Miss Perkins: Tuesday

Wake to my alarm and stumble into my bathroom. Remember to not take a shower this time, though I will tomorrow. Splash water on my face then get the radio on and brush my hair. Losing the curls but still looking good. Back to my room to pick out my outfit and I am not sure. Miss Perkins paid attention to me finally.

The problem is I can only dress so slutty before the partners complain. There is a certain level of professionalism needed, especially in a law firm. Look at everything then toss caution to the wind, so to speak. I grab up a short skirt and one of the more revealing work shirts I have. This one has no buttons, it zips up in the back and has the front open to have cleavage.

Hoping nobody complains I dash out to my car and climb in. There is a coffee shop just down the road from the office, they have good muffins there. Also pretty good lattes. Enter the building carrying a latte and a muffin and get stared at. The receptionists can’t get over what I am wearing, has me giggling since they asked which partner I am seducing today.

At my desk I sit before I am getting the headset on. Luckily with this skirt I can clip the receiver to me so I can go to the bathroom easily. Why there is only one secretary up here, the headset means I can do whatever the partner needs and still answer calls. When Mr. Scores comes in he stops and stares, so stick my tongue out at him.

“I would almost call that sexual harassment.” Snort and giggle.

“You are not my type, now if you had breasts and a pussy.” Stop and look at him. “Well a major overhaul on personality as well.” He tosses up his hands.

“Nobody has complained about that before.” Nod and he rolls his eyes. “That was a one time thing, I’ve gotten better.”

“You are decidedly too manly.”

“That was a low blow, besides I thought that lesbians in skirts wanted lesbians who are butch.” Shake my head.

“Yes and not really. Even a lesbian acting like a man does not act like a man.” Get stared at a second then he chuckles.

“I sort of understood that. So do you go for the ones who wear pants?” Nod and shrug.

“I go for women, doesn’t really matter how she dresses. My big problem is I keep finding the ones that are not out of the closet and refuse to come out.”

“So no public holding hands?” Nod and he frowns. “That sucks, best get to the office before you get a call for me.

He heads for his office and I sit again to take a bite of muffin. Then Miss Perkins is getting off the elevator so stand up again, with muffin in hand. She looks at me then stops.

“Is the muffin for me?” Shake my head.

“No Miss Perkins, is my breakfast. Had bad timing on picking it up to take a bite.”

“It is a nice looking muffin, shop down the street?” Nod and smile.

“The muffins are good and the lattes are good. Not a national chain so prices are fairly good as well.” She leans closer to sniff at the muffin and I get a smile.

“Smells good, see if you can get mail room to run and get me a muffin and latte. I would think chocolate and chocolate cinnamon.”

“Yes Miss Perkins.”

Watch her head for her office and get on the line to mail room. Seems the instant I am hanging up on mail room there is a call. The celeb is irate and ranting so takes me a few minutes to get them to calm down. Also have a quandary, the celeb is not in legal trouble, a relative is and they are paying for a lawyer.

Also was told to send the next call like last night to Miss Perkins. Which I can do easily enough, she is criminal defense after all. The problem is, this isn’t like last night. I better ask the partner about this, and he is not answering his office phone. Know he is there, I get a listing of the partners that are in today.

Put the celeb on hold after outlining the problem and dash on the elevator. Stepping off to get another call and another celeb. This one takes a while but do manage to get what they need and send them off to the proper lawyer. That one wants a prenuptial, for no good reason. Sometimes, I want to take away phones from celebs, or perhaps assign every single one a lawyer to follow them around.

Do make it to the partner’s office and knock to get a come in. He is staring at me, and playing office golf.

“I am surprised you didn’t forward it to my cell.” Snort and giggle.

“Figured you turned it off. Office golf is a new hobby so let me know if you need anything, mail room likes to gopher. Anyway I got an irate celeb on the line, their relative is in trouble and you said the next one goes to Miss Perkins. This isn’t the same thing so I am wondering if you want me to give it to her.”

“May as well, she has a longer wait for her cases to get in court. You know, if I didn’t know better I’d say you had the hots for me.” Groan and roll my eyes. “I know, course if you get smaller clothes on I’m going to use the company card for escorts, so don’t go there.” Nod and can’t hold in the giggle.

