SCTT Nancy Pt. 08: Nancy Agrees


Nancy was watching him carefully as he caressed her now; she was really enjoying his all-too-obvious sexual arousal as he felt up her hips, waist and back. And that’s all he was doing; his hands weren’t going anywhere else and he wasn’t getting too aggressive or anything, just gazing admiringly into her eyes as he worshipped her body. His attentiveness was simply delightful, but it was also the passive way he was treating her that was such a pleasant surprise for her. She was just loving it!

She was finally showing him some interest in being the naughty, seductive teaser girl he wanted her to be, and it was really clear how incredibly thrilling it was for him. It was for that reason that she wanted to explore it more with him, but it was also because it was so empowering for HER. Yes, indeed, between her discussion with Christy that day and her ongoing interaction with Sam that night, her perception of being a tease was changing rather quickly…

Still, despite her increased level of interest in being brazenly seductive for him, she felt a need to caution him too, so she patted his leg gently and said with a playful tone, “Now Sammy, you’ll have to be patient with me, because you know how I used to feel about this kind of thing. I’m not gonna dress up all slutty and objectify myself just because you want me to. I’ll admit there are still some conflicted feelings around it, okay?

“But I get it, it’s pretty common for you guys to want your women to be gorgeous and sexy, and I think I can learn how to cater to that a bit. But the thing is, it’s a lot of work to get all dolled up, so if it’s all about you and whatever little kinks or fantasies you have, then that’s not right. I’m sure you can understand that.”

As she spoke, her fingers danced lightly along the still bent-in-half bulge in his pants, tapping on it playfully. These little love-pats had an assertive quality to them, like she was gently hitting his cock but nowhere near hard enough to hurt. Things went on like that for about a minute longer as she expressed her mixed feelings, and when she was done speaking she slid her fingers inside the hem of his pants and began to fuss with the button.

Sam just knelt there listening to her as he let her have her way; she was taking the lead just like he wanted her to, and he could sense where she was going with her comments. It was clear there should be some kind of reciprocal understanding around this kind of thing, and he nodded his head in agreement with every word she said as he continued to gently touch and caress her body. He was finding it almost impossible to speak, but finally he managed to stammer, “Y-yes Nancy.”

She went on, “So that’s why lots of women don’t want to sexualize themselves for their boyfriends and hubbies, because it takes a lot of effort and you boys tend to become very focused on your own needs when you are aroused. And usually when that happens, you don’t think about the needs of your lady. But another thing Christy and I talked about today is that if we girls don’t do it for our men, there are plenty of other girls out there who will!

“She’s clearly like that herself, and she said she knows a few other girls who love being that way. They’re really pretty too, and they’re very skilled at this dressing up and flirting thing. They know exactly how to use a guy’s sexual desires to their advantage, and they are quite capable of enticing and attracting guys to them. To be blunt, if they want a guy… they can usually get him. And you know, honey,” and she paused, taking her hand off his crotch for a moment and playfully patting his cheek, “it even occurred to me that maybe you’ve had some experience being seduced and teased by a sexually aggressive girl like that.”

That last sentence took on a bit of an accusatory tone, and her comment represented quite a pivotal moment. There was clearly some meaning behind her reference, with some obvious conflicted feelings as well. It was almost like she had accused him of cheating, even though her exact words made it clear that she was referring to something from his past!

She would be elaborating on it for him soon enough, but for now she was curious about how he would react. So she paused after saying it to really let it sink in, and as she looked at him, studying his response to her provocative comments, she noticed him blushing. She held his gaze for a second, observing his embarrassment as she fussed with the button of his pants some more.

