Old Man, The Sea And His Daughter Day 03.5-04


Out to Sea Again:

I sat back as Michelle was lying on the bar, covered in fruit and whipped cream. I watched as each crew-member reached out to taste pineapple, cherries, apple slices, strawberries and other sliced fruit along with whipped cream. A banana was inserted between her thighs, and was collecting her sweet juices as they continually flowed from the tremendous pleasure she was receiving. Her moans had increased to hysterical laughter and incoherent babbling as each person played, teased, stroked, prodded, licked and fed cock, tongue and pussy to her mouth and cunt. She would look toward me and smiled as I watched in total fascination as her body wriggled and squirmed with delight.

Every crew-member was at the bar from the machinist to the captain and each one was eating some of the fruit or licking the whipped cream from the tiny frame of my 19-year-old baby girl they had tongues and hands rubbing and licking cocks slapping her body and pussies dragging across her lithe body. She squirmed, moaned, twisted and came. At one point, she had a cock in each of her tiny hands one in her mouth and another trying to enter her cunt, while mouths were sucking her C-cup tits. She had women sucking the cocks as she stroked them and even the captain had gotten into the act by sucking her crewmembers’ dicks as they pumped the tight little pussy stretched out on the bar.

Each person had fucked, or sucked some place on her body at least twice; the shy sailor had received a face-full of cum. He found another sailor and had him fuck his ass as he sucked another ones cock, then with his face covered in two men’s cum, he buried his tongue into Michelle’s dripping, cum-filled twat. He must have licked a gallon of cum out of her hole. Michelle covered in cum from the sailors and pussy juice from the stewards, the captain as well as the chef begged for more. On top of cum she had fruit juices and pieces of fruit clinging to her body that had not been eaten yet. She gladly got what she wanted, more and more. This lasted about 4 hours. My princess was used, abused, and now she was confused with her enthusiasm to please her daddy. When I saw her glassy eyes, I knew she would never stop unless I stepped in. I told the person standing closest to me that it was time to stop. He said, “Yes sir.” Swiftly he walked to the bar and said and said, “She has had enough fun for now!”

One by one, the crew came to my table and thanked me for the desert and I asked each one for an accounting of where and how many times they fucked her and or came on or in her. The total number was 29 times between the entire crew of 14. Some came once and some came three times but all had cum at least once. The men had all fucked her mouth, but only six had shot their load in there, while all of the women, 4 total, had eaten her pussy and came in or on her face, multiple times. God I love women and their ability to cum and then cum again over and over.

I went to Michelle and asked her if she had enough? Though her glassed eyes, said asked me, “Daddy have I pleased you? If I have then yes, I think I am through.

I replied, “You rest sweetheart and I will take you back to our room in a few minutes.” She closed her eyes and rested.

I saw the Captain standing with other members of the crew, still managed to have her uniform on even though completely stained. Her eyes caught mine and when she walked toward me, she started undoing her top and the belt holding her pants against her lithe tight body. By this time, she was close enough to touch me; she had stripped her blouse and bra off and had thrown them to the floor. As her pants slowly slipping down, showing her lacy panties. She touched my head and slowly pulled my open mouth into her b-cup breasts poking the taunt nipple on to my teeth scraping it as she pushed as my lips sealed around sucking it deeper against my waiting tongue.

I reached around her and put my thumbs into her waistband, pulling her panties and slacks downward in one even movement. I found myself cupping her rounded cheeks, forcing her hips to come closer to my chest. She began to gyrate her thin landing strip of pubic hair into my chest just above my belly. My hands still squeezing the skin covering her ass, I started to run my fingers into the crack and separating them to expose her hinny-hole. Feeling how the warmth emulating from there I slipped my fingers down under at the entrance of the dripping cunt hole hidden between her amazing labia inserting not one finger but two causing her to shake uncontrollably as she came on my hand and chest. I bit harder on her nipple as her vaginal juices ran down my stomach. In the throes of passion, her legs spread farther apart and I immediately pulled my fingers from her front slit and plunged them into her willing butt-hole as far as I could get them. I caught her as she passed out heading toward the floor while her body twisted and turned from pain and pleasure. More juices flowed from her steaming wet man-cave nilüfer escort as the limp body fell into my lap.