“Promise I won’t go smaller. Honestly I don’t have smaller until we are talking lingerie or a bikini.” He snorts and waves me bursa escort bayan off.

“Don’t send her the call, go to her office and give it to her so you can explain why the client is getting her. Say that I said she is the best we have for this type of case. What is the trouble?”

“Grand theft auto.”

Earns me a groan and pointed out the door so head for the elevator and down one floor. Find I have another latte and muffin on my desk so a few choice words for mail room. Would call up to yell except I get another call. This one at least is easy, it is one of our business clients so transfer him to the proper partner and collect the things for Miss Perkins.

Knock on her door and get a come in so come in and find her sitting at her desk. Laptop sitting before her and she is looking at me. Smile as I take the latte and muffin over to set on the desk next to her laptop but not close to avoid spills.

“I was wondering where that was.”

“I had to go upstairs to talk to the other criminal partner. Have a case for you and was directed to come in and explain to the client why they are getting you. Don’t worry the celeb is not the client, relative is instead.”

“So you carried that upstairs?” Shake my head.

“Mail room left it on my desk. Found it when I came back down.” She rolls her eyes.

“I am going to ask, why is it better to have a relative client?”

“This particular celeb doesn’t have much left upstairs.”

“Oh, well forward me the call and stay here, you can take notes.” Nod and sit on one of the client chairs then pull out my cell phone.

“Going to record and don’t worry, will write it down and erase. My phone can connect to the headset so nobody will hear it out of this office.” Miss Perkins snorts then points to the side, there is a recorder sitting there.

Giggle a little until she glares and points at her phone so forward the waiting celeb to her. About five minutes of explaining why they waited on hold so long and why Miss Perkins is taking the case, then we are getting the information. We don’t really get that much information but we do get what we need.

Namely the relatives name and which precinct they are being held at. Waiting on an attorney for the relative right now in fact so Miss Perkins is going on a road trip shortly. When we hang up on the celeb I grab my phone to go back to my desk and type it up for an email. Miss Perkins puts her hand up and points at a chair then grabs up her phone.

“Francis I need to meet with a new client in a police precinct. I was wondering if I can take Olivia along.” Miss Perkins looks at me then is nodding. “Yes she is sitting right here. Doesn’t look upset at the idea. Will have to ask about taking her car but if we do yes I will tell you all about it.” Miss Perkins smiles at me and hangs up so I guess I can ask now.

“Why am I going with you?”

“Because you are better at taking notes than any of the worker bees.” Can’t help giggling and she grins. “I think it is a goofy saying too but also rather fun.”

“So the receptionists downstairs will handle the calls?” Miss Perkins nods and shrugs.

“Celebs will be upset but so what, if they were any more high strung they would float off the planet.” I am giggling madly while she grabs up a briefcase and her purse then stands up. “I’d like to take your car, we have all noticed it and honestly you almost have the best car.”

“I only get six cylinders but two seat convertibles don’t need eight anyway.”

Miss Perkins snorts then follows me to my desk where I call the receptionists and let them know I’m leaving. Also set up my headset to forward calls to them and then we are getting on the elevator.

“So you are into cars and can fix them?” Shake my head.

“I’m a girly lesbian, why I am always wearing a skirt.”

Get off the elevator and the receptionists are watching us leave with their jaws hanging. Miss Perkins heads for the passenger seat so lucky me, no discussions on driving my car. Get us going and enter in the address we are going. Voice activated is such a wonderful thing to have, especially when there are people at the other end who can find addresses for you.

Did pay a little more for the service, but so what it is so worth it. Also don’t talk at first, just get to navigate the traffic off and then on the freeway.

“So is there anything happening in your life?”

“The guy I grew up next door to is getting married. Mom is going with me and is picking out the present, may or may not have to pay her for half.”

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Shake my head.

“Was dating a girl, she was in the closet and not coming out. Partly why I bought this car.”

“It is a great car, has plenty of oomph so guys will like, also gorgeous inside.” Nod and glance at her.

“Since we are bordering on sexual harassment already, do you have a guy or gal?” Miss Perkins giggles and shakes her head.

“I am in between at the moment. Not that we’re close to harassment, for that one of us would have to make a horrible pass.”

“I bursa bayan escort wouldn’t do a horrible pass. I’ve gotten them tossed at me a few times.”

