The Tail

A soft golden light flickered across her bare white skin. On her hands and knees, legs apart, her most delicate and vulnerable parts exposed to her lover. Goosebumps ran across her skin in waves, and she fought the urge to shiver. Beneath her were soft furs and blankets, a kindness from her Sir. She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing.

The sharp crack of his hand across her ass made her jump. She hadn’t heard him approach. She knew he was there, watching her eyes burning with lust. His footsteps were light; he made no sound when he moved. The stinging slap burning warm on her ass cheek as the cracking sound faded. Then his hands were on her, feeling her, roaming up her creamy inner thighs, pausing to stroke her short black pubic hair and caress her labia. She gyrated her hips, tensed her muscled legs and her perfect ass rippled. His hand struck down on her cheek again,

“Do not move.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She fought back a shiver. She could feel her excitement becoming wetness. His hands teased and caressed her legs. He enjoyed the silken sensation of her upper thighs. He moved closer, his body brushing hers. She felt the soft tip of his rigid cock brush against her leg, her exposed flanks. His fingers gently, but firmly dipped into her pussy. She made the little moaning sound that was hers alone.

“Are you ready?” His voice was low, barely audible.

“Yes, Sir.”

She heard him move now, some rustling and the characteristic üvey kız kardeş porno snap of a bottle of lube. Then a cold drop of oily-slick lubricant plopped onto her ass hole. More of the little moans.

“C-can I watch, Sir?” She asked timidly. He smiled and touched her hair, running his hand down her neck and back.

“Yes, Love.”

She turned her head back and saw the tail. It was black and silver fur attached to a moderately sized butt plug. Oiled and ready, he touched the tip to her sensitive opening. He bent low and kissed her ass cheek, one arm under her pelvis to hold her, the other gently pushing the tail-plug into her.

“Relax.” He said patiently. She did this because her Sir asked her to, told her to, and she trusted him. It was a trust born out of strange times and a fiery proving ground. She knew she did trust him.

The tail-plug slid in, and she gasped out, “Thank you, Sir! I love my new tail!”

He kissed her ass cheek, her lower back, and her shoulder. “Show me.”

He backed away from her and took a seat in a chair at the ring of candlelight. She arched her back, concave, convex, and wiggled her hips. The silver and black swished. She stood and posed. First, a demure stance, seductive and subtle, then a vulgar pose with her legs spread, fingers holding her wet pussy open and tail dangling between her legs, other hand holding her left tit like an offering. She xnxx porno lay on her stomach and scissored her legs. She sat up, curled her tail around her waist. As the tail plug pushed deeper into her ass, she moaned.

“See, Sir?” She pirouetted and wiggled. “Thank you!”

She could see his hand working slowly, up and down his cock; she could hear the smacking and sucking sounds of the lube as he masturbated.

She licked her lips and almost forgot herself, she took a step forward then stopped and dropped to her knees, the tail between her spread thighs. She looked to the floor and opened her mouth – her signal that she was ready to serve again.

“Approach.” He said softly. She crawled forward languidly and put her cheek against his bare leg. The black eyeliner made her deep eyes seem so far away, at once dense and filled with promise. She opened her mouth. As he stroked himself, his caressed her cheek with his other hand, playing with her hair in the way she loved. She gave her own little moan again.

“Begin.” His voice was husky and heavy with passion. She dove upon his cock, pursing her lips and pushing her face forward, using her tongue to simulate that first penetration that he so loved. She took in length in one fluid motion and moaned, the vibrations in her throat causing him to do the same. She sucked and bobbed, hands flat in her thighs.

He tilted his head back, reveling in the sensation, trying so very zenci porno hard to not let his pleasure show. She knew him, knew his passions and his heart, however, and could not be fooled. She closed her eyes and gave herself to his pleasure, became a thing that would please him, not a separate being, an aspect of him, like his hand or his heart. She worked for long minutes, her own passion mounting, her wetness running down her legs.

She went into a place that was not awake or asleep; she was present but not, lost in the pleasure of service.

She felt his hand on her cheek, and she looked up. He leaned forward, bent low and pulled her from his cock. He kissed her full, languishing in the sensation, the saliva from her labors smearing on their chins. She looked into his eyes and knew, for that was her duty, to understand his needs before him. She turned and got down on all fours, swished her tail twice and reached behind her, pulled it aside, exposing her waiting vagina.

It was full, engorged with excitement and glistened in the candlelight. He took a moment to appreciate the apple-shaped ass and the flower nestled between her cheeks. He knelt and penetrated easily. He pumped slowly, then faster, as was his way. Then he slowed again, and then sped up. His breathing was growing ragged and heavy.

“Inside me. Please, Sir, that is the only place it can be.”

He came inside her then, pouring everything that he was into her. He shuddered and growled her name, she gasped and whimpered. Still, inside her, he reached around her and gently tickled her clit. She exploded in an orgasm in seconds. He held her body close, his cheek against hers.

He whispered something to her then, something that would stay between them forever.

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