My BFF is a Lesbian Ep. 05


Gabby and Mary were at the Party. Things don’t go to plan at first. Mary is still confused about her relationship with Gabby. Can they get their relationship on to a more equal footing?

At the party

Gabby and Mary were still outside the bar as they met their friends. There was excited chatter and squeals of delight at the enjoyment of one another’s outfits. The girls were very complimentary of Mary and Gabby’s costumes. They really had come up with the best ensembles. They were so pleased to get the approval of their friends. They made their way into the bar determined to have the most fun ever.

To begin with the evening went well. The girls chatted, laughed and danced with their friends. They were chatted-up and asked to dance by boys but Gabby especially really just wanted to have fun with their friends.

Inevitably Pete and Kieran turned up. Gabby didn’t want to dance with Kieran and was a little put-out that Mary took to the dance floor with Pete.

Gabby went to the chill-out zone with their friends chatting and gossiping, when she suddenly realised that Mary had been gone a long time. She went to the dance floor to look for her but couldn’t see her. She sent a message to her phone but got no answer. She searched again and went outside to try to call her. She didn’t pick-up so she left a message. She went back inside to look for her and started to worry about where she could have gone. Mary’s Dad would be here to collect them in just over an hour. Gabby was desperate to find her.

For that hour Gabby sent messages and tried to phone Mary. Gabby was getting annoyed and a little tearful. But then eventually her phone rang.

It was Mary, full of apology and urging her to come outside. “My Dad will be here soon. I’ll tell you everything when we get home. Sorry Babe, I love you. Come outside.” Gabby found her and they scampered off to meet Mary’s Dad.

“Where have you been?” Gabby demanded.

“Sorry Babe, I’ll tell you everything when we get home,” at this she pulled Gabby to her and kissed her. They heard wolf whistles of approval from some of the lads who were smoking outside the bar.

“Assholes!” Mary shouted, “Come on!” she pulled Gabby by the hand and they ran to the meeting point.

They were surprised to see Mary’s Mum and asked where was her Dad as they clambered in.

“Oh he was tired. But did you have fun girls?”

“Yes thank you Mrs Quinn,” Gabby was as ever polite as she sat in the front seat.

Mrs Quinn glanced over at her and rallying her scattered thoughts said, “That’s nice Gabby love,” distractedly she leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Gabby chuckled and returned the kiss, her lips softly catching the corner of Emily’s mouth, “Thank you for coming to get us,” she added.

The whole drive home the girls chatted but all Emily could think of was reproaching herself for kissing Gabby, what was she thinking? It wasn’t that it was unusual for her to be demonstrative with the girls. But there was an edge to it tonight. She was sure that it wouldn’t be obvious to Gabby, but Emily felt guilty that in the past hour she was pretty sure she had masturbated to orgasm thinking about the girl sitting next to her. She was angry with herself.

On arrival at home the girls headed for the kitchen. Mrs Quinn had promised them a midnight feast. She busied herself putting nibbles onto plates and making tea. The girls were pulling off their boots and sat up at the counter in just their stocking feet. Mrs Quinn found herself stealing glances at Gabby’s legs. This made her angrier with herself.

Eventually the food was eaten and the tea drunk and the girls said their goodnights and headed to bed. Mary hugged and kissed her mum and thanked her for the food and for getting them. Gabby joined in too and gave Mrs Quinn an affectionate hug and as they parted Emily stole a kiss on the lips from Gabby, passing it off as a motherly smack. “You girls are a right pair of heart breakers. Now off to bed and I’ll see you in the morning. Gabby, does your mother expect you home for church?”

“Oh shit yes,” Gabby was instantly mortified that she accidentally swore in front of Mrs Quinn, “God, I mean, sorry.”

“You see Mum, and you think she is an angel,” Mary quipped.

“Sorry Mrs Quinn,” Gabby repeated.

“Don’t worry dear, good night.” She could hear them good naturedly remonstrating as they departed. She noticed the ‘kinky boots’ left in the kitchen and thought about putting them away, but decided to do it in the morning.

The story of the lost hour

Once in the bedroom Gabby demanded, “Where the fuck did you go? I was messaging and calling for hours.”

“Please, it wasn’t even an hour. But let’s get into bed and I’ll tell you.”

“Fine,” Gabby was a bit grumpy.

They stripped off and washed off their make-up and cleaned their teeth. While in the bathroom Mary washed out her tights in the sink.

“Why are you doing that?” Gabby asked.

“I’ll tell you in bed. Hurry up.”

