My Trailer Park Mistress Ch. 07

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Belle Delphine

Linda was all excited about her plan to met Amy and Maggie.

She asked me, “You said they like girls too right?”

I replied, “Yes. At least they like doing each other.”

She sat up in bed and crossed her legs, “Good. Here is the plan.”

She paused briefly mulling it over in her mind, “Ok, we go to Florida and get a hotel room. You arrange to meet them at a bar nearby. I will already be in the bar waiting for you to come in. When you come in you can find them and join them. After you guys have had a few drinks then I will find the opportunity to get close to where you are and join in the conversation. When we have all had plenty to drink and had a chance to get to know one another they will naturally want to go somewhere and fuck. Then you can ask them if they mind if I join in.”

I sat there thinking about her plan when she asked, “Well?”

I replied, “It might work. What if they don’t want you to join us?”

She smiled a wry smile and said, “You let me worry about that part.”

I said, “Ok, I have to go to Florida this Wednesday. I have a meeting at one then will be free after that.”

She was absolutely buzzing with excitement at the plan she had concocted.

I turned off the light and tried to sleep. I laid there curious as to whether Linda’s plan would work and what happens if it comes out that she was my wife. I had never told Amy I was married. In fact, I had never told her my real name was Jim not Ray. I did not know how she would react if she found out. I also was hoping that was not Linda’s plan in the back of her mind.


Wednesday finally rolled around and Linda was up early and ready to go. She had packed the night before because we had an eight am flight. As we drove to the airport she was almost jubilant at the chance to meet the girls.

She asked, “Had you better call her and set up tonight?”

I replied, “Sure I’ll call her right now.”

Linda requested, “Put it on speaker.”

The phone rang twice and Amy answered, “Hello Lover.”

I answered, “How are you today?”

She answered, “I’m great. Are you coming to town?”

“I will be there tonight. I have an appointment at one then will be free. Do you want to get together tonight?”

She responded causing me to blush with my wife in the car, “I am always ready for your big cock.”

I cleared my throat, “How about we meet at the bar down from the Ramada. You know that place with the Irish name?”

She asked, “You mean O’Bannon’s?”

“Yah that’s the one.” I answered.

“Sure sounds great to me.” She replied

I added, “I’ll get a hotel room and we can go there later. Why don’t you ask Maggie to join us?”

She purred into the phone, “You naughty boy. You kind of liked fucking two of us didn’t you?”

Linda was grinning from ear to ear.

I replied, “Yah, I liked it.”

She answered, “I’ll call her and see if she is up for it. What time do you want to meet?”

“How about seven? We can have a few drinks first.” I responded.

She sexily said, “I see you want to get me liquored up and take advantage of me.”

I replied, “I don’t think it takes liquor to do that.”

She laughed, “See you at seven.”

I answered, “Great! Bye.”

I hung up the phone and Linda said, “Damn, she sounds sexy.”

I said, “She is not as good looking as you are but she has a great body.”

Linda pouted, “And I don’t?”

I turned to her and said, “You have a dynamite body.”

She grinned at my response.


We got to the rental car and drove to the hotel. It was now eleven-thirty. We checked in and I had to get to my meeting. I kissed Linda and said see you later.

She said, “If I’m not here when you get back I will be waiting at the bar. I want to scope things out and have a few drinks before you get there.”

I replied, “Ok then I guess I will see you at the bar later. Remember they don’t know I’m married and if they find out it might squirrel the whole plan.”

She smiled and said, “No problem.”

I kissed her again and left to head to the meeting.


My meeting went longer than I had planned and I got back to the hotel at six pm. Linda was not there so I showered, changed clothes and headed to the bar.

I walked into the bar at seven fifteen. I stopped in the door to look around. I saw Amy and Maggie sitting at the other end of the bar waving at me. As I walked toward them I saw Linda sitting in a booth. There was a guy sitting next to her.

I whispered under my breath as I walked past her, “Damn!”

Linda was wearing a very low-cut and sheer white blouse. Her tits were clearly visible through the fabric. I could also tell that she had on a very short black skirt. She winked at me as I walked by.

I walked up to Amy and Maggie and they stood up. Amy gave me a big hug and a deep passionate kiss. Maggie then gave me a hug and a kiss. I sat in-between the two where I could see the back of Linda’s head and samsun escort the guy with her.

