Marina Pt. 03



Alarm woke me up at 6:30am, as usual. I had 1.5 hours to get everything ready for my Mistress’s morning. I went to shower, washing my hair and body. Wiped myself with towels. I blow-dryed my hair and dressed up in to maid uniform: short black dress with white apron and black stockings. A little bit makeup and I was ready. Ready to serve. It was just 30 minutes left before Mistress will wake up. I headed to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for her. I placed plate with breakfast and glass of orange juice on the tray and took it to Mistress’s bedroom. Great, I still had 5 minutes to rest. I placed tray on the bed, near the sleeping beautiful Mistress and kneeled before bed, waiting for my Mistress to wake up.

She woke up, opened her sky-blue eyes, attentively looked at the breakfast and then said:

– Good, slut. Now go, wait behind the door, I don’t want your slutty face to spoil my appetite.

– Yes, Mistress. — I left room and waited by the door, as I was ordered.

– Get your ass here, lazy whore, – In about 15 minutes Mistress calling me.

I got in to bedroom, Mistress was not in the room anymore and I headed to the bathroom, where she was sitting on the toilet.

– You did not placed roll of toilet paper on place yesterday, lazy whore, – Mistress was pointing finger at the toilet paper holder with empty roll on it, – So I’ll use you instead of it. And for now, you will be my floor mat, my feet are freezing.

– Yes, Mistress, – my usual reply. I came to her and layed on the floor on my back.

Mistress placed her feet at my breast and belly and starts peeing. I listened for this gurgling sound and looked at the gorgeous legs of my Mistress.

– Stand up, slut, time to lick, – said Mistress when she was done, – I will use your tongue to wipe my pussy clean, and if you fail to place fresh toilet paper on place one more time, I will use your mouth as toilet. Now start licking.

I approached my face to my Mistress’s pussy and licked her with my tongue gathering every salty-bitter tear from the lips. Then I slid my tongue between the lips cleaning everything I can get to. I was able to hear quite moan from up top, then Mistress’s hands are laid down on my head pushing it tighter to her pussy and her legs got spread a little bit to let me in dipper. I perfectly understood desire of my Mistress and slid my tongue as deep as I can, fucking the most beautiful pussy in the world with my tongue, I was licking and sucking pussy lips and played with clit with my tongue and lips. I did it repeatedly many times, and after about 20

minutes, legs of my Mistress strained and locked my head in place and I felt as her body shaking for few moments and then relaxed.

– Good, slut, – Mistress pushed Antep Bayan Escort my head away, – you are really good at this. As a reward, you will not wash your face till noon, so you can enjoy smelling your Mistress.

– Thank you, Mistress, – I replied, feeling as divine liquid dripping from my face to my breast.

– I have visitor at 1pm, – Mistress said, – you will be serving us drinks, before that you can come back to your regular work, you can also skip your breakfast, since you just had one, understood?

– Yes, Mistress. — I answered. And fixed my fault with toilet paper right away. I took out and throwed away empty roll and placed on holder fresh one, which was standing on top of it, then took one more roll from closet and placed it on top of holder. Mistress always want one roll on holder and another on top of it, interesting why?

All the time before noon, I was busy with my daily tasks: cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking lunch. All this time I was breathing with incredible scent of my Mistress, which is better than any perfume in the world. At noon I showered and changed to clean cloth of the same type. I needed to assist to my Mistress and I don’t want to disappoint her. In about an hour the visitor came in. It was the man, about 30 years old, dressed in business suit. I took his coat and escorted him into living room, where Mistress was waiting for him. Mistress ordered me to leave by move of her eyes, and I left the room. In about 5 min I was ordered to bring drinks and I entered living room again with a tray in my hands with glass of chardonnay for my Mistress and glass of whiskey on the rocks for visitor. From what I was able to hear thru the closed door, they were talking about some project and mostly was arguing about some percent. In about 40 minutes my Mistress called me again. I entered the living room and started waiting for the orders.

– Here is my last proposal, – Mistress was still talking to the guest, – I will get 30 percent and you will get this slut for 1 hour.

Guest looked at me from top to bottom, then looked back at Mistress:

– What am I allowed to do to her? — he asked.

– Anything you want, – Mistress answered, – you will go to the guest bedroom and can do whatever you like.

– Then you have your 30 percent, my dear, – he answered.

– You heard everything, slut, – Mistress said to me, but I was not able to move, shocked by the order of my Mistress. Did she just lend out me to a man?

– Are you deaf, slut? — Mistress raised her voice, – did you understood what you must do?

– Yes, Mistress, – I answered, – please follow me, Sir, I’ll show you guest bedroom.

