The Ingram-Lewis Chronicles Pt. 05

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A Homoerotic Story


Jason Land


When we last left Patrick Ingram-Lewis, it was just before the Christmas holidays in 1901 and he and his closest friend, Roderick Pennington, were to spend the holidays together at Ingram House in Northumberland. Roderick’s parents had gone off on a safari to Africa and he would otherwise have been alone for the whole period. But Patrick also wanted Roderick to spend his holidays at Ingram House, as he and Patrick were regular lovers; they indulged their passion for each other with gay abandon and Patrick was looking forward immensely to having Roderick around for the whole of the Christmas holidays.

Strictly forbidden at Rigby School and censored by the then law of the land, but nevertheless omnipresent, all sexual activities liaison between boys was officially forbidden; if caught in the act of buggery, the culprits were always given a very severe birching and, in the limit, could be expelled. But the Headmaster, Mr. Godber, an ageing homosexual himself, had long realised the futility of trying to stop boys sodomising each other. Mr. Godber, in spite of being a Victorian, had realised that boys in the English public school system, where they became young men with all the carnal desires that young men naturally develop, could not be stopped indulging in what was then referred to as “unnatural behaviour”. So although officially forbidden, buggery was tacitly accepted and it was rare that anyone found himself mounting the Rigby Horse and offering up his naked arse for a birching. But it did nevertheless occasionally happen; and such occasions were to be avoided like the plague, as a birching is an unbelievably painful punishment.

Patrick and Roderick had already spent the whole of the month of August together at Ingram House, were they had indulged their lust for anal intercourse with a handsome young footman, Geoffrey and his friend, the assistant gardener, Tom. But to cap it all, Geoffrey, who indulged his own passion for sex with both men and women, had introduced the two young men to a very nubile kitchen maid, Rose, who had willingly shared her treasures with two handsome, sexually well equipped, eighteen year old studs; so, you can well imagine as the two young men arrived at Ingram Hose, they were looking forward to a two week holiday break in which sex would be regularly on the menu.

The only potential fly in the ointment as readers will probably remember, was Patrick’s widowed mother, Mildred Ingram-Lewis, a miserable, snobbish woman with a totally mildewed view on life in general, who lived alone apart from a paid companion whom she treated almost as a slave. In fact, “mildewed Mildred” aptly summed her up! But as Patrick said to his friend, his mother tended to keep herself to herself in what was a rambling sort of a house with two separate wings, so that if they put up with her at mealtimes which were always very formal occasions, all would be well.

The liaison with Geoffrey the young footman was rekindled the first evening of their arrival at dinner; Patrick and he exchanged meaningful glances which said it all. That same evening, Roderick and Patrick, who had adjacent room’s remote from the wing of the house where Mrs Ingram-Lewis slept, were immediately engaged in a sexual embrace. Patrick had gone straight away into Roderick’s room via the communicating door between the two rooms and they had then tossed a coin to see who would have the first fuck of the Christmas holidays. Patrick had won the toss and had decided that he would like to take Roderick flat on his back on a side table with himself standing there with his partner’s legs over his shoulder. Patrick truly enjoyed this position as by holding his partner’s legs in his arms, it gave him a chance to apply maximum force as he fucked his friend; it goes without saying that the two young men, in that first flush of sexual exploration, were both vigorous performers.

Patrick had just penetrated his friend’s eagerly awaiting anus, when he suddenly found himself gripped around the waist by a pair of hands; his legs were forced further apart and before he could object, he felt a long, hard shaft of well lubricated man-meat slide smoothly inside him; the “intruder”, was, of course Geoffrey, the footman. Geoffrey had quietly entered Patrick’s bedroom, seen that he was already engaged with his friend in the adjacent bedroom. So he had quickly stripped off and gone to join the two young men, whom he had found already in the inimitable act of copulation. So as Patrick’s arse was so invitingly presented, Geoffrey simply could not resist surprising him and join in on what what promised to be a hot occasion.

“Jesus, Geoffrey,” said Patrick, “You gave me a fucking surprise, both literally and metaphorically. Anyway now that you are here, and have made a threesome of it, let’s get on and have a really hard fuck together.”

