mommy is a spy!


it was late afternoon maybe… 5:00 and i was doing a load of laundry when my son came home. and he went straight upstairs to his room. it felt strange he usually says “hay mom” or “love you mom ill be playin call of duty in my room” but today there was nothing. and this worried me so i went into the garage got a ladder went outside to his window and looked in to his room. and i almost fell off that ladder i was so shocked! my baby boy of 18 years old was sitting in his room….jerkin his gerkin…slappin his monkey…HE WAS MASTURBATING. this oddly arroused me. i felt like i needed my sons huge cock in my moist cunt. i wanted to feel his…what am i saying! hes my son! i would never do such a thing to such a sweet boy!

on the other hand he did have a huge masculant dick. i did notice him take a look a my d-cups every once in a while. it took me about an hour to straighten every thing out in my head. i would see if he wanted me…and if not, i would just…say i was joking! YEA joking would be an amazing excuse! so i slowly walked up the stairs. i couldnt believe i was actually doing this! i took a deep breath and knocked on his door. i heard lots off shuffling and he said “hold on a minute im…changing” and he opened the door just a crack big enough for him to see me. and he said what. i said Sex hikayeleri “ummm.wanna have sex?” OH MY GOD. IM SUCH A SLUT. AND NOW IM WAITING IN SLOW MOTION! and to my surprise he opened the door completely naked with his 8-incher henging down. and he pulled me in and practically threw me onto his bed. and i was getting wetter every second! i knew he was going to fuck me hard! and i saw him open his drawer and get out a huge container of lube and said “get naked bitch” i said “if i had been kidding you would look like a total fool right now” and he got the most scared look on his face and went to put the lube away “NO, i wasnt kidding fill me with youre baby juice” and he waited for me to strip and when i was done he attacked my hard nipples with his tongue, traced the circle with his tongue and i was getting wet and he seemed to notice this because he just started rubbing my clit and i came to orgasm almost instantly. he picked me up layed me on my back and rammed his cock into my wet pussy it felt so good. i moaned and groaned as he rammed me with his huge cock. all i heard was “oh my god mom ur so tight”. “or maybe ur just realy big son” as i said it he let out a low moan of delight as he squirted his cum into me. he squirted load after load into deep in my pussy. i have to tell you…i Sikiş hikayeleri feel like such a slut right now.

he said “i hope we can do this again mother” than kicked me out…completely naked.

i knocked on the door he came out and asked “what” i said “i need my clothes dumb-shit” and he handed them to me and said “see you tommorow mom…i hope” and i just gave him a sexy smile and strutted my sweet cum-filled ass down the stairs. and i heard from behind the closed door “SCORE” i let out a chuckle and thought in my head how long has my son wanted to fuck his mother? and at that exact moment i realized…he wasnt such a sweet boy

finnaly my husband arrived at 10:00 it has been awhile and i decided not to tell my husband about my little “experiance” i had today and i escaped to my room after a very akward dinner and began to think about my sons cum inside me. and i didnt realize i was touching myself and i brought myself to orgasm thinking about my son….is that bad?

i heard the door open and my sons voice “hay mom ready for round 2?. i am such a bad mom…

he came running in and litterally LEAPED onto the bed. i had just notice he was fully naked. he got on top of the and i began to slowly take mt clothes off. he started jerking off so he could be ready Erotik hikaye for when i was done. he seemed to love looking and my half naked body. he helped with the pants and while he was down there he gave my pussy a good tongue job. he slid his tongue up and down the slit and started to lick my clit and i was moaning “yes nick, right there, RIGHT THERE BABY” i think i was being to loud. i heard footsteps coming up the stairs. MY HUSBAND IS COMING. nick leaped onto the floor next to the bed and i pretended to be asleep. and my husband came and went and nick got back on the bed. and RAMMED his huge cock into my ass and i used all my willpower not to scream. and luckily i didnt. he rammed my ass until he was moaning so load i booted him out of my ass and he came on my back. than he flipped me over and put his dick into my moist pussy. i ended up being the one moaning load this time. he put his hand over my mouth and continued fucking me harder than ever. when we climaxed at the same time. he slid under me and gestured my head towards his dick. i didnt realy like blowjobs. but i stuck his dick all the way down my throut anyway and he seemed to love it.

“yes thats so fucking good mom”…”so fuckin good”

“do you like mommy sucking youre dick?”

“oh yes mommy…”yes i do”

and when he came on my face. he went back to his room, i went into the bathroom to was off and i went to sleep like nothing had ever happened.

the end
mommy is a spy!

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