Shannon Ch. 02 – The Visit

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So, it’s been several weeks since all of this shit began. I’d managed to keep it all from my girl, thankfully, but things were starting to escalate slightly. One night, out of the blue – when I was watching the TV with my girlfriend – I got a text message:

“Add me on Wickr, usr is xxx, delet dis txt”

My heart skipped a beat. Either Shannon was getting stupid, or more brazen. She usually only text when I was at work or if she knew Rachel was out. Surely Shannon was just as complicit as me in all of this now, right? Right!? I hastily deleted the text, hoping I’d committed the username to memory. The fuck is Wickr, I thought. Something like Kik, I supposed.

“Who was that?” My girlfriend asked me.

“Just the boys,” I lied, “off out for some beers. I can’t be bothered to go, though, I’m too tired.”

Seemingly happy with that response, her attention turned back to the television.

To recap, for those who are just joining us, last time I recounted how Shannon left a change of clothes at my house and well, long story short, she caught me washing her panties after I’d used them to jerk myself off. Since then, she had extracted a total of £300 from me in blackmail money. She had given me an additional two pairs of panties since, in return for more money. My “relationship” with Shannon had started as good ol’ fashioned blackmail, but she clearly was starting to have fun with the situation. She was fucking with me, pushing things and having fun. She was playing with her food like a cat bashing a mouse about.

Her and her boyfriend Nick were trying for a baby, and more often than not, the panties she was scalping me out of £100 a go for contained more than one person’s fluids. I’m sure some guys are into that, but the stinger for me was that I couldn’t yet even bring myself to jerk off in the panties she gave me. They were already covered in whatever quantity of her boyfriend’s jizz that had trickled out of her when she had been wearing them.

The first pair I received that were already full of cum she had given to me in person right in my living room. At the time, I just laid them flat in front of me and added my own cum to the material, so worked up I was about my girlfriend’s best friend handing me worn panties in my own house. It still gives me shivers now.

So basically, what had escalated from an innocent sniff to a quick wank had cost me dearly, and continued to do so. I was starting to feel that I was no longer getting anything out of this arrangement. Until of course, she started pushing things to the next level.

Anyway, later than night, I downloaded the Wickr app onto my phone and added Shannon’s username. I sent her a basic message that said hello.

My phone buzzed.

“Took ur time replyin,” was the only message that I received back.

“I’ve been busy,” I responded, angry at her attitude.

Buzz buzz.


It was an attachment. I couldn’t open the .zip file on my phone so I had to creep the office room and fire up my laptop. After installing Wickr for the second time, I was able to download the attachment and open it. A horrible sinking feeling started in my chest.

It was a collection of pictures; screenshots of all my text messages to her, screenshots of my PayPal payments to her, and pictures of eight different pairs of panties, and several pairs of socks. I recognised three pairs of the panties. One was the original pair I jerked off into, the second was the pair she handed me in person, and the third was a pair which came through the mail last week addressed to me, encrusted with the dried juices of her lovemaking. I did not recognise any of the others.

“What is this?” I typed into the chat.

She took about 25 minutes to respond, because of which I nearly fell asleep at the desk with the screen open.

“Those files r my backup so we r clear of wat is at stake if u stop doin wat I say. Theyll go str8 to ur girl, to all my WhatsApp contacts, all on Fb, insta, everywhere x.”

I swallowed my panic and decided to be direct and calm.

“I’ve paid you what you’ve asked without question, what has provoked you to threaten me like this?”

Another delayed response, but not as long.

“Not a threat, just a reminder. And I dnt want any more money 4 nw. I wnt sumfin else.”

The fact that she hadn’t included what else it was that she desired really boiled my blood. I couldn’t tell if she was really that dense or if this was all part of her sick game.

“What is it you want then?”

An immediate response: “Pictures x”

“Pictures?” I ask her.

“There wil b another set of my underwear comin thru the post 2moro or day after. Sealed them in zipped baggie, so will keep fresh. I wnt pics or a vid of u wankin with them.”

The prospect of wanking myself off my freshly cummed in panties didn’t exactly fill me with joy. Yet, there was a tingle…

Uch, no, what was I even thinking?

“Why?” I asked.

