Melissa’s Journey – Susie Pt. 02

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This is the sixth installment of Melissa’s Journey. The story can possibly stand alone, but the other stories, and particularly Melissa’s Journey: Susie Pt. 1, will add context.

Laying in her bed under the covers as Susie rustled in the kitchen, Mel’s mind was busy both processing what just happened and rifling through several Susie-related thoughts and feelings. Mel had shared with Susie details of her several lesbian experiences in college, including one that qualified as a relationship, and she knew her dear friend had multiple experiences too. She also knew the last relationship began with Susie in a mildly submissive dynamic that eventually turned more aggressive and then abusive. Susie confided in Mel she had always enjoyed submissive role playing with men, including later with her husband, and she participated fully in the submissive experiences until her lover crossed more than one line. Still, as often happens in relationships with mismatched power, it took her Susie three months to end things after deciding to do so.

Mel thought about how obviously Susie responded to Mel’s rough breast play, and she felt a twinge of guilt about possibly having exploited a desire that may have originated in a dark place. But she took solace in the fact that, over the years, Susie had often made it clear that she found it exciting to be pinched, bitten, scratched, and even slapped, although she rarely gave any details of the last relationship that ended so badly. The next wave of guilt, about having seduced (or perhaps being seduced by) Susie’s son was not as easily dismissed. Although the two long-time friends loved each other very much, Mel worried about how Susie might react knowing Mel blew her son until he came in her mouth. Twice.

As Mel reminisced about pleasing Zach, and sharing the details with her husband, Susie opened the bedroom door and came in, still gloriously naked, balancing the half-full wine bottle, two glasses, and a small plate with half of the blueberry cheesecake slice they had ordered. Mel sat up a little with a pillow behind her back, and her face lit up in reaction both to Susie’s industriousness and the sight of her naked and athletic body in the dim light. “Finally, the waitress job I had in college paid off,” Susie said as she set the wine and glasses on the nightstand and handed the plate to Mel. “Could you hold this for a sec?”

Mel beamed. “Of course,” she said, taking the plate. “I am sure I have never been served by a sexier waitress,” she added as her eyes roamed over Susie’s body.

“And I certainly have never had a more beautiful and sexy customer,” Susie teased back. “Because if I did, I would have jumped into bed with her or him in a minute,” she added suggestively.

“Well?” Mel responded, pulling down the covers next to her to invite Susie into her bed. Susie quickly obliged, snuggled next to Mel and took the plate into her own hands. “Is that the same waitress job where you slept with the manager, a cook, and three customers in just one summer?” Mel probed.

“I was nineteen, and it was two customers,” Susie said smartly. “You make it sound like I was a little slut,” she said into Mel’s ear.

“You said that, not me,” Mel laughed. “I would describe it more as a journey to explore your sexuality,” she added.

“Of course you would,” Susie responded, and she rested her head on Mel’s shoulder and looked into her eyes. “Well, none of the guys were French, but I did get to suck some big teenage cocks,” Susie said breathlessly as she moved up to kiss Mel with an inviting open mouth. Mel’s mind raced as she returned the kiss. Susie’s comment obviously was a reference to Mel’s recent “journey.” But why did Susie say “teenage cocks?” She knew about Mel’s first hook-up with a classmate of their older sons, but the only other “teenage cock” Mel had was Zach’s. Mel shuddered at the possibility Susie knew about her and Zach, before convincing herself Susie was referring to her multiple summer hookups and not Mel’s recent experiences.

Susie broke the kiss and snuggled more closely against Mel as they both savored the feeling of the other’s naked body. The cover only reached to below Mel’s breasts, but Susie pulled it further down to expose Mel’s belly. She then got a forkful of cheesecake and blueberry compote and with her left hand slowly moved the fork toward Mel’s mouth. “It’s not easy doing this left-handed,” she said quietly but she succeeded in getting the fork into Mel’s open mouth. Mel swallowed the dessert and cooed, before taking the fork to sensually feed a portion to Susie. They looked lovingly at each other, and their bodies moved against each other.

Mel then grabbed a wine glass and offered Susie a sip, before taking some herself and setting the glass back down. Both women were keenly aware how erotic they found it to feed each other. A minute later, Susie took the fork to offer Mel another mouthful of dessert, but her shaky left hand betrayed her and, with a splat, the cheesecake and blueberry topping landed on Mel’s left breast, before the cheesecake slid between her boobs. “Oh, no,” Susie said instinctively, and Mel jumped. Then they looked at each other and Sincan Escort started to laugh.

“So, I guess you will tell me that was an accident?” Mel chided.

