Aunt Cathy Pt. 05

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

I finally got the interior light in, what should have been done in under an hour took almost four (was kind of hard to concentrate, you know?). Mom’s car pulled up to the house just as I’d finished, and a few minutes later I heard dad’s voice. “What the hell did you do buy the damn city out?” Mom and my aunt broke into giggles, so I went to look what was going on. I swear between the two of them they’d acquired twelve bags of stuff.

Cathy was busy closing the trunk and mom was looking at dad, only she had the same smirk my aunt used on me. That kind of looped me a bit, “Yeah, ok, that’s not weird at all.” Mom made a crack about dad not being very gentlemanly with helping with their bags. He promptly walked off the porch, past mom, and took all my aunts’ bags. Mom gave him a good swift kick in the ass when he walked past her into the house. I had to laugh at that, then Cathy caught my eye.

She was looking at me, one hand on each side of her dress, making a face like the hulk and pretending she couldn’t pull her boobs apart. I got the reference, so I started making licking motions with my tongue. That got her laughing, and she gave me that ‘come here motion’ with her finger so I headed into the house with her.

The breakfast table was covered in bags. Dad had grabbed a stool and was sitting drinking a beer looking at all the bags. I could tell he was adding up the cost, even if he didn’t know what was in each bag, “Any more beers left dad?” He pointed at the fridge and that’s where I headed. The ladies were judging what was in each bag, so I got my own stool and sat next to dad.

Both of them moved three bags off to each side and made a big deal of leaving the last six on the table, separating them into two groups of three. It was clear me and dad were supposed to look inside the bags, so we did.

He pulled out a cummerbund, I pulled out a black jacket with shiny lapels. We both said it at the same time, “Tuxedos?”

Dad opened up first, ” Why? And how much?” Mom started to explain.

“Twenty-five years of dimes.” Dad looked confused. “Cathy and I have been collecting dimes for close to twenty-five years, when we get enough, they go into a joint account.” Cathy by this time had gone and got wine for her and mom. “As to why? We want a night out, a classy night out. You gentlemen are wearing tux’s, and you’ll just have to wait to see what we will be wearing.”

Dad pulled out his tux jacket and looked at mom. “I would be honored to take a woman as beautiful as you out for an evening. But I’m paying for dinner and dancing.” Mom got up and kissed dad like Cathy had me.

Cathy’s hand squeezed my leg, “I wish I could kiss you now,” another squeeze, “I’m also glad your dad offered because me and sis are broke.” Looking at all the bags I gave her a ‘Really?’ look. She pinched me, “I’m going to put my stuff in my room, be right back.” As I watched Cathy leave, I wondered how awkward it had been shopping with mom all day, her tits sticky with my cum.

That smirk was on her face when she came back and sat next to me. When she had that look it somehow involved me, I had to ask, “What are you up too?”

“Nothing, holy cow. You always think I’m up to something why is that?” She sat back and folded her arms. Smirk was still there.

“Because, if I’ve learned anything, especially after these last two days, it’s that if you get any chance to yank my chain you’re going to.” Her smirk broke into a smile and she leaned in with a whisper to my ear.

“If I’m going to yank anything it won’t be your chain lover.” She put her hand over my coveralled cock. Didn’t squeeze, or stroke, just held onto me till I grew hard under her hand. Mom mardin escort asked Cathy if she wanted a refill, dad looked at me as if asking the same question, and I nodded yes. The second their backs were towards us my aunt went into execution speed.

In one uninterrupted motion Cathy lifted her skirt, raised her butt, stripped her panties off, pulled the zipper on my coveralls down, slide in her hand, wrapped those undies around the head of my cock, pulled her hand out, and zipped me back up. All of this before my folks had even finished pouring the drinks. I was stunned. It takes our team practice after practice to get that smooth.

“How long you been rehearsing that move?”

“Never mind,” she glanced at my coveralls, “and I want those back when you’re done.”

“When I’m done? Done with what?” -LIGHT BULB- “You’re kidding me, right here? Now? With my parents around?” She smirked and it was off to the races.

Her hand went back over my cock, except this time she started moving her thumb and fingers just on the head. If you’ve ever had a ‘Knob job’ you’ll know the intensity, and my aunt was good at it. Why she loved doing this to me, and why these dangerous little escapades were starting to really turn me on? Your guess.

