The Shower


I awoke, feeling languorous and relaxed, like a smug satisfied cat. I instantly remembered our lovemaking of the night before, starting with the blissful time on the sofa in front of the fire, and the hours afterwards. I smiled at the memories. Then became aware of the feel of your mouth on my breast. I slowly moved my head to look down at yours, hair tussled and mussed after much activity, and realised you had fallen asleep in your favourite position, with my nipple in your mouth.

This was all very well, but I needed to use the bathroom – urgently. I lifted my hand and scissoring my first and second finger around my breast and nipple, gently eased the very puckered nub out of your mouth with a quiet plop. You moaned quietly and attempted to snuggle closer to me. I held you gently to prevent any sudden movements and slid out from under your head, covered you again, smiling at your protesting murmurings and quickly padded to the bathroom.

While I was there, I smiled to myself as a plan took shape in my mind. Remembering it was the weekend, there was no time limit on us, it all fell into place. I knew just how we would be spending our day. When I had finished, I went quietly back to the bedroom, gathered a few things and returned them to the bathroom, covered with a towel. I checked the shower, made sure there were plenty of soft, thick towels big enough to cover a succulent body and then returned to the bed and you.

As I slid under the covers, turning to lie on my side facing you, I smiled at the sight of your sweet face, so relaxed. I reached out my hand and gently brushed your wild hair from your face, stroking your cheek with the back of my fingertips as I did. Your body moved slightly, a moan, and then slowly your eyelids fluttered and then focussed on me. Then you smiled, and it took my breath away. The softness in your eyes. “Hullo, lover,” your voice so low I could hardly hear it. Your hand reached up to cover mine and brought it to your mouth, softly kissing my palm and the inside of my wrist, making me shudder. Within an instant the smile had turned to plainly visible desire. Heavens, this woman is insatiable, does she never tire? If I had any doubts about my little surprise, they were vanquished in that moment.

I lowered my hand to your breast, pushing the covers back slightly so I could see them. Despite my hours and hours of tender touching and loving, I just could not get enough of them. As my fingertips gently teased your nipple, I watched it grow and harden, heard your breathing, your soft moaning, and looked up to see your eyes watching me intently, trying not to close. I smiled at you, moved myself closer and sliding my arm around you, pulled you close and slowly and gently pressed my lips to yours, their questing movements finally persuading you to open your lips and let my tongue in to wish you a good morning. As our tongues greeted and danced with each other your arms enfolded me, pulling me even tighter, our breasts pressing together, nipples touching and rubbing, sending delicious sensations throughout my body.

I felt your leg gently insinuate its way in between mine, and slowly but firmly press upwards against my warm wetness. God, how could I be so wet, so soon, or maybe I just have not stopped yearning for you all night. What an incredible testament to your powers of arousal, to keep me wet all night, without a touch. I felt your hands on my hair, my shoulders, my neck, down my back, my sides and then over my backside, shaping the pronounced curve before your fingers dipped into my cleft, making cloud storage me hiss and pull away from your fingers; ah, that was the plan all along. I smiled in my head as I pushed my pussy against your thigh even harder, making me gasp. Such a devious girl.

Through the haze of my growing desire, I remembered my plans and gently disentangled myself from your arms, your legs, your lips, you. “Sara, I need a shower, come with me? Wash my back for me?”

You pouted beautifully at me, “Only your back? Spoilsport.”

I quickly kissed the tip of your nose and smiling happily threw the covers back, making you shiver, and dragged my body out of bed. “Come on sleepyhead, a shower will make us feel better and ready for,” I paused momentarily, “..whatever the day has to offer.”

You heard my hesitation and immediately your eyes sparkled. You knew, just knew that I was up to something. I was learning quickly.