“I thought u liked wankin off in my panties? I wanna suadiye escort c wa u do. U got 24hrs to send a pic via Wickr or I upload the zip file. Sweet dreams xxx”

I sent her a final message saying that her demands were ridiculous – why would she even want such pictures? – but she did not respond to it.

I was happy to find out that Wickr was lockable with a password, so at least my correspondence with Shannon had just got a lot safer. I was massively concerned about sending her pictures, however. It did nothing but fatten her pile of evidence against me.

The next morning, the parcel came. I studied the hand writing on the front, which wasn’t very girly. I got a bit suspicious about who had sent the package. It was pointless, of course, as I’d never ever seen Shannon’s handwriting.

I stashed the parcel in an old travel suitcase until my girlfriend got up and went to work, at which point I hastily dug it out and opened it. Inside, as promised, was a zip-locked sandwich bag with another pair of silk panties. Emerald green. I guess a girl had to have a favourite colour.

I opened the baggie and slid out the panties, hooking them around my fingers and pulling them open. The inside was still damp and the gusset was kinda stuck together. It could have only been Nick’s load which had slid out of her as she wore the undergarment.

Sighing, I put them on the kitchen counter and unzipped my jeans, thinking that I might as well get this over with. I imagined how the panties ended up in their current state. Despite everything, the thought of Shannon being pumped full with a load of cum got me instantly hard.

Careful not to get any of Nick’s juices on me, I hung the panties off my erect cock and took a picture. Laying them back down, I came over the front of them much quicker than I could have imagined. The thought of all that cum trickling out her into her panties as she went about her day sent me over the edge in ways I’d never thought possible. I took a second photo, this time of my own cum spattered over the front of the garment.

I sent both pictures through Wickr as requested. When she didn’t immediately reply, I popped the used panties back into the sandwich bag and stashed them back in the old suitcase. This was the fourth pair of hers now in my possession; I was slowly running out of places to put them where my girl wouldn’t find them. I didn’t dare throw any out, incase Shannon’s instructions involved sending some back or something like that.

It was past noon by the time I had a response.

“Good boy. Bt I wanted pics of u actually using them, nt jst a b4 and after pic.”

A minute or two later, another message followed.

“Itll do 4 now. It showed u will follow my instruction. Jst rememba 4 nxt time, I expect more x”

Next time? Fuck! Would this ever end?

“Thanks” was all I could manage in reply.

The kiss at the end of the message perplexed me.

“I’m comin over ur place l8r btw,” she replied.

“What? Why?”

“Crashin w/ my girl 4 a bit is all. Pizza + netflix. Bt I got another job 4 u that needs 2 be done by the time I come over.”

“This is getting too risky, I won’t do anything when Rachel is in the house,” I responded.

Buzz buzz.

“Ull do wat I ask when I ask or I will leak the pics x”

I could have thrown my phone across the room.

“What do you want this time?”

“Video of u wankin with the panties. Clear and done tidy. Then u gonna put them in my bag for me to take home. I wil leave my bag in ur kitchen out of the way and u can put them in there 4 me.”

I re-read her response about fifteen times.

“What do you want with the panties?” I asked.

“Never u mind.” She responded within a few seconds.

My girlfriend, Rachel, was due home from work at around 5pm, so with the afternoon pressing on, I worked myself up by skulking around on Shannon’s Facebook and Instagram pages until I was horny enough to jerk off again. This time, I wrapped the cumstained panties around my dick and awkwardly recorded with my phone as I stroked myself with them. A third load of cum soon soaked into the fabric.

It took a while for the video to send via Wickr, but once it was successfully sent, I deleted it from my phone. As I was cleaning up, I had a text from my girlfriend explaining to me what I already knew:

“Shan comin over 2nite 4 a bit, hope thats cool, we orderin pizza if u want some? Love ya x”

I idled the rest of the day away but vegging out in front of the Xbox in our bedroom, and before I knew it, I heard the girls arrive together, chatting loudly. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but the muffled sounds of their conversation came up the stairs and across the landing.

“Hey, I’m home!” Rachel shouted up the stairs.

“Hi!” I replied.

“You wanna go in on this pizza with us?” She asked.

I declined, focussing my attention back to the games console in front of me, as I chewed over when would be the best time to go down yakacık escort and put the panties in Shannon’s bag as she had requested.

