Family Ties: Private Party with Sis

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The Song “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer could be very well be described as my sister’s theme song. A self proclaimed party girl, Connie is very wicked and very sensual and not afraid to show it to me or anyone else for that matter.

The time of this story is set in the late 1970s which was known as the Disco Era and when people were still not afraid to practice “free love” as it was called. Connie was one of them who practiced this.

Looking at Connie it was easy to see how men would be attracted to her. Standing 5’11” tall weighing 145 pounds measuring 36D-25-35 with long curly raven black hair, golden bronze tanned skin long luscious dancer’s legs that could wrap around you and pull you in, Connie had the body most women would kill to have and any man would give their soul to explore.

Growing up Connie had always been the wild child and I had had been the “good son” well in the fact that at an early age I knew how to act right when mom and dad required of me, otherwise I could be they devil.

Connie and I had always been close and share much more than a normal brother sister relationship. I was her “father confessor” seeing I was a couple of years older and I tried to help her without judging her.

Connie knew she could trust me and would tell me secrets she would never tell mom or dad. It was me she told when she first lost her virginity just after her 16th birthday.

This bond we shared would carry over into our adult life. After college I landed Job as an architect in the college town 300 miles away from where we grew up and rented a nice little 1300 square foot one story white wooden frame house in a nice quiet neighborhood composed of a mixture of retired people and families that were just starting out

Connie would come to join me after she graduated from college with her nursing degree. This house I was renting had the option to buy and since we were both pulling in pretty good money we decided to exercise that option.

As for me and money, I wasn’t a spend thrift but at the same time I wasn’t one to throw caution to the wind and purchase everything I saw. I tried to put back some for savings and if I saw something I really wanted I would work hard to earn the money to get it, like my car.

Connie on the other hand loved to spend money, as long as it was other peoples money. Her looks gave her the power to make the men open their wallets and spend on her and in return she would give them some nookie, if they were good looking enough or in some cases if she was drunk enough that she didn’t care.

Connie worked hard as a nurse and after a long shift, she was ready to party hard and party hard she did. She felt she deserved it. Since she didn’t want to risk having children she had her tubes done so she could be free to enjoy sex without having to worry about becoming preggers.

During our first year of living together our bonds would deepen and I would find out that Connie was indeed not ashamed of her body and didn’t care if I saw her naked. After all we were both adults and why shouldn’t we be able to express our sexuality openly. Little did either one of us know that deep inside our carnal passions for each other would be growing stronger and they would make themselves manifest on fateful May night.

It was shortly before 10:30 P.M. when I returned home on that Friday night. I had been partying at one of the local disco’s and this particular evening I was just getting home after having “struck it lucky” as you may call it.

Earlier that evening while dancing and just spending time hanging around the bar having a few beers, I met Brenda, a voluptuous sumptuous blonde in her 40’s. She looked really hot and came over to where I was and chatted me up. Soon we were dancing and one thing led to another and we found ourselves in her hotel room engaging in hot steamy passionate sex.

Going into it, I knew that my brief torrid tryst with Brenda would be just that. She told me she was married and that she was getting ready to leave in the morning after spending a boring week in business meetings. She also told me that she had roommates who may not understand and since she had to catch an early flight the next morning she needed her sleep. With that we said our goodbyes and I left for home.

Anyhow, back to the main story. I drove up to the house in my “Mod” 1973 Black “Starsky and Hutch” Torino and went into the house. That is when I heard the radio blaring and walked in to see Connie dancing to the music and having her own private party with no one but herself.

Connie was dressed in nothing but an open light blue long sleeve “Oxford” button-down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up about one-quarter of the way up and a pair of white cotton yalova escort panties. She was dancing around to her “theme song” which they were playing on the radio and as she was dancing around, she was bending over and cupping her luscious 36D breasts, jiggling them side to side and shaking her well formed tight ass to the music.

It was fairly obvious to me that she was having a good time and that she was also quite “loaded”(drunk). I happened to glance over onto the coffee table and there was what appeared to be a newly purchased bottle of 151 proof rum that had been open and about a little over one-fourth it was gone Beside it was bottle of cola, so I figured she had been drinking.

What I saw next confirmed it for in her hand, was a tall glass of cola and I figured she had been drinking rum and cokes and by now was having a good time. However that wasn’t the only thing she was flying high on. I noticed she was smoking a joint and I realized it wasn’t her first because there was a used one that had been snuffed out in the ash tray.

Connie was so into her music and dancing routine that I was able to walk by her without her even seeing or hearing me. I made my way back to my room and decided I would get out of my clothes, take a quick shower and maybe go into he kitchen for something to drink before I went to bed. After I grabbed a quick shower, I put on a grey pair of boxers and my burgundy house coat and went back into the living room.

By now, the radio was playing the song “Brick House” and like a line in the song Connie was “letting it all hang out,” in that she was dancing around totally naked. I must confess that my sister was an amusing sight to watch. She was actually handling herself quite well considering how intoxicated she was but that was my sis. She could hold her liquor quite well seeing that she was an avid self proclaimed party girl.