Everyone had paused to see what the scream from their Captain was about and when they realized she had cum, they clapped with glee. When her glassy eyes finally opened, lust was clear and she wanted more than just two fingers. Kate was screaming, “Fuck me, anyone, everyone just fuck me. OH, shit I want cock give it to meeee now!” I flipped her across the table and forced my cock as deep into her hinny-hole as I could get in one stroke burying it to my nut-sack slapping her wide opened cunt lips adding a little tingle on her clit as well. Euphoria had taken over for Kate was begging to have more cocks and yelled for Inga to bring her cunt closer so she could taste her. She wanted cum and longer cared who knew or where it came from. The crew seemed to want to grudge fuck their captain and did so happily. I shot my nut in the Captain’s ass and her crew found a hole or hand, anywhere to shove their cocks and pussies for the Captain to satisfy.

I went to where Michelle had passed out on the bar. I held her and at that point, I loved her as if there was no other in the world but us.

Slowly she woke and with eyes that glowed with lust but worn out, she asked, “Daddy am I done? Can I go to the room and sleep? Will you take me, and love me forever?

I said, “Princess you may rest and relax for as long as you like and no one will bother you.” I wrapped her in a tablecloth, carried her to our stateroom and gently laid her down and kissed her lovingly. I got a washcloth from the bathroom, wiped her body with tenderness and when reached between her legs seeing her cunt puffed up and swollen. I returned to the bathroom and rewetted the cloth with warm water, placing it on her clit and labia to soothe the well-loved cunt. I then jumped in the shower and washed the sex stink off with plans of going back to the party.

As I finished Michelle whimpered, “Daddy please hold me and tell me you love me, no matter how I behaved.”

“Yes honey!” I replied, “You performed just as Daddy wanted and I will always love you! Now you just rest, I’m not going anywhere”

As I lay in bed holding my baby girl, my thoughts wondered toward the “Saint Andrews Cross” still in the closet, and how I planned to introduce my princess to it, as well as its magical power. I drifted off thinking about the “ball gag” and other toys that I purchased. How I would order the other toys when our trip was over.

I woke as the sun shone through the windows and felt the warm body snuggled against my body, so gently moved my arm from around Michelle’s body and rolled out of bed heading straight to the bathroom, looking back to see if my movement had disturbed her sleep.

I completed my morning ritual of shit, shower, and shave. When I finished I went to the window and looked out we had weighed anchor and appeared to be headed out to sea once again it. I glanced at the clock and it was well past 10:00 am. I checked on Michelle and she was sleeping so soundly, that I did not think about waking her, so I left her to sleep.

I grabbed my robe and headed to the dining lounge and the chef brought my breakfast, with an unusual smile on her face, and several “thank you” coming out of her mouth. I simply grinned and nodded. After I ate the hearty breakfast, I went to the sundeck to work on my tan and enjoy the sea breeze. When Zoe came entered the deck and said, “Sir, we are out of port.”

I opened my eyes, and removed my sunglasses and saw Zoe nude. She repeated, “Sir, we are out of port.” When I questioned as to why it was important, she said, “Remember the no clothing rule?”

I chuckled, “Oh yea, I remember now, but my cock is kind of sore right now, so I thought I would give it a rest today.”

Her answer was, “Yes sir, but I think it is unfair.” and, “Even the Captain has shed her clothing. Thank you for getting her to loosen up. Captain Kate is mostly a bitch, and afraid to lighten up, but you changed that last night! So the crew is trying to find a way to say thanks, so anything you desire is yours even if it is not on the menu.”

My reply was, “Thank you and I could use a massage if you have someone that can do that.”

“Whenever you are ready, Inga and I are both trained, although Inga is better.” She stated.

I said, “I have one more request, you know that I borrowed your “Saint Andrews Cross”, well I am wondering if there is any way to suspend it from the ceiling of my stateroom for a little added fun?”

She Smiled and said, “Yes they can I have the same set-up in my cabin and it is great.”

I told her, “Michelle is still resting and I don’t want to disturb her after last night. She had quite a workout. Can you have them work on that tomorrow?”

