Special Delivery


“Oh my head,” I moaned as I began to rise from an un-restful sleep. The partying last night gave me a class A hangover. Thank goodness everyone in the house is either at work on school. I pull myself out of my bed. I’m wearing my long blonde wig, black lacy bra and black satin panties. In a haze I look down at the huge dried cum that stain my panties. “I wish I could remember what I did last night it must have been a lot of fun,” I think to myself before the pain of the hangover stabs my mind again. I need something to drink because I’m dehydrated from the booze. Since no one is home I’ll just wander down stairs and get something cold. I picked up my black see through robe and head down to the kitchen.

As I walk down the stairs my right hand is petting the satin that covers my semi hard cock. I took out a soft drink out of the frig and took a long sip when the door bell rang. “Shit who the hell is this,” I mumble as I move to the side window to get a peak at the unwanted guest at the front door. There stood a tall muscular black man. He was wearing a uniform from one of those deliver services. Short pants, Short sleeve shirt that clung skin tight to his body and a baseball cap. “Mmmm dark meat,” I thought to myself a smiled. Of course that little slip of concentration caused me to be discovered. The deliver man spotted me and called to me, “Miss..miss..I have a package for you.”

“What the hell,” I say to myself as I go to answer the door.

I love dirty talk. I open my mouth and insert Ray’s black cock into my warm wet mouth and begin to suck him. His cock is so thick and long. I twirl my tongue around his rod as I move my head back and forth. Ray placed his hands on the back of my head to push it forward so I would get more of his meat in my mouth. Mmmm I’m getting a taste of his precum so I begin to suck him faster.

“Whoa..whoa baby…let me get some of that snatch,” Ray said helping me to my feet. görükle escort “Okay,” I answer and turn my back to him then I slid my fingers into my panties and bending over I slid them off. “Are you ready Ray?” I ask. “Sure..yea..lemme see some pussy,” he replies. I turn around to see Ray is in shock at the sight of my stiff white cock in my hand. “What the hell is going on?!” he yells. “What’s the matter Ray didn’t you like me sucking your dick?” I ask. “Yea..yea, but that was before I found out you’re a guy,” he answered. “What a boy can’t suck cock as good as a girl?” I begin to debate him. “Well yea…I guess..I mean..I never,” he says searching for a good answer.

I open the door and see his eyes widen at the site of me, “Can I help you stud?” I ask seductively. “Pppackage for you miss,” he stammers handing it to me. “I also need you to sign for it,” he adds holding out a clip board and pen. “Come on in,” I invite him. He stepped into the house and I closed and locked the door behind him. As His eyes slowly scan my body I asked him, “It’s so hot out there would you like something cool to drink?.” Snapping to he answered me, “Huh? what? drink? yea sure that would be great.”

“Follow me, Ray,” I instruct him. He looked puzzled how I got his name then he looked down on his shirt and saw his name.

I led him into the kitchen over to the frig. I opened the door and bent over. My robe slid up displaying my ass to him. I pretended to be looking for a cola to give him time to enjoy the site. “That’s so fine booty you got there missy,” he complimented me. I pulled a drink out opened it and as I handed it to Ray I ACCIDENTLY spilled some of it on him. “Oh my..I’m so sorry..How clumsy of me,” I apologize as I grab a napkin and begin to dab the soda off his shirt. ” That’s okay..no problem,” he assures me. My handy work of cleaning Ray’s uniform makes it’s way down to his short pants and it doesn’t bursa escort bayan take him long to see that I am really concerned in making sure his groin is taken care of.

I look up at Ray and say, “I think you better get out of your clothes so I can clean you better.”

“Yea..that’s a good idea,” he relies smiling at me. I step back and watch him begin to remove his shirt. Then my eyes intently watch as he unbuckles his pants. I lick my lips as he pulled his pants down. I gasped lowly at the sight of his long thick black cock that was just beginning to stiffen. “Come here baby,” he told me. I moved to Ray and he engulfed me in his arms and lowered his face to mine. As our lips met I opened my mouth to receive his tongue. I then felt his hands cup my ass cheeks and squeeze them firmly.

We stopped kissing then I reached down and began stroking Ray’s dick till it was standing at attention. I then knelt down and pointed the cock at my face. I could feel Ray’s eyes watching me as I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked the cock head. “Oh yea..lick that dick bitch,” he hissed.

“What the fuck,” Ray said then stood and walked over to me. He picked up the tube of jelly opened it and dabbed a spot of it in the palm of his left hand. Ray smiled at me as I panted like a dog a real bitch in heat. Ray put the jelly down and walked behind me. He wiped his the middle finger of his right hand in the small puddle of jelly in the other hand. Next I feel the tip of the finger gently rubbing the puckered lips of my man pussy then slowly he entered me. I moaned lowly, “aaaaaa” wiggling my ass as I felt his long finger probed my tight hole.

“You digging this ain’t you,” Ray said amazing that my femininity. Yehha..yehha,” panted to him. I Ray started to get into it and got brave then began to massage my balls as he finger fucked me. I felt his finger come out of me and I bit down on my lip in bursa escort anticipation as to what was about to happen. Ray place his left hand on my left butt cheek then holding the shaft of his black dick he rubbed the head of his dick at the entrance to my well lube anus then eased it in to me. When the head was in he put his right hand on my right ass cheek then moved his hips forward penetrating me as he pushed and I groaned.

I walk to the kitchen sink and take off my robe. I open the top drawer next to the sink where the First Aid supplies are kept and pull out the tube of KY and put it on the counter top next to the sink. Next I grab the edge of the sink with both of my hands bend forward sticking my ass back at Ray and say to him, “Come on Ray fuck me…try it you might like it.” Ray sat there for a moment stroking his stiff prick eyeing me up and down. I wiggled my ass and begin to beg to him, “You want this ass Ray..you want to fuck me..bring that cock over here and fuck my white ass you black bastard.” I wanted his dick in me so bad I was physically shaking.

Ray held tightly to my hips and slowly built up his fucking me rhythm. “OH..OH..OH,” yelped with pleasure as his dick sawed away at my ass. Ray then would pound me with 5 quick humps then 1 long deep on before doing it again. Each time he made me cry out, “YES..YES..YES” with each thrust. Then I felt and heard the slap of Ray’s right hand on my ass cheek not once but twice as he barked at me “Fuck it bitch..Fuck that dick.” I gritted down on my teeth and began to push my ass back to meet Ray’s forward force. Furiously we fucked each other I let go of the edge of the sink with my right hand and quickly took hold of my own cock and masturbated wildly.

Ray’s body began to shudder then he growled loudly, “RRRRRRRRRRR,” as his cock spewed hot cum into my tight butt hole. The sensation of his fluid in me brought me to my ecstasy as I cried out, “Aaaaahhhhh,” and shot my load onto the cabinet on the front of the sink.

I walked Ray to the door and opened it for him. “Was it that bad Ray? I asked. “Bashfully he replied. “Nay..that was pretty good..thanks babe.” He then planted a kiss on my right face cheek and left.

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