Xavier’s Teachers – The Handmaiden Pt. 02

After weeks and weeks of torturous desire and lust building up in them, Xavier the college freshman and Bai-Ma the landlady’s handmaiden had finally put a physical dimension to their licentious cravings. That morning, for the first time in his life he had buried his face against a woman’s breasts and then the impossible fantasy of his wildest dreams had come to fruition; she had given him a handjob and he had blasted his semen in the most explosive ejaculation ever. The mature woman, almost twice the lad’s age, pleasured herself later in the afternoon alone in her bed.

That evening, both Bai-Ma and Xavier left the grounds of the mansion at almost the same time. She was accompanying the lady of the house to the theatre; a play based on Khalid Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” was being staged at one of the plush auditoriums downtown, starting at 5:30 in the evening. And Xavier had his usual Saturday night gig at the night club, or discotheque, in the basement of a hotel not too far away. His buddy, Axel, the drummer in their band, picked him up outside the back gate of his outhouse at around 4:15; the other members were all coming in by 5:00 so as to get some practice before the club opened at 7:30.

Axel, on his Honda 500 cc, roared past the black Mercedes S-class with Xavier riding pillion. Xavier knew that was the lady’s car and most likely Bai-Ma was accompanying her somewhere, but because of the tainted windows on the black sedan, he couldn’t see inside. Bai-Ma saw the red and black Honda motorcycle at the junction where the street behind the estate joined the main arterial road. Both riders had black helmets on with the visors covering their faces, but the rider at the back had a guitar case strapped across his back. She smiled inwardly as the heavy machine overtook the car.

The band called themselves ‘Abraxas’ but used the Greek script ??????? on their posters and other PR material. Although Xavier had only joined the group fairly recently as a new member, the group had been playing for almost three years and were extremely popular in the city. Xavier’s addition as lead guitarist had only improved their ratings, and they were hoping to cut a disc sometime in the near future. By 5 o’clock, all of them had arrived at the club and, after grabbing a small bite to eat, they began jamming for a while before getting their sets in order for the evening.

The group had contracted for three 45-minute sessions every Saturday night, the first at 8:00 pm and the last one ending at 11:45 pm. Local regulations dictated that the club shut at midnight. That night was as crowded at the club as every other Saturday with couples streaming in from the moment the doors opened. The group played a mix of classic and contemporary rock, an occasional slow number, a bit of blues, and even some country music. The club was always very generous with the food and drinks for the band; it was the only time Xavier consumed any alcohol and it always put him in a happy mood.

Bai-Ma and her mistress got home by about 9:00 pm and both dined together al fresco on the small balcony abutting the library, served by one of the cooks. Xavier on the other hand didn’t get back till 2 o’clock in the morning. After the club had shut its doors and the last of their customers had left, the band members sat around with the club owners and talked about their plans. They drank good whiskey, jammed for a while with Xavier playing his favourite acoustic guitar and trying out some songs he had written; generally hung loose together. When they all departed, Axel once again gave Xavier a lift back to his house; switching the engine off 30 metres before the back gate and coasted to a stop. He also promised he wouldn’t kick start his bike till he was out of ear shot from the mansion and estate.

Once Xavier got inside his rooms, he stripped and walked into the shower, letting the cold jets of water wash over the buzz in his head. He then put on a pair of pyjamas and went up to the terrace with his guitar, taking the spiral staircase on the outside wall at the side of his digs. It was a surprisingly cool night and he regretted not wearing a top before coming up to the roof; but it was a pleasant cool, not nippy or chilly. There was an old weathered plastic chair on the terrace that he had washed and cleaned when he discovered it; he used it whenever he came up, which he did often, especially on weekends. He sat down and strummed his Washburn, humming along to tunes he had been working on over the last few days and realised he was thinking of Bai-Ma.

In fact, he had been thinking of her all day, ever since she had left in the morning. At the club he had seen some very sexy women, dressed in very sexy clothes, with very sexy bodies but he couldn’t get Bai-Ma out of his head. Most of the girls at the nightclub were young, like less than 25, and he’d even noticed two couples from his college. But there were also others in the 35+ year old category, some dressed in sarees, but absolutely gorgeous looking with the most heavenly bodies he could imagine. They wore their traditional Indian escort bayan bursa dress low on their hips and had blouses barely big enough to hide their brassieres, if at all they were wearing any. And all the time, he only thought of Bai-Ma.