Susie gave a mock frown and declared, “It was. I told you my left hand is not very coordinated.” Mel gave her a skeptical look, both trying not to laugh again. “But since I made the mess, I feel I should clean it up,” Susie said softly and seductively. She set the plate on the edge of the bed away from them, got on all fours next to Mel, and leaned down so that her tongue lapped at the blueberry topping on Mel’s boob. Mel watched and her breathing deepened as Susie dutifully licked off all of the fruit compote before moving between Mel’s breasts to take half the chunk of cheesecake gently into her mouth and carefully inching up to offer Mel part of the dessert that still was outside her mouth.

Mel accepted the delicious offering and let the small portion slide into her mouth when Susie’s teeth closed over the part in her mouth. Mel felt the dessert almost melt in her mouth as Susie’s face stayed no more than an inch from Mel’s. When they both swallowed the delicious offering, Susie kissed Mel and their tongues tasted the sweetness from each other’s mouth. Mel’s hand gently held the back of Susie’s head as their tongues explored. After a minute or two, Susie whispered, “I think there are a few more crumbs,” and with sparkling eyes she moved down to nestle her face between Mel’s tits and lick up the remnants of the spilled dessert.

“That was delightful,” Mel sighed as Susie looked up at her while still licking the inside of a breast. “It would be a sin to waste any of that cheesecake,” she added, again caressing the back of Susie’s head. Susie closed her eyes and sighed, and then she reached for the plate she had set aside, this time picking up a piece and smearing it down Mel’s abdomen to below her navel.

“Oops. I made another mess,” Susie said wistfully as she looked at Mel. “I guess I have more work to do,” she said breathlessly. When Susie reached her destination, her mouth covered Mel’s clit and her tongue lashed the stiffening bud, eliciting a gasp from Mel. The combination of the two friends having taken the unexpected step of becoming intimate and Susie’s talent made Mel shudder, and her hand again moved to the back of Susie’s head where it pressed her more firmly than before. Mel wallowed in pleasure as Susie almost methodically ravaged Mel’s pussy.

Although Mel was overcome by her arousal, she felt Susie move down so that her tongue pressed inside Mel, her mouth sucked on Mel’s labia, and her nose pressed on Mel’s clit. Mel felt the stirrings of an orgasm begin in her midsection, and Susie upped the ante by subtly sliding down so that her nose now pressed inside Mel, and her tongue ran across and then pressed into Mel’s ass. Mel moaned, and the tension in her belly grew exponentially. Leaving nothing to chance, Susie’s thumb massaged Mel’s clit, and Mel reflexively lifted her hips to grind into Susie’s face. Susie’s free hand reached up to feel Mel’s breast, and Mel moved her free hand on top of Susie’s hand on the breast.

Mel alternately was purring and groaning in pleasure, and Susie occasionally cooed as she vigorously tongued Mel’s ass and used the bridge of her nose to face-fuck her friend. Susie’s tongue on her ass quickly tightened the growing knot in Mel’s midsection, and she felt the beginning of a powerful orgasm. Susie seemed to sense Mel’s increasing urgency, and she turned up the intensity in her tongue and her thumb and pressed her face harder into Mel’s pussy. Mel had a thought of holding off her climax, but she was no match for Susie’s clitoral, vaginal, and anal assault. As her orgasm became inevitable, Mel stiffened and groaned, “oh fuck Suze, you’re making me come.” Mel’s abdomen tightened and flexed, and her body spasmed as the wave washed over her, for a brief moment she lost any sense of where she was, before she focused on the intense pleasure of her sexual release coursing through her body.

When Mel regained her senses, she was overcome by the thought that Susie had just brought her to an intense orgasm, and she became acutely aware that Susie was laying with her head on Mel’s thigh and her face just inches from Mel’s still quivering pussy. A thin layer of perspiration covered Mel’s body as she stroked Susie’s head, faintly aware of Susie’s breath on her pussy. “God, it has been so long since I’ve done that,” Susie announced, and Mel felt her gently kiss Mel’s puffy lips.

“Oh sweetie, let me tell you that you have not lost your touch,” Mel said. She looked down to see Susie looking up at her. “That was amazing.” Mel moved her body and gestured for Susie to move up next to her. Susie obliged, but slowly kissed and licked her way up Mel’s body, before giving Mel a soft kiss and snuggling her head on Mel’s shoulder. As Mel lay mostly on her back, Susie laid on her side to Mel’s left facing her, and Mel wrapped her arm around Susie.

“That was probably the best dessert I’ve ever eaten,” Susie said with a smile. Mel hugged her a little tighter and kissed the top of her head. She very much enjoyed Escort Ankara the feeling of cuddling her more petite friend protectively, and she noticed that Susie naturally moved into that kind of position. Mel kissed the top of her head again, vowing to do everything she could to always protect Susie. As if she read Mel’s thoughts, Susie said quietly, “It feels so good right here.”