Linda nonchalantly turned toward me and nodded her approval.

The guy with her had his arm around her. He was a good-looking guy who also appeared to be a businessman.

Amy, Maggie, and I were on our second drink when Linda excused herself from the guy and climbed out of the booth. I watched her as she approached. Her tits were gyrating and undulating with her exaggerated walk. Her skirt was barely long enough to cover her pussy and ass. She had on a pair of black stiletto heels that made her legs look great. Her hair and make-up was flawless and she was just plain sexy!

As she walked by the bar every guy there turned to watch her walk. She walked right past us and to the Ladies Room.

Amy who was getting a buzz also growled as Linda walked by and said, “Damn did you see her?”

Maggie leaned forward so she could see Amy and replied, “I would like to get lost between those legs.”

I was sitting there thinking, girls you will probably get your chance if Romeo over there doesn’t get the chance first.

Suddenly Linda was leaning between Amy and me and ordered two more drinks. After she ordered she said, “Hi.”

Her drinks came and she again leaned between us to pick them up saying, “Excuse me.”

She turned and walked back to her booth and sat next to the guy.

Amy said, “Damn, she rubbed her tit right on me. Do you think it was on purpose?”

I replied, “Might be because she rubbed her other tit on me.”

My cock was hard as a rock. Amy moved her hand to my crotch and felt my hard cock.

“You must have liked it.” She said smiling. She left her hand on my dick massaging it through my slacks.

Linda and the guy were laughing and having a good time. I decided to make an excuse to go to the car for something. I walked by Linda’s booth and glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. The guy had his hand on her inner thigh. He was merely inches away from her pussy. Knowing Linda’s pussy, I am sure he could feel the heat radiating from it. I went outside for a moment and then came back in.

I walked past Linda again and she looked at me with a huge grin. The guy had his hand on her pussy and had a finger knuckle deep in her. She also had her hand on his cock. I thought she is going to fuck this guy and forget about joining Amy, Maggie and I.

I walked back to Amy and Maggie and sat down again. I glanced back to Linda and she was trying to act nonchalant but I could tell she was turned on because her head was leaning back against the booth top.

Suddenly she stood up and excused herself from her guy. As she walked past I could tell she wanted to talk to me. She headed for the restrooms.

Amy said, “Damn she is hot!”

I stood up and asked, “Will you Ladies excuse me while I go to the Men’s Room?”

Maggie replied, “Sure but hurry back.”

I went to the back of the bar and Linda was standing in a corner waiting for me.

She was nearly breathless, “I’m going to fuck Jack tonight. I would like to have the three of you join us if you want and if they want. Did they say anything about me?”

I replied, “Whoa, who is Jack?”

She was wild-eyed and her nipples were rock hard she was so turned on, “Well, I got here early and I have had a bunch of guys hitting on me before you got here. Jack is just a guy who is here on business and he is nice looking and a nice guy. It also feels like he has a nice cock.”

I stood there for a moment thinking my wife is standing in front of me telling me she is going to fuck this stranger and she wants me and Amy and Maggie to join in.

She then asked, “Well? Did they say anything about me? I tried to make sure they could not miss me.”

I said, “Oh they noticed alright. Dressed the way you are how could they not notice you. Maggie said she would like to get lost between those legs and Amy said you were hot.”

She changed her stance, “Really! Well then how do we pull this off where we can all fuck?”

I knew one way or the other Linda was going to fuck this guy with or without us so I had to come up with a plan.

I said, “Ok, I will go back to the bar and tell the girls I have a surprise for them. You and I met by the restrooms and you would like us to join you and Jack at your table. And, that you think they are also hot.”

She said, “Wow that will work.”

She leaned against me rubbing her big nearly naked tits on me and kissed me.

She then whispered in my ear, “Feel my pussy.”

I reached under her skirt and her pussy was steaming hot and wet from excitement. She kissed me deeply this time.

She said, “I’ll go back and you follow in a few seconds. I love you.”

She turned and walked away. I could not help but to watch her ass as she sashayed back to her table.

My gawd my dick was rock hard! I waited to calm down just a little longer and walked back to the bar.

“Girls I have a surprise for you. The gal you both have been drooling over and I met by the restroom. She also thinks both of you are hot and would like us to join them if you want.” I informed them.

Amy said, “She really thinks we are hot?”