Now Geoffrey, as you may remember was a few years older than the two boys with whom he was now engaged and he quickly took adana escort charge of the situation. Geoffrey, it has to be said, was a real nifty operator with his cock and so he told Patrick, whom he always addressed even under these most intimate of circumstances as “Mr. Patrick Sir” to follow his rhythm and they would both fuck butt together, locked as the threesome, Patrick inside Roderick and Geoffrey inside Patrick, as they now found themselves. So Geoffrey set the pounding rhythm which he and Patrick now adopted as they started their tandem anal fuck together. Geoffrey’s technique was steadily to increase the power and length of each successive stroke, withdrawing his member further and further from its target until, reaching his climax, he withdrew his cock completely from his partner and then with the greatest force he could muster, thrust it full-length back into his partner’s hole. With this final gesture, he climaxed and emitted a huge amount of thick creamy cum in an intense orgasm.

As he pounded away at Patrick’s arse, whilst moving towards his own climax, by holding onto Patrick’s hips, he forced him to synchronize his movements in and out of Roderick. At the climactic moment, thanks to his consummate copulative skill, he managed to bring both Patrick and Roderick to their climaxes at the same time as his own. And so both Geoffrey and Patrick withdrew their rock-hard cocks from their partner’s anuses, held them clear for a second or so and then thrust them back simultaneously into the the expectant holes; the three young men managed to achieve simultaneous climaxes.

Three large cocks shot out, huge quantities of cum in the unbelievably intense orgasms, which took each of their owners to heaven and back It was a memorable moment for all three young studs as sperm was shot forth in a series of uncontrollable jerks, All three of them, Roderick included, who had not yet this evening had the pleasure of fucking butt himself, managed to enjoy, for that all too brief moment, the greatest of all pleasures known to man: the male orgasm. Geoffrey’s sexual skills were left in no doubt: Geoffrey was an absolute crack with his cock and managed to take his partners with him on his pleasurable sexual exploits.

All three of them then collapsed in a heap, sweating and laughing. Patrick said, “You know, Geoffrey, you really are the greatest pro. of all time. Speaking for myself I have never ever had such a huge orgasm as I had just now: it was quite sublime.” The sentiment was immediately echoed by Roderick.

When they had cooled off a little, Patrick bemoaned the fact that copulation, the most pleasurable of activities, was also one of the messiest. So he suggested, looking around at the cum soaked table and the sperm shot by Roderick onto both his own and Geoffrey’s chests, that they go and get cleaned up before continuing. We leave the three young men there wallowing in the sex that they mutually enjoyed together and which on that occasion went on into the early hours of the morning.

And so the Christmas holidays passed agreeably but much too quickly for both Patrick and Roderick. They enjoyed uninhibited sex with both Geoffrey and Tom, the gardener, who again insisted on whacking everyone’s arse with one of the many switches he had cut. But the most memorable moment for Patrick was the night he and the kitchen maid, Rose, spent alone together in his bed. Rose had introduced Patrick to the pleasure of sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. And it was perhaps fucking Rose, his first woman since the long summer holidays, when he had first slept with Rose, that was the moment the Christmas break at Ingram Hall which he enjoyed the most.

Patrick reflected on his own sexuality, and finally admitted to himself that he enjoyed sex equally with either a man or a woman. Was that to be his future, he wondered? At least he knew that he was not incapable of making love to a woman and as the way of the world was to get married and have children, he vaguely assumed that that would one day be the path he would take. But, he had already decided that he could never give up gay sex. Illegal as it then was, he knew that he would always have sexual relations with other men; he just enjoyed fucking butt so much that he could not envisage life without it. The thought of renouncing forever the delight of forcing his cock through a recalcitrant anal sphincter of a willing male partner followed by the pleasure of pounding his hole, was just not on the cards. He just knew in his heart of hearts that he would go on all his life fucking and being fucked by other men; even eventually as a married man; and of that he was quite sure.


