JJ and Ashley Ch. 07

Here it is, after much waiting and anticipation! Thank you for the feedback and support, both helped me get through the crap life has set in my lap and write this chapter for you! It is a bit longer than the others, so enjoy! As always, feedback and constructive criticism are welcome.


Chp 7 Monday, May 2nd

Ashley returned to school and JJ woke up Monday morning missing her. Two days in a row she’d woken up with the blonde snuggled against her and the empty bed pulled forth memories of the weekend. Delicious memories that warmed JJ’s pussy and increased her hunger for Ashley.

JJ pulled herself together and checked the small notepad on the dresser. She’d written out a to-do list for the house. Almost everything was crossed off. The house was essentially finished. A few light fixtures needed to be put in, then she was done. She needed the inspector to come and inspect, then get a hold of the lawyers who no doubt would come to see her progress and bring their own inspector.

That meant she needed to decide what she was doing. Selling or staying.

No immediate answer sprang into her mind. JJ huffed and grabbed her cigarettes and lighter before stepping outside. A pleasant breeze blew down the narrow corridor, ruffling JJ’s hair. She had to cup a hand around lighter and cigarette for the flame to catch, inhaling when it did.

The first few exhales of smoke cleared JJ’s mind. It became a blank slate.

Tapping ash over the edge of the rail JJ thought about the advantages of selling the house, as was the original plan. She’d get plenty for it now that it was fixed up. Not a fortune, but she figured asking about one hundred twenty thousand for it wasn’t too much. It had plenty of space, but just the three bedrooms and a single bathroom. The backyard was pretty big, enough for a kid or two. Maybe a dog.

She could go back to San Francisco. The money from the sale would be more than enough. She had a really sweet nest egg right now, having spent only about seventy thousand of the eight hundred thousand she had available on the house.

JJ took a short drag and blew smoke from her nose, ignoring the tickle. San Francisco. There was nothing there for her. No job. No home. No girlfriend. There was an ex-girlfriend. There were friends, but she had friends all over the place. JJ knew she’d have no problems getting a job or finding a place to stay. She didn’t need to find a girlfriend. She had Ashley, a thought that made her smile.

Ashley. JJ inhaled more smoke before flicking ash. If she sold the house and moved back to San Fran, they’d have to keep up a long distance relationship. JJ had never tried that before, but already saw the flaws. Ashley had been back at school for less than twenty four hours and she missed the spunky blonde already. Not seeing her, being near her, touching her, for weeks or even months at a time was not appealing in the slightest.

She could sell the house, but stay in Sierra Falls. Rent an apartment or something. Ashley had two more semesters before she would graduate college. JJ could live with being separated for a few weeks, or only a few hours’ drive.

Shit. JJ froze when she realized what she was doing. No. This decision couldn’t be made for Ashley, or because of her. It had to be for JJ, for herself.

When no instant selection made itself clear to her JJ snorted, flicked the half burned cigarette into the rocks below and pushed away from the rail. She was never this indecisive.

There were pros and cons to both choices, and they rattled about JJ’s head while she drove to the house.

If she sold the house she’d have money to restart in San Francisco. There were tons of opportunities in California, jobs, places to live, even things to do for fun. She’d be around her friends again, partying and having fun when she wasn’t working.

If she left, it would be a replay of ten years ago. Separated from Ashley and trying to keep in touch. Granted, that would be easier with the technology available, but it was simply a revamp of their past. That didn’t appeal to JJ at all. She hadn’t worked to repair their relationship just to toss it back into jeopardy.

If she stayed in Sierra Falls and kept the house, she’d be a homeowner, which she felt was a big achievement. It probably wouldn’t be hard to find a job in town. She’d seen a few signs out, figured it wouldn’t hurt to walk in and ask around.

JJ parked the truck when she arrived at the house. She killed the engine and looked up at the house. It no longer had broken windows or a clearly neglected yard. It looked like every other home on the street, cared for. A warmth built in her chest when she looked at her childhood home. It actually looked like a home now. She could easily imagine that a family lived there, everyone pitching in to keep it up. Dad mowing the lawn, mom and the kids working on the flowers in the small flower garden beneath the windows. Maybe a dog yipping in the backyard.

Shaking herself to clear her head, JJ hopped from the bursa escort truck and made her way to the front door, her boots thumping on the new porch.

Inside, she felt the same. This felt like a home now. Warm and welcoming. Light. JJ almost laughed, smiling as she walked. It wasn’t just the physical changes, not to her. It wasn’t just the way the sunlight brightened the place, or how open it felt, with clean carpet but no furnishings. There was a calm feeling now. JJ paused in the doorway to her old bedroom, the pale green walls pristine, and a boxed fan sitting against the wall. She’d spent sixteen years in this room, most of them unhappily. While the memories were still there, they were just in her head, not an almost visceral part of the room.

