My Daughter’s Sleepover 2: The Next Day


“Oh, fuck,” I said exasperated, and collapsed on top of my daughter’s nude body.Liz picked up my head and kissed me gently on the lips, “Thank you, Daddy. I love you,” she said sweetly.“I love you, too,” I said and gave her another kiss just as Emma pulled her fingers out of my ass.“Can we stay all weekend, Mr. Tanner?” Ashley asked as if nothing had happened.“That sounds great,” I replied and smiled to myself.Part 2After gathering my clothes I went to my bedroom and collapsed on my bed. I didn’t even bother to cover my body before passing out.The next morning I woke up with a raging hard-on as I recalled the events of the previous night.I didn’t bother to relieve myself as I was more curious about what the girls might be doing, if anything.I threw on a pair of basketball shorts over my nude body. I knew my erection was obvious but that was the desired effect I wanted at that moment.I left my bedroom and quietly walked down the hall toward my daughter’s bedroom. Her door was closed so I stopped outside her door and listened for anything inside.I could not hear anything except for the sounds of peacefully sleeping breaths. I considered opening the door to peek in but decided against it.I gave up on my perverted spying and moved on to the kitchen. After brewing myself a cup of coffee I sat on the couch and lost myself in my inner thoughts.My erection had subsided and I was still deep in thought when I heard Ashley say, “Good morning, Mr. Tanner. I mean Jake.”Her voice startled me but was immediately replaced by butterflies in my stomach as she walked around the front of the couch.She was wearing a long T-shirt and I wondered what she was wearing underneath. I quickly looked her up and down, and said, “Good Morning, Ashley. What are you doing up?”“Good morning. I think the smell of coffee woke me up. I usually wake up and cuddle with my daddy in the mornings while he drinks his coffee. Do you think I can do the same with you?”“Yes. I would enjoy the company,” I replied.Ashley sat on the couch right next to me and wrapped her arm through mine. She rested her head on my shoulder and her eye line seemed to be directed toward my crotch.“So what’s new with you?” I asked her.“Nothing much, I guess. What’s new with you?”“Besides the events of last night? Nothing much.”“Yeah, that gaziantep manken escort was a lot of fun. Thank you,” she said, as she picked her head up to look at me and then leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek.“Oh,” Ashley said excitedly, “I just thought of something new.”“What’s that?” I asked with curiosity.“I just got a new belly button piercing. Would you like to see it?”“Sure,” I said, trying not to sound too excitable.Ashley grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started pulling it up. I watched closely as her upper thighs came into view. She had to lift her ass slightly so she could continue to pull it up.That’s when I got my first look at her panties. They were plain by panty standards but still sexy. They were lavender in color without any patterns or prints. But the best part was they had been pulled up tightly against her body and her puffy pussy formed a perfect camel toe.I was still staring at her pussy when she exposed her belly, “What do you think?” she asked.“It’s beautiful,” I said honestly, referring to her luscious pussy.“Do you want to touch it?”I nodded my head and reached my hand out. I was just about to place it on her panties when I remembered that she was talking about her belly button.I looked at her smooth pale skin and noticed the gem attached to her belly button for the first time.I moved my hand upward and touched the gem. It wiggled slightly from my touch but it was firmly secured, “Did it hurt?” I asked.“No. It felt kinda good actually.”I rested my hand on her slim belly and slowly moved my fingertips as I looked up at her and made eye contact.“I’m thinking of getting another one soon,” she told me.“On your belly button?”“No,” she laughed.Ashley grabbed my hand and slowly slid it up her body, under her shirt. She moved it until my hand was over her left breast,” Here.”“Oh,” I said as I cupped her tit.I felt her nipple begin to harden under my hand. Without letting go of my hand she moved my hand over to her right breast, “And here.”I curled my fingers in and softly grasped her nipple, “Right here?” I asked and I moved my fingertips in small circles, rubbing her now erect nipple.