Izzy and Emily

This story features some characters from my Milly Scott series. It is about two girls and how they became a couple. It is a prequel to ‘Shaping our lives’ but it doesn’t matter if you’ve not read any of my previous work.

All of the people involved are over 18, fictitious and products of my imagination.


I closed the book and leaned back in my chair. I’d had enough for tonight; nothing else was going to stick. My final two exams were on Tuesday, history and English literature, and then I would be free. Okay, I wouldn’t be free, there would be weeks of waiting for the results and the anxiety over where I would end up at university, assuming of course that I didn’t bugger up the exams completely. I wanted to study management and maybe finance. I had a couple of options, the local university which would be great to stay at home or be more adventurous and head to London or Manchester. I need tea!

Dad was watching something on TV as I headed for the kitchen. “I’m done for the night, my head is spinning and I need tea. Can I get you anything?”

“If you’re making tea I’ll have a cuppa too and maybe a biscuit?”

My Dad has a thing for chocolate biscuits. I don’t think that we actually had any biscuits that didn’t have chocolate in or on them, at least I hadn’t bought any for a couple of years and as I did most of the shopping, it was unlikely.

I handed a mug to my Dad as I sat down at the other end of the sofa and I saw him looking. I smiled and pulled the packet of biscuits from behind my back. “You had me worried for a moment. How are you feeling about the last two exams?”

“If they ask the right questions for history I’ll be fine, there should be enough of a choice but please, not the Russian Revolution. That is one set of events that I cannot get my head around properly. English will be fine I think, but if Shakespeare walked in here right now I’d choke him with those biscuits. Still, as he says: ‘The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together'”

“Oh, if my old brain is still functioning I think that’s from … ‘All’s well that ends well?’ So I take it that you hope the exams end well?”

I laughed, “Actually I hadn’t seen that connection, I was thinking more that life is full of good and bad and we have to take what comes. But, I hope to try and make life more good than bad. But please no more literature tonight.”

Dad chuckled and sat back sipping his tea. “You’ve had enough ‘bad’ for one young lady, Emily. I miss your mum every day, I loved her very much. But, as bad as that’s been for me I feel for you. Not having your mum around during most of your teens must have been a challenge but you’ve coped really well and I’m very proud of you. I’m sure that she would be as well.”

“We both still miss her and it would have helped for her to be here, but you’ve been amazing, the best Dad ever. I’ve never wanted for love, affection, advice or support.”

I was silent for about thirty seconds. “I have only two complaints.” His head spun around. “I always wanted my skirts shorter and more pocket money.” For ten seconds he looked puzzled and then we both laughed.

“If your skirts had been any shorter it wouldn’t have been worth wearing them.”

I was still laughing, “Rubbish, they were always decent. Actually, you’ve always been generous with pocket money as well.”

My parents had met soon after they’d both finished university and were working in the same office building. Dad was a trainee manager in a consultancy firm, the same company he still works for but where he’s now the Group Manager.

Mum wasn’t very keen on Dad for a couple of months after they first met, but he won her over and they dated for a few months before they both realised that they were made for each other and very much in love. Dad was twenty-six and mum a year younger. She was completing her training as an accountant and as soon as she did they got married. Neither of them had many close relatives and those that they did have were elderly and have long since gone.

They tried for kids as soon as they could but lost two babies early in Mum’s pregnancies’ and then I was born. Mum had had a hard time and the joy of my arrival was tempered by doctors advising her not to try for more kids. As an only one, they doted on me. I wasn’t spoiled but we were always together doing things. Mum taught me many lessons including the value of hard work and, more practically, how to cook even though I was still a little young for it.

Cooking was a useful skill and it turned into something that I needed long before any of us had expected. Mum was diagnosed with cancer when I was twelve and despite operations and treatment she only lasted for six months, she was 41. When she knew that she was going she spent every last breath telling me how much she loved me and, importantly, all of the things that she would have told me over the next five or six years as I grew up and had she been around.

Dad bursa escort tried hard but he was a broken man for those six months and I suspect that if he’d not had me and my mum hadn’t threatened him before she went, he would have slid into a very dark place. I tried hard to take care of him but I still had a lot to learn and, bless Dad, he did his best as he grieved as well.