Xavier found himself strumming to an old Bobby Goldsboro song called ‘Summer the First Time.’ He thought about the morning with Bai-Ma and his own inexperience with women, and how she didn’t seem to think any less of him on account of his sexual naivety.

And when she looked at me

I heard her softly say

I know you’re young

You don’t know what to do or say

But stay with me until the sun has gone away

And I will chase the boy in you away

And then she smiled then we talked for a while

Then we walked for a mile to the sea

We sat on the sand, and the boy took her hand

But I saw the sun rise as a man

Sometime in the early hours of the morning, Xavier put his guitar down inside its case, stretched out his legs while still sitting on the old plastic chair, and dozed off under the star-lit black night sky.

Meanwhile, Bai-Ma slept easily in her comfortable bed. She had come back from the theatre, dined with Madame, and then retired to her room. She had undressed in her bathroom, removing the fine silk saree and embroidered blouse, washed off the slight make-up, changed into a loose long shirt and slipped under the covers. She had fallen asleep ruminating about her past. How her marriage in the village had gone sour over a couple of years with her drunkard husband and his departure, never to be heard from again. Her arrival in the city and how Madame had found her; taken her away from poverty and given her a new world of happiness and financial well-being. But she never forgot her roots, never let the comforts of her new life overshadow her dreary past.


Xavier woke up to the first sounds of chirping birds in the orchard that surrounded him; it was already daylight and the sun would rise soon. He got out of the chair, a small crick in his neck, and stretched his limbs. The sky was blue and the air was fresh; he took a deep breath and then climbed down the metal staircase, holding his guitar case in one hand. He went into his room, completed his ablutions, put on his jogging clothes and shoes, and was out pounding the empty streets by 5:30 a.m. It was a surprisingly pleasant morning, a rarity in the summer rainy season.

When he got back after his run, Xavier’s vest was soaked with perspiration; the humidity had ramped up in the last hour after sunrise. He took off his clothes, threw them into the soiled linen basket to wash later, and headed towards the shower. He stopped for a while in front of the six-feet long mirror in the bathroom and looked at his reflection. He knew he was in good shape but his eyes went to his pelvic area and he saw the thick bush of pubic hair, his limp but still long and thick penis, and he thought immediately of Bai-Ma. He thought of her hand on his cock and the sweet fragrance of her midriff when his face was flush against her waist. It didn’t take long for that familiar stirring in his groin as he took his hand to the swelling erection, feeling the blood course through his veins.

But he shook his head and quickly got in under the shower, driving his memories away and focusing on the study homework he had to do that morning. After he got dressed, he made himself a breakfast of eggs and toast and wolfed it down with a glass of milk before settling down with his laptop computer and books. But he found concentration difficult, even though he tried very hard. Thoughts of Bai-Ma were almost constant; he knew she had said she may come again but when? Would she come at all? Or did she just say it so she could get away yesterday without any fuss? He longed for her, desperately.

He gave up any hope of being able to study after about an hour so he got up and went to his bedroom. Unsurprisingly, having had a little more than two hours of sleep at night, he dosed off on his bed while trying to read.

Bai-Ma on the other hand had had a restful night and woke up considerably later than the time that Xavier did. She had a cup of tea soon after she got out of bed, and then went into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Similar to Xavier’s bathroom, she too had a six-feet tall mirror on one wall of her bathroom that invariably fogged up after her hot showers. She took off the night shirt she was wearing and stood in front of the mirror, studying her reflection. Bai-Ma cupped her breasts and hefted them a couple of times, as though trying to determine their weight; she ran her thumbs over the nipples, pinched and pulled them till they were erect. She looked at the large dark brown areolas at the base of her stiff nipples and ran her fingers around the surface till little goosebumps erupted on them.