“Yes, it does,” Mel responded. Looking to the left she saw the plate still perched on the far corner of the bed, with a last piece of cheesecakes. “It looks like there is one last helping of dessert,” Mel said provocatively. “If I get it, I might spill it all over you,” she teased. She felt Susie squirm against her. “Then I’d have to clean if up,” Mel said, completing the circle. This time Susie whimpered and nuzzled her breasts against Mel’s ribs.

Mel strained to reach the plate and quickly shifted it to her right hand so Susie could resume her position in Mel’s protective embrace. There was a mouthful of cheesecake and some blueberry compote with several full berries on the plate. Once she was again snuggled against Mel, Susie looked up at her, then at the plate in Mel’s right hand, and finally back into Mel’s eyes. Her expression showed she was both curious about what Mel was thinking and eager to find out. Still caught up in the excitement of being sexual with Susie, Mel felt frisky. She moved her body away from her friend and new lover, so that Susie flattened onto her back. With a Cheshire Cat smile, Mel slowly and deliberately drizzled the sauce on Susie’s breasts and spilled a few berries and the wedge of cheesecake on Susie’s stomach just below her breasts as Susie exhaled deeply.

“Oops, I’m so clumsy,” Mel said melodramatically. Susie just whimpered. Mel found the scene very erotic, and Susie’s stiff nipples said she did too. When Mel looked at Susie, her friend was glassy-eyed and on edge, waiting to see what Mel would do. Mel used her hand to smear the sauce over Susie’s boobs, and she said throatily, “What a mess I’ve made.” Mel squeezed the sticky breasts hard, eliciting a groan from Susie. Mel then used her hand to push the cheesecake and berries mix down Susie’s stomach, leaving a gooey trail until her messy and sticky hand cupped Susie’s crotch, spreading the tasty mess over and even in Susie’s pussy. “Oh, I’m just making it worse,” Mel teased. Susie just looked at Mel and shook her head no.

Mel moved the sticky hand from Susie’s crotch to her mouth where Susie began licking it and sucking the fingers Mel slipped in her mouth. After watching Susie clean her hand, Mel turned the tables and moved so that she could lick and suck Susie’s messy tits. She lapped the sticky sauce from Susie’s breasts, but she took time to suck and softly bite the perky nipples. After cleaning much of the blueberry sauce from Susie’s tits, Mel followed the gooey trail down Susie’s stomach, slurping up the mess she had just spread over Susie’s body. Susie was visibly trembling as Mel moved down her body for the second time that evening. When Mel reached Susie’s clit, she tongued it for a moment before moving to the end of the bed, again positioning herself between Susie’s legs. Even in the dim light of the room, Mel could see the creamy cheesecake and blue topping smeared on Susie’s smooth pussy, and her mouth watered as she leaned in.

Susie’s legs opened wide to offer herself to Mel, and Susie’s shrieked as Mel’s mouth clamped on her. Mel savored the combination of Susie’s sex and the sweet dessert both on and between Susie’s swollen lips. Mel jabbed her tongue in Susie’s pussy, moved it up to lick and flick her clitoris, and then licked down own side of labia; and then she repeated the round trip, returning via the other side. Susie grabbed her own legs behind her knees and pulled her legs back as only a high-level gymnast could, leaving her pussy spread wide open. The sight of Susie’s pussy so open was intensely erotic, bordering on obscene. But it made Mel want to devour her friend. Almost in a daze, Mel slid two fingers in Susie’s pussy, and her thumb massaged Susie’s clit; and she plunged the middle finger of her other hand into Susie’s tight asshole.

Susie gasped and yelped, and, mumbling obscenities, she shocked Mel by pushing her legs out and apart until they were open close to ninety degrees at the hips in a position Mel never imagined. Susie’s vagina and anus were as exposed as it seemed possible, giving Mel an astonishing view of her fingers double penetrating her friend. “Oh, fuck, Mel, take me, please,” Susie’s growled. Mel’s heart raced and her mind was a blur, as she looked up at Susie’s face and saw pure lust and sexual desire. Mel maneuvered her hand and slid a third finger in her friend’s wide-open pussy, causing Susie to grunt at Mel to “fuck me please.” Mel obliged, moving her three fingers in and out of Susie’s pussy and moving her finger inside Susie’s ass, all the while using a thumb to rub Susie’s clit. The raw sexuality of the scene overwhelmed both women.