Dad hired a housekeeper. Daria was in her twenties and had come over from Poland to find work. She took care of the house, laundry and did all of the cooking. She was a nice woman and easy to talk to, I got on well with her but she wasn’t my Mum. After two years Daria went home because of a family situation. From then on it was just Dad and me.

I grew up pretty quickly and together we muddled through. He’s been great, a kind and gentle man who clearly loves me a great deal. We get on pretty well, at least until it comes to the length of my skirts.


A couple of weeks after my eighteenth birthday I’d been lying in bed and thinking about the people who’d been at my party. I liked them all but I had no feelings for any of the guys. There were two girls who made me shiver. I thought about them sexually, they turned me on. One was Hazel, a long-legged athlete who was just … I don’t know what it was but I’d dreamt about her a few days ago, she’d been kissing me and I was stroking her legs. I’d woken up and it hadn’t got any further than that.

The other was my friend Fiona, she’s just a beautiful girl and although we’d been at the same school most of our lives we weren’t that friendly until a few years ago when I was trying to get my Dad to buy me a guitar.

I’d had a few lessons, really enjoyed it and seemed to be making good progress, so of course, I wanted my own guitar. My Dad was sceptical. By chance, Fiona and her older sister Jane were in the music shop at the same time and there was a long conversation. Jane taught me a piece of music and the three of us played it together in the shop. I got my own guitar and have enjoyed playing ever since.

I’ve played with Jane and Fiona a few times, but since Jane went away to university Fiona and I have become much closer.

I fancied Fiona a lot. She looked just like her older sister Jane and so I suppose that I probably fancied her as well. The thing is they both looked like their Mum Jess, a hairdresser, well salon owner, and she was just one of the most attractive, gorgeous women that I’d ever laid eyes upon. Jess was married to Victoria who worked for my Dad. These things get complicated.

My Dad really respected Victoria and the way that she ran her department. Victoria was a few years older than Jess but she was stunning, she had poise and elegance. She had an air about her that suggested it wouldn’t be a good idea to cross her, but I knew her a little and she’d always been kind and helpful to me. I thought that she was lovely, but it was obvious to anyone that she was so in love with Jess and likewise Jess adored Victoria. It all left me confused, but one thing I knew was that Fiona would be the person I’d most like to have sex with.

I’d realised that I was gay and that acceptance made me feel so much easier. I wasn’t about to walk into school, or anywhere else, with a ‘gay pride banner’ but I knew what I was.

Exams and the Prom

I was relieved to find that the Russian Revolution didn’t feature in the history exam and that I could answer almost all of the questions so I had a few options and was happy that I’d provided good answers. The English paper was much the same and Shakespeare did not turn up in person and therefore I didn’t have to choke him.

By the time I made it to the coffee bar where a couple of us had agreed to meet, I was exhausted from the mental effort. Several of the other girls grabbed a coffee but didn’t stay around for long as they had plans to celebrate. That left Fiona and I chatting. I had a question for her and was trying to find some courage.

“Fiona, would you go to the prom with me, as my date?” I could see that she was very surprised by my request and had no idea what to say. “Say something, please.”

“Emily, I’m gay, you know that and I kind of have a girlfriend. What on earth are you thinking?”

I took a deep breath. “I’m pretty sure that I’m gay too. I’ve known for a while but until a few weeks ago have never had the courage to admit it to myself far less say it. I know that you have a girlfriend, although no one knows who it is, we’re friends and I’ve got a bit of a crush on you. I just thought that I’ll never see most of these people again after the prom and it would be a real relief for me to get it over with. I thought that we could go as a date and still be just friends.”

“I’m so sorry that you’ve had to bottle that up. I’d have said yes and snogged you if you’d wanted to ‘come out’ but I’m going as Dougie Anderson’s date. He asked me a couple of days ago.” I was gutted and I’m sure escort bursa it showed.

“Why Dougie?”

“He’s a nice guy and knows that I don’t fancy him. At least I’ll get to go and will enjoy it.”

I must have looked as if I was going to say something because Fiona spoke again. “Talk of the devil and he will appear.” I glanced over my shoulder to see Dougie coming over.