JJ backed up, leaning into the wall behind her. She wasn’t sure why or how the house had changed. This wasn’t just putting up a fresh coat of paint and feeling like new. It was almost like there was a new energy about the place. JJ didn’t really place stock in that crap, positive energies, peace and love baby. She couldn’t shake this new feeling though.

“I’m staying here. Right here.” The words came out of her mouth without any conscious thought. “This is home.” JJ looked down the hall to the master bedroom, its door wide open. She walked in, stopping just beyond the door. The sliding glass doors gave a view of the backyard, the green grass waving lazily in the soft breeze. The walls were a soft grey, so light they almost looked white. That warmth returned to her chest, blooming out strongly enough to make her blink at the tears suddenly welling up. “Okay.” she said quietly, “I’m staying. I will make this into a home. My home.”


Two days later, Ashley was walking back to her dorm, backpack slung over her shoulders, a book under her arm. Her roommate Lisa was giggling at Ashley, who’d been sharing how she learned to skate over the weekend.

“And then we both tried to turn and bam, down we go. I totally blurted out something that would turn your ears red, which just made JJ laugh harder. She thought it was pretty funny, but she gets points for a smooth landing.”

“She sounds like she’s a lot of fun. And…rather smooth herself.” Lisa blushed, as did Ashley. The blonde chuckled a little. “Yeah, she is.”

“So, are you two, you know, dating?” Lisa asked, nearly whispering while they passed another group.

Ashley’s blush grew, as did her smile. “Yeah.”

Lisa touched Ashley’s arm, her wide green eyes bright. “I’m so happy for you.”

Ashley opened her mouth to thank the taller girl, touched that the shy brunette was so supportive, when her phone rang.

Switching her book to her other arm Ashley pulled her phone out, surprised to see JJ’s name and number on the screen.

Lisa squeeked. “It’s her. I’ll see you back home. Take your time.” she waved before trotting off, her ponytail swinging behind her.

Ashley answered the call. “Hey.”

“Hey!” JJ sounded excited, her voice a tad higher than usual.

“What’s up?” Ashley asked, a little unsure for the reason behind the call and unusually nervous. JJ usually just text.

“I, uh, I was wondering if you’d be back here this weekend.” JJ’s voice was shaky, like she was nervous too, or bouncing. Which didn’t make any sense.

“I was going to stay up here, finals start tomorrow.” Ashley started walking again, edging out of the center of the path.

“Oh. You mentioned that actually. About finals. Um, okay. So then school will be over soon, right?” JJ asked.

“Yeah. The thirteenth. I have to move everything back home for the summer.” Ashley sidestepped another student bent to tie shoes.

There was silence on the other end. “JJ?” Ashley asked.

“Oh, yeah, I’m still here. Just working something out in my head. Do you need help bringing everything back home? I could drive up and you can fill up the truck.” JJ offered, her voice no longer trembling.

Ashley smiled, even though JJ couldn’t see. “I’d love that. Usually it takes me a couple trips or mom takes a day and we cram her little truck and my car full. Um, my last final is the twelfth. Starts at nine, yeah, not my favorite.” Ashley agreed with JJ’s noise of disgust. “It should be over by lunch. Think you can be up here by noon or so? I can give you a tour and stuff. Introduce you to my roommate and friends, if they’re still around.”

“I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else.” Ashley could hear JJ’s smile. She smiled in return and tucked some hair behind an ear.

“Then we’ll make a day of it. You can sleep over and we’ll just caravan back home.”

“Perfect. How was your day?” JJ asked.

Ashley filled the older girl in on her day, how the last day of classes had gone. She’d already calculated her grades and knew she could flunk two finals and still pass.

They talked until Ashley neared her dorm, sharing how JJ’s day had been when Ashley had run out of things to say. She stopped outside the lobby doors, giggling at JJ’s joke, waiting escort bursa for a couple other girls to pass.

“Well I’m back at the dorm now. I should probably get going, start studying.” Ashley reluctantly said. She didn’t really want to go. She already knew she’d have trouble concentrating, JJ fresh in her mind.

“Okay. Have a good night, Ashie. I’ll see you on the twelfth.” JJ reminded her.

“Mmhmm. I can’t wait. You have a good night too.” Ashley blushed when she imagined what JJ might do to have a good night.

They both hung up and Ashley skipped inside, her heart light as a feather.