She smiled and nodded. “Now, when would you like that massage?”

“Any time will work for me, I just to relax my sore body.” görükle escort I thought about the cross.

Inga appeared on the deck with my old friend, shy sailor. She was nude as well, but true to his nature, he was wearing a pair of cargo shorts. He glanced at me and looked disappointed at my presence. Zoe called Inga over and explained about the massage.

Inga said, “I am trying get Timmy to become more open but if you like, I will hold off for later and get with your massage.”

“Oh no you can deal with shy guy first as long as I can watch!” I said with a dirty old man smirk.

She said, “Maybe Zoe can work on you to help get him to drop his pants out here?”

Without a word, Zoe pulled my robe open, while my flaccid penis lay against my belly, I reached out and patted Inga on her juicy bottom and said, “Go get him and if he is not ready to fuck you then you can come here and Zoe and I will gladly take care of you and that hot little cunt.”

As Zoe began to kiss my body all over, her hands were tracing the outline of my love tool. Tickling my scrotum and then running her fingers along the veins as my erection started growing. I knew from before that she was a cock worshiper and loved dick in any shape as long as it came to feed her. She was like a hungry child playing with their food; tasting, nibbling, pushing, tonguing, testing the limits as if not sure she wanted to but in reality, dying to gobble it down.

While Zoe worked her magic on me, Inga had managed to pull Timmy to the front railing and had her left leg around his ass humping like a dog in heat. She turned his back to the rail and knelt down and undone his tented cargo shorts falling toward his ankles, his cock looked almost purple with the blood flowing into the head, causing his massive head to appear larger than before. Yet without any hesitation, Inga took it down her throat until his balls were against her chin. Meanwhile Zoe had my cock pulsing and pre-cum leaking from the head as she stood and swung her leg over me, squatted holding it just at the entrance to her labia as her juices ran down coating my dick with massive amounts of love juice.

Suddenly she dropped straight down causing my cock to bend but enter her. It was quite painful but I enjoyed the rush. She had dropped all the way to my balls. Zoe slowly rose up and just as quickly, she dropped again with so much force the lounge we were on, broke and fell completely to the deck. When the legs broke, my ass landed on the hard deck and she came down with a double impact driving my cock deeper than before.

Her orgasm flowed with such intensity that her juices formed a puddle between my legs on the deck floor. When I would thrust up to where my ass came off the deck and then back down, the wetness would splash along my lower back. To this day cannot recall having so much cunt juice come from one woman. It seemed as if every stroke upward into that wonderful hole, she would cum again. I occasionally would glance toward Inga and Tommy, checking to see their progress. They seemed to have found a rhythmic connection pounding each other so hard and fast that I could hear the slamming of skin to sink contact from 25 feet away.

Zoe and I worked our tense bodies as one until I could not hold back any longer. I told her I was going to cum; she jumped up and turned taking my cock into and down her throat, sucking my massive ejaculation without dropping a single drop.

While we lay there catching our breath, she bobbed her head on my sensitive mushroom head sending shivers up through my entire body.

I had reached my limit, telling her, “No more! I have to take a break and regain some strength.”

After resting for a quite a long time, I went to check on the sleeping Michelle. When I entered the stateroom, she was still sleeping. I looked at the smile across her fantastic cock-sucking mouth and loved her even more. I stretched onto the bed behind her, wrapped my arm over her well-fucked body and went into a blissful sleep.

When I woke, she had curled up next to me so close that nothing could have squeezed between our bodies, draping one leg over my torso, and her cunt-lips were pressing on my semi-hard pecker teasing it toward her clit. I pushed up slightly and she moaned in pain as my cock-head put pressure on her clit and labia. I backed away to keep from waking her.

I rose from the bed after extracting myself from the hug she held on me. I had to piss so I headed toward the bathroom and drained my urine, then turned and started the water for the hot tub and as it filled, I dropped some lilac scented fragrance to sweeten the relaxing warmth of the water. After filling, I turned on the jets; I returned to the bed and kissed her as I gently woke my sleeping little princess. The smile across her face was all I needed to know that even though her body ached, she was happy and content.