“Hey, Emily what’s up? You look sad?”

I looked at Fiona and said, “Tell him.” She did so and Dougie put his arm around me.

“I admire you that must have taken guts.”

I was embarrassed and close to tears until he added. “I have an idea. Why don’t you both be my date? I’d have two of the most gorgeous girls in the school on my arms, would dance with you both, maybe even kiss you both and if you wanted to come out the two of you could do whatever you do. It would be a laugh, and with two hot dates I’d feel as if I’d won the lottery.”

“I’m up for that, what about you Em?” I simply nodded and smiled. Maybe this would not be so bad after all.

The Prom

On the day of the prom my Dad was away at a conference and Victoria, Fiona’s mum, was also away at the same event. Fiona had invited me to get ready at her house and I made my way over there in the middle of the afternoon.

“Come through to my room and tell me what you think of my dress.”

It was mid-calf length, blue/green chiffon, a very floaty dress with a scoop neckline, long chiffon sleeves and it had a slit up the left side almost to the waist and it would need sheer tights.

“That’s beautiful, actually it’s bloody hot. Do you plan on wearing those heels?” There were sandals with a five-inch heel sitting on the floor near her wardrobe. Actually, there were only two thin straps and I’m not sure that was enough to actually count as sandals.

“Yep, as long as I manage to stay upright.” We laughed.

“What do you think of this then?” I opened my garment bag to reveal a red dress that contained lots of material, and covered up much more than Fiona’s did.

“That is … well, you’ll be a lot more covered up, modest, than I am but it’s stunning. You’ll look terrific.” She was clearly thinking about something. “Wait, I have an idea.” She disappeared and I felt a bit uncomfortable being in her room alone but she was quickly back.

“Try these.” She held a pair of red heels, high heels and they consisted of a strap across the instep and an ankle strap.

I tried them on and even with my denims they looked … well, slutty! “A bit …” I hesitated to say the word out loud.

“Slutty?” She asked. I nodded. “Perfect then and they’ll do great things for your legs.”

We chatted for a while and I felt great in Fiona’s company, she was so easy to be with.

When her mum Jess came home we were having coffee. “Hi, girls, fancy something to eat?”

We had a couple of slices of pizza and a glass of red wine. I didn’t really drink, not something my dad encouraged, but what the hell and had a glass.

“Right you two let’s get the dresses on and I’ll see what I can do to make you look great, but you’re both pretty attractive as it is. Should be a breeze.”

Jess did Fiona’s hair in a sophisticated braid and also did some very dramatic make-up. She handed over a pair of sapphire long drop earrings. I stood open-mouthed, she looked so stunning. She sent a photo to her sister Jane, whose reply was rude. She sent it to Victoria as well and her reply was more complimentary but included the word – ‘hot.’

Jess also did my hair and fastened it up with curls coming down around my face. By the time that they had finished my make-up, I looked great, sexy, but sophisticated.

“I’d never have dared to try anything like this, but well, thank you both. I’m stunned.” I sent a picture to my Dad whose reply suggested that I should not be allowed out in public, but he also phoned me.

“I’m so proud of you, you look beautiful and I wish that I was there to see you. You remind me of your mother. Please take care of yourself and have a good time.” He finished the call and I suspect that he was close to tears. What he didn’t see, because I’d forgotten to put it on when the photo was taken, was my Mum’s ruby necklace. It went well with the dress and it was the first time that I’d actually wear it outside the house.

I stood beside Fiona and we looked into the mirror. I was speechless. If there were two more beautiful girls at the prom I’d be very surprised. Fiona must have thought the same and we ‘high-fived’ as her Mum laughed at us.

Dougie arrived to collect us and he’d acquired a white DJ with a dress shirt, lovely cuff links and a very colourful bowtie. He looked very mature, handsome and had the confidence to carry it off. Jess complimented him and turned to us saying, “He’s hot and I’m gay, damn it.”

The three of us looked really good together and there were a few more photos. We’d planned to take a taxi but Fiona’s bursa escort bayan mum offered to drop us off. On the way, Dougie looked over at the two of us and said, “Ladies you two are so hot. I am going to be the envy of every guy there, thank you for this.” I smiled to myself and my confidence was through the roof, at least at that moment.