Mary Bycasino was under the covers as Gabby entered and started to get into her PJs. But pulling back the covers Mary revealed that she was naked, “Don’t worry about those. I want you naked. I want a shag remember? Unless you’ve gone off me?” Mary made a mock trembling-lip face. This made Gabby giggle.

“Fine then,” this time she said it with a bright smile.

As she climbed into bed Mary said, “C’mere gorgeous and pulled her into an embrace and kissed her.

As they broke the kiss Gabby asked again, “So where were you? I was so worried.”

“I know, babe, I’m sorry. But it was fine I was with Pete.”

“I knew that’s where you were,” there was an angry edge to her words. She added after a pause, “What happened? Is that why you were washing your tights?”

“Yes, sort of. Don’t be mad I want to tell you everything, OK?”

“OK. But hold me while I tell you please,” with this she snuggled up to Gabby, wrapping herself around her left side while Gabby lay on her back.

Mary reached up to kiss Gabby who kissed her back but then demanded more insistently, “Tell me what happened.”

Mary began hesitantly, “Well I was dancing with Pete.”

“I know that. But then what, what did you do?” Gabby was annoyed and getting emotional.

Mary sensed this and tried to reassure her, “It’s alright Babe, please trust me.”

“Trust you,” it had the opposite effect, “What the fuck have you done?” Gabby was almost in tears, “Jesus, I fucking love you and you’re with that pig and God knows…”

Mary gently shushed her kissing her face, “Shush now, you know you’re rubbish at cursing,” Mary tried to calm her with the joke.

But actually on this occasion Gabby was cursing just right. Her anger and emotion showed through in her croaking voice, “You better not have…” but she didn’t want to say it, could it be true could she? All she managed to say in a throaty voice was, “Tell me you didn’t.”

“No, Babe, oh God no” Mary kissed her. “Let me tell you what happened, but it’s OK you don’t need to worry.”

“Tell me then,” Gabby demanded in a rasping voice filled with emotion.

Mary gathered her thoughts again, “Anyway, we were dancing and then it was a slow dance and he kissed me.”

“He kissed you?” Gabby’s tone was more angry than hurt.

“Please don’t be mad. I need you. I need to tell you what happened.”

“You OK, did he hurt you? Pig!” Gabby suddenly thought there might be more to this. Her voice softened a little as her anger gave way to concern. Her hand came up to cup Mary’s face. She kissed her lightly on the lips and then, more compassionately, “It’s OK just tell me.”

“He did things. Well… we did things,” She raised up to kiss Gabby fully on the mouth. It was a passionate kiss, “Oh Babe, he touched me, and I touched him. I did things. I’m sorry, but I have to tell you. I still love you. You’ll see. Let me tell you.”

Gabby’s heart was racing. Her skin felt flushed and hot. She was angry, and hurt. But she had to know. “Tell me!” this spoken with urgent determination.

Mary cuddled up to Gabby again and related her story. She had gone out to Pete’s car. This wasn’t unusual. They climbed into the back seat and behind its dark tinted windows started kissing and petting. Pete said he liked her outfit. He told her it turned him on. His hands were all over her body and legs. He kept pushing up her skirt and trying to part her legs. She was kissing him back and admitted she actually felt very turned on.

“The booze and the things we’d been doing this afternoon had got me really horny,” she tried to explain to Gabby.

Gabby wanted to complain that she had hoped she was horny for her. But she decided to hold her tongue and listen to the story.

Mary described how they were kissing and his hand was under her skirt and up against her crotch. He tried to get inside her clothes but the waistband of her tights was too restrictive. He asked her to take them off, but she was too nervous. He continued to roughly massage her pussy through her tights and knickers.

“Normally when he touches my pussy it doesn’t feel nice. Not like when you touch me,” she tried to reassure Gabby, “But because I was already worked up I got really turned on.”

Gabby listened in silence. Was Mary about to confess that she had lost her virginity despite her earlier reassurance? She let the story continue without interruption.

“I pulled my tights and knickers down. I wanted to let him touch me properly,” she nuzzled into Gabby’s neck, “Oh Babe please don’t be mad.”

“I won’t. Go on,” but Gabby hardly convinced herself let alone Mary.

Mary needed to tell it and went on, “I was almost naked, he’d opened my blouse too and pushed up my bra. He was kissing my boobs and fingering me. He’s going to have really smelly fingers,” she tried to make light of it but Gabby didn’t seem amused.