We got to the guest bedroom on the second floor of the house. When we got there, he locked door and unzipped his pants, revealing his soft hairy dick.

– Suck it, bitch, – he said, and I had to complain. I kneeled before him and took his dick in my mouth, started sucking it.

When his dick raised and got hard he raised me from the knees and bended me before the bed. He entered my pussy roughly, causing me to yelp. And started fucking my vagina. His dick was not too big, my Mistress was using much bigger toys on me, however, sliding was not extremely easy, because I was dry there. After few minutes he stopped and pulled his dick out of my pussy.

– This is not going to work, girl, – he said, – You are dry like desert there. I know, you are a lesbian, but still, I’ll find a way to use you. Don’t move!

I heard as he went to bathroom and returned quickly with tube of body lotion. He pushed some lotion on his hand and applied it over my anus, then he slid few fingers into my back hole, opening it. Then he pushed more lotion directly into my ass.

– Ok, slut, now you should be ready, – he laughed and pushed his dick in to my rear hole.

This time there was definitely enough lubricant, and he was enjoying fucking my ass for about 10 minutes. Then he pulled his dick out of my ass and forced me to kneel again and pushed his cook in to my mouth as far as he could. I started gagging and tears appear on my eyes, eroding my mascara.

The guest was not paying any attention at my suffering and was fucking my throat for few minutes. Then he froze, pushing his dick into me, it was felt like right in to my stomach, he moaned, and I felt like something warm liquid in few impulses leaking in my fucked throat. He, finally, released my head and I was able to breath, sitting on the floor with destroyed makeup, breast covered in my own saliva and slight pain in the ass and pussy. Guest wear back his pants and jacket, fixed his tie and left the room. I heard they was talking about something with Mistress for about 2 minutes and then he left, and I heard approaching steps of My Mistress. And the character of those steps was not promising anything good for me.

– You will be punished, slut, – Mistress said, just as she entered the room.

– I’m sorry, Mistress, – I started to excuse before her, – it was the man, I was trying to do my best, but I simply was not able to arouse. Please, excuse me, Mistress.

– Don’t worry about that, – she stopped me, – I knew that that idiot wanted to fuck lesbian, you did simply great. But before that you forced me to give you order twice, and for that you MUST be punished. Now go to the playroom and bring here the bag I prepared, while you were entertaining our visitor.

– Yes, Mistress, – I replied, and went to the playroom for the bag. Looks like punishment will be even more severe than I was thinking about.

I got to the playroom, large room without windows full of various bondage devices and walls covered in different toys and tools. On the table in the middle of the room was black bag with something in it. I picked it up and rushed back to the guest room, If I make my Mistress wait she might decide to make punishment more severe. When I returned, I was ordered to undress myself while Mistress was taking items from the bag, I looked on the bed and noticed rope, 2 vibrators and duct tape.

– Legs together, arms behind your back, – Mistress ordered, and once I complied, she took rope and started to tight my arms and legs.

Once she almost finished, she dragged me to the closed and pushed inside. Mistress raised my arms forced me to bend very deep and tied arms to the pole in the closed. Now I was not able to move much. Then Mistress took vibrators, applied some lubricant on those and slid one in to my pussy and another one in to my ass. Those two were definitely bigger than dick of my recent invader. She fixed vibrators with the ropes, so they were not able to slide out and went for the duct tape.

– So, what do you need to understand from this punishment, slave, – Mistress asked.

– I must always obey my Mistress without hesitation, – I answered.

– This is right, slut, – Mistress took off panties, I was able to see wet spot on it, then she whipped her precious pussy with it and pushed panties into my mouth. – This is for you, taste of your Mistress, so you will remember who you belong to, – she said and sealed my mouth with duct tape.

– I’m going to the party soon and will not come back earlier than tomorrow morning, you will stay here for this time. I will set vibrators to random speed and random time, so you can have your little whore party here as well. Have a fun night, slut.

Mistress closed door of the closet and left. In about 2 minutes Vibrator in my pussy started vibrating, in about 1 minute the other one went live also. I was standing in the darkness in extremely uncomfortable pose, with wet panties in my mouth with both vibrators on for about 15 minutes and was about ready to cum, but both vibrators went off. Vibrators went on and off for few times, they were bringing me to the edge 3 times already. I lost sense of time, I think I was here for hour, but maybe 2 or even 3. When both vibrators went off another time, in the silence I heard as entry door slam closed and car started and left away. So, my Mistress really left for party and left me here for entire night. Oh my god, she was not joking. She will be dancing, drinking cocktails, chatting with people… And I will be standing here with her taste on

my mouth. Vibrator in my ass went live on extremely fast speed and when vibrator in my pussy joined, I finally came for the first time tonight …

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