There were a few people standing around outside when we arrived and many of them were checking out the arrivals. Dougie took the middle, Fiona and I each took an arm and we marched in together. I heard at least one “Fuck me” but who knows what caused that. Heads did turn as we walked inside.

It was a reasonable evening. Several people asked me about the three of us and what was going on. I simply smiled. Dougie’s mates couldn’t believe that he had snagged two attractive girls. I overheard a couple of people comment on their surprise that I looked so good. I also overheard a couple of comments about Fiona. They were all complimentary as long as we wanted to look ‘fucking sexy’ which of course was the idea.

Fiona went up to dance with Dougie a couple of times and the third time was a slow number. He held her close and I saw her whisper something to him. Whatever she said made him smile and nod.

As the number came to a close Fiona looked up at him, took his face in her hands and kissed him. It was a smouldering kiss that lasted for some time. There were plenty of astonished looks and I’m sure a few comments. Fiona led him by the hand outside. I smiled to myself, but I wished that I had been the one with her.

Dougie came back in and I saw him looking for me. He smiled at me as he escorted me to the dance floor and asked if I’d been watching the two of them. I nodded. “Want to do the same?” I nodded again and I was smiling inside. As the number was coming to a close, I grabbed him. Fiona later told me that she thought that I was ‘going to suck his face off.’ I kept it going into the next number and repeated it at the end. As we left the dance floor I noticed that Dougie had become a little excited.

About half an hour later I took Fiona by the hand and led her to the dance floor where we had a couple of dances before they moved onto a series of slow numbers. We held each other very close and danced together for about fifteen minutes, people were starting to look and obviously make comments. We must have made quite a sight. As the number came to a close we kissed. We walked away hand in hand and I heard one comment “What the hell was that first they both kissed Dougie, lucky bastard, and now they are snogging each other. What gives?” We kissed again at the edge of the dance floor.

One girl who had a following amongst some of the more easily lead girls came up to us. It was obvious that she was not holding her drink very well. “What gives? Are you two fucking dykes? They shouldn’t allow your sort in here and coming with a hot guy too.”

Fiona had obviously decided that she’d had enough. “You know that I’m a lesbian and now you know that Emily here is as well. Dougie agreed to come with us as long as we promised him a threesome and that’s where we’re headed right now.” Lots of people had heard that.

“Em, I’m sorry if I just outed you.”

“That was always my goal, but I’m afraid I was struggling and now you’ve done it for me. Thanks for that. I only wish the threesome thing was true.”

“There is nothing to stop you and Dougie getting together tonight if you want to, but not for me.”

Dougie was laughing as we left. “Ladies, you are both gorgeous and that was so much fun. My mates are envious, but that doesn’t matter. I loved this evening; I just wish that I could date either one of you. Thank you for a fun evening and I wish you both the best and I hope that we may meet up again at some point.”

Jess was waiting for us to find out how things and gone and made us hot chocolate. We laughed about the evening but it was late and we headed upstairs to bed. I’d been invited to stay the night and we helped each other to unzip our dresses. “You can use the spare room or share the bed with me. But, Emily, I have a girlfriend and am not interested in anything other than a good night kiss.”

I told her that I’d like to share. We were both wearing large T-shirts and Fiona was looking at me propped up on an elbow. “Emily, you’re beautiful and you won’t have any problems finding a partner. Just keep looking and it’ll evolve. Now, I have to tell you that there is a lot of bed sharing in this house so the chances are that you’ll be getting a cuddle, but don’t freak out.” She leaned over and kissed me. I moved and we ended up kissing lip to lip and not as either of us had intended. “That was an accident but let me tell you, you know how to kiss. Good night.”

When we woke up the next morning we were cuddling. I was awake before her and when I felt her move I rolled over. “Good morning. You give good cuddles. That was wonderful and very loving, thank you.”

Over a simple breakfast, we talked about the night before and I asked Fiona what her plans were. “I’m going to London on Friday. Jane has two gigs with her band this weekend. I’d go today but Victoria doesn’t get home until tomorrow so I’ve decided to keep Jess company.”

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