After about 25 minutes, maybe a half hour, I decided to just get it over with. I threw down the controller, pulled the freshly cummed-in panties from their hiding place in the suitcase and stuffed them in my pocket, before heading down the stairs.

When I opened the living room door, both of the girls looked up at me. My girl smiled at me, but Shannon betrayed nothing. She gave me a quick glance before returning her gaze towards the TV. They were watching re-runs of Friends. I’d always hated the canned laughter.

Shannon was an absolute snack. She’d worn a frilled khaki skirt and a turtle neck sweater. At the end of her long, lusciously tanned legs, her feet were in a pair of black and white Converse shoes. The cascade of her gorgeous blonde hair framed her face and fell down across her breasts. She looked like she had come from cheerleader practice or something.

It had annoyed me that she had pretended that I didn’t exist. I realised of course, that this was normal behaviour, we had not so much as spoken ten words to each other before she caught me a few weeks ago, but it annoyed me all the same.

“Hi Shannon, how are you?” I asked as politely and as nonchalantly as possible.

She looked at me with those big bright eyes, and she smiled. But fuck, did she look pissed. It was as if I had acted out of turn. I had spoken to her without an invitation to do so.

“Hey,” she said sweetly, “I’m good.”

And back to the TV she went.

I headed out into the kitchen, reaching into my pocket as I cleared the threshold. A leather Kate Spade bag was placed on the countertop, its zipper wide open and the contents revealed. I threw the panties in, but they sat awkwardly on top of a makeup case and a large tinny of dry shampoo. I reached out and tried to poke the panties further into the handbag without making any noise.

“Hey, dickhead – what the fuck are you doing?”

I turned my head around. It was Rachel. Of fucking course it was.


“I’m just being a nosy fucker, as always,” I said, with a laugh.

Rachel came over to my side, giving me a disapproving look.

“Get out of her bag, will you?” She spat. “You’re like some creep going through her things.”

I snorted.

“I wasn’t going through her things,” I said.

“Why are you looking in her bag then?” Rachel demanded, refusing to drop it.

“I thought I saw something,” I explained, “Jesus, sorry!”

I threw my hands up. Rachel peered into the bag. She raised her eyebrows.

“Nice panties,” she said, before looking at me, “I’m watching you, mister.”

She continued past me and headed for the corner where the microwave and toaster were plugged into the wall. She’d unplugged one of the appliances, and had her iPhone charging from one of the ports.

“Shit,” she said, looking at the screen, “two missed calls. I bet its the pizza guy.”

She seemed annoyed as she tore the phone from the charger cable and placed it against the side of her head.

“Hi… Yeah, thats me… Sure… Yeah, that’s the right street… Yeah, go back down and take the next left again, we’re right up there… Yeah, there’s usually a yellow van parked on the corner, thats the one… Yeah… No… Okay, let me come out on the doorstep, I’ll wave you so can see…”

She shook her head.

“The delivery driver can’t find the house,” she said to me, turning and heading back through the living room, presumably to head outside.

I heard the front door to the house open and close, and knowing the coast was clear, I took one last glance at the panties in the bag, and headed through the living room. I planned on completely ignoring Shannon, and to just walk straight up the stairs, but before I could reach the door to the hallway, our guest cleared her throat. I turned and looked at her. She sat there, on my sofa, with her legs crossed. She looked awfully proud of herself.

“Come here,” she said.

“What, why?”

“Just come here,” she repeated.

I looked towards the hallway door, expecting the front door to open on the other side any second.

“Are you mad?” I asked her. “This is getting way too risky. I nearly got caught putting the fucking things in your bag.”

She giggled.

“Yeah,” she sighed, “I almost broke a sweat when Rach got up and followed you into the kitchen. But, you gotta admit, it was kinda exciting, right?”

My heart was racing. Shannon was right, it was exciting. But, it was also terrifying. The thought of any of this getting out turned me sick to my stomach. Nevertheless, I walked around the sofa and stood between her and the TV.

“I’ve done what you’ve asked,” I whispered, “and I don’t mind sending you money every now and then, if that’s what it takes to keep this under wraps, but we absolutely cannot sneak around Rach like this, its not fair and my nerves are killing şerifali escort me. If you want to play your games with me and give me more panties then that’s fine, I can’t deny anymore that I’m not getting anything out of it, but we need to be more careful or we’ve both going to get caught and we’re both going to be in a lot of trouble.”

