Naked On The North Country Trail

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For years my family has had a summer home in the woods of the upper peninsula of Michigan. Not too far away from the cabin runs the North Country Trail (NCT). In fact the trail almost touches the back corner of the property about ¼ of a mile from the cabin.

For those of you not familiar with the North Country Trail (NCT), it is the longest hiking trail in the United States. It starts in the state of New York, ends in South Dakota and is over 4000 miles long. It isn’t as strenuous as the Appellation trail but it runs through some very nice forests, which in places are very secluded. While the NCT gets its share of through hikers it doesn’t get any where near the traffic of the Appellation trail.

When I was young I found out how nice it was to have a trail like this in my back yard. Our property boarders a chunk of several square miles of state and federal forest that can best be described as wilderness, no roads, no marks, no nothing except woods, woods, woods and a few small lakes. When I had just turned 11 I managed to get my self seriously lost in this chunk of land. No compass, no map, no food, no water, no sun and no idea where I was or how I was going to get home. I stumbled around for hours trying to get unlost. I knew it was all up to me to get my self out of this mess. My parents, although very loving and concerned about me knew jack shit about going into the woods. Besides, I had lied to them telling them I was going to stay with a friend that night so they could go and visit their friends. They wouldn’t be back to the cabin untell noon tomorrow. At about the last possible beam of light from the sun I luckily spotted a panted blue Diamond on a tree which marked the NCT. It was a 50/50 guess as to which way to go on the trail, I gave it my best shot and with what little light I had I quickly went down the trail, hopefully toward the cabin. Actually it was an all out panic run. When the light completely ran out I thought I was done for, standing in very dark and lonely woods with nothing to do but think about how stupid I was to get into this mess. I began to realize how cold it was getting. Starting to shake from the cold I really thought I was done for when out of nowhere the moon, almost full, popped over the horizon giving me just enough light to carefully continue on down the NCT. I had guessed right and in a short time I came across familiar land marks which led me to the cabin and my clothes. Did I mention that through out this whole ordeal I was bare assed naked. Even at a young age I was a nudist at heart but just didn’t know it at the time.

As I grew older I learned to use a compass, read a map and know what it took to get around in the woods with out getting lost. With a driver’s license and a car I could spend time at the cabin when I knew no one else would be there and I could run around the woods naked to my hearts content, skinny dipping when I wanted and jacking off when ever the urge came to me, which usually was quite often. All this naked running and jacking off in the woods had to be timed and coordinated with good weather and between the various hatches of blood sucking insects which could literally suck the blood right out of your cock if you blundered into the woods at the wrong time. In my spare time and also in the nude, I did trail maintenance on the NCT. Doing trail mantance in the nude gives a person a heightened awareness of doing things safely, especially when running a chain saw. I never joined the NCT association, too tight, but I unofficially adopted a section of the trail and kept it clean, clear and up to good hiking standards.

On occasion I would bring Joe (see “The Video I and II”) my cock sucking buddy from work up to the cabin for a few days to do what ever we wanted. What adana escort ever we wanted usually was a cock sucking, sperm licking, jacking off, skinny dipping, running around naked, beer drinking and food eating day of fun. Occasionally we actually did some mantance on the cabin or the NCT but that was just to fill up some time while our sore come spent cocks could recover enough to come again.

Joe and I also liked to experiment sexually, nothing too extreme but exciting nonetheless. We would shave as much of our pubic hair as we thought we could get away with, tie our nuts and cocks up with various ropes so tight that our nuts and cocks were rock hard and when we came no sperm could come out of our little pee holes. We would duct tape our cocks together and have a tug of war. We would tie weights to our cocks and see how much we could lift with our sex organs. On occasion I would stick something up my ass and let Joe video tape me doing it and then film me jacking off.

