Dannie’s Temptations

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Dannie put her arms around Shim, grinning happily. “I’m so excited to go out tonight baby.” She whispered in his ear.

He turned around and tucked a strand of hair behind her ears, also smiling. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay in?” He paused. “Tiffany is a little too crazy for my tastes, if that makes any sense…”

She frowned at him. “You know I don’t like what you say negative things about my friends like that.”

He nodded. “Okay, okay. But can we go home as soon as possible? I don’t want to stay as late as last time.”

She nodded, and placed her mouth on his. “Of course. Oh! I invited Tiffany over so we can get ready together, I hope that’s okay!”

He stared down at her. “Oh… I thought you were already all dressed up.”

She nodded. “I was… but Tiffany is always so much better at making me even more glamorous!” She giggled.

“But I think you’re already so pretty just the way you are.” He commented. He knew Tiffany was bad news…

“You’re so sweet.” She said before parting from him. She looked down at her phone, scrolling through her notifications. “Oh! She’s here!” She bounced to the door, and opened it as Tiffany grinned at her. They were both very similar in appearance, both Spanish in origin with thick long brown hair. Dannie was a bit more curvy, with breasts that seemed to always pop out of her shirts and dresses no matter what she wore. She had beautiful caramel skin that looked gorgeous under the hallway lights, and Shim couldn’t help but check her out as she giggled with her best friend.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” TIffany said with feint disgust.

Dannie glanced at Shim. “See? I told you it’s all wrong!” Tiffany pulled Dannie into their bedroom, only nodding slightly at Shim before disappearing. He knew TIffany knew he didn’t like her very much, so she didn’t really bother talking to him, much. He had a feeling she had a slight crush on Dannie. How could she not with that gorgeous body of hers?

He had no idea how he ended up with someone so beautiful. He was an average height Asian male with short black hair, and he knew that she was attracted to his intelligence more than anything else, and was completely fine with that. They had only been together for a few months, afterall.

In the bedroom, Dannie was looking down at herself. “Okay, what do I need to change?”

Tiffany eyed her from head to toe. “I think your dress is completely gorgeous!” It was a tight navy blue dress that hugged her body beautifully with a slit down the side of her leg. “It’s just… the makeup is kind of lacking.”

“Oh…” Dannie nodded, like all of this made a lot of sense. “Why don’t you just remove it and do it for me then? I love when you do my makeup!”

Tiffany grinned. “Exactly what I like to hear.” She went to work, removing the light makeup Dannie had done on her own and started making her magic. After she was done, which took almost an hour, she shoved Dannie to the mirror to show her.

Dannie gasped when she looked at herself. “I look… I look…”

“Stunning.” Tiffany finished. Dannie now had very heavy makeup on, layers of foundation hid all of her blemishes, and she had extremely long eyelashes, where a single bat of them could destroy a guy’s heart in an instant. Tiffany had put a lot of lip gloss on her. A crazy amount, and Tiffany had a hard time pressing her mouth together without smudging all of it everywhere.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Dannie asked.

“You don’t like it?” Tiffany pouted.

“I love it! I just feel like someone might judge me. It’s so slutty!”

Tiffany crossed her arms. “You’re talking about Shim, aren’t you? If you’re dating someone that doesn’t let you be yourself and be happy, then you shouldn’t be with him in the first place!”

Dannie nodded. “Okay, okay. You’re right.”

“I’m always right.” Tiffany said before shoving Dannie out the door for Shim to see.

He heard the two girls emerge and started to say, “It’s been more than an hour, are the two of you done yet?” His jaw dropped when he ataşehir escort saw his girlfriend. “What the… what is all this?” He put the book on the couch and approached her, putting his hands on her shoulders as he examined her. “That’s like 50 layers of lip gloss!”

Dannie glanced at Tiffany. “I told you he won’t like it.”

Tiffany frowned. “Be a man and respect your girl!” Shim couldn’t say anything to that, only nod. He would have to talk to Dannie about her friend’s behaviour when they got back.

“Okay, can we go now?” Shim asked, afraid the two girls would somehow have to change into new outfits now… which would take another hour.

“Yup!” The three of them hopped onto the car with Shim driving as the designated driver. Soon, they arrived at their destination, Tiffany’s birthday bash. Dannie and Shim were both not the types to go out that often, which was why she was so excited to see her friends and just have a good time.

She gasped when she looked around. “Tiffi! You did such a good job! I can’t believe you didn’t get me to help out, you did all this yourself?”