After a few more moments of this she finally popped the button open and teasingly began tugging on the zipper with her pretty, slender fingers. She flashed him a big smile as she pulled the zipper down a little, pausing to watch his reaction, then pulling it down some more, waiting a bit more, and finally giving him a seductive wink before pulling it down the rest of the way. And she was purposely not saying anything else yet, just to make certain that her last comment became fully cemented in his mind bağdatcaddesi escort as she continued her little seduction…

The way she was taking her time was incredible, she was really making him wait for it and this new technique seemed to be flowing from her quite naturally. His bulge was slightly more undressed now, a little more available to her but still bent in half in his underwear. So of course, her fingers began zeroing in on it, the tips of them casually gliding up and down on it as she added a little followup comment to her last statement, “I mean, this interest in being teased had to come from somewhere, right? And now that I think about it, you actually did refer to some naughty experiences you had with some girl in college, didn’t you, you naughty boy. So maybe sometime soon you’ll have to tell me some more about her!”

Sam’s face turned beet red, and he looked down again shamefully, hanging his head low, not even able to look at her. Nancy knew she had hit the nail on the head, and she was simply dying to interrogate him about whatever it was she had stumbled upon. It was definitely an interesting discovery, and also quite a surprise for her to realize that he was so self-conscious about having his past sexual experiences exposed like that, even a little bit.

She actually pitied him at that moment, feeling sorry for him and starting to understand that he was ashamed of own feelings. They had been dating quite a while, and he hadn’t felt comfortable telling her the details of this particular aspect of his sexuality. Sure, he had danced around it, but she suddenly realized that she had been part of the problem too. She had probably made his shame worse because she had her own negative stereotypical reactions about it when he kept trying to bring it up, and she had flatly rejected his suggestions for her to become more seductive.

When she realized that, it caused a sudden need to console him; there was something inside of her that made her want to tell him it was okay, to soothe his concerns and tell him she was going to work on it with him and make it all better. Oh my, yes, this topic was certainly in need of some highly detailed exploration and experimentation!

For now, though, she just went on describing her state of mind as her fingers continued the slow caresses up and down his throbbing bulge, still covered up in his briefs. She was really illustrating a growing acceptance of his desires, but also describing some simple truths about the competitive nature of being a woman in society, so she continued, “Anyway, I think I should be the one learning about the sexy things you like instead of having some other girl do it to you; it’s pretty simple when you look at it that way. And you’ve been very sweet, making coy references to wanting me to dress up sexy for you, but also really trying to be respectful of my feelings. I appreciate it, honey, and I’m so sorry I haven’t been more responsive!”

As she said that, she put her hand on the side of his face, gently caressing his cheek as the fingers on her other hand continued the slow caresses on his bulge. The feelings of intimacy and acceptance she was creating inside him, piled on top of his sexual arousal, were almost too much for him and he practically burst into tears hearing his pretty fiancé console him like that while teasing him at the same time.

So he just sat there, almost incapable of absorbing the full impact of the direction she was heading herself in for him. His face was fully flushed, and his feelings were a mix of arousal blended with sheer embarrassment and outright shock. He was suddenly being confronted with his own sexual fantasies, and hearing her begin to show real interest in them was an absolute dream come true!

She smiled warmly at him then, offering him some real assurance that she was going to enjoy exploring these kinds of sexual games with him. And of course, the soft fleshy tips of her fingers continued to glide up and down very lightly along the bent erection in his briefs. The anticipation was wonderful! She had never taken her sweet time with him like this before, it was usually more like she just pulled down his pants and started stroking him and jerking him off. So this way was much more of a tease — and it was exactly how he wanted it!

After the little pause in her statements, she added with a wink, “But it’s a lot more than just the dressing up, isn’t it. What Christy taught me today is that the appearance stuff is just the beginning; the real fun is exploring all the little teasing games that some girls like to play with guys.” And she paused again, her warm smile absolutely slaying him, and then she added softly, “That IS what you really want, isn’t it honey…”

After waiting so long to hear her say something like that, Sam’s head practically exploded the moment her words hit him. His mouth fell open and he could literally feel a puddle of drool forming inside it! His hands beykoz escort were exploring more of her body now too, rubbing up and down her arms and shoulders, then back down over her waist and hips. There was no way in hell he was even going to form a coherent sentence at that point; even a one-word response seemed to be escaping him, so he just nodded slowly up and down as she watched him melt into a puddle of desire right before her eyes…