“Fairly sure all women have, go to a club and the later in the day it is the worse the passes.”

“I don’t know, I seem to get the really bad ones. Had a guy come up to me in a club once, did the you must be an angel line then said he is prepared to meet my every desire. I told him he would have to have a pussy to do that. So he remarked that he had better.” Miss Perkins is giggling now. “I told him that he only thinks it is better and that it’s not for me.”

“Did he give up?” Shake my head.

“He went on and on about how if I only tried him out I would know the error of my thinking. Even enlisted another guy to help. I honestly was thinking they would gang rape me so left fast.”

“Did you not go to a gay club?” Nod and sigh.

“I went to a lesbian place, big place and quite nice. Men show up to try and get a woman to try him out or let him watch. Probably would take part as well if anyone was ever dumb enough to let him watch.”

“Do you do one night stands?”

“I have, twice because she wanted to try it out. Big story about how she has never but always looks and gets excited looking at lingerie ads. The first one was actually what she said, she honestly wanted to try it out. Second it was a ploy of sorts to get a threesome with her husband. Luckily I didn’t have to do the husband, helped her stroke him a little and got eaten while he fucked her.”

“Just those two?” Shake my head and turn red because I am sounding like a slut.

“Three more because I was between girlfriends, the sex was good but didn’t go back. There is a fourth time but that turned into a girlfriend and not coming out of the closet, I keep finding those.”

Miss Perkins nods and doesn’t say anything else. Not that it matters, I am pulling off the freeway and heading for the precinct, also not a good section of town. Fairly sure there is gang sign here and there on the buildings. Not always a business building either, sometimes the city of angels is quite bereft of anything nice.

Not to say the people living here are horrible. Not all of them anyway, some of the gang members are horrible people but otherwise. Besides the whole stupid shoot at people for colors on their clothes the neighborhood is nice enough. Not looking all that nice but this is a pricey city to live in, so either you have a tiny apartment or a house with little spare money.

Unless you have a high paying job. Sadly most of those high paying jobs involve getting in front of a camera or a microphone. Course I am wondering why exactly the new client is at this precinct, this whole section is almost entirely black and Mexican. Then I am parking us in front of the precinct and quite worried about my car.

“Maybe I should stay here.” Miss Perkins snorts and shakes her head.

“No, you will go in with me and talk to the detective overlooking the case. Find out what they know and think about our client.”

“I am not a lawyer, he is your client.”

“You are an employee so he is your client as well. This case helps pay your salary.”

Hard to argue with that, she also gets out of the car. Follow suit then put the top up and lock the doors. Alarm set I follow her in to the precinct then stop and turn around to make sure the windows are up. Also being laughed at by the cop sitting behind the desk right there, I parked directly in front of the door so he can see it.

“Great car Ma’am, it is also in my view, the hoodlums won’t touch it.” Sigh and turn red.

“I’m nervous in this neighborhood, also a new car.”

Miss Perkins giggles then says who she is and who her client is. We get buzzed in to the back and lead to the interview rooms. Introductions go around then Miss Perkins is going in to see her client and I am nervous.

“Are you here to make me not pay attention to what is going on in there?” Snort and shake my head.

“I’m a lesbian. Also a secretary but was told I’m coming here to help. So I get to question you, what do you know about him and the case?” He sighs and tosses up his hands.

“Figures, nobody ever sends in a cute gal to distract me.” I am giggling when he looks at me. “We don’t know all that much really. The car was reported stolen, according to the recording we have the car stopped being in the driveway and nobody asked to borrow it. I’ll call that stolen.” Nod and sigh, not looking so good on the client, though there is one thing.

“Why is he in this precinct?”

“We’re not sure, he lawyered up immediately so no questions can be asked. He lives in a better neighborhood but not that much better. Also a neighbor but we haven’t talked to her about it yet. Want his side of things before going to her.”

“Where is the car?”

“Impound lot.”

“Will there be a charge to get it out?” He nods.

“Faster you can get someone to it the cheaper. Normally we would send a detective to drive the bursa merkez escort owner to the lot but if you two want to get her there. It is only five years old so had to get a truck there or the car wouldn’t stay.” Nod and sigh.

“Luckily the cost of getting it out of impound will be added to our client fee.” He snorts.

“How is he affording your firm?”

