Lisa in London Ch. 4

Lisa got up from the Victorian bed and walked over to the full-length mirror. It was an obvious antique, she thought of the stories it could tell, the things it had seen. She decided to ad her own chapter to its history. She dragged it over to the foot of the bed until she could see the reflection of Amanda lying on her back.

Amanda was softly giggling at the antics of Lisa. For a first time lesbian, she certainly was getting into it.

“Kinky, I love it!” Amanda laughed.

Lisa climbed back into bed. Now they had a perfect reflection of both of them in the mirror. Their eyes traced each other’s body like a voyeur. The mirror added an extra dimension to the eroticism. Now they were watching two women make love to each other. Soft, delicate curves flowed into one another. The contrasts complimented one another; they made a stunning pair they both agreed.

“Have you been with many women?” asked Lisa. “You are so incredible, I’m still feeling it.”

Amanda rolled over to kiss Lisa. Now they were side by side facing each other, she ran her fingers through Lisa’s thick, dark hair.

“Truthfully, I’ve only been with 2 other women. One, my first time, was when I was drunk and I can hardly remember it. The second time was a sorority sister of mine. That is what I consider my first time. It was so sweet and beautiful.” Amanda remembered.

“She was exclusively a lesbian, not bi. She showed me how wonderful a woman’s body could feel and taste. She taught me so much.” Amanda continued. “I still love having a man give me his cock, but every now and then I meet someone special like you and I just can’t deny the need to be with them.”

Lisa blushed. She buried her face in the pillow at her sudden embarrassment.

Lisa lifted her head from the pillow and stared back to the mirror. Amanda was making small circles on her clit. The show Amanda was putting on was arousing Lisa all over again. She always got off when she watched Jeff stroking his cock and this was making her drip with desire just like that had always done. Amanda’s finger would dip quickly into the moist slit, sliding out much slower. Amanda’s finger was shining with moisture. Lisa leaned over until she felt Amanda’s erect tit slide across her lips. Continuing to watch Amanda in the mirror, she began to tease the pink bud with her tongue. Matching the pace Amanda set, she made small circles on Amanda’s nipple with her hot tongue. Amanda moaned with appreciation. bursa escort Lisa drew the tit into her mouth and sucked hard. The harder she sucked, the faster Amanda’s fingers worked the lips of her pussy. Lisa reached over and began fondling the other breast. She gently pinched the swollen nipple. Again the sensation sent Amanda into frenzy. Amanda’s hips thrust intense with passion. She had spread her legs wide and pulled them up toward her breasts. Lisa watched in the mirror, as the view of Amanda’s pussy became even more detailed. She saw the swollen pink lips of Amanda’s shaved snatch. It looked angry, bright red, but the moans of delight as Amanda stroked herself told the truth of the situation. Amanda continued to massage her clit while she used her other hand to begin inserting fingers deep into her center. She slid a single finger in deep. It moved in and out, drawing more and more wetness out each time. This solitary finger was followed by a second, then a third. Lisa starred at the 3 fingers that were fucking her new love. She sucked and licked the beautiful breasts of this gorgeous woman.

“Ohhh…. Your tongue feels so good on my tits! Nibble on my hard tits! Suck them!” Amanda shouted. The encouragement worked, Lisa focused solely on Amanda’s nipples while Amanda masturbated for Lisa’s delight.

Finally a fourth finger ventured into the stretched hole of Amanda’s cunt. Lisa could hardly hold the tit in her mouth because of the convulsions that rocked Amanda’s fine form.

“Suck on my big tits! Suck them my little slut! God, I loved it when you came on my face, you tasted so sweet! Make me cum like that you dirty slut!” Amanda screamed.

Lisa loved dirty talk when she fucked. This drove her to suck hard on Amanda stiff tits. She also felt the small waves of an orgasm stirring in her snatch. She wasn’t cumming like she had before; these were just the muscular convulsions of her own pussy. Her mind laughed when she thought of the term “Sympathy Orgasm”.

Amanda, on the other hand, was cumming like mad. Lisa bit her tits hard and that sent Amanda into ecstasy. The slight pain and intense orgasm raced through Amanda’s whole body. Her toes curled and her breasts heaved high into the air. Her head thrust back as she moaned loudly

Lisa pinched one of Amanda’s nipples hard and leaned down to lap at the juices gushing from Amanda cumming twat. Lisa again tasted the exotic spices of her lover’s pussy. bursa escort bayan She didn’t realize she would love tasting a woman so much. The unusual tastes swirled on her tongue; the scent of Amanda was equally intoxicating.

