Her First Female

Your husband is out of town for a few days and two friends of yours invite you to go out with them. Your friends have been recently married and love to go out. They are very good friends of yours so you did not feel odd going out with them one night.

You take special care in getting ready…putting on a lacy g-string, a skimpy bra to match, and a pair of soft leather thigh high boots. You purposely leave your panties in the drawer.

You pick your emerald green dress to wear. The fabric is soft and low cut…the hem well above your knees…you leave the little black buttons open up to your thighs…that way you can show as much leg as you choose…you stand in front of the floor length mirror, running your hands down over your silken covered body…you unconsciously wanting your husband to be there but excited that he wasn’t…

Your friends show up in a nice convertible and you drive to a club that they frequent. The night is in full swing and the crowd lively. The three of you find a table in the corner. After ordering drinks your two friends get up to dance. Several men keep looking at you and a few have ask you to dance, but you just didn’t feel comfortable.

You head to the ladies room when you see her. She is beautiful with long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and skin, smooth and tanned…your thoughts catch you off guard. Up to this point, if someone would have asked if you were bisexual, you would have laughed at them…you walk by this gorgeous woman and your eyes meet…you both smile at the same time.

On your way back from the ladies room, you literally run into her… maybe on purpose.

“Excuse me, not much room to move” you say, not bursa escort being able to take your eyes off of her.

“I know what you mean. but it was a nice bump. My name is Lynn,” She says lightly touching your arm. “This your first time here,” she asked?

“Yes, I am out with some friends tonight,” you comment “My name is Alexxx.”

You decide to get brave. “Are you here with anyone, Lynn?”

“I came in with a couple other girls, but they seemed to have deserted me,” she says.

“Would you like to sit at our table? My friends are dancing and I’m alone.”

“Lead the way,” she answers…her lips curling into a naughty little smile.

As you work your way back to the table, Lynn follows and you feel her hand brush your ass. You smile to yourself. Strangely, your pussy is getting wet just thinking about her touching you. Your two friends are still dancing, when you arrive at the table…you sit and talk…you find out that she just came out of a bad relationship and is looking for friendship. You tell her about your husband and his fantasy of seeing you with a Mistress. While you are talking, Lynn brushes your dress aside, moving her hand up your leg. ..you almost forget what you are talking about…you feel Lynn’s fingers rub against your thighs and you take a deep breath, trying to control yourself.

Just as she starts to rub your thighs softly, your friends return to the table.

“Hey, Alexxx, who’s your friend,” they ask and you introduce everyone to each other. The whole time this is going on, Lynn is caressing your thigh under the table…you sit there hoping that no one notices. Just then a pager goes off and your friends bursa escort bayan say that they have to leave, asking if you want to go or stay.

Before you are able to mutter a reply…”She wants to stay,” Lynn answers. You both start laughing as your friends apologize again and leave. “I guess we think alike,” Lynn whispers, moving her hand further up your thighs…uncontrollably your legs part…allowing her fingers access to your soft skin as you look into her beautiful eyes. “Shall I drive you home, Alexxx?”

.”..and I mean ‘My’ home,” Lynn says with a wink.

It is after midnight when you arrive at her house. On the way you find out that like you, Lynn loves to swim. You go to the back yard and you strip while she goes for some towels. You jump into the warm pool and are floating in the bright moonlight when she returns. You watch as she slowly strips, taking off her dress, bra and panties…you look up, seeing her naked under the light of the full moon. She takes your breath away.

Lynn is tall with gorgeous legs, a round ass, and large tits. You are so different…shorter, small but perky breasts and a tight firm ass. From the way she looks at you, you can tell she likes what she sees. You certainly like what you see.

As she lowers herself into the heated pool you paddle backwards, staying just out of her reach. With a spurt she swims forward and pushes you under the water. you make sure she comes with you, pulling her down, before you come up for air. As you surface her lips find yours and you lock in a deep embrace.

You look up smiling as your lips meet for a second time. Lynn’s tongue pushes between your closed lips, pressing escort bursa deeper until you suck her inside as she explores the inside of your mouth…you reach down, holding her hand, guiding it close to your steaming cunt. As her tongue circles your mouth her fingers softly rub your shaven petals.

Lynn’s skin is so soft and as she lowers her mouth to yours…kissing you deeply…you want her to take you more than anything…you want to serve her as well. Her arms wrap around you, pulling you close. This was the first time you ever had a woman kiss you like this…and you respond to her, wanting more. As you lean back against the edge of the pool, Lynn takes your breasts into her hands, sucking each of your nipples, in turn, one than the other. You start to moan loudly. Once again her mouth is over yours, your moans mingling together…her fingers caress your swollen pearl, as your hands find her pussy. You are not sure what to do, but you know what makes you feel good, so you rub her clit, gently pushing your fingers inside her cunt…your wet bodies pressing together as you cum in each other’s arms.

You get out of the water, lay your towels on the deck and lie down next to each other. You hold hands enjoying the after glow.

You lay by the pool for an hour before going into the house and up to her room. Lynn has a beautiful house and her bedroom is like that of a princess, with a large four posted bed, a lace canopy, full length mirrors and a hot tub in the center of the room.

“Tomorrow, your husband will get to fulfill his fantasy” she grins with a wicked little smile. “I will make his little whore perform for his pleasure. While she dances at the end of My whip, a leather collar around her neck, clamps on her nipples attached by a silver chain. Yes, your husband will enjoy what he sees”

Your body tingles and your pussy quivers as Lynn’s words touch your ears. Tomorrow can’t come quickly enough.

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