He was still rubbing her all over as she talked, but the way he was touching her was becoming more excited now. He was caressing her sides and back and slowly pulling her even closer, just loving the feeling of having this gorgeous temptress right before his eyes. He was literally starting to lose control of his ability to restrain himself, which of course was the perfect timing for her to put things on pause…

She had something else important to say and she wanted him to listen carefully, so she pulled her fingers away from his erection and shooed his hands away from her curvy body, telling him firmly, “That’s enough of that for now, sweetie, and I already told you, you have to behave yourself! Now you sit right there and listen to the decision I’ve made about all this, because I think you’re gonna like it!”

Sam did as he was told; the momentary pleasure she had granted him caused him to accept her rejection of his advances without question, so he took his hands off her. Then she reached back out and rested her hand gently on his hardon again, giving it a gentle squeeze and then a much firmer one, as if to assert her growing sexual power over him.

He inhaled sharply at the firm grasp of her hand on his bulge, closing his eyes for a moment. She waited for him to open them again as she slowly loosened her hold on his genitals, and when he did, she simply took her hand away and gave him another sexy wink. He stared into her eyes, taking some more long deep breaths as his sexual arousal plateaued. His heart was pounding in his chest, and he could feel the blood pumping into his throbbing cock with each beat of it.

After staring back at him for a few seconds, she smiled and looked away, taking out a small compact mirror and checking herself out in it as she made him wait for what she had to say. It was a classic teasing move, and he knelt there patiently in utter surprise at the effortless way she was embracing this new teasergirl role.

He watched her intently, waiting with baited breath and panting like a horny dog. His hand started rubbing his crotch again, mindlessly moving up and down on it, and she glanced at him knowingly as she watched him do it before starting to fuss over herself in her handheld mirror.

First she fluffed up her hair, pouting her lips and posing, checking herself out from different angles. Then she took out a tube of shiny red lip gloss, glancing at him again as if to draw attention to what she was about to do. Next, she daintily removed the applicator, teasingly applying it along her lower lip, suggestively inserting it back into the tube and pulling it out again, then gliding it slowly across her upper lip. Her pretty lips, already shiny from an earlier application of gloss, glistened in luscious fashion at the fresh treatment of the sexy cosmetic…

She took a deep breath then, recalling an unpleasant memory she wanted to share. She paused for a moment, smirking at the sight of him pleasuring himself. Again she teasingly scolded him, this time saying it without even bothering to look at him as she continued to check herself out, “Now you STOP that naughty rubbing!”

He obeyed immediately, letting his hands fall to his sides, and she told him what a good boy he was for doing so. He nodded in full acceptance of this newfound power she was experimenting with, and he sat still and listened to her next comments carefully.

Then she said, “I told you about Rick, right, that guy I dated for a while before I met you? We were really close and we really loved each other. And we had a good sex life too, or at least I thought we did. But then this slutty girl came along; she was a trampy little busty blonde thing, and she totally seduced him and stole him away from me!

“I mean, I just didn’t expect it, it caught me totally off guard, because she was kind of a ditz and I never thought he’d go for her. But she was really pretty, and she knew exactly how to present herself in ways that guys like. She dressed sexy and flirted with him shamelessly, sometimes right in front of me! At the time I really didn’t get it, I thought she was no competition, and her little games were such a surprise that looking back on it, I just let it happen. And before I even realized what was going on, she had him totally wrapped around her little finger!

“By that time it was clear that I was no match for her; it was so weird, because in a way he really still loved me, and it was almost like she was taking him away from me against his will. He didn’t caddebostan escort seem to want to leave me, but she knew exactly how to MAKE him do it, and he was simply helpless to resist her. I was shocked when he dumped me without much explanation at all, but I knew exactly why, and I’ve never felt so inadequate in my whole life. I don’t ever want to feel that way again!