As I walked across to the bathroom, I could feel your eyes burning into my back, but refused to turn around, I wanted you there by choice. I heard the movements of the bed-clothes and smiled in satisfaction as I heard you pad quickly across the floor to catch up with me. I turned to look at you, and once again, the sight of you took my breath away. For a moment, I could not help myself. I reached for you, pulled you against me, gathering your hair into one hand, gently pulling downwards to lift your head to me. I stopped my mouth a breath away from yours, and seeing an answering need in your eyes, passionately pressed my mouth to yours, growling low in my throat as our mouths opened wider and wider, tongues thrusting feverishly against each other, your body pressed against me, your arms around me pulling you closer to me, as close as was possible. When I felt you lift one leg and bend it round my hip, I knew it was time to stop, this was moving way to fast. I pulled my mouth away from yours, loving the sight of your closed eyes, the sound of your moan. I dropped my hand from your hair and noisily, smacked your bottom. “Shower!” I growled, trying to sound gruff, but only succeeding in sounding like the croaky old woman I was.

I led the way in, turned on the water and watched you watching me, as it warmed up. When the temperature was right I held out my hand and you took it, stepping in and using my hand to pull yourself against me, rubbing your body against me. “Minx” I muttered, smiling happily. “Shower, then maybe some fun.” I pulled you under the water, which was now deliciously warm, listening to your moans of pleasure as the water poured over our bodies. I reached for the soap gel and handed it to you. “I believe you were going to wash my back.”

Your mouth gaped slightly, but when you saw my smile, your eyes narrowed, knowing this was going somewhere, but not sure yet, just where. I held out my hand and nodded to the gel. “You do the back, I’ll do the front.” I could see on your face that you were trying to work out what was happening.

“OK, I’ll play your games. For now,” you muttered squeezing some of the gel into my hands.

With a deep breath, I turned my back on you and began to lather myself, shoulders, breasts – which were already tingling, and a quick glance showed my nipples to be very hard – stomach, thighs. I concentrated on my task, t take my mind off your hands, which were now, very slowly and searchingly, moving into every crevice and space. It was all I could to not to shiver. I felt them on my shoulders, sliding flat-palmed over my back, managing a sly graze against the sides cloud file storage of my breasts, making me shiver slightly; then down my lower back, my sides – you know this is one of my hot spots and I knew you would linger. You did not disappoint. Then the part I had been waiting for, girding myself for, as your hands gliding over my cheeks, the movement slowing, turning into a caress. As your fingers slipped to the underside of my cheeks, they gently made their way to the crevice, and you very slowly dragged one finger from the top as far down as you could reach, circling briefly over my hole before dragging back up again and on to my lower back. God, it was all I could do not to cry out.

As nonchalantly as I could, I just muttered, “Don’t forget to do my thighs, love.” I felt your hand hesitate, knowing you were wondering whether to try again, then I felt them on my thighs, softly circling and caressing, gently rubbing the soap into my skin, and then down past my knees, my calves, then back up again. I felt your movement stop, but did not turn back. I almost jumped when I felt your hands on my waist, pulling me against you, felt your breath close to my ear, as you whispered, “Ready to rinse yet?” I turned round and you were so close our breasts rubbed together. “Mmmmmmmmmmm” you purred, sensuously rubbing your breasts against mine, smiling into my eyes. My heart was pounding, along with my pussy. “OK.” I muttered.

I stood under the water, turning under the jet. “Can you check my back please, ” I asked quietly. There was a pause, and then I felt your hands again, lightly on my shoulders, my back, my bottom and down my legs. “All gone.” Aah, now it was working. I could hear the huskiness in your voice. You were enjoying this.

I turned to you. “Now its your turn. Shall I do your back,” I paused, watching your face, “..or your front?”

You looked at me through narrowed, but sparkling eyes. The game was beginning to please. “Both,” you replied.

I took the gel, directed you to stand under the jet and began to rub it over your body. You did not move, just looked at me, stood there, facing me. I took a deep breath and worked my way down from your shoulders, over your arms, underneath to your sides, your stomach, loving the sound of your quiet moans of pleasure. Very lightly I let my hands graze over your breasts, avoiding your nipples as best I could, and was rewarded with a protesting moan. “Kate, they need more soaping than that.” I glanced briefly at your face and was pleased to notice that your cheeks were slightly flushed, your eyes hooded with undisguised desire, and your mouth open, lips slightly parted. My hands returned to your breasts, and this time I deliberately took my time. I slid my hands round and round, echoing their shape, occasionally brushing across an erect nipple, making you moan, loving the way you pushed them into my hand at each touch.