Mom and dad came back with the wine glasses and two whiskeys. Dad put one in front of me, “You don’t drink beer in a tux, you drink spirits. Sip this, don’t gulp it.” Cathy’s playing was about to make me come to a head (yeah, another bad joke), I had about two seconds till lift off, or let out, whichever you prefer.

My fist went around the tumbler and I downed it right as I blew my load. The whiskey scorching my throat, my aunt put a death grip on my cock head, and my dad looked at me like I was nuts. I was red in the face, sucking in air to both cool my throat and make it look like that was the only reason I had to pant. Dad laughed. “Sip, you do understand the meaning?”

“I guess not. Best make me another one.” All three of them looked at me. “I can’t learn if I don’t practice, right?” Dad grinned and headed off to make another one, mom staring holes into his back looking none to impressed. And Cathy?

“You have the hottest cum I’ve ever felt in my life, I can’t wait to feel that on my face.” I got horrified, she didn’t whisper it, just said it in a slightly quieter voice than usual while mom sat right there. Thankfully moms like me, when she’s focused on something you can pretty much say anything, and it’ll go right past her. When she’s focused.

I guess Cathy thought mom was still preoccupied with dad since she was watching him walk back to the table, so my aunt referring to her now thoroughly drenched panties said, “What’s the plan for retrieving the goods?” Mom heard that loud and clear.

“What goods?”

Three thoughts entered my mind; One I needed a good lie. Two I hoped lightning would strike twice. And three, (which might as well of been written in air) I would never sit down at this table with Cathy again unless I could figure out something, barring neutering, to comatose my erections.

Dad sat down, gave me my whiskey and I told mom “One of the badges dad got me fell behind the dash, those things are goods to me.” That lie was accepted as a plausible explanation. Now it was just up to the lightning. Raising off my seat I grab some chips from the table and sat down with a ‘yowch’. I hoped, “Err excuse me folks,” would cover me feigning a ‘re-adjust’ of my equipment.

That gave me an excuse to lower my zipper, retrieve the so-called goods and give them to my aunt, (I’m about to go see a doctor about my ejaculations. Those panties felt like a handful of oozy slime) Zipping back up I added, “Sorry about that, kind of pinched things marmaris escort you don’t want pinched.” Dad laughed; mom giggled at that.

“I swear you men could be having an audience with the pope and think nothing of digging in to rearranging yourselves.” That made everyone laugh, mom had hit the nail on the head, we all knew it was a truthful fact.

Me and dad spent the next half hour peppering our future dinner dates with questions, neither one would budge an inch. The only thing we managed to find out was we’d be hearing a lot of Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Junior. That didn’t bother me, the rat pack were deluxe cool, and being tuxedo up while sipping whiskey with a beautiful woman as my date? Closest I’d ever get to the golden age of Las Vegas.

The rest of the night was spent laughing, playing cards and drinking. Dad made me two more drinks, but only after it was explained to mom that one beer and a shot of whiskey had the same alcohol content. When Cathy suggested bedtime, she nudging my knee showing me the panties had been put in a zip lock bag. She wonders why I think she up to things, who carries around sandwich bags to store cum soaked panties?

I chimed in, “Yeah probably for the best, I feel good now, but as far as the morning?”

Dad commented, “Well, I guess you are learning,” and laughed.

Me and my aunt headed out the kitchen and up the stairs. She stopped me in front of my door and gave me a deep kiss, then handed over the bag with her panties. “Put them on me.” I raised an eyebrow; Cathy raised her dress hem. With me kneeling she stepped in and I slide them up till I saw her pussy. I’d never gotten a clear view, either I was at the wrong angle or she was panty covered, it was worth the wait.

Her mons pubis, (I took sex ed ok) was perfectly shaved and puffed out just enough to make a sexy little mound. It looked like a flesh-colored peach, split by a dark slit, and ending in heart shaped pubic hair. My aunt giggled, “It’ll flower with a little licking,” I started to move in, and she stopped me, “Not yet your mom and dad are one room away from catching us, pull my panties up.”

“Are you serious? Five minutes ago, you were making me cum right in front of them?”

“Them being suspicious, and them seeing your face planted in my pussy while I’m moaning orgasms are two different things lover.”

With a sigh I slid them the rest of the way up and gave her ass a good squeeze. She let her dress fall back down, gave me a quick kiss, and while heading for her room looked over her shoulder to say, “I’ll talk to you in a bit.” What the hell did that mean? A late-night sneak to my room later? I opened my door shaking my head, had to give her credit, she knew exactly where my curiosity button was.

