My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 06

Big Indian

Hi, this story is the next chapter from my previous writings entitled, “My Wife goes out with her friends, chapter 4 – My own encounter with the sexy lingerie sales lady!

Please feel free to read that story, to get an idea of what is going on and who June is.


As you remember, June was twenty that first time I was with her, she had since just turned 21, as a matter fact, I got her birth date out of her and went back to the lingerie store 3 days after her birthday, to allow her time to spend her birthday with her family, friends, and boyfriend.

I picked the same day of the week that I saw her working last time, about the same time too, 3:45PM on a Friday afternoon. As luck would have it, she was working, and just looking at her made my dick twitch in my pants!

As you recall, she is of Native American and Latin decent, standing 5’2″ tall and weighing, oh, I’d guess about 110lbs or so. With her dark brown hair, highlighted with red accents coming just a bit below her shoulders. She was wearing some black stretch pants, with pretty high heel shoes, and a purple top that came just to her waist, so her shapely, round, little round ass, was clearly on display for all of the men in their shopping for their wives or girlfriends.

I walked in and watched her helping a man, who looked to be about my age, and he was smiling and checking her out, his eyes going up and down her slim, firm little body, and glued to her nice ass, every time she turned around.

I smiled, thinking how lucky I was to have been able to suck her perfect little tits, lick out her small shaved little snatch, and tongue fuck her tiny little tight asshole! I looked at her lips and remembered how she had them wrapped around my cock, as she eagerly sucked and licked my hard cock.

Then, looking down between her legs, right at her crotch, her stretch pants were so tight, they actually formed a small camel toe against her shaved pussy! I remembered, how wonderfully tight her small hole was, as I drilled my rock hard cock in and out her cunt, when I fucked her hard and fast! Man she was a fantastic little woman and such a hot piece of ass!

Just as she spoke to her customer, she looked up and caught me staring at right at her!

Her face lit up with a huge smile as she looked at me, so I smiled right back as she waved! The customer she was with turned to see me, and she said out loud, “Hi dad!”

Oh, the little minx! Here she was calling me her step dad again, just like she did at her apartment that day, telling her neighbor that I was her step dad, so I couldn’t help but to laugh a bit. I guess it was her way of saying to her customers, hold on a minute, without being rude, and how she felt comfortable with our big age difference. She continued to smile as she walked towards me and me towards her, and she gave me big hug, pushing her small, beautiful, firm boobs, into my chest!

I looked at him and his eyes were right on her nice ass, her pants were so tight, you could make out completely the entire shape of her ass! You could not see any panty lines either, so either she was wearing thong panties, or she might have even been naked under her pants!

I hugged her back, as she said, “I will be right with you, let me just finish up with this customer.”

She turned back towards him; I smiled, knowing that when June hugged me tightly, I knew she must have felt my hard erection pressing against her!

The gentleman just smiled and sort of nodded his head, as she took him the cash register, and finished up her sale with him.

She then walked over to and and I asked,

“Daddy huh?” as I laughed.

She broke out with a huge laugh also, saying, “Oh you know I like to have fun, and just love to tease you, your dirty old man!”

I smiled, and thought to myself, “If being 46 and loving a sexy twenty one year old makes me a dirty old man, then, it’s all good!”

“June my dear, you can call me anything you want! Are you ready to be spoiled again today?” I asked her with hope in my voice that she may some time to kill.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm she moaned, absolutely!” she said “I get off here in like 10 minutes, wait Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort for me, ok?”

“You know I will, sweetie!” I said, as I hugged her again, this time moving my hands down her lower back, to her fine ass, and giving her butt and nice squeeze, with both of my hands!

I heard her purr as I did that, and she gave me a small kiss right on my lips, right there in the store!

She went to go finish her shift, as I turned around, and there was a man, looking to be maybe in his 50’s or so, looking right at us, with a sly grin on his face!

I think perhaps he heard June call me daddy a few minutes earlier, but he was not fooled. I could tell, he knew, if anything, that maybe I was her “sugar daddy” and well, thinking about the way I bought her skimpy bikini last time and had her model it for me, before I fucked the shit out of her tight pussy, I guess I might have been!

I walked around the store for bit, until she came out of the back, and she said to me, “Well, you are in luck, you see my boyfriend is at work right now and doesn’t get off until ten, so what did you have in mind Andy”

“Well baby, let’s go to another mall across town and see what can I buy for you today!” I told her.

She grabbed my hand, and we walked out of the mall like that, getting smiles from men about my age, along with some dirty looks from some women! It just made us both laugh!

When I got to my SUV in the parking lot, I opened her door, put my hand right on her ass, and rubbed her butt, reaching between her legs, to feel her soft little pussy, all nestled in those stretch pants.