Her kisses were pure and passionate, as I held her, bursa escort massaging her warm but sticky body. I stood, walked around the bed, knelt down and as she put her arms around my neck, I picked her up carrying her to the bathroom. I sat her on the stool to allow her to take care of the needs. When she had finished I once again picked her up and carried her lovingly to the warm tub stepped over the side and while still holding her sank into the heavenly bath with her comfortably snuggled on my lap.

As Michelle lay against my chest, we kept our kisses along with my hands massaging her round breasts. She was so beautiful and the taste of her filled my mouth with sweet fruity flavoring from the nourishment I ordered as I ran the bath. The wine helped her relax as well.

She asked me, “Daddy did I sleep all day? In addition, did I make you happy last night, because like I have said, I want to live to make you happy? I do not remember much after you laid me on the bar and opened me to everyone. “I told her about the count and how everyone thanked me, wishing they were as lucky as I was.

She said, “I missed it I guess.”

I said. “No honey you may have missed the original, but the ship security system had focused on you and Kate, the captain, said she would make a hard copy for us and then destroy it. She is the only one to have access to the cameras and recordings.”

My little girl replied, “I don’t care who sees that moving as long as I made you happy and you know that I will do anything you ask of me forever.”

I responded by kissing tenderly each of her eyelids, each cheek, each lip, and everywhere along her chin and neck, reassuring my love for her.

She reached down, started to rub her clit and quickly pulled her hand away saying, “Daddy my kitty is still sore. I must have really had a great time?” Then she reached under her butt and felt for my dick.

I said, “Baby, daddy did not sleep all day, I went up to the sundeck and got fucked so hard, it made me a little sore as well. I need to let the little guy rest as well. If you like, we can order some food, stay in tonight and just spend a nice evening with just the two of us.”

She smiled and lay deeper into me, contented as a little kitten, as I ran my fingers through her hair and she purred.

We stayed in the tub for another 45 minutes, holding and kissing each other while the bubbles relaxed our muscles. We talked about different things and she told me about Cindi not being able to accept the fact of our relationship, but held no grudges. Michelle told me that she thought she had new lover, was looking for a way to end their relationship. She went on to say that Cindi ate pussy very good but did not compare to me.

Getting a strong laugh from me and my adding, “Honey I am never going to believe I eat pussy better than someone that has one, knowing what feels good and then translate it to another!” Maybe you just did not love her enough?”

As we sat eating our supper, our talking continued and Michelle informed me that she brought some of mom’s prerecorded messages and if I wanted then we could watch them as we finished our night in.

I told her those were for her eyes only and I knew her Mother wanted that time for the two of them only, but thanked her for the offer. I told her I loved her mother more than life itself, but she was taken so early from the both of us. I did not tell her of the recordings her mom had left for me.

After our supper, we turned on some music, and we danced holding each other as daddy and daughter never should. I said that I had managed to go shopping while still docked in New Orleans, and I had some things for her. The gleam in her eyes and glee in her voice told me that if I gave them to her now I would benefit later.

I led her to a chair, telling her to be good and wait. Walking to the closet, I pulled out seven bags from some of the most expensive stores and a few from my favorite adult toy store as well. She cupped her hands over her mouth and waited on the edge of the chair. I placed the bags on the bed and turned telling my princess to have at them. She went for the bags from the adult store first and went through each one with wonder and amazement. She pulled out the ball gag, the paddles and whips, and the paddles then pulled out the latex body suit. Michelle screamed about how she had thought about these after mom told her to expect things from her daddy lover. After swatting her ass with the paddles, her focus went to the boutique bags.

She pulled out lace and leather outfits squirming to with delight and continued to the see-though teddies, the spandex “come fuck me” dresses, along with the thigh high boots and garters. After going through all of the bags, she turned and looked at me with pouting lips. To my shock, she ran to the bathroom crying.

As she slammed the door almost knocking me back I said, “Princess, what’s wrong?”

Her reply, “you don’t really love me!”

Sternly I ordered her, “Come out here now and I mean now!”

She slowly opened the door and stared at the floor as she meekly stepped forward.

I asked her, “Why are you so upset? You ran away before I could give you your final present and now I am not so sure I should.”

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