Seduced on Liberty

Asswink Booty

During my early Navy days, I was attending electronics schools in Great Lakes, IL. I was fairly naive and still a virgin back then. Fred was one of my best friends and we frequently went on liberty together in Chicago. I do not remember how, but we ended up at an apartment one evening. Several other sailors were there and it appeared to me to just be a place where guys could crash while on liberty. I did not give it much thought at the time. The next morning, Fred took me up to the roof where I met the Sam. It turns out this was Sam’s apartment. Sam was a middle aged guy and as I would find out later, liked young sailors. I thought it was strange when he reached out and stroked the back of my leg, but nothing else happened and again, I did not think much of it. Little did I know at the time that my friend Fred had already been seduced by Sam.

Several weeks went by before Fred and I found ourselves back at Sam’s apartment. Fred had disappeared and after while I went looking for him. The bedroom door was ajar and when I peaked in, Fred and Sam were naked in bed and Fred’s face was buried in Sam’s crotch. I stood there frozen for a while. Sam noticed me standing there and Bycasino called me into the bedroom. I was transfixed by what was going on, but entered the bedroom feeling scared and excited and confused. I had never imagined or seen such a thing before. Fred got up and walked over to me, his hard cock pointing the way. He stood close to me and started telling me how much fun this was and he wanted to show me how good it felt. He looked down and said that I was obviously interested. He started rubbing my cock through my clothes and I felt like coming right then. I was trembling as he leaned in and started kissing me. I hungrily started kissing him back and his tongue soon invaded my mouth. He started running his hands over my body and soon my clothes were coming off. Naked we stood kissing and stroking each other’s cock while Sam stayed in bed watching us and stroking himself. Fred then knelt down and my cock slipped into his hot mouth. He stroked my ass and the backs of my legs as he sucked me. It seemed like only seconds before I was exploding into his mouth. My body shook as he sucked and licked my cock clean. I felt wobbly as I sat down next to Fred on the floor. Bycasino giriş

Fred started kissing me again, our tongues probing each other and I could taste my cum. We laughed when he said he hoped I enjoyed that and asked if I wanted to learn more. All my inhibitions disappeared as he took my hand and led me to Sam’s bed. I laid down between them and Sam reached over and started playing with my cock as Fred and I started making out again. Fred asked me to return the favor and sat up in the bed. I rolled over and knelt between his legs and started stroked his cock. His pre-cum tasted sweet as I licked his cock head. Fred took my head in his hands and gently pushed his cock past my lips. I started bobbing my head up and down and Fred’s sighs let me know that I was doing it right. Sam moved closer and he started stroking my cock and fondling my ass. I started feeling his finger rubbing between my cheeks. I stopped sucking Fred to see what was going on and saw that Sam had moved behind me, standing at the end of the bed. Fred told me that I would enjoy being fucked and pulled me back to his cock. I felt Sam putting something wet and slippery on my asshole Bycasino deneme bonusu while his finger started probing me. I tried concentrating on Fred, but was anxious about what Sam was going to do. Soon one finger was joined by another and then another as Sam opened me up. Fred was starting to moan, warning me he was about to cum. I felt his cock swell and then his warm cum spurting in my mouth as I struggled to swallow. After I licked Fred’s cock clean, he scooted under me and pulled me down for a kiss while he stroked me. I felt Sam’s cock pushing against my hole and suddenly he popped inside. It hurt a little and Fred was trying to distract me. Sam gave me a little time to adjust and then he started fucking me; slowly at first, but speeding up. My cock was tingling a little and started leaking which Fred used as a lubricant as he stroked me. Sam told me what a nice tight ass I had as he fucked me with abandon. I suddenly exploded, spurting cum over Fred’s chest. Having a cock inside me gave me such an intense orgasm. Right after that, Sam slammed into me as he spent his seed inside me. We all collapsed onto the bed, feeling spent and content.

Sam had another conquest. We played again later that night, but the next day, Fred and I had to return to base. It was then when I started feeling conflicted about what had happened. The intense sex I had enjoyed conflicted with returning to the Navy and my concern with these new feelings.

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