As she ran her hands down the sides of her body, looking at her trim waistline and the swell of her hips, she remembered herself masturbating to thoughts of Javi, her endearing term for bursa sinirsiz eskort Xavier, the previous day. Although she was no stranger to sexually pleasuring herself, she knew that in the last few weeks the frequency had increased. Her fingers buried themselves into the thick mat of pubic hair as she ran her hands from her navel to her crotch. She pressed down on her vulva and the cushiony outer labia, feeling the silken curls of her pussy hair. She was turning herself on, thinking of Javi, and admitted to herself that she had been wanting to go back to his room ever since she had left him the previous morning.

When Bai-Ma got into the shower, still thinking of the boy in the outhouse, she knew she would see him today; perhaps she would go soon after getting ready. She had to be careful that nobody on the estate saw her going into his rooms, even though most of the domestic staff, including herself, were given Sunday off and would probably go out fairly soon. As she doused her body with shower gel and scrubbed all over with a loofah, her thoughts remained centred on Javi. When she was soaping her pubic area, her fingers lingered around her cunt and she found herself rubbing her vaginal entrance longer than necessary. She even pushed a soapy finger an inch inside her rectum and felt an erotic spasm that made her want to shove it in deeper but resisted the urge and only busied herself with a thorough cleansing.

After finishing with the bathroom and drying herself, Bai-Ma wrapped a towel around herself and tucked a corner in just above her bosom. She walked into her bedroom and opened the lingerie dresser drawer from which she chose a pair of black lace-trim low-waist panties and a matching half-cup brassiere. Removing the towel and dropping it on her bed, she first slipped into her panties which left a thin, barely discernible, edge of her pubic hair still visible on top. After that, she put on her bra and sat on the bed, contemplating what she should wear for Javi.

Very rarely did she wear anything other than the traditional saree, and she decided not to make an exception. From another drawer in the dresser, she took out a light powder blue petticoat that had been tailored specifically to be worn with a very low waist saree. She unfolded the underskirt and stepped into it, tying it with the cord almost five inches below her navel, just above the panty waistline. She then went to the wardrobe and from a long row of sarees on hangers, she took out a plain sky blue one with no design or embellishments on it. The blouse which was paired with the dress was on the same hanger.

Bai-Ma put on the plain coloured cotton blouse and felt comfortable with its snug fitting as she did up the five hooks running down the centre in front. The sleeves, like her other blouses, covered half of the upper arms; and the hem was daringly short, barely an inch below her breasts. The neckline was a deep V-cut that revealed a considerable amount of her cleavage. After that, she finally slipped into her sandals and wore her saree, tucked into the petticoat low down on the waist, but drew the drape modestly across her chest. She stood in front of the dressing mirror and silently marvelled at what she saw, feeling like a temptress that Javi would simply not be able to resist.

She did not pleat her hair like she did most days; instead she tied the long tresses into a rough knot at the back of her head and held it together by pushing a pencil shaped hairpin through the knots. She then went to her kitchen and made herself another cup of tea. While sipping the beverage, she thought she’d take a small hamper of food for Javi so she took out a basket from the bottom shelf of the kitchen cabinet. Some camembert cheese that Madame had given her, along with bread, went into the hamper, followed by some other foodstuff she had at home. Recalling her nerves on the previous day, she also lay a bottle of Danzka vodka she’d purchased two weeks ago in the basket.

It was almost 11 o’clock when Bai-Ma decided to set out for Javi’s outhouse; the driver and other staff would have left and Madame would be relaxing in her library. She exited her flat, hamper in hand, and went behind the servants’ annexe so that her lady wouldn’t see her crossing the manicured lawns. Once she reached the boundary wall at the back, she walked along the narrow footpath grazing the wall and shielded from view by all the fruit trees. She circumnavigated her way to the outhouse, tried to peer inside through the windows but noticed that the sheer curtains were drawn. She reached his door a few minutes later and pulled it open silently, left her sandals inside by the entrance, placed the food hamper on a side table, and stood quietly in the cool living room while the door shut softly behind her.


Javi wasn’t in the living room; she peered through the corridor and saw that the bathroom door was ajar so he probably wasn’t there either. She tip-toed towards the bedroom where the door was only partially shut and looked through towards his escort bayan bed. He was lying there in a pair of pyjamas and a faded t-shirt, headphones connecting his tablet device to his ears. She knocked delicately on the door but then had to rap it harder when he didn’t look up.

