The Grey Line

Anal Frenzy

Great Great Granddad had settled in this forsaken spot in 1849. The saucer shaped valley with its poisonous springs had not attracted any other settlers, but the grand old man; a salt miner from Russia, had recognised the signs. He had begun a small salt mine and had exported salt lick block down to Texas before it was Texas.

The family had prospered and until my father went to war, the dynasty was secure. I was the only issue of a young marriage, mother was a wan widow. All my uncles and aunts had moved to Frisco, they had all died in road accidents, or other accidents, one was murdered. There were no cousins. Granddad always cursed when he heard mention of that fair city.

I was his great hope for the future and he had spared nothing in my education. He had personally taken me to the best brothel in the valley when I had shown my first sign of wet dreams. He had coached me through high school and sent me to the best college. I was now a fully qualified mine engineer and metallurgist. I was 23 fit and dedicated to continue the family line and business.

The business was a salt mine with some side business of waste disposal we had 100 years of man made caves that could safely store anything. The first day as mine engineer saw me below supervising the cut of a new drift. We were to go north against all of Great Great Granddads advice, it was a bad salt area. Any critter that licked a salt block from the northern end of the basin sickened and died in a week. The only good salt was below the 20 cm grey line and to the south.

I had other fish to Onwin fry. I had taken a sample of the mines tailing pile and assayed it. It was rich, very rich in trace elements and rare earths the mine tailings were worth more than the mine. I had to find out just how much the bad salt was worth and get virgin samples.

The grey line was easy to see. It was a stark line about 20cm thick as straight as a die slanted to the east by two degrees but the first sample assayed right Thorium, Iridium and significant quantities of Cesium.

I began the new drift Grandfather was delighted with the fruits of my education. We had a special night at the bordello to celebrate the new venture. Rare Earth Inc made its first million in two weeks, selling the old mine tailings to Bethlehem steel. We took on more workers and suddenly the old mine had new life.

I needed new blood, new managers to handle the significant manpower that was required to convert a traditional salt mine that used to employ 10 men into a business with tens of millions turnover in its first year.

I needed Good staff and so began to recruit young people from colleges that I knew, men I had played baseball and football with, college jocks that had reputations as men with brains as well as brawn. I also needed a fast car we were 100 miles from the nearest airport. I had to meet and interview the new team and so I visited the local hot car sales room and here my luck really changed.

Bobbie was stunning, a flaming redhead, trim, taught and absolutely terrific. She could have Onwin Giriş been in movies, she could have been anything, but she was a car sales woman. Her dad had left her a beat up car sales room with a fuel lot on the main highway. She had turned it into a hot car sales yard. Pontiacs, Firebirds, Porches, Thunderbirds, Cobras, Ferraris. All secondhand, all guaranteed to burn rubber faster than the speed limit. I sat in my first Porsche while she took it through its paces, she was a superb driver. She fish tailed it, she gunned it to max revs in first and second while I waited for my stomach to catch up. She took me into the Bad Lands and demonstrated how well it cornered.

She threw out the anchor and we shuddered to a halt on the edge of our saltpan. “It is also a great bird-catching device,” she told me. She demonstrated the sunroof great headroom. “Want to try it?”

I nervously sat behind the wheel and took the beast through the gears. She bent over me, undid my fly and began to fellate me.

“Faster,” she urged, and so I pressed the car further towards its limit.

The faster I went, driving across the miles of salt flats, the more she sucked on me. I began a series of loops, the throttle to the floor and she sucked and sucked. I was soon close to coming and she urged me to stand on everything and so with a full speed run, I twisted the wheel and stood on the brakes. She had my cock down her throat as we all came to a shuddering standstill.

“Well,” she said licking her fingers and wiping the stray sperm into her Onwin Güncel Giriş mouth, “want to buy it?” She had a sale.

So began the tradition began, all my executives went to her car yard for their company car. She had a different act for each executive, nobody ever bought the same make, or same model car from her. We all had our own style, her selling techniques were superb and we often swapped dirty stories about her.

As the mine turnover increased so did her business. She sold us 14 cars the first year and 24 the next.

Trouble only visited when granddad needed a new car, his Cadillac blew its guts out and the damn thing caught fire. Granddad singed his beard, but walked away from the remains straight into Bobbie’s car yard. He had commented on the amount of business the mine threw her way, selling and servicing the company cars of my hotshot team.

Granddad did not return from the sales room that day. We got a cable saying ‘Reno is great, see you soon.’

Soon was two months later. I had not put two and two together as Bobbie’s business ran quite smoothly with-out her and I had not hired a new executive in that period. The shocks began when an old Cadillac in new paint rolled down the drive. He had bought a twin car, we all sighed in relief, well he had loved his caddy.

When he handed out the passenger, I fell over my mouth. Bobbie flashing a large rock and wedding band was introduced to me.

“Hi Grandson, meet your new Grand Ma.” Bobbie smiled and the old man said, “Always knew there must be some special reason you did so much business with that hot car yard, now I know and you were just too slow.” Granddad and his new wife went inside the house.

Just how was I going to handle the fact that every one of my team had had her, this way and that when they bought their cars!

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