“Relative of his called us up and said help so here we are.” He looks at me and holds for a second before looking back at the camera feed, for Miss Perkins safety.

“Who is related to him?” Share the name and he snorts. “I like his movies.”

“Probably wouldn’t like talking to him. I am biased on that, they only ever call when upset, at least half the time that means high on something as well.”

“You talk to them?” Nod and shrug when he looks at me.

“I’m the secretary for the partners. I handle the calls from the big clients, celebs and our business clients. Also handle things like printing and ordering things for the partners, lunch mostly.”

“Hard job?”

“No it’s quite easy, also involved since I do need to file reports and scan receipts for accounting. First time I’ve been involved like this. Fairly sure it was so Miss Perkins can get in my car and tell the rest about it.” He snorts and chuckles.

“What kind of car do you have?”

“Brand new BMW Z4 coupe convertible. Seriously dreamy car with wonderful perks, and I didn’t get all the options. Zone air conditioning but not heating seats. Did get the electronic goodness, bluetooth and voice activated everything, if I want I can call up and get recommendations on places to go and directions sent to my GPS system.” That gets me a sigh.

“I don’t make enough for one of those.”

“Bit over seven a month plus insurance, good gas mileage.” He looks over at me.

“You bought it?” Nod and shrug.

“The car will work and look good for eight years or so at least, no reason to lease.”

“No I suppose not, fairly good price on that as well, seventy?” Nod and smile at him.

“Got fairly close to eighty with the options. Not that I am sure it is a good idea to buy one if you live near here.”

“Don’t, our parking is safe as well. Still I don’t think I will get one of those. Probably get rumors going I’m taking pay from somebody.”

Probably true, I make close to what a detective does and it’s not so easy. If my apartment cost more or if I couldn’t cook I’d be unable to afford my car. Miss Perkins is also exiting the room so we meet her in the hallway.

“Before I say anything I better ask, why was my client picked up for grand theft auto?”

“Car owner called in to report the car gone and nobody asked. All we know so far, wanting to question him before we talk to her.” Miss Perkins nods and shakes her head.

“According to him he has permission to borrow her car. If she didn’t know he borrowed it I am calling it a good call. My client was visiting a friend to pick her up to go shopping, at least what he will let me admit, also all he said so I suppose that was the plan.” The detective is chuckling.

“Asked for a lawyer immediately after calling Mom so I suppose she told him to. Bright boy to listen, many times our suspects don’t, or do and keep talking anyway.” Miss Perkins snorts.

“I am glad I don’t have them as clients, also why I didn’t join the DA’s office. If you could contact the car owner, I will give her money to get the car out of impound.” He pulls out his phone.

“Yeah I will call up and talk to her. Probably should take your client home if she drops the charges.” I groan at this getting both to look at me.

“Two seats.”

“Oh no, calling for a cab and paying when he gets in. Could you have the car owner picked up and taken to impound?”

Detective nods and goes back into the monitoring room. When he comes back we can send the client home. Miss Perkins also writes a check to pay the fee for getting the car back. Then we take the rather depressed client out front. Miss Perkins is calling for a taxi, I got left with him and he sighs.

“Picking up your girlfriend?” He shakes his head.

“She’s a friend, lesbian so even if I did want her. Was going to take her shopping to pick out sexy clothes.”

“Olivia perhaps you should go pick her up and take her shopping.” Sigh and shake my head.

“I can’t really afford to do clothes shopping.” Miss Perkins frowns then grins.

“So you won’t, but will help out his lesbian friend. Where do you go shopping for clothes?”

“Usually I go to the mall. The clothes look good and not huge amounts for a shirt.” I’m not understanding this but Miss Perkins is smiling.

“New plan, tell the cab driver where your friend lives, you will pick her up and then go to the mall. We will meet you there and help her pick out sexy clothes, she will help me get Olivia in sexy clothes as well.”

“Miss Perkins I can’t afford to buy more clothes.”

“You won’t, it will go on the company card. We will have you dressing sexy and classy as befitting our office.”

I got nothing to say to that. Miss Perkins is a partner so has a company card. Accounting may yell about it, though I have the feeling some of what is going on she talked to the other partners about already. Makes me wonder what she has planned for me, also not real sure I care, so long as she keeps talking to me.

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