We will leave Ingram House for the moment and take a look at the two Tomlinson brothers: Colin the elder and his brother Thomas who also figure prominently in this story. You will remember that Tomlinson Major was a boy who could not keep out of trouble and that in the autumn term he had been punished several times; once for running in the corridor eskişehir escort and twice in quick succession after having been found, along with another boy, Newton, smoking in the dorm. This had led to a mini bloodbath of beatings in the dorm that very evening; several other boys who were found to have been concealing cigarettes had their arses thrashed by Patrick. But Tomlinson’s punishment went much further; the next day Patrick treated Tomlinson’s naked arse to a monumental birching with a vicious new birch made of maple shoots by the gardener. All in all, Master Tomlinson endured twelve cuts for smoking and another six for having stolen the cigarettes from his father. So Tomlinson Major’s excursion into the forbidden pastures of smoking had landed him with a very, very sore backside: six cuts of the cane and eighteen cuts of the birch.

But as we all know, time heals wounds and that awful experience had more or less been forgotten by Colin Tomlinson as he and his younger brother, Thomas, arrived for the Christmas vacation at their local railway station. They were met there by the dog-cart driven by an under-footman (the Tomlinson’s lived in semi-splendour and had the full complement of staff to look after them) who had been sent there to pick them up and take them back to the house some two or so miles from the station. Both boys were looking forward to the holidays at home and the freedom from the restrictions imposed on them at Rigby


The door of the house was opened by Mottram, the butler who welcomed the boys home and then went on to say that their father wanted to see them immediately on arrival in his smoking room. The very mention of the smoking-room sent a shiver of fear coursing through Colin’s veins, for it was from there that he had pilfered (he could not bring himself to use the word stolen) the two packets of cigarettes which had led to that monumental thrashing he had taken from Patrick. Thomas, of course, was not all involved in the smoking fiasco and was unaware of the reaction that the news that their father wanted to see them immediately had produced in his brother.

So to the smoking room the two boys went to be greeted rather gruffly by their father, Colonel Tomlinson, who at the best of times was a rather forbidding figure to them; today, however, the Colonel looked downright cross. Colonel Tomlinson was not a man to mince his words or to waste time on unnecessary pleasantries, and after welcoming the boys home for the holidays, came straight to the point: ” Colin and Thomas, I have a matter which I wish to clear up with you before the start of the Christmas festivities; a matter which I think is best dealt with immediately. Now boys, I had in my smokers’ cabinet not only my own cigars in their humidor, but also two unopened packets of cigarettes, which, as you both know , I do not smoke myself, but which I keep there to offer to those of my guests who do not care for cigars themselves .”

By this time, Colin was beginning to feel very, very uneasy a feeling which was further reinforced when he saw that an armchair had been pulled into the centre of the room and that a cane lay in waiting across its arms. Colin had a sudden urgent desire to go and have a pee.

The Colonel continued: You can imagine my surprise therefore, when just the other day, I offered a cigarette to the vicar who was visiting us, only to find that both packets had disappeared. Now I have been assured by Mottram that none of the household staff, male or female could have touched the cigarettes and so I am forced to ask myself if one or both of my sons had decided to help himself to my cigarettes. Thomas, do you know anything about their disappearance? Now don’t lie to me boy, as I shall know immediately whether you are telling the truth or not and you know I don’t tolerate liars; so if you know anything at all about this business, now I the time to tell it.”

Thomas who was, of course not only innocent but was also unaware of is elder brother’s actions. He knew of course, along with the entire school, that Colin had been severely beaten for smoking in the dorm, but that was the sum total of his knowledge. Colin, somewhat ashamed of the fact that he had stolen the cigarettes from his father, had chosen not to tell his younger brother the full story. And so Thomas was being completely truthful when he answered no to his father, who now turned and looked at is elder son: “Colin what do you know about the disappearance of these cigarettes from his room?”

Tomlinson major, he of the glib tongue and slick excuses whenever he was caught in the act of a misdeed at school, was now at a complete loss for words in front of his father, who glowered down at him. Any braggadocio attitude he might have tempted to affect disappeared under the imposing gaze of his father; the boy felt himself falling to bits internally and could not even open his mouth to give any form of answer; he knew just looking at his father, seething with anger, with a face than was visibly taking sakarya escort on that wrath of god look, that the game was up and that his arse was certainly in for a hiding. And a hiding from Colonel Tomlinson, which he had experienced quite a few times in his younger days, was not something for which anyone who was familiar with the Colonel would volunteer.