She went on, her voice quiet and uncertain, “He took my hand and moved Bycasino giriş it onto his cock, anxiously adding, “I didn’t even see him opening his trousers,” she tried to explain, “It was hard and felt hot. He moved my hand to wank him I suppose.” She hesitated before continuing falteringly, “He tried to push my knickers and tights down, but my boots stopped him going all the way. But he was suddenly on top of me. He was going to fuck me Babe,” she was kissing Gabby’s neck and protesting, “I didn’t want him to. I thought of you. I just wanted you.”

Gabby kissed her back on the forehead and top of her head and Mary continued, “I told him no. I said he didn’t even have a condom, so no way. But I just didn’t want to. Not with him, not like that.” She paused. Gabby knew there was more and encouraged her to go on.

“I felt sorry for him. I’d got him excited. I didn’t want to be accused of being a tease, besides I was also feeling horny. So I decided to give him a wank. He knelt up next to me and kissed me and I played with it,” she made a gesture with her free hand to indicate what she had done. “It didn’t take long and all his stuff squirted out. All over my legs and messed-up my tights. Nearly made me as wet as you do,” she tried again to make light of it.

“Was that all?” Gabby asked sternly but nervously, afraid there might be more.

“Yes,” Mary raised up to look at Gabby for the first time, “He was dressed in about a second, I don’t know how. I was struggling to clean up the mess and get my clothes back on. I went to get tissues from my bag and saw all your messages and calls. I panicked a bit when I saw the time. I was shouting at him to let me out. I think I scared him. I think he thinks I might tell on him.”

“I wouldn’t, he’d love that if it got around that you gave him a hand-job in his car. The pig would be blowing about it. Everyone would think you were a slut,” Gabby allowed her feelings to break through. She felt betrayed. Mary was her girlfriend.

Mary seemed chastened, “Do you think I’m a slut?” she asked softly.

Gabby had to decide now what to do. She could make a scene and storm out. But how would they explain that to their parents? She was angry and betrayed. But this was Mary. They had been friends forever. She was also her lover. She realised that their new relationship was clearer in her mind than in Mary’s. She had to decide now if she could for give this and move on. In the moment she decided that she should try to save their relationship. Mary was her friend and the girl she had lusted for, taken a big chance on. It was worth holding on to that. Holding on to her dream of being with Mary.

“Yes,” she let it hang for a moment. She saw Mary’s stricken look but wanted her to suffer some more. To experience something like the doubt she had inflicted on Gabby, “You are a slut. How could you do that to that pig?” She didn’t wait for a reply before adding, “But I’ll forgive you if you give me that shag you promised me.”

Mary was relieved and smiling she leaned in to kiss Gabby. The experience with Pete had been horrible. As if to erase it she just wanted Gabby now.. It didn’t mean that she was now and forever a lesbian. She knew that one day she would want to lose her virginity. But for now she wanted the girl in her arms. Not in a selfish way. She wanted to give herself to her. She wanted to give her pleasure. Maybe it was guilt. Maybe it was disappointment with herself and with the experience with Pete. But she was going to make it up to Gabby.

“I love you Babe,” Mary spoke between kisses. I’m going to do everything you want.”

“Oh yeah? And what do you think I want?”

Mary didn’t answer. They exchanged passionate kisses but Mary knew that it was her turn to take the lead and show Gabby what she meant to her. Remembering how she had liked the intimate kissing earlier, Mary began trailing her tongue around Gabby’s lips and chin. She worked her way around to Gabby’s ear and kissed her neck and earlobe. Gabby shivered with pleasure.

Mary whispered into her ear, “Oh Babe, I love you. I’m going to kiss you all over. I’m going to do everything to you.”

Gabby decided to lie back and enjoy it. Mary had hurt her. But now she was showing her how much she really loved her. She knew that this was a big step for Mary. She wanted to let her choose what they did tonight.

Mary patiently worked her way around Gabby’s neck landing many kisses. Gabby smelt wonderful. Mary felt her arousal return with vengeance. This was not just feeling horny. This was desire. She realised that this must be how Gabby feels when they make love. Mary wanted to show her adoration of Gabby. She wanted to show her total submission to this beautiful, sexy girl. Her girlfriend. Her lover.

Gabby had wrapped her arms around Mary and Mary now raised up hers to prise Gabby’s arms up over her head, exposing her armpits. Mary kissed her way down Gabby’s left arm to nuzzle into her armpit. Her tongue circling the sensitive flesh causing Gabby Bycasino güncel giriş to recoil very slightly. Mary felt her gasp and knew she was having a big effect on her. Quickly she moved to the other side and repeated the same action. Causing Gabby to exclaim in groaning pleasure.