I shook my head yes.

Maggie then piped in, “Let’s go!”

I stood up and they followed suit. We all three walked over to the booth and I introduced Amy and Maggie to Linda and Linda introduced all of us to Jack.

Jack had moved his hand from Linda’s pussy but he did have his hand high on her thigh.

Amy slid into the booth then me then Maggie. We all ordered another round of drinks and talked.

The girls kept teasing me by rubbing and holding my cock. I could also tell that there was a lot of touching going on the other side of the booth.

They made last call about an hour after we sat down. We ordered another round and by now everyone at the table was buzzed or drunk.

Amy said, “Well we better be going.”

I jumped in, “We are all having so much fun let’s not stop now. I have a room at the Ramada just down the street. Let’s go there and keep the party going.”

Linda agreed, “Sounds like fun. Jack do you want to join them?”

Jack replied, “Sure why not. We can go there for awhile then we can go to my room afterwards.”

Linda replied, “Ok, let’s go.”

I was thinking Jack wants Linda alone and this might not work out. But, what guy would not want three women instead of one.

We all crawled out of the booth and headed for the door. Amy and Maggie rode with me and Linda went with Jack.

We drove the two miles to the hotel and Maggie and Amy could not quit talking about Linda. They were hoping that this little continuance party was going to lead to some hot sex.

I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and we three got out of the car. Shortly Jack’s car pulled in and he and Linda got out. Jack’s arm was draped over Linda’s shoulder and his hand was on her breast as they walked toward us. I quickly noticed that jack’s fly was open and his hard cock was standing at full attention. Apparently, Linda either had sucked him on the ride over or at least had played with his cock.

Linda and Jack were giggling like school kids as they walked over.

Linda said, “Lead on Jim or I mean Ray and let’s get the party rolling.”

I decided to join in and put my arms around Amy and Maggie’s hips. As we walked toward the elevator, I let my hands slid to their asses. Linda and Jack were following us.

We all stepped onto the elevator and Linda turned to Jack and kissed him running her tongue down his throat or so it looked. I stood there watching with Amy and Maggie under each arm. I let my hands slid to their tits and my cock began to harden. I again looked down at Jack’s open fly as his hard cock was trying to escape through his briefs.

The elevator stopped and we all stepped off. Jack and Linda were still entertaining themselves and having a good time. I stopped at the door to our room and slid the key card through the lock. I held the door open as Amy and Maggie walked in. Linda and Jack still locked together let loose of each other and Linda walked in giving me a smile and a wink as she went by. Jack was quickly on her heels.

I walked into the room and asked, “How about some champagne to celebrate new friends?”

Amy replied, “Yes, I love champagne.”

I picked up the phone and ordered some from room service. When I put down the phone and turned around Linda was on her knees with Jack’s dick in her mouth. Amy and Maggie were watching intently as the sexy Linda was getting the party started.

Amy walked to me and rubbed my cock through my slacks. My dick quickly finished hardening and was at full attention.

Amy seductively purred, “Honey would you also like your big dick sucked?”

I replied, “I think you know the answer to that question.”

She pulled me to the bed as she sat down on the edge and unzipped my fly, reached into my briefs and pulled my hard cock out. Her lips wrapped around my pounding cock and her tongue was dancing on the head.

Maggie was also not wasting anytime as she pulled her skirt off and then slid out of her blouse. She was a vision of beauty as she stood there in her white garter and stockings. She did not have any underwear on and began massaging her clit.

I looked over as Linda stood up in front of Jack. She unbuttoned the few remaining buttons on her sheer blouse and let it slid off her shoulders to the floor. Jack quickly kissed her neck, slid down to her tits, and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. The one visible nipple hardened quickly. He then moved her to the bed and sat her down on the bed next to Amy who was still sucking my cock. He dropped to his knees between Linda’s legs and pulled the hem of her skirt. Linda rose off the bed enough so that the skirt would slide. I could see the moisture on Linda’s pussy lips already.

Jack kissed her inner thighs and then licked her wet slit.

I had a front row seat to watch a stranger eat my wife’s pussy.

There was a knock on the door then, “Room service.”

Amy let my cock slid from her mouth and I tucked it back into my pants and went to the door. I opened it slightly and gave the waiter the money and tip.

When I turned back around Amy was now also naked.