“The worst part was, I heard she totally used him and dumped him later, so he got hurt too, which was just desserts, I suppose. Anyway, it taught me something, a very important lesson that came up today as I was talking about things with Christy, so here it is. Women have two choices when it comes to maintaining happy, healthy relationships with our men: we can take our chances by being our regular, plain, everyday selves all the time; we can ignore our guys’ sexual needs and desires, and then still expect you all to commit to us forever! For most guys, that’s an impossible expectation– it just leaves you frustrated, unsatisfied and unfulfilled, and that much more susceptible to being unfaithful.”

She paused then, as if to add emphasis to the other side of the coin she was about to describe, but there was something else she simply had to do first! So she looked down and gently slipped her fingers inside the stretchy hem of his underwear, pulling it down and forward so his cock came bouncing out. She tucked the elastic up under his balls, causing his erection to lift up and stick straight out, and then she ran one finger gently up the sensitive underside of his cock shaft…

“Oooo!” she cooed softly as her soft finger gently worked its way up his erection, lifting it upwards slightly. And then her dainty digit glided up onto his engorged cockhead and circled round and round on it a few times before giving it a gentle squeeze with her thumb and forefinger.

Sam groaned as his meat was finally released; having her tease it with her fingers like that felt simply fabulous after sharing such wonderful closeness to her all night. It had been a simply wonderful tease already, with all her sexy, suggestive talk and such appealing visual presentations of herself, first at the restaurant, and especially now in their bedroom. And finally to have her fingers tending to it so lightly and lovingly…he was in heaven!

His prick pulsed and twitched as it straightened out, responding instantly to her tender touch and extending to a full erection right before her eyes. Sam’s eyes rolled back in his brain, and then they closed dreamily as his pretty fiance continued gently touching his sexual organ.

Her thumb and forefinger began slowly and gently gliding up and down the length of his shaft, and then she described the other side of the coin, the exact thing he had frequently fantasized about. She looked into his eyes and laid it on the line. “But there is another option for the ladies, one that I am beginning to accept and embrace. A woman can take a more active role in stimulating her man sexually…she can doll herself up for him every once in a while…do her hair and makeup…and learn how to dress sexy…that is, of course, if he’s into that kind of thing…”

Her slow, measured words were accompanied by loving, drawn out strokes of her fingers along his erect cockshaft, and she talked slowly and softly, pausing now and then to gently squeeze a particularly sensitive spot on his sexual organ with her soft fingers. It was by far the most seductive and sexually powerful thing she had ever done to him, and she wasn’t done yet!

Her sexy teasing caresses of his erect cock continued, and she added, very softly, “And maybe, just maybe, we can have nice a little talk about some of those naughty desires and fantasies you seem to have too. You DO want that, don’t you? You wanna tell me about all the sexy ways you want me to tease you, baby, don’t you!”

Sam practically came in her hand when she said that! In fact, she knew she had to take her hand off his hardon, because she could see his balls pulling up tighter against his body, locked and loaded and ready to explode. His cock twitched and bobbed up and down several times before slowly steadying itself, and she giggled as she watched it and said sweetly, “I’ll take that as a YES!”

Her tone of voice was soft but confident as she went on, playfully flicking his dick back and forth with the tips of her fingernails, “You boys really are kind of helpless and weak when it comes to your naughty little kinks and sexual needs, aren’t you! Women really are the fairer sex, and if it gives us power over you, why not play it up for you every now and then? And besides, it’s all done in the interest of keeping you so we can have you all to ourselves, right? And I say, what’s wrong with that!”

Sam was absolutely beside himself at this point, and his hands mindlessly reached out to caress her lovely body again, sliding them up her legs onto her waist. Again he was feeling like ‘who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend’, and he was a little worried that after the night was over she would second guess herself and tell him she didn’t like what she had done for him. But for now, he was just going to roll with it and hopefully show her how much he loved this newfound aspect of herself…

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