I just stood there for a few minutes watching then I decided I would skip the drink let her have her own fun and I would go back to bed. That is when I would be recruited by my very own sis and invited to her private party, a party that would be like one I had never been to before.

Just as I was making my way down the hall. Connie noticed me and yelled out over the music “brother dear you’re home” and sauntered her way over as she still was dancing to the music. “Dance with me babe” she said as she grabbed me by the hand, “but first that robe has gotta go” and pulling the belt, she untied it and removed my robe so that now I was only in my boxers.

“That’s better hun but ya still got to much clothes on”, she said eying me closely. “Lose the boxers and it will be perfect.” I must confess I was quite shocked to hear Connie say this and was hesitant to do it but something said “go for it so I decided “what the hell” and striped so that I was naked as a jay-bird.

“That’s perfect Larry dear,” Connie said with a smile. “That ain’t so bad now is it,” Connie said as she lit another joint. I had to admit that it wasn’t. “See sweetie, all ya gotta do is just loosen up. After all we are both adults and no one’s gonna know or care so lets just have a good time and forget about everyone else.”

“Here sweetie, have a puff or two of this,” Connie said handing me the joint. “It’ll get ya loosened up.” It had been while since I had smoked pot but I figured it couldn’t hurt. After all, I had gone this far a little more wasn’t going to make any difference.

Just then the radio began playing the Gap Band song “You Dropped the Bomb on Me” and Connie went wild. “Come on Larry babe lets dance,” she shouted as she wiggled her taut body around.

“Hold me from behind Larry darling,” Connie said as she backed her naked body into mine. “Now put her hands around my waist and lets groove together.” I put my hands around her like she asked me to and we danced.

“Not bad brother dear,” Connie said with a smile “but get into it more. Move your hands over my body. I promise I wont bite, hard,” she said with a sly grin and then added “unless you really want me to.”

Hesitantly, I began to move my hands over her warm soft flesh and then something inside my brain said “Give in to the pleasure and have fun,” so I began to freely move my hands all over Connie’s hot 36D-25-35 body.

I moved my way up to her sumptuous breasts and cupped them in my hands. As I did that, Connie crooned with delight and said with a contented purr “Oh yes Larry dear, you’ve got the idea now,” and with that she leaned back in my arms and put her arms around my neck and grinded her naked body up and down against mine.

As we danced like this, I was getting into the mood of the party and I soon forgot that it was my very own sister I was dancing with. zonguldak escort Now she was just another warm sensual woman and one that I was turned on by.

My hands began to freely roam over the rest of Connie’s warm soft body. As my hands moved, Connie turned her head back towards mine. Our lips met and at first it was a brief kiss but we continued to kiss and the kisses became deeper and more passionate.

As my hands moved they quickly became guided by Connie’s who took my hands and directed them to the private area between her legs. My hands soon found themselves massaging Connie’s warm furry cunt with the assistance of Connie herself.

“Mmmmm Larry dear,” Connie purred with delight. “Pet my sweet kitty. She is dying for some TLC.” Without any hesitation I began to stroke Connie’s pussy as she just moaned with delight.

After the next couple of songs the tempo shifted up a notch more and Connie turned around and faced me. She then put her arms around my waist and grooved to the song “Shake Your Groove Thing” We danced various ways on this, twisting each other around to bumping booties to grinding our bodies close as we grooved together as the song led into the song “Lets Groove Tonight.”

As we grinded our bodies together our crotches touched. I could feel the wetness of her cunt against my pulsating cock. Connie purposely grinded her pussy against my cock just to feel the hardness of my tool next to her.

By now it was a couple minutes before 11:00 P.M. and the radio announcer said “And that will do it for another session of Funking Friday here on WPWR, Power 103.1, The Power Play. Stay tuned for Dan the Man as he takes you into the morning hours with the greatest hits from yesterday and today. Before we say goodnight, let us start the set with one for our lovers. This is Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers, so gentlemen grab that special lady in your life, hold her tight and show her how much you long for her.”

With that, Connie and I instinctively and without saying a went into the “slow dance mode.” Connie and I weren’t just holding each other like normal ballroom or slow dancers we were pressed tightly together our bodies meshed together as one. Our lips were locked in a deep passionate tongue probing, tonsil swabbing French Kiss and our hands were caressing each other’s bodies.

As we danced. Connie’s hand found its way between us and took my pulsating tool and grabbing it by the shaft, managed to guide it to her warm wet pussy. Placing my cock head next to her pussy lips she raised up on her toes and as she did she guided my rock hard cock into her warm tight wet pussy.

There we were, we had crossed the line and there was no turning back, but neither of us really cared. I wanted it just as much as Connie did and to be honest I had wanted my very own sister since she had turned 16.

I slowly began to pump Connie and she just crooned with delight. “Oh yes-s-s-s-s-s-s Larry,” she moaned with a soft sigh. ” Take me baby,” Connie exclaimed “Make me your horny little slut.”

By now the first slow dance song had been over and to tell you the truth, neither one of us don’t remember too much more about what was playing. Our minds were occupied by more “pleasant” memories.