Jack was still licking and sucking Linda’s pussy and she was now laying back on the bed moaning.

Amy and Maggie both came for me and began to disrobe me. When naked they led me to the bed and laid me next to Linda. Maggie straddled my body and guided my cock into her pussy. I looked at Linda who was watching as this happened.

Amy leaned over my chest and sucked one of my nipples while pinching the other one.

Linda grabbed Jack’s head and sat up. She then stood up, unzipped the back of her skirt, and let it fall to the floor. Her beautiful ass was in full view.

She went back onto the bed and scooted up until she was even with me and said, “Come on Jack fuck me with your big cock! My pussy has waited long enough.”

Jack quickly took his clothes off and climbed onto the bed between Linda’s legs. His hard cock was bobbing at the entrance of my wife’s pussy. He grabbed the base of it and guided it to her pussy. I watched as his cock split her lips and the head plunged into her.

Linda moaned, “Oh yes Jack fuck me.”

Jack then leaned forward and let his entire length sink into her. When he withdrew, his cock was shiny from the moisture of Linda’s wet pussy.

Maggie was riding up and down on my cock and Amy decided to straddle my face and planted her pussy there. I was really wanting to watch Linda and Jack but could not let on that was more important than pleasing her. I licked her pussy then quickly sucked her clit. I wanted her to cum so that she would get off and I could continue watching my wife.

I heard Linda moan, “Fuck me hard and deep Jack.”

I then could tell Jack was filling her request, as there was a rapid slapping noise each time their groins met.

And Linda was moaning, “Yes”…”Yes”…”Yes!” On each thrust of his cock.

I heard Jack groan and exclaim, “OHHHH FUCK!”

I knew he was cumming in my wife’s pussy. The bed then quit shaking so much and Amy crawled off my face.

I quickly looked over at Linda who was spread eagle on the bed. Amy quickly filled the void that Jack had left and sunk her face into Linda’s pussy. Amy was licking and sucking the cum from Linda’s pussy and Linda raised her head to see who was licking her pussy. When she saw who it was, she rolled her head over to look at me and grinned.

Maggie was massaging her clit and I could now feel the cum rising and then, “OOOOOHHHH FUCK!” I exclaimed as my cum burst from my cock and into Maggie’s waiting pussy.

Maggie quickly followed by moaning, “OHHH YESSSSS!”

I felt her pussy contract on my cock and flood it with the warm fluid from her orgasm.

Maggie climbed off my body and sat on the edge of the bed. Jack walked over to her stroking his semi hard cock. Maggie grabbed his cock and sucked it into her mouth.

I got up on my knees, waddled over to Linda, and let my semi hard cock still slick with Maggie’s juices dangle in Linda’s face. Linda opened her mouth and sucked me between her lips. My cock quickly got hard so I moved straddling her face in a sixty-nine position. The only difference is that it put me watching Amy licking and sucking my wife’s pussy.

Amy was really working on making Linda come when she glanced up at me. She pulled off Linda’s pussy long enough to kiss me with her tongue. I could taste Linda’s familiar juices in her mouth.

Amy then went back to work as Linda continued to suck my cock.

Jack was watching the beautiful and very talented Maggie sucking his cock.

Linda began squirming under me and quit sucking my cock.


Her whole body was jerking and convulsing under me as she writhed in a huge orgasm.

Amy got up from between her legs and I crawled off her face. Linda just laid there with her eyes closed basking in the glow.

I went to Amy and laid her on the floor. I crawled between her legs and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. Her pussy was so wet that when I went in I heard the squish sound of my cock sliding into her juices. Amy wrapped her legs around me and I began pumping my cock in and out of her.

I heard Jack groan and his knees buckle as he shot his load into Maggie’s mouth. Maggie sucked on his cock until it was clean and soft.

Jack backed away from her and she went for the splayed out Linda on the bed.

I smiled because she is the one who said, “I would like to get lost between those legs.”

She crawled onto the edge of the bed and began kissing Linda’s thighs. Linda came out of her stupor to look down her body to see who was there. She saw me watching and smiled at me again. Maggie continued until she reached her pussy and then began kissing and sucking on her pussy lips.

Jack was sitting in a chair watching and stroking his cock trying to revive it.

I was pumping and grinding my hips and cock into Amy as she was pulling me into her with her legs on each stroke.

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