Tiffany nodded proudly. “Yup. And look at all the cocktails I made.” There were rows and rows of shimmering liquid, none of which were labelled but all looked equally as enticing. A few people have already arrived, and Tiffany had her hands on her hips when she announced: “For all the pretty girls tonight, I have an announcement!”

Shim put his hand around Dannie’s, already wanting to go home and not deal with this nonsense. “I have hired…” She walked to the front door, and placed her hand on the door knob before opening it dramatically. “Male strippers!” Two men in almost no clothes at all strutted into the room, both of them sporting bulges that looked like they were stuffed, but obviously weren’t. They had toned muscles that were oiled up, which made them look harder and even more delicious. Dannie squeezed down on Shim’s hand in excitement. He glared at her, but she didn’t even see his expression, she was practically fanning herself from seeing these men.

“I’ve never seen strippers in real life before…” She whispered to herself.

Shim groaned internally. This night was already going as horribly as he imagined…

Throughout the night, Tiffany ran around the room, talking to everyone and laughing along with them, she was the star of the show, and everyone loved her. She didn’t forget about her friend, though. She would drag Dannie along with her, introducing her to everyone in the party, even hinting that a few of the men would do better for her than Shim. Shim hated her… a lot. He couldn’t believe that Dannie, a girl that he was dating, could be friends with someone like this. He kept looking at her, trying to make eye contact with her, begging her to realize that he really wanted to just go home. Tiffany kept giving Dannie more and more drinks as well, even when she shook her head like she didn’t want any more, she kept shoving them in her face, telling her she worked really hard to make them and they were her new magical recipes, guaranteed to make any person lose their inhibitions and start to have proper fun.

The alcohol seemed to work as well, Dannie became louder and louder as time went on, and was flirting with people unabashedly. She giggled away, flipped her thick long brown hair, batting her eyelashes at anyone who saw her. She kept reapplying her lip gloss as well, like it needed any more layers than it already had. Shim could only stand at the sides, watching people while judging every single one of them. He wished he could partake in some drinking now, just to forget what was going on. But as the designated driver… there was nothing he could do about it.

It was a few hours into the party when Tiffi announced that the strippers would start dancing now. So far, they had been flirting with a few of the girls, and showing off a few of their moves, waiting for the night to really begin. Dannie was absolutely swooning over them, and despite being too shy to actually go up to talk to them, she kept ataşehir escort stealing glances once in a while, hoping that one of them would notice her. The only person who noticed these glances was Shim himself. The strippers began to dance, and they did a very fine job. They knew exactly how to move their bodies, and the light seemed to bounce off their rigid hard muscles, showing off all of the different layers and complexity of their bodies. Dannie was freaking out internally, she couldn’t believe guys could be this hot in real life. It was so unfair, why couldn’t she date someone that looked like that? She could feel her mind getting more and more cloudy from the alcohol, and heard it whisper for her to do more, to have more fun. She didn’t care at all. She just wanted to keep dancing and laughing and having the time of her life, and Tiffany kept spurring her on, whispering in her ear to do more, to not think.

“We need a sexy lady from the audience!” One of them called out, still thrusting away. Everyone turned to Tiffi, expecting her to want to go up to them immediately. She shook her head though, her grin wide.

“Dannie, go on then!” She screamed out, and the room’s eyes turned to her. Dannie shook her head.

“No, no! It’s your party, you deserve it.” She said, though she desperately wanted to be the girl they wooed.

“Girl, I would have so much more fun seeing you enjoy yourself.” Tiffi walked up to her and pushed her into the middle of the room, where the strippers watched with eager eyes.

“How about the two of you join us? You can help us as the host.” The male winked. Shim stood there, flabbergasted. He knew Tiffany was doing this on purpose to make him jealous, she hated him, and wanted to make him angry. He would stay calm, this happened all the time.

The two men started to dance away, and pushed Dannie onto the chair they had set up. One of the men, the bigger of the two, sat on top of her, and started to hump away along with the music. Dannie blushed scarlet, and she realized that she had never been so turned in her life. The look of the male looking down at her, hungry, clearly attracted to her, and the way that his hips moved, demonstrating how good he really would be if he actually thrusted into her… she wanted it bad.

Then, he did the unthinkable – he put his hands on her cheeks and bent her forwards, putting his lips on hers. He didn’t wait for her to react, he opened and closed his mouth like an expert around hers, and she kissed him back, her tongue swirling around his. It was like she forgot Shim was there, watching. Forgot that they had an audience. All she wanted to do was to touch him more. She twirled her fingers into his matte black hair, pulling it as she moaned into his mouth. This was all he needed. He got up slightly and pulled the tight boxers off, revealing his giant dick to the audience. The girls in the room gasped out loud, all eyes staring at the dick they all wanted to be inside of them.