It had been a long time since I’d been in my room without a hard on after being around Cathy. I didn’t know if that was good or bad, but I was getting bored. Her laptop was still on my desk and I debated trying to crack that passworded file, or maybe look up Rat Pack on tour to see what that brought up. The hacking mood wasn’t around tonight, and I figured why wreck the lady’s surprise. That’s when I started hearing a muffled cell set on vibration. I don’t own a cell phone.

Took me awhile to track it down, but I finally found it in one of my aunts shopping bags hidden under my bed. A note had been tapped to the bag holding it closed. It read ‘Only open the first one for now.’ I looked back in the bag and took out the top package. Sure enough, inside was the cell phone I’d heard buzzing away. When I took it out and turned it on the first message that popped up was from ‘Sticky Tits’, had to chuckle at that.

The message read, ‘If you find me you nevşehir escort get a surprise’, I typed back, ‘Ok what’s the surprise?’ An accept video chat icon showed up, underneath it read, ‘Want to see what I’m doing with my panties you soaked in cum?’ I had a real good feeling this wasn’t going to be a hard on free night.

Clicking the accept video chat icon opened a view of my aunt leaning against her headboard, legs spread wide open, wearing nothing but her panties and some seriously sexy heels. Two small vibrators were clipped on her fingers and being used to tease her tits. She was running them around the bottoms of her breasts, across the top, bringing them through her cleavage, then circling her areolas before massaging her nipples.

I was getting hard but also frustrated. It was obvious she was moaning, and I wanted to hear that. Texting ‘Why do you get a head set and mic and I don’t?’ I heard her giggle through the wall of my room, ‘Next package lover’. Digging back into the bag my own wireless headset and mic were revealed. Once I got it working her moans instantly filled my ears.

“Hear me now lover?”

“Oh yeah, big time.”

She grinned, “Good watch and listen.”

Cathy ran her fingers down her sides and around the edges of her panties. Little sighs and soft hmmmms were filing my ears. Her eyes were half closed, and her tongue was licking her lips between biting her bottom lip. One finger had started pressing on her clit and the other was running up and down her pantie covered pussy. “Want to see how much the flower has bloomed?”

I almost said, ‘worlds stupidest question’ but decided on, “You know I do!”

She moved her panties to one side; the look was delicious. Her clit was rock hard with pussy lips glistening with wetness. Everything was so tight you would have thought she was a virgin. I watched her for a while running that vibrator over her pussy lips, the other held tight against her clit and hearing her lust sopped sounds, then she stopped.

“Are you masturbating?”

This time I used the words “World’s stupidest question, what do you think?”

“I think you should stop and open the next package.”

The next package had already been opened. It was a his and hers set of remote-controlled vibrators, her version was gone already. A corded gel like sleeve was the male version, when I pulled it out, I saw two controllers had been boxed underneath it. Before I could ask why she’d left both remotes Cathy spoke up. “Obviously I have the female version, both toys run off a cell program, we can play together wherever we are through our phones, I control yours, you control mine.”

With everything that was going on It had never crossed my mind that she was going to have to leave at some point. I guess it showed on my face, “I can’t stay forever lover, we have a while left, so here’s my idea. Both of us go to sleep wearing our toys, whoever wakes up first gets to give the other a,” She giggled. “wake up buzzz.” Her smile faded a bit, “I’m sorry, but It’s the best way I can think of to stay close to you long distance.”

“Don’t be sorry, it’s a good idea. So, how’s it work?” Cathy told me to slip mine on and she’d show me. The sleeve felt good, cool and slippery with a nice tight fit. “Ok it’s on, now what.” My dick lit up with a severe vibration that made my hips buck out.

She giggled through my headset, “Sorry babe didn’t mean to show you so intensely.” The vibrating backed off to a low hum and my aunt had fun for a few minutes controlling the different intensities.

I’d gone through every app on my phone and couldn’t find anything that even remotely looked to be related to our vibrators. “How the hell do I fool with you.” My cell screen filled with her face and that smirk; I should have known what was going to happen next. The video call ended and a new message from ‘Sticky Tits’ showed up.

“You’ll figure it out. Eventually. Leave your phone on and don’t close the chat. Night, night lover, buzz you in the morning.”

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