I wanted to try and butt fuck Joe as I had never done that to him before. As a mater of fact I had never butt fucked any body before, try as I may the opportunity to have anal sex with any body had never presented its self. My cock and ass were still virgin to another cock or ass, except for an occasional farm animal but that doesn’t really count. Joe, although he liked to suck cock and most any other sexual activity, would not have any thing to do with me playing around with his ass; he evidently had a sensitive ass. I could get him to finger my ass a little and on one occasion he was going to stick his cock up my ass. Joe has a rather short but big around cock and I, I like to think, have a rather small and delicate ass hole. Naked in the living room of the cabin, with me on my knees bent over the coffee table, with my ass in the air; with Vaseline smeared all over it and Joes rock hard cock we tried to get it up my ass. It just wouldn’t go. Joe lost interest and went soft and I thought butt fucking hurt some and went to bed still a virgin.

One late winter day I went up to the cabin for a last chance to do some snow shoeing on the NCT. I discovered that a severe winter storm had crashed several large trees across the trail. It was quite clear that it was going to take a major effort and some help to get the trail open again once the snow melted. I tried to set up a time when Joe and I could go up in the spring and work on the trail but he was all booked up. I lamented my situation to some of the guys at work when low and behold Tom, a new guy at work, mentioned that he had worked on several sections of the NCT in the area where he came from. He said he was free the coming week end and would love to help.

It was with mixed feelings that I drove with Tom up to the cabin, on one hand it would be great to have experienced help with clearing the trail but on the other hand Tom knew nothing of my nude, cock sucking and jacking off past and I knew nothing about his sexual orientation so I would have to play it straight for the whole week end, bummer. It had been a very long time since I had gone to the cabin and not been naked or shot sperm.

Actually the first part of the weekend went very well even with out sperm. It became quite obvious that Tom had quite a bit of experience with clearing trees from a trail with chain saw and ax and was a very hard worker. I had all I could do to keep up with him and by the end of the day we were both quite hot and sweaty. With out thinking I headed for a nearby lake for a little nude swim but soon rembered that Tom might not be into that sort of thing. I confessed to him that I didn’t have a swim suit along and that if he felt uncomfortable swimming in the nude we wouldn’t do it. He said he didn’t afyon escort mind and when we got to the lake he eagerly striped before my very eyes. I had all I could do to keep from staring at his nice body and I really had all I could do to keep from getting a hard on when I took a look at his 7 ½” cock. We had a nice swim but when we got out of the water all nice and clean and refreshed I couldn’t bring myself to put my dirty sweaty work clothes back on for the walk back to the cabin.

“The hell with it,” I said. “I am going to stay naked a little wile longer,” and carried my clothes back, Tom did the same.

Back at the cabin, because it was rather warm, we fixed and ate supper in our underwear, drank beer, and talked about some of our sexual exploits and our wives. I could tell that under Tom’s shorts he was getting sexually excited at times and wanted to get a big hard on and jack off but every time his big cock started to pump up he controlled it by willing it to go limp again.

The next day turned out to be an unusually hot day but by noon we had finished up the most of the work that needed to be done. Tom suggested we take a little break. I sort of wanted to finish up the job and go home so I could have my way with my self in private but I could tell Tom had something on this mind and he was having trouble telling me what it was. He seemed excited but aprehensive at the same time. He got to talking about how when he was a young boy visiting his grandfathers farm he would run around the back 40 in the nude and how he especially liked to squat down in a spring fed creek and let the ice cold water flow over his nuts while he jacked off, letting wads of sperm float down stream. After talking awhile like this He finally got around to what was on his mind. He said he had this silly idea that maybe we could we could finish up our trail work in the nude. I hadn’t told him about my nude trail building exploits yet. I pretended to be a little surprised at the suggestion but told him I would take off my clothes if he took off his first , he was nude in the blink of an eye.

We spent the next two hours finishing the trail up, naked as j-birds and happy as larks. Just as we finished up I happened to be looking down the NCT admiring our handy work, talking about the history of the trail, when Tom came up behind me and stood very close to me. I had an idea. Trying to make it look like an accident, I turned slightly so that His pecker and balls were just touching my hand. I thought maybe he would move but he held his ground. So trying not to alarm him I copped a little feel of his man hood to see what would happen. I figured that at the very least he would move, but was surprised when not only did he not move but he started to get a hard on. I figured this situation was now or never. With out any pretext of being sneaky I turned to tom and cupped his nuts in the palm of my hand, felt all of his man hood and stroked his now rock hard 7 1/2 “ cock squeezing a considerable amount of pre come out the end. I cradled his nuts in the palm of my hand and looked Tom right in the eye and said,

“Do you like that?”