“Mmm hmm,” she said in a subtle moan.I continued to manipulate her nipple until she pulled my gaziantep masaj yapan escort hand back down the front of her body. I was disappointed that she wanted me to stop and that I could not touch her erogenous zone anymore.I thought my fun was over until my hand passed over her belly and continued south. She moved my hand over her panties and stopped when it was directly over her pussy, “Or here.” she said in a whisper.I rubbed my hand over her pussy and pushed one finger into the middle fold. I slid my finger up and down inside her panty-covered slit as her head dropped down to my shoulder and she wrapped her arm through mine again and squeezed.“Yeah,” she said, “Right there.”I felt her panties begin to get moist as I worked my finger against her pussy, “Where, exactly?” I asked.Ashley grabbed the finger that was teasing her and lifted it up. With her other hand, she lifted the front waistband of her panties. Then she moved my finger and set it directly on her clit, “Right here.”Without saying anything, I set my finger in motion and rubbed her swollen clit.“Oh yes. Right there. That’s where I want it.”My cock had become hard now and was making a prominent tent in my shorts.Ashley reached out and slid her hand under my shorts, grabbing my shaft, “It looks like that is where you want it, too.”“Yes,” I said.Ashley stroked my cock as I played with her clitoris and pussy. Her hand felt so good on my cock, but I didn’t want to cum in my shorts. I focused my attention on my efforts and found her pleasure zones. She seemed to really enjoy it when I rubbed her clit more than anything else.“Oh, God,” she moaned in my ear, “I’m cumming.”Her body convulsed and her thighs clamped closed. She removed her hand from my cock and grabbed my thigh tightly as she rode out her orgasm.“Mmm,” she exhaled as she came down from her high.She opened her eyes and smiled at me, “Thank you. That’s just what I needed.”Ashley gave me a kiss on the lips, and said, “I’m going to go back to bed now. I’ll see you later.”I removed my hand from her panties and she stood up. I watch her walk away as she pulled her shirt back down.After sitting there for a moment with my cock still hard, I thought about what she told me earlier, gaziantep masöz escort that she cuddles with her dad in the mornings. I wondered if they had the same interactions or if ours was unique.I sipped my coffee and decided to go check my emails on my office computer. I brought my coffee and erect cock with me.As I passed by my daughter’s room I stopped to listen again. I leaned in to put my ear close to the door and my cock poked against the exterior of the door.I didn’t hear anything as I wished my cock was poking something in the interior of the room. I gave up listening and went to my office. I tried to close the door quietly but the latch snapped back as it closed with a loud click sound.I sat down at my desk and fired up my computer. Once it was up and running I just sat there and stared at my desktop. I contemplated opening a porn site and jerking off when there was a quiet tapping sound at my door.“Yes?” I said, just loud enough to be heard without being too loud.The door cracked open slightly and Emma peeked her head around the corner, “Are you busy? Can I come in?” she asked.“Yes, you can come in,” I told her.Emma stepped into my office and closed the door behind her. She managed to close it without the loud clicking sound.I watched Emma as she walked toward my desk and stood on the opposite side, “I wanted to apologize for last night.”“Apologize? What do you have to apologize for? I had a great time last night.”“For taking your picture and blackmailing you. I came to delete the picture in front of you and maybe find a way to make it up to you.”“Oh, that. You can keep the picture if you want. I don’t think it will get me in trouble with Liz anymore.”Emma smiled at me. She was wearing the same crop top and boy shorts from last night. I figured she was still without a bra or panties. My cock was still hard and pointed straight into the air, just out of Emma’s view.“Thank you,” she said, “But I still feel bad about it. Will you let me try to make it up to you so I can at least feel better?”Emma started walking around the desk as I said, “There’s really no need, you are fine.”Emma suddenly gasped when my hard cock came into her view, “I’m sorry. Were you in here playing with yourself before I came in?”“No, but I was thinking about it,” I told her honestly.Emma walked closer and stood directly between my knees, causing my legs to spread open further, “Maybe I can help you with that. Would that make up for last night?”“I suppose it would be a good start,” I replied with a mischievous grin.Emma smiled and pulled her crop top off, over her head. She kneeled between my legs and grabbed my basketball shorts. I lifted my ass and she pulled them off quickly.

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