It was right in front of Dannie, and she stared at it, transfixed. It was nothing compared to Shim’s. It was covered in veins, throbbing, demanding to be sucked. He placed his cock next to her face, and she could help it, her tongue came out and she gave it a little flick. He looked down at her, eyes searing, and nodded in encouragement. She put it in her mouth, then, and felt it widen at the large foreign object in her mouth. She moaned, she loved his manly scent, how she looked like a slut in front of everyone. She could hear the girls cheering her on, all of them also intoxicated by Tiffany’s brew. He grabbed her hair and thrusted into her, and she fought hard not to gag, realizing he was barely in her mouth and still had a long way to go. She swirled her tongue around his dick, loving every second of it.

Shim, on the other hand, couldn’t believe what was happening. He took a few steps towards the centre of the room, but was dragged back by a few of the girls, telling him to calm down. He stood there, staring at his girlfriend sucking another guy’s cock, unable to do anadolu yakası escort anything. His heart pounded away, and he wondered if he was imagining all of this. He must be. Dannie would never do something like this to him, especially not directly in front of him. What the hell has gotten into her?! He moved his eyes towards Tiffany, glaring at her, but she was too busy making out with the other man to even pay attention to him. He considered leaving the two of them and never coming back, but he had to stay to see how else Dannie wanted to hurt him.

The stripper left her mouth, and Dannie frowned a little, sad that it was over. Instead, he lifted her up, and joined Tiffany and his colleague. They looked at each other, and then shoved the two girls together. Dannie hesitated for a second, but Tiffany put her mouth on her’s, and the two girls started to make out in front of all of their friends. The two strippers were cheering them on, and they situated themselves behind the girls, letting them lean on their hard backs as they played with each other.

Dannie could feel the male’s hands circle around her body, landing directly at her crotch. He started to play with her over her dress, then moved it up to get better access to her panties. He circled his finger around her clit, his breath near her ears as he whispered dirty words to her. She was panting now, and knew he could tell how wet she was, how much she needed this. She wanted his fingers to go in deeper, and it seemed he was able to read her thoughts. He pulled her panties down for the audience to see, and shoved two of his fingers in. She groaned into Tiffany’s mouth, loving every second of this. Shim was completely gone from her mind. He pumped her away, in and out, in and out, like he knew everything to do to make her as horny as possible. She started to grind against him, a silent plea for more.

She could barely focus on making out with Tiffany anymore, and the other girl was losing her composure as well, being fingered by the other stripper. The stopped kissing, and the bigger stripper flicked his thumb against her clit. Dannie gasped out loud, and was pushed over the edge by that very motion. She pulsed and squeezed his fingers as she moaned loudly for all to hear. Her wetness flooded his hands, dripping onto the ground as she lost control.

Shim gasped. Did Dannie just cum in front of everyone? What the fuck!? In what universe would she be okay with being this sexual in front of people? She didn’t even like him kissing her in public before! He had no idea he was dating such slut… none of it made any sense.

With Dannie cumming, the stripper bent her over onto the chair, exposing her crotch to the audience. Some girls giggled at how wet she was, and before they could say any more, he aligned his dick to her crotch, and thrusted – hard. She practically screamed out loud. She was already so sensitive from cumming just now, and the feel of a giant dick stretching her out more than she’s ever been before… she thought she was losing her mind. He didn’t let her have time to adjust, he just started fucking her like a wild animal, over and over into her slit like she belonged to him. She moaned away, not able to think of anything else. Tiffany watched her friend, grinning from ear to ear. This was what she had planned for her all along, for her to let loose and have fun for once. She loved watching her friend moan away, loved watching Shim look at her with that look on his face. She almost shivered from how good this scene looked.

The other stripper looked at her, a silent question to whether or not she wanted to be fucked as well. She shook her head, she was having too much fun seeing Dannie being rammed to want to be fucked herself. She would have all the time possible after the party, anyways. She knew now that Shim would be breaking up with her once and for all. He was no good for her, and now he knew exactly why. She was too wild for him, and now that her sexiness was unleashed, no one would be able to tame Dannie anymore. She watched as her friend came again, her pussy milking the stripper like she needed him to cum deep inside of her. He complied, and grunted as he came as well, still holding onto Dannie’s waist, fucking her with wild abandonment.

The next time Tiffany looked up, Shim was nowhere to be found. Good, all according to plan.

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