust back and forth up to me on her own. I figured that it was time to get to work and began gently sawing my cock in and out of her. I did not remember her mother being so tight, so perfect. Perhaps my memory failed to remember just how good it was after 26 years. Now, however, I was fully appreciating how tight she was. In spite of the pain that first penetration had caused, Rose was quickly reaching a climax. I was also excited by the new taboo experience and was also reaching the point of climax. After a few more seconds, we both reached orgasm together. It was the most remarkable sexual experience I have ever had.

I looked over at my wife and son and realized they had been done for some time. The evidence of my son’s ejaculation was running from my wife’s vagina. I looked down at my daughter and the evidence of my ejaculation with a mix of blood running from my daughter’s vagina. I could not help but think that my son had a wonderful solution to our quandary. As time went on my wife and I had less sex with each other as we did with the kids. It is hard work to meet the sexual needs of virile young people.

It was less than a year later that a ship got close enough to the island to see us. We returned home to a perfectly normal conservative family life. With the possible exception that all parties agreed that our unique problem resolution should continue now that we are home. As soon as my daughter was on birth control, my son finally got a chance to experience her charms for himself. The children now date other young people and are trying to make up for lost time. However, they still make time to satisfy the needs of dear old mom and dad. What a wonderful time of family bonding that took place while we were shipwrecked.

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