I moved my hands lower to your stomach, your abdomen, gently wiggling a soapy finder in your navel, which made you gasp. Then lower to your hips and thighs, knees, calves and feet. As my hands returned on that path you quite deliberately moved your legs apart and I knew you wanted me to touch your pussy, your beautiful hair. How could I refuse? I gathered some more gel, rubbed it into a foam and with my eyes locked on yours applied my hand to your soft curls, making soft rubbing movements and occasionally dipping a finger down to just touch the top of your hood. Your eyes fluttered each time and you moved towards me. I pushed my hand lower, under you, file upload soaping your pussy, making it slick and slippery, and was rewarded with a long moan. “Oh yes, more please.” I continued to gently caress and then dipped one, two three fingers in to you. Your legs parted more to give me easier entry.

The other hand I had placed on your hip to balance us, and I now moved under from behind turning your body slightly sideways to me.

You were moaning continuously now from the sensations, as my right hand caressed you from the front and my left hand now was driving you mad from the back. Very slowly, I moved the thumb of my left hand, and using the soap which was making everything so slippery, gently pushed against your rosebud, and smiled as I felt you push back against me, and a long moan rolled out of your now open mouth. The thumb slipped in easily and as I slowly pushed it in and out, I cupped under you with the rest of the hand. The fingers of my right hand were continuing to drive you to a frenzy, and when the thumb of that hand joined in with circular movements on your clit, for a moment I thought you would fall, you began to tremble so much.

Then it began. Both hands, working together, in and out, caressing, stroking, with only the thin membrane dividing the joint sensations, driving you mad, your body trembling, your legs trembling. “Oh god, oh god, oh god. Don’t stop, Kate, please. Don’t stop!” The sounds were pouring out your mouth, head thrown back, arms reaching out braced against the wall to stop you falling. As my movements continued, regular, rhythmic, deeper and deeper, I could almost feel the fingers and thumb touch each other through the thin inner wall.

After a short while of this, you began to plead, “Oh god, Kate, please, please. Let me cum. Let me CUM!”. I leaned to you and whispered, “Now my love, cum now for me.” And you did. I thrust both hands as deep as I could, and with a moan that came from deep inside, you pushed yourself low, knees bent, trying to force me as deeply into you as I could go. I pushed again and again, feeling your nectar coating my fingers, your walls throbbing against them, and then your arms were around my neck, holding on to me, you could not hold yourself up any longer.

As your trembling slowed, I removed my hands and wrapped my arms around you, holding you up against me, your head lying on my shoulder as your breath came in shallow pants and gasps. I softly caressed your back and shoulders, down over your hips, my lips softly kissing your shoulder and neck, as I murmured softly to you. Nonsense sounds, but soft and loving in tone.

The water was beginning to run cool, so I whispered to you, “Sara, we need to get dried, you’ll get cold. Just lean on the wall while I get the warm towels.”

You moved slowly away from me, still breathing hard, and smiling softly at me, did as I asked.

I slipped out of the shower, and as I moved out of sight picked up the items I had hidden. With a shudder I inserted my half of the harness into my dripping pussy – god, I was hot for this woman – and holding the towels in front of me, returned.

You had recovered somewhat by now, and your eyes were open, watching for my return. As I stepped into the shower, you smiled at me, moving towards me. “Thank you love, that was………” your voice stopping in mid-sentence as I handed you your towel, and you saw the harness, the cock bouncing in front of me. “………..just the beginning??” I finished questioningly for you.

You smiled widely at me, and moved into my arms, kissing me softly, over and over. I moved one of your hands down to the cocks, shuddering as your movements against it were transferred into me. “We have all weekend, love, time for plenty more games. Now. What do you think we should do with this?”

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