“Colin, I can see from your face that you are the guilty one; it was you, wasn’t it who stole the cigarettes? Come on, boy, out with it and don’t even think of lying.” Thomas, who was still present whilst all this was happening, began to feel frightened himself; he could see that his father wanted blood and he did not want any of it to be his. He too had suffered beatings from his father and he knew exactly what it felt like to have his naked arse thrashed by the Colonel. And now, with his father working himself into an ever greater rage, he was terrified. But he need not have feared being implicated as an accessory in the affair, which his father obviously took very seriously indeed, for Colin finally opened his mouth and said to his father: “Yes father it was me who pilfered your cigarettes. Thomas is not involved and I really am very sorry I did it, but I just wanted…”

The Colonel cut him off in mid-sentence before his elder son could start spouting out some outlandish reason to justify the theft, for he was well aware of Colin’s glib tongue. He then said: “Thomas you may leave us now and go and see your mother. I shall be a little while in dealing with your brother here.”

But of course, Thomas did not do as his father had said; like many a boy before him, he decided to hang around outside the room where the drama was unfolding, to see what what was going to happen to his brother; it was all just to juicy to miss. Even between siblings there is still that horrible Schadenfreude moment when the punishment is administered to one of them and even for a boy aged only thirteen, there is a certain homoerotic thrill in hearing a cane mate with a pair of naked buttocks, even if those buttocks belong to one’s brother. Thomas’s little cock, was already quite hard between his legs, just thinking about what was now about to take place behind the closed door of the room he had just left. But as we all know, curiosity killed the cat and Thomas’s curiosity was lo lead to some very painful consequences for him.

Back in the room, Colonel Tomlinson had worked himself into a volcanic rage which was about to erupt on Colin, who stood there, terrified, in front of his father. The Colonel glared at his son: “Colin, I find it hard to believe that a son of mine would stoop so low to steal (that horrible, hateful word again, thrust directly into Colin’s face by his own father). And, to boot, I think also I have sired a half- wit for a son, who had he had an ounce of intelligence would not have taken the lot, but just a few cigarettes to try and see what smoking was like. Had you done that, you half-witted idiot, the theft might not have been noticed.” And so Colonel Tomlinson went on with his invective, inveighing against his elder son, ,until he suddenly ran out of expletives himself, stopped and said: “Colin, drop your trousers and underpants and let me see your naked arse across the back of that armchair there. I am going to I give you the severest thrashing you have ever had. Jump to it boy. Let me see you in position to be thrashed.”

Colin had stood silent whilst his father berated him. Inwardly he had now pulled himself together as this was not by any means, as we all know, the first time that his backside was going to be beaten. But as ever, Colin Tomlinson was already working out what he was going to say to his father when the eruption of lava-like words had stopped flowing from his volcanically enraged father. He also realised, as he was not the half-wit his father had called him, that there was no way in which he was going to escape a beating; so the question was; could he in some way palliate it: cut down the deluge of strokes which his father clearly had in mind.

“Father, may I please say something now?” Taking his father’s silence as affirmative, Colin launched into one of his arguments: “Father, I don’t think you should punish me stealing (there it was; he used that word himself for the first time). You see I was caught smoking at school and straightaway in the dorm, I and several others of us who had been hiding cigarettes in our lockers had to take six across our naked bums (he did not use his father’s more vulgar choice of word, arse) from the Head Boy, there and then bent across our beds. And then father, the next day, I was birched by the Head Boy, for smoking the cigarettes, I got twelve cuts of the birch across my naked bum, sir, and it really did hurt very much, sir, and then he gave me another six cuts because I had told him I had stolen the cigarettes from you. You see, sir, in the dorm we were each given six cuts but that was only for having and concealing cigarettes, but my birching was for smoking them and stealing them from you sir, so you see, father I think I have been punished enough and I hope that you will see that too, sir, and not beat me anymore, sir and I really am very sorry sir, and I will never ever steal anything again sir, and I am not really a thief father, really and truly I am not.” All this poured out from Colin’s lips in a torrent of verbal diarrhoea.

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