Acting on Connie’s request, I picked up her 5’11” 145 pound body in my arms and she had her torso pressed in against mine and her long sumptuous dancer’s legs wrapped around my body. My cock was still buried tight inside her and as I carried her over to the sofa, Connie still managed to pump my cock.

Sitting down on the sofa, I leaned back and allowed Connie to fuck me as she sat in my lap facing me. We passionately kissed as Connie’s soft warm body rode my cock nice and slow.

“Suck my breasts baby,” Connie said with a sultry sigh as she broke the kiss. “I want to feel your hot tongue on my swollen nipples.” So without hesitation I began to suck on her breasts and this would send her into orbit.

Connie began to croon with delight as I ran my tongue around her nipples and sucked on her breast like a nursing baby. Taking my head in her hands, she held it there and buried my head in her bosom.

I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I was going to blow my first load of hot steamy manhood. I could feel my cock swell with cum and it was all I could do to hold it back I let Connie know that I was on the verge of cumming and she responded with a lustful moan saying “Oh yes Larry babe, give it all to me. I want to feel your hot manhood deep within me.”

Just then, I spunked my load, sending my ho cum spewing forth from my cock deep into my very own sister’s carnivorous pussy. It was like a dream but it was real. There I was will my sister up zonguldak escort with my hot cum, something I thought I would never be doing in a million years.

After I spent my first load, Connie dismounted me and took me by the hand and led me over in front of the fireplace. She took a blanket from the closet and a couple of pillows from the couch and placed them on the floor. Laying me down on my back she then crawled on top of me and continued to work her magic.

The first thing she did was to suck on my cock until it was good and hard. She licked around the head and cleaned off the cum residue that was on it. She then went down on it and sucked me off, taking it all into her mouth and as she did, she massaged my balls.

I don’t know whether it was her master skills or that fact that I was extremely horny that night but she had managed to cause me to spunk a second load, although it as considerably smaller than the first. However it was enough for her and she savored every drop of my cum as she let it slide down her throat.

Connie continued to play with my cock for the next 10-15 minutes as she would allow me time to recover. We laid together and held each other as we kissed and took turns exploring each other’s bodies. It wouldn’t be too long before my cock would be rigid and Connie was ready to “continue her ride.”

Connie laid me on my back and mounted me cowgirl style. Going down on my cock, she slid it into her tight pussy. Her pussy fit around the sides of my cock like a hand in a glove. Her sugar walls felt like the smoothest satin or silk money could buy.

Connie began to ride me ever so slowly. As she did, she began to massage my bare muscular chest. “Mmmmm baby, this is so-o-o-o-o-o wonderful,” she purred. “I am glad you came home early tonight.”

Connie continued to ride me gradually building up speed. I knew it wasn’t going to be long until she was about to explode with an earth shattering orgasm. Her breathing became more shallow, she began to pant and she had a look about her on her face that she was on the verge of exploding but was doing everything she could to contain the pleasure.

However that wasn’t the only thing that gave it away. The sure thing was I felt her pussy quiver and her juices began to trickle over my cock and I knew it was only a matter of seconds, if not a minute.

Just then, Connie crooned with delight as she hollered out my name. “Oh God yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s Larry,” she wailed like the banshee as she sent her sweet creamy nectar flooding my cock. She begged me to let her continue riding her until she came again and that she did, for within five minutes she was covering my massive cock with her cum.

“Fuck me missionary style baby,” Connie softly purred. “I want to feel you on top of me and I want to wrap my legs around your body and pull you next to me as we move together in unison.” So with out hesitation we swapped places

I thrusted my monster pulsating tool inside her dripping wet box and settled into “Heaven” as my cock found its place inside her pussy. We began to slowly fuck and as we did, Connie wrapped the luscious perfectly well toned dancer’s legs around my back and pulled me in.

Connie and I began to move as on. We were an unstoppable juggernaught and a well oiled machine in perfect harmony with one another. It was like time and space had been suspended . We could only hear the beating of our hearts as they beat mystically as one. Our souls and spirits we now united in an unbreakable mystical bond.

I don’t know how long we actually fucked in this position but I knew I spunked my load at least once maybe even twice, I lost count. Who knows how many times Connie came all I know that when we fell together after the culmination of our carnal union, we were both covered in sweat, cum and it was fast approaching 1 O’clock in the morning.

We came down from our orgasmic high and showered together and fell asleep in each other’s others arms on my king sized water bed. The next morning as we awoke, I found Connie on top of me all smiles “Last night was wonderful babe,” she purred with delight. I never want it to end.”

“Me either, I replied kind of in shock that Connie would remember what had transpired and not be freaked out by waking up next to her brother.

“I have wanted you for so long and last night seemed like the perfect time,” Connie added. “Tell me it meant as much to you as it did to me.” It did,” I reassured her and with that we kissed and made love until almost noon.

Since that time, Connie and I have shared a mystical bond and even though we are much older we still enjoy each other’s company At 50, Connie is still looking very good She keeps her body in shape as I do and who knows we may be doing this well into our 70’s or 80’s only time will tell.

Who would have ever imagined that a private party with your sis could turn out to out to be so much fun. You never know, but hey you never will until you explore the possibility yourself :).

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