Finishing this intimate treatment of her armpits, Mary moved down to Gabby’s boobs. She licked the hard nipples and drew them into her mouth, first one then the other. Once more she marvelled at Gabby’s thick, womanly nipples. She loved how they felt as she swirled her tongue around them. Feeling their solid form. Then drawing them into her lips and suckling gently before licking them with her broad-flat tongue. She worked her nipples like this for many minutes, kissing her way back and forth between her full round boobs.

Gabby was on her back, arms still above her head. Giving herself up to Mary’s attentions, “Aw God,” was all she could repeat every so often.

While Mary kissed her boobs she moved her left hand down in search of Gabby’s pussy. Her fingers threaded through her thick bushy pubes and impulsively she made a fist. Clenching the pubes between her fingers and tugging gently. This caused Gabby to thrust upward and spread her legs wide open. Almost in vulgar invitation to her lover to do whatever she wanted, “Yes.”

“You like what I’m doing?” Mary took time to ask.

The question hardly required an answer, but Gabby offered up a surprising response, “Do that again,” to clarify what she meant Gabby raised up her hips signalling that she wanted Mary to grip her pubes again.

Mary gave her a deep passionate kiss while gently pulling on her pubes again, “You want me to be a little rough,” she breathed into Gabby’s mouth. She didn’t even wait for the answer before closing her fist hard around Gabby’s pubes. She pulled firmly. For second she was scared she might have hurt her.

Gabby immediately dispelled that worry. Pulling Mary into a hard kiss she jerked her hips to accentuate the tension on her pubes. Mary got the idea and scrunched her fingers into Gabby’s pubes while also circling her knuckles against her clit.

“Yessss,” Gabby hardly stopped kissing her to hiss that word. Her hips bucked rapidly as she tried to ride Mary’s fist against her pussy. She groaned hard as a small orgasm rippled though her. It was just the start of what she knew was on offer.

Mary seemed to know what was happening and loosened her grip on Gabby’s pubes to rapidly frig her fingers on Gabby’s clit. Gabby arched up to meet the pressure and rode the next few pre-orgasmic tremors that broke over her. It was divine but not yet the full explosive climax that she knew was waiting.

Without pause or apology she clasped Mary’s hair and pulled her back from their kiss, “Lick me,” was all she said.

There was no hesitation. Mary was eager to devour her girlfriend’s pussy. She wriggled down her body and between her spread legs to place her mouth over Gabby’s hot pussy. Any former reticence was gone as she licked deeply and sucked on her labia and clit. Her head nodded rapidly as she eagerly worked Gabby to her rapidly approaching climax. At the same time she played with her own pussy, partly out of need and partly to try to keep pace with Gabby’s galloping arousal.

Gabby knew that the earlier pre-shocks were just indications of what was to come. This had been building all day. It felt like nothing she had ever experienced before. This time she had no reservation. She knew she would cum hard and she knew her climax would be intense. She wanted Mary to know what she was doing to her, “Oh God, Babygirl,” she whispered hoarsely, “I’m going to cum.”

“Hmmm mmm mmm,” was the only encouragement she got from Mary. That and her bright blue eyes sparkling up at her from between her legs.

Gabby felt her insides convulse. It took her breath away and she layback shaking as her body was wracked by one massive explosion of pleasure after another. She shook and squirmed in response to each successive wave. It was the biggest orgasm of her young life, fuelled by her feverish lust for her gorgeous friend.

Mary knew it was coming, she could feel Gabby’s body quaking. As it started her mouth was filled with Gabby’s juices. It seemed to bubble up in successive floods. It no longer shocked her and she relished the idea that only she had ever made Gabby wet like this. It was a sexy, messy compliment to their love and to Gabby’s desire for her. Mary felt empowered by it. She felt her own desire for this beautiful girl overwhelm her.

Her own arousal had been building steadily, stoked by the day’s events, and ignited by her fingers playing on her clit as she had made love to Gabby. Inevitably her race to climax had fallen behind Gabby’s, but now she knelt between Gabby’s legs and looked down on her reclining in her post-orgasmic tranquillity. She looked wonderful in the half light. Her skin almost golden. Her breasts heaving from her deep steady breathing. Her glorious mane of crimson hair wrapped around her face. Mary played with her pussy as she surveyed the golden goddess in front her. But rather than praying to this vision she was praising her by striving for her orgasm. She wanted to have her release. She wanted to exhibit to Gabby her total devotion to her.

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