Moments Frozen in Time

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Is She Bi? Or just shy?

As far back as she could remember she had wondered what it would be like to feel the arms of female. To feel her soft body pressed against her own. She was shy, and yes, she knew it. Even her closest friend growing up had no idea of her secret thoughts. But as growing up years do, she grew up and continued to keep her thoughts to herself yet the ‘unknowing’ always stayed close in her secret place that she dare not reveal to anyone. Even though she dated and eventually married, still, there seemed to be ‘something’ lacking in her life. And once again, as she pondered this, somehow, deep within, she knew what that was.

She wondered why she never felt completely satisfied in the arms of her lovers; and why she never felt completely whole with anyone in her entire life. And somehow she ‘knew’ that her life was about to change.

She walked into the store one day, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up as they did when something major was about to happen to her. When the lady came out of the back room, she stood transfixed as she stared at the other woman. She became speechless, her eyes looking into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, and yet – there was an instant ‘knowing’ feeling that penetrated through her body like an electric jolt. She lost track of time, of how long she stood there, not hearing the question until the third time the lady asked her if she could help her. Still stunned, she never remembered what she said as she quickly, almost ran, out of the store.

It would be several months later before she gained enough nerve to visit the store again. But those eyes penetrated her as if she could see through her shields of protectiveness. She had felt so connected to this woman, this stranger, yet she knew that ‘she’ was – ‘the one’ that she had waited for all her life. The one that could make her have the courage to take that step, to be bold, to Resim Yükle open up to her true inner most feelings and desires.

The day finally came that she was ready to visit the store again. Not a day had gone by that she had not thought about those eyes, ‘her’ tall sensuous body, the way she had felt when she saw ‘her’. And she knew that she wanted to get to know ‘her’, even if nothing physical ever happened between them. She had had so many daydreams, days she lay on her bed, closing her eyes, ‘seeing’ the other woman and burning with such an intense heat that she cried out with an aching need so unfamiliar to her.

Timidly, she walked into the store again. There was another customer in there so she browsed around, waiting, and she could feel how her heart beat so fast it sounded like drums filling the room. Her body began to react just being in the same room with ‘her’. Finally, they were alone, and when she turned around, she could sense from ‘her’ too, that there was a connection. The other lady smiled, and that was all it took for her to take that first step – to an unfamiliar yet wonderful journey.

They began to talk, casually, cautiously, but were soon very at ease with one another. Within weeks they had planned to have lunch and when she told her that she was ‘a lesbian’, a smile and a “yes I already know” was all she said to ‘her’. From that point on, a familiarity and friendship began. They went to movies, out to eat.

The first physical contact left her shaking and afraid. So very afraid that ‘she’ would not find her appealing or what ‘she’ desired. It was a warm hug, and a touch of ‘her’ hand. Yet it was so intense that she quaked in feelings of wanting and needing more. Desires surfaced and it was all she could do to hide this. Then the moment they spent time alone in the dusk of the evening, sharing champagne, feeling the same things from one another, it was all like a dream that she never wanted to awaken from.

The moment that ‘she’ turned to face her, their bodies so close, heat emanating from each other, sharing that first kiss under the stars that deepened and deepened, looking into her eyes, it was then that she knew she wanted to abandon every nuance of inhibition within and give herself totally…… to ‘her’.

Never had she been kissed so tenderly in her life, never had she felt this kind of beautiful soft touch, never had she trembled to the depth of her being – as she did at this moment. And the dreams she had told ‘her’ about them together surfaced in her thoughts now, as she felt such soft kisses unlike anything she could ever have imagined.

Time seemed to stand still as she waited to be able to share moments with ‘her’ again. Each time they were together, only made her acutely aware that she would never feel completely whole until they could share the moment of physical union that they now both craved, desired, ached for.

The moments of passion they had shared, from that first kiss, to the next and the next, to that first touch of each others breasts, hugs, hands beginning to explore one another, all of it only enhanced what lay ahead for them both.

The night was planned, the moment was here. ‘She’ had planned everything, and made it so perfect. What was shared, she knew, would never again be duplicated, never again be as special and beautiful. For that first time they held each other, heated bodies touching, embracing who they both were – dancing so close, bodies swaying with the music of the love they had desired and waited for, every moment in time so transfixed that no one, nothing else – mattered. For they were together and tonight belonged to them.

Sharing the sweetness of strawberries dipped in chocolate, enjoying each other while they drank champagne, standing nude listening and watching the waves of the ocean, yes, moments frozen in time. It was so natural, so romantic, so beautiful as they began to make love. Tasting each other, touching, exploring. She remembered how her skin became alive as if she were someone else. Her senses reeling as her desires grew and grew. She couldn’t believe how sensual that ‘she’ made her feel, how beautiful and passionate. When ‘she’ began to softly lick her breasts, her nipples tingled to her very core. As she also felt when she too, licked ‘her’ breasts. When ‘she’ began to caress her nether lips, her soft pussy so smoothly shaven, she could feel how wet she was becoming. Her heart beating faster and faster as ‘she’ moved to taste her essence. Sliding her finger inside her smoothness, feeling such intense heat inside, she was amazed how quickly she cum. She longed to taste ‘her’ too, to feel inside of ‘her’ womanhood. She moved effortlessly to change positions so she too could enjoy ‘her’ ‘body. Her breath quickened as she – for the first time – felt the beauty of the inside of a woman, Felt the smooth inner folds that were becoming wetter on her fingers as she explored and savored ‘her’. Her fingers took on a life of their own as she moved her fingers back and forth, faster and faster, watching in total awe of how ‘she’ responded – to her touch. Loving the sounds that were filling the room. As ‘she’ began to reach her pinnacle, she too, was reaching another of her own. Both clung to the experience, the magic between them, the beautiful moment of discovery, of the intense orgasms that they both shared with one another. Cries of ecstasy filling the air as their bodies floated together.

The calming of the waves, the night air, the smell of their lovemaking – filled the room, their haven. She had never in her life felt such passion, the truest form of love between two people. And for the first time in her life, she was completely satisfied in the arms of ‘her’. It was the most erotic, most beautiful moment that she knew – would forever – be frozen in time.

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