She moaned softly, as I went to get into the truck. Once inside, she looked at me and leaned in, I too leaned in, as we began to kiss, like lovers who hadn’t seen each other in awhile! Our tongues danced, as her small hand moved down to my crotch.

I felt her moving her hand back and forth on my cock, thru my pants, as I reached out and began to feel her beautiful little tits thru her tight top. I worked my left down her flat tummy to her legs, feeling her firm thigh, before moving it to her covered cunt.

I could feel the heat coming off of her pussy, thru her pants, and just moaned at the same she did, as I massaged her twat, thru those pants!

She said, “You know what Andy, I am not wearing any panties today!”

“Oh you sexy little tease, well I won’t tell anyone, your secret is safe with me!”

That seemed to make my cock even harder, as I rubbed her nearly naked pussy, feeling her wetness starting to seep thru her tight pants. I could feel her soft lips thru the thin material, and at the same time, I felt her unzipping my pants, reaching in, and pulling my rock hard cock out, right there!

Her soft little brown hand was gently massaging my naked cock, as she moved her head back, looked down, and without saying a word to me, she moved her face into my lap!

I looked around, thru the windows, and no one was around, just as I felt her soft, wet, warm mouth, go around my rock hard prick! I closed my eyes, thinking to myself, “Oh fuck yes!” Just as she moved her head all the way down, then back up again, with her pretty lips wrapped around my shaft!

This sexy little coed was sucking my cock, in the parking lot, and she wanted it! I gently put my hand on the back of her head, and bobbed her head up and down, as that sexy little cocksucker sucked on my dick!

She was enjoying herself, she was moaning, and she put her weight up on her feet, so that her ass came off the seat, so she was able to pull her stretch pants down to her thighs!

I helped her tug them down further, moving her pants down to around her calves, as she sat her beautiful brown naked ass down again on my passenger seat!

I reached down and began to gently massage and play with her steamy little cunt, oh loving how she had kept it again hairless! Her pussy lips with were slick with her excitement, as my strong, older fingers, danced over her young pussy!

She was moaning as I masturbated her pussy for her, and she sucked on my hard cock! It took everything I had to stop her, and tell her, “Let’s get into the backseat baby” as I smiled at her.

She smiled back at me, as she first took off her pants completely as I watched. She then pulled her purple top over head, exposing a pretty leopard printed bra. She smiled at me as she reached back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall away to reveal those magnificent little titties!

I was awestruck at the sight of June’s pretty little boobs! Remember, she is an A cup, with pretty, brown, little tits, that sat up high and firm on her chest, sticking straight out, with just a small slight slope to them!

I am not exaggerating as I say; she had some of the most beautiful tits I had ever seen in my entire life! Her small hard brown nipples were standing at full attention, as my mouth watered just looking at them!

She leaned in and kissed me again, before putting her leg up as she started to climb into the back seat. She got half way there, and stopped, looking back at me, with lust in her eyes, keeping her nice naked ass right there from me gawk at!

I reached out and grabbed her ass, squeezing it, as I moved my face into her butt and took a nice long sniff! I inhaled deeply the intoxicating aroma of her ass and pussy, from that angle! I heard her moan, as darted my tongue our and licked her pink twat from behind like that, lapping at her sweet Latina juices with my nose against her small butthole!

I moved my face up and down, licking her pink snatch, then up to her butthole! I know what she wanted; she wanted me to lick out her asshole! To rim her little butthole, just like I did at her apartment that day, and I wasn’t about to disappoint her!

I began to lick around her asshole, as she moaned, then I stuck my tongue right up and into her small asshole! She gasped when I did; I reached up and massaged her small swollen clit, as my tongue began as assault on her butthole!

I tongue fucked June’s asshole, until I could feel her moving her ass back to meet the thrusts of my tongue, I licked and reamed her asshole, then would go back down to her cunt, not wanting to ever stop, enjoying this cutie’s hot body!

It seemed a bit awkward to me, the position she was in, but she didn’t seem to mind, and at her age, she was so flexible and mobile!

Soon she was panting, and saying to me, “oh Andy, oh….Oh fuck, oh yes…oh fuck, I am going to cum, oh Andy, I am going to cum!”

As she said, that, she began to squirt! I remember how she squirted last time as I licked her to orgasm, and this time was no different! Her small juicy cunt began to shoot off pussy cream and cunt juice!

She squirted like a water fountain, all over my face, and I loved it!!!

She then moved along into the back seat, panting and breathing hard, catching her breath, and sitting on my back seat!

I zipped up my pants, looked around, and got out of my SUV, so I could get into the back seat. Good thing, we were in a covered garage parking lot, hard to be seen, in back corner of the parking structure.