Mel wanted nothing more than to please Susie, and Susie trembled as she processed the idea of being so exposed and vulnerable to Mel. Trusting Eryaman Escort Bayan Mel completely, Susie allowed herself to act on the desire to give herself completely to another woman, finally unencumbered by the fear that overtook her last relationship so many years ago. The combination of the physical pleasure of Mel’s touch and finally exorcising the demons of that abusive relationship took Susie to new sexual and emotional highs, so that her impending orgasm would also bring about tears of relief and joy. For her part, Mel could intuitively feel that Susie was completely invested in their lovemaking, and Mel felt a powerful rush of adrenaline. Wanting desperately to have more of Susie, Mel leaned in to awkwardly push a fourth finger in Susie’s wide open pussy while also leaning in to press her tongue into Susie alongside the fingers.

Feeling Mel’s mouth against her pussy put Susie over the top, and her body tensed before waves of sexual release washed over her. She grabbed Mel’s head, but the intensity of her climax robbed Susie of most fine motor skills and she just surrendered to the almost violent spasms that wracked her body. Mel abandoned her efforts to tongue Susie and just pressed her face into Susie’s vagina and enjoyed the experience of sharing Susie’s massive climax. By the time Susie’s orgasm subsided, she was gasping for breath and audibly sobbing as a result of the emotional catharsis that accompanied her climax. Mel kissed Susie’s inner thigh, before lifting her head and asking softly, “Are you okay, sweetie?”

Susie looked at Mel with tears in her eyes and some running down her cheeks. “Oh, god, yes… that was incredible,” Susie whispered. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Suze,” Mel said, easing her fingers out of Susie and moving up to again lay next to and put her arm around her friend. Susie immediately cozied up against Mel, resting her head on Mel’s shoulder and upper chest. Mel enjoyed the feeling of holding Susie protectively.

“I could stay here forever,” Susie sighed.

“That works for me,” Mel responded, leaning down to again kiss the top of Susie’s head. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Mel asked.

“I’m sure. It is just that this has brought back so many memories, mostly good but some scary,” Susie shared. Mel hugged her tighter, and Susie looked up, smiling softly, and said, “Mostly good.” Despite that assurance, Mel felt Susie trembling, and she hugged her again and leaned down to kiss the top of Susie’s head and her forehead.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Mel asked softly. Susie snuggled closer against Mel and draped her left leg across Mel’s thighs.

Mel’s question, asked tenderly, unlocked a flood of thoughts and emotions. Over the next thirty minutes or so, Susie talked openly and intimately about her past and her current situation, with Mel making supportive comments here and there. Susie shared how she had I encouraged her ex-lover Liz to dominate her, being more than a willing participant. And she tearfully talked about how guilty she has always felt about letting the relationship get out of hand. Then, in a much needed moment of levity, they both admitted to having a “Mom moment” thought about being careful because Mel would never be able to get the blueberry stains out of her bed comforter or sheets

About half way through her stream of consciousness monologue, Susie got contemplative again and said she had “accepted… and even wanted” everything that happened back then for so long, she knew there was no way she could keep it under control. “And… I…” Susie stuttered, almost trance-like, and Mel felt her friend shivering.

“You were so young baby,” Mel comforted Susie. “Please don’t beat yourself up over that.”

“I know,” Susie exhaled. She closed her eyes and said with very little emotion, “But I know now some part of me wanted it… Even at the end,” Susie whimpered and sobbed softly. Susie’s confession took Mel aback, but she hugged her friend more tightly and turned just a bit so that Susie’s head pressed against Mel’s breast. They lay together, breathing almost in synch, allowing Susie to sit with her revelation. Mel said nothing, giving Susie space to add anything else. “I realized that tonight when I was spread open for you,” Susie said quietly.

“That was very erotic,” Mel said. “I will admit I had never thought about how a gymnast might transfer certain skills to the bedroom,” she added. She worried that her wistful tone was not serious enough for the moment. So she was happy to see Susie smile at her comment.

“It was,” Susie agreed, making Mel tingle. Susie took a deep breath and paused, before going on to explain that her former lover “would take me like that” and then belittle Susie by saying the only reason she “allowed” Susie to stay on the team was to have her practice opening her legs to offer up her “cunt.” Mel had never heard Susie use the “C word,” and she knew it was a quote that was seared in Susie’s memory. Susie shared how painful it was for Liz to mock her being a gymnast because it was such a huge and important part of her life, and it was why Susie was in that college in the first place. And Susie shared that she lived in fear of being told to quit, because she wasn’t sure she had enough free will to say no. After a pause, Susie almost choked on her words when she mentioned that things “got scary” when Liz “invited in a friend who got off mistreating me.”

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