“Bai-Ma!!” Xavier almost shouted as he extracted the earphones and jumped out of bed, “I wasn’t sure you would come today.” He had a wide grin on his smooth shaven face, hair rumpled as usual. He walked up to Bai-Ma and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close before realising he may have been somewhat hasty so he mumbled “Sorry, is it ok for me to hug you? I missed you so much.”

Xavier felt her hands on both sides of his face as she stepped back and said “Let me look at you!”

Forced to look at her from a distance, Xavier suddenly realised how stunning Bai-Ma was looking. He stumbled backwards, the edge of his armchair catching the back of his knees as he folded into the seat and stared up at her. He looked at her face, smooth and clean with a tinge of blush; her lips were full and seemed naturally pink with no lip gloss. A couple of tendrils of hair had come loose from the bun on her head and framed her delicate facial features.

He stared for a moment at her chest, taking in the huge swell of her bosom underneath the blue saree that she was wearing. The pallu, drape, rose from her right hip and was thrown over her left shoulder but revealed one side of her midriff; bare skin from the base of her bosom-hugging blouse to the top of her saree. Her navel, deep and shadowy in the middle of her light brown complexioned abdomen; Xavier noticed how low she was wearing her dress and knew for sure he had never seen her wear it like that.

The saree, instead of being a free flowing garment from waist down like it usually was when she came to do her chores, hugged her hips tightly before flaring out like a fantail. She had wrapped it compactly over her hips so that her figure was more pronounced. Peeking out from below the hem were her dainty toes and a wee bit of ankle where he could just about discern the ever-present silver anklet. He ran his eyes a couple of times from her head to her toes; he had never seen her look so ravishingly beautiful. Xavier knew he should say something instead of just gaping at her in speechless astonishment but when he saw her smile, he seemed to understand that she accepted his silent admiration and took it as a wordless compliment.

Bai-Ma took a few steps to where her Javi was sitting and stood in front of him, pushing against his knees which he instinctively parted. She looked down at him as he bent his head backwards and stared into her eyes. “Javi likes Bai-Ma?” she asked coquettishly.

“Oh Bai-Ma! Javi loves Bai-Ma,” he said emphatically as he wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned his head against her lower abdomen. She pushed her fingers into his tousled hair and massaged his scalp for a while. Xavier was breathing in her intoxicating fragrance, an aroma left behind on her skin from the shower gel she had used that morning. He knew that he always felt sexually aroused in Bai-Ma’s presence when they were alone together; but there was a deeper, heavier feeling in his heart that he did not quite understand.

He felt the familiar stirring in his privates and stood up from the chair, his arms still around her. His palms were on her lower back with one hand feeling her naked skin as he towered over her, a full head higher. She tucked the top of her head under his chin and wrapped her arms around his waist as they held each other in silence. Xavier felt her wholesome breasts pressing into him and he had a desperate urge to lower his hands down to her buttocks and pull her against the growing hard-on in his pyjamas. Fortunately, he thought, he had a pair of briefs on so his erection would not be too obvious. They held one another close, not speaking, not moving; each with their individual thoughts.

After a couple of minutes, Bai-Ma took her head away from Xavier’s chest and craned her neck to look up at him. She then raised herself on her toes and reached for his lips with hers. He bent his head and their mouths met. Their eyes were shut as they felt each other’s lips; hers soft and luscious, his a little chapped but also soft. Bai-Ma just absorbed the man-scent from Javi and rubbed their lips together, caressingly, with their mouths shut. Xavier on the other hand was at a bit of a loss, not quite sure what he should do so he just let the pleasure of this, his first real kiss, sink in. Just a feather brushing over his lips, her sweet warm breath on his face when she exhaled.

When Bai-Ma put a hand on his neck and pulled his head down because she was tiring of standing on her toes, she used the tip of her tongue to brush across Xavier’s lips. Feeling the sudden wetness was like a small electrical charge pulsing through his body and quite unintentionally he lowered his hands so they were firmly on her buttocks. He pulled her towards him and tried to grind his front against her. Bai-Ma felt the firm grip on her arse and pushed her tongue between his lips, sensing the uncertainty in him. But he opened his mouth and felt her tongue tentatively probe inside, running from left to right and back. They kissed, both growing more passionate as Xavier eased into a more comfortable space in his mind.

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