I opened the door and grinned, sitting there, naked, orgasm spent on the backseat of my truck, was a beautiful, brown, young woman! Oh what a sight! I looked at her there for almost a minute; I wanted to embed that picture on my memory bank, of her, sitting back, those beautiful, small, firm, brown boobs, sticking straight up, so hard!

Her flat tummy, with her belly button piercing hanging down, her legs apart, with her small, shaved, brown slit between them! Her cunt all pink and swollen in the middle, soaking wet!

My SUV had the scent of hot pussy, hot sexy, young woman pussy, and I loved it!

I got in, closed the door and took off my clothes, I wanted to be naked with June back there! The tinted windows gave us enough privacy, as I leaned in and kissed her full lips! She kissed me back, so happy to have cum hard once already.

I didn’t say a word as I gently laid her on the full seat, with one leg on the floor of my truck; I positioned myself between her small open legs, and moved my rock hard cock towards her naked pussy!

She knew that I could not get her pregnant, since I had a vasectomy, so she didn’t even bring up the topic of a rubber, like she did the first time I banged her. She then revealed to me again, “Andy, like I said before, when my boyfriend and I have sex, it’s always with a rubber, you were the first man to ever have sex with me without one, and I really, really enjoyed it!”

I smiled, saying, “I enjoyed it to sweetie, you have the wettest, tightest, pussy, I’ve ever felt and it is an honor fucking you!”

She smiled at me, as I began to press my stiff leaking cockhead against her small, tight, wet, little hole!

I then remembered how fucking tight her small fuckhole was! Fuck I could barely even get my hard cockhead thru her super tight opening, I looked down at her pretty face, and her eyes were locked on mine as I began to slowly push my hard older cock, into her hot wet younger pussyhole!

I had to catch my breath, as I slid into her, I felt a “pop” sort of feeling as I pushed my cockhead and into her cunt. She was SO FUCKING TIGHT!

I kept on, moving my dick into her pussy, and soon I was beginning rhythm of fucking her! Oh I was fucking her and fucking her well!!!

I reached up to caress her small tits in my hands, they fit completely. I leaned and kissed, then sucked her hard little nipples, into my hungry mouth, as my hard cock pistoned in and out of her small honey hole!

She was breathing hard and I remembered how hard she came when I fucked her the first time, but I wanted to give her another special treat.

So I stopped and she said, “why are you stopping, oh it feels so good Andy”

I smiled, and replied, “This time sweetie, you are going to ride me, you are going to ride my cock!”

I moved and sat on the seat as June moved up, she then looked at me, as I put my hands on her hips and guided her small body on top of me, placing her legs under her round ass, as she put her weight on her shins and knees.

She was facing me, and we kissed, as she lowered her cunthole down onto my rock hard cock shaft. My cock was throbbing hard as she slowly controlled how fast she went down on my naked cock!

I felt her breath on me, as she leaned in and sank down onto my tool! I had my hands on her hips, as she moved herself back up, and down again. Soon, she found a pace she enjoyed as she began to ride my cock!

She was making those sounds that women make when they are feeling so good from fucking. Those moaning and groaning sounds that men love to hear and seem to make our cocks even harder!

I was beginning to moan to as she rode me! I could feel my balls beginning to swell with my cum, as I banged this hot young chick!

“June your pussy is so wet! So tight! So fucking good baby!” I said to her, as I reached back and began to stick my middle finger up her small asshole!

She moaned louder when I did that, as I pushed my finger up that girls little asshole, half way up, at the same time my hard cock was penetrating her hot fucking pussy!

I was giving her another, “hot experienced, old man fuck”, as she may have put it, and she was going wild with lust!

She bounced up and down, her small tits also going up and down, she was riding me, like a cowgirl in a rodeo!

She began to breath harder, panting, then saying again, “Ohhhhhhhhh Andy, oh fuck, oh you fucker! I am going to cum again!”

“That’s it you sexy little slut, cum again baby, cum on my cock, because I am going to cum inside of you too again, you sweet, sexy, little cumslut!”

I loved talking to dirty to her, and she loved it too, we were both saying dirty things to each other as we fucked!

“Fuck me old man, oh fuck me! Fuck my tight young pussy, you fucker! Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, you dirty old man!” she cried out as her cunt began to orgasm!

I felt her hole tighten around my prick, as I yelled out to her, “OH fuck yes! Cum on my cock, you cockloving, sexy, little fucking cunt! Good girl!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” is what I groaned out as I felt her cunt tighten around my shaft; I too began to squirt off! I started to shoot my hot load up into her fucking pussyhole!

I held on to her hips as she rode my cock, shooting off into her young hole! It was another magnificent fuck for the both of us! My forty-six year old cock and her twenty-one year old pussy!

To be continued…

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