“Ohhhhhh yesssss,” he moaned softly.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked. “Ohhhhhh nooooo,” he moaned again.

So I cradled him in my arms, stuck my tongue in his mouth, grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands and pulled him to me so that his cock was grinding and trusting into my belly. I then licked his chest, sucked his nipples and nipped them a little with my teeth and them continued down his belly to his cock while I sunk to my knees. I licked up and down his shaft a little then took his cock into my mouth and started some serious sucking. I knew tom was excited but I didn’t know how excited alanya escort he was until unexpectedly he exploded, shooting big wads of come into the back of my throat. I almost choked and pulled my head back only to be shot in the eyes and face with more wads of hot sperm from that beautiful long cock. Toms cock was shooting sperm like an automatic rifle and I was its target. Finally after what seemed like several minutes tom stopped jerking sperm out and his cock started to go limp. I sat back on my hunches and with come running down my face looked up at tom, while my right hand nonchalantly continued to tickle his balls and said,

“Wow, I didn’t think anybody had that much sperm in them.”

“Neither did I,” Tom said.

We continued to chit chat while Tom regained his composure and the last few drops of come dripped out of his cock onto my leg. It was now that I looked at Tom’s nuts, or to be more specific between Tom’s legs, under his nuts and down the trail.

“Holly shit!” I said, “There are some hikers coming, let’s get the hell out of here.”

This section of trail didn’t get many hikers but of all times to have some. I grabbed my day pack in one hand and Toms cock in the other and like startled deer bounded down the trail around a fallen tree and into the deep woods and fell breathlessly on top of each other behind a big tree.

I didn’t think the 4 hikers seen us or if they had they were so startled by what they seen that they couldn’t believe any way. We were far enough from them that they couldn’t see or hear us and we could just see them. I couldn’t believe it but they picked the very spot, that just a few minutes before Tom was shooting sperm, to stop and have a little picnic. If they looked hard they would still see white sperm drops on the ground.

“What will we do now?” Tom said

“Wait until they leave, I guess.” I said.

It was then I discovered that Tom was lying on his belly and my hand was resting on his ass. There was nothing to lose. I started rubbing Tom’s firm muscular ass cheeks, Tom responded by spreading his legs so I could work down into his crack. I massaged his balls and a lot of other skin down there and ended by running my finger around the rim of his tight little butt hole and then pushing it in a little. “Do you mind?” I asked.

“No, go for it,” Tom said in what sounded like a low moan. But followed up with,

“I think a little lube would be nice.”

I tore open the pack that I had brought with us on our flight into the woods. The only thing I discovered that was even close to lube was a tube of lip balm. I smeared it on tom’s ass, and my cock and finger. As carefully as I could I inserted one finger up his ass. Tom said it hurt a little at first but as I worked the lip balm in he said it felt good. Tom repositioned himself to get more comfortable. So there we were, naked in the woods, with Tom on his knees bent over a dead log, with his ass in the air, with lip balm spread all over it and me with my finger stuck up his ass and 4 hikers about 100 yards away having a picnic. I carefully inserted another finger in Tom’s hole until he was comfortable with that. Then I quickly stuck my waiting hard cock up his ass. Surprisingly it went right in and I started to slowly stroke in and out of his tight little hole. I could tell tom was starting to enjoy my cock’s efforts and I know I was. I started ramming in and out of Toms ass like a mad man and became oblivious to all around me. I did hear myself say,

“Do you want me to come in you or on you?” and Toms passionate voice say,

“In me,” as I empted my nuts into Tom’s bowels.

I don’t remember any thing after that. We just collapsed on top of each other and fell into a deep sleep. It was over an hour before we woke. The hikers had left and we, naked, hand in hand, went back to the cabin to head home.

It had been a very good weekend. I had obviously found a new friend and was looking forward to many more nude days on the North Country trail.

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