Amanda reached her zenith and a tear ran down her face. The orgasm was greater than she had ever known. The one in the restaurant was a teaser compared to this mind-numbing finger-fuck she was riding. All the flurry of movement, the sucking, thrusting, pinching, came to a sudden and complete stop. She just laid there, all her muscles clench, and rode the never-ending waves of lust that crashed through her body. Finally, her muscles released their tension and she melted back into the warm comforter and pillows. Lisa gave small, intimate kisses all over Amanda’s body. She tasted the sweet sweat that moistened Amanda’s skin.

The two new lovers lay together in the majestic bed that had served them so well. The evening had been wonderful from beginning to end. Neither woman had ever experienced such a feeling of wholeness as they did at that moment. They listened to the soft breaths of the other. They could hear the faint sounds of the world around them but they didn’t care to rejoin just yet. They stayed in their own little fantasy and eventually they both drifted off to a sound sleep embracing the other.

They awoke to the sounds of the morning and the bright beams of sun that penetrated the gaps in the heavy curtains. Still groggy, they smiled sheepishly at each other and shared a quick kiss. Lisa got up and walked into the bathroom, Amanda watched her as she strode across the room, admiring her firm ass and well-groomed pussy. She loved how Lisa’s breasts were perfectly shaped and upturned. She thought that they had the most perfect nipples she had ever seen. Small areolas surrounding tiny little pink buds. Amanda’s sore pussy ached when she thought about those fine tits.

Lisa drew a very hot bath and stared at herself in the mirror. She didn’t look any different, except maybe for the little bits of chocolate that Amanda had missed when she devoured Lisa’s pussy. No, she didn’t look any different, but she felt different. She felt warmth that began at her very soul. She felt complete, like a missing piece to a puzzle was finally found after years of searching. Her hand traced down to her sore pussy and she smiled at the new memories that filled her head.

Lisa gathered up the shampoo and escort bursa placed them near the enormous, antique tub. The water had wisps of steam dancing on its surface. She poked her head out of the bathroom and called to her lover.

“Like to join me?’ Lisa asked.

“I’d thought you’d never ask” Amanda replied.

The two sirens disappeared into the warmth of the bath. They took turns scrubbing the others nubile bodies with the luxuriant soap the Savoy provided. They softly cleaned their lover’s breasts, legs, back and cunts. They extra special care to clean the others’ sex, both of them giving the other a delicate, clean shave. Amanda shaved away the remaining patch of pussy that Lisa had. Now both women were alike in yet another way. Lisa closed her eyes and basked in the erotic experience of having her lover shave her soft pussy.

The juices of strawberries, pussies and chocolate streamed off their newly scrubbed skin. It was like washing away an old life and replacing it with a new one. Both women recognized the symbolism of the bath. They remained in the relaxing water for hours. Every now and then re-heating the water, Lisa even managed to retrieve the bottle of champagne that was forgotten in the heat of their passions. They sipped their champagne and exchanged deep, longing kisses.

They finally decided to leave the tub and stepped out onto the cold marble floor. They donned the angel soft robes that hung on the back of the door. Lisa walked over to a small case that she had had the cab driver stow away in the boot of the car. This is what she had whispered to him about earlier. From the bag she retrieved the two pairs of “stripper panties” that she had purchased the day before. She dropped her robe and slid into the ultra sheer panties, the g-string slid deeply into her ass. Amanda just leaned against the bed and admired the show that was going on. Lisa walked over to Amanda, untied her robe, and kneeled down before Amanda. Lisa kissed Amanda’s soft cunt and worked the silky panties up Amanda’s long, slender legs until it was stretched neatly across the succulent pink flesh of Amanda’s sex. Lisa stood up and engaged Amanda in a long, passionate kiss that said “thank you” with every flutter of her tongue.

“I’m starving.” Lisa said.

A quick call to room service and soon the two new lovers were enjoying breakfast on the quaint. They talked again at great length about all things personal and private. The two women also contemplate the further adventures they would share not to mention the chocolate covered strawberries that had been delivered with their breakfast.

The End?

Let me know if you would like to read more about Lisa and Amanda’s lives.

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