She raised an eyebrow.

“I do want to you give you more panties, as a matter of fact,” she said slowly, “as a reward for being good today. You have done exactly as I’ve asked.”

She uncrossed her legs.

“I absolutely do not intend to get caught.” She continued. “At least, not yet.”

A cold sweat broke out all over me. I couldn’t see up her skirt, but the sight of her open legs sent a shiver through me. She reached up inside her skirt, shuffling on the spot on the sofa.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I spat, craning my neck around to check nobody was about to burst in.

“What do you think?” She breathed, rolling a thin black thong down over her thick, mouthwatering thighs.

If my heart beat any harder, it would have come out of my chest.

She slid the underwear down over her knees and lifted her feet off the floor to free the garment. She held it there in the air before me, dangling from one hand.

“I’d take it, if I were you,” she said impatiently, “before she comes back.”

I snatched the thong and the front door opened as I was frantically stuffing it into my left pocket. I’d turned around to face the door to the hallway before it opened, and Rachel shuffled into the living room carrying two pizza boxes.

“What are you two nattering about?” She asked.

“Nothing interesting,” I replied, heading for the door she had just come in from, “hope it wasn’t much hassle sorting out that pizza?”

She plonked the boxes on the sofa next to Shannon.

“The guy was a bit dense,” Rachel explained, “but nice enough. You sure you don’t want some?”

“I’m good,” I said, waving my hand.

Back upstairs, I sat in front of the game in silence, my eyes burning as I stared at the pause menu, unable to play it. The mental image of Shannon peeling off her thong right in front of me danced across my mind’s eye over and over and over and over and-

Buzz buzz.

I wriggled my phone free from my pocket.

“U might have a point, that was rly RLY close, bt it was super SUPER hot. I liked it. I’ll have 2 b careful not 2 leave a damp patch on ur sofa x”

She was sitting in MY living room, on MY sofa, with MY girl, yet she was in control. The thought of her no-doubt perfect little pussy sitting there uncovered beneath that skirt drove me wild. I hastily pulled the thong out of my pocket, unfolded it and looked at it. It was made of a plain black fabric.

My phone buzzed again.

“The thong is free of charge- a reward 4 u. I still expect u 2 make a mess in them 4 me, and I still expect pics. 24hrs or i leak the zip file, remember. I’ll be in touch soon with our next arrangement. Have fun x”

I lifted the thong to my face. Holy fuck, it was still warm. I pressed it against my mouth and nose, and took in the warmth and the sweet musky aroma that emanated faintly from the fabric. Hairs went up on the back of my neck and a stirring began in my trousers. Could I get a third load out today just for Shannon? I had a feeling that I could.

“I’m enjoying the thong right now,” I typed, “just want you to know. Have a good night.”

I pressed send, and unzipped my jeans once more.


The sun trickled in through the curtains. A certain ray in particular snuck through a gap in the material and cut right across my face, rousing me. Half here, half still there in dreamland, I reached for my phone and checked the lock screen. It was 8am.

I was on the bed. Rachel was by my side. My stirring had woken her too.

“Hey,” I whispered.

She groaned.

“Look who’s finally awake,” she spat, “you’ve been dead to the world.”

“Yeah?” I asked.

I had a small panic about whether I’d hidden the thong away and deleted the pictures of the final aftermath from the night before. Slowly, the memories returned to me, and ease set over me once more.

“I was in the mood last night,” Rachel declared, “just so you know that you’ve missed out.”

I felt a pang of guilt, but with it came a feeling of relief that I had fallen asleep before she had come to bed; after three loads in various items of Shannon’s underwear I would have struggled to go a forth time for my girl, which would have raised its own questions, I’m sure.

“Oh fuck, no way,” I feigned, “why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I tried,” she admitted, “but as I said,” – she grabbed at my cock and balls through my boxers- “you were dead to the world.”

I laughed, and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

“You and Shannon seem friendly all of a sudden,” she said to my back.

I froze.

“How do you mean?” I asked.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you two speak to each other before,” she mused, “but yesterday, you said hello to her, you were talking to her when I came back in with the pizzas, and let’s not forget the incident with her things in the kitchen.”

I laughed again. Hopefully, it didn’t come across as queer or too false.

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