Finals kept Ashley busy but she found a little time each day to text with JJ. The night of the eleventh their conversation took a turn to the risqué and after some gentle prodding and no real reason to resist, Ashley let JJ talk her to orgasm.

Ashley had put in her headphones which doubled as a headset. She’d been lying in her bed, covers pulled up and Lisa sound asleep across the way. JJ had called and proceeded to give the blonde some grade A dirty talk.

“If I was there, I’d lay next to you, my head on your chest so I could suck on those delicious little nipples. They get so hard and tight. I love flicking them with my tongue, biting at them. I love how you moan and whimper when I do. Or when I twist and pull. I’d tease you, rubbing your stomach in little circles, edging further down, but not fast enough. I’m not going any further until you either cum or are begging, all hushed and whispered.”

Ashley had already been nervously excited and now she was purely excited, her fingers tugging at her nipples. She could imagine the heat and weight of JJ’s hand on her belly, the calluses on her fingertips a little rough on the soft skin.

“When you’ve begged enough I’ll slip my hand over your panties and tease you some more. Cup your pussy and rub just the slightest right over your clit. Keep rubbing until you start arching your hips. Needing more contact. Needing to cum. Desperate to cum.”

Ashley had whimpered quietly, eyes scrunched tight. The words, the risk of having phone sex with Lisa so close, the huskiness of JJ’s voice in her ears. All of it was adding to the excitement, not to mention that she was acting out JJ’s scenario.

JJ hummed over the line, sending shivers down Ashley’s spine. “Are you rubbing your wet little pussy for me? Rubbing yourself through your panties?”

“Uh huh.” Ashley breathed into the tiny speaker.

“Hmm, you’re so good. I bet you’re wet as hell right now. Probably made a wet spot on those panties. Didn’t you?”

Ashley nodded before she remembered JJ couldn’t see. She answered in a breathless whimper.

“I wish I could taste you. Slip down beneath your blankets and suck at that spot. Suck until I’ve dragged every drop from it, then move it aside to drink right from the source. From you.”

Ashley stretched her neck in a silent plea, pulling her panties aside and using two fingers to rub and circle over the tiny entrance to her body, the slick flesh hot beneath her fingers.

“I’d use my tongue to taste you as deeply as I could. Burrow into your pussy and scoop out your juices. Kiss every inch of lip, fold, crease, and ridge. Suck at those delicate little petals. Feel how plump and juicy they are for me. I’m going to avoid your delectable clit. I feel greedy and want to hear you beg for it.”

“Ung. JJ.” Ashley moaned, glancing over at Lisa to be sure her roommate hadn’t stirred.

JJ’s chuckle caught her attention. “That was quick. But I’d need you to do much better before your aching clit gets any love. I want to hear how much you need it. How badly you crave the feel of my lips and tongue on that tiny nub. I can already picture how it’ll look, stiff with your excitement. Your clit peeking out, dark pink and shiny. Waiting for a single stroke, for that one touch to send you off.”

Ashley pulled the sheet over her face to muffle her panting breath. It sounded loud enough to wake the entire floor, her heartbeat thumping in her ears. “Please, JJ. God.” Ashley groaned, gritting her teeth with the effort to not whip the fuck out of her clitoris. It was just as stiff and hard as JJ said, throbbing with need. Her fingers were dancing around it, petting her damp curls and tracing anxiously over her lips.

JJ was either feeling merciful or Ashley had begged well enough. “Ooh, yes. I’ll use a finger and stroke just along the hood, flick side to side while I lap at the tight little hole of your pussy. I want to taste you when you cum. Feel you flood my tongue and fill my mouth. Cum for me baby.”

The thumping in her ears became a rushing roar when Ashley came, her fingers flicking her clit just as JJ suggested. She couldn’t hear JJ anymore over the noise, a low wail escaping her clenched teeth. Heat filled her from toes to eyebrows, pleasure filling her in a mad rush.

When she could hear again Ashley had breathlessly thanked JJ, wishing out loud that they were together, not just whispering bursa escort bayan over the phone. “I miss you right now, so much. Your touch. That silly way you smile at me. I could spend days in bed with you and never get tired of seeing your eyes light up when you look at me.”

JJ sighed and spoke again in a quieter, more serious tone. “I would love to stay all day in bed with you. Worship and love you. Stay until your scent, your taste, both so unique to you are ingrained into my taste buds and my brain. Until I could pick you out, blindfolded, from a crowd just by the way you smell.”

Worship and love you. Those words stuck in Ashley’s head, her heart pounding faster at the shy admission of feelings. They stayed with her as she worked her way through her last final, not sure if it was easy because she knew the material, or because she was floating high on clouds of love. Either way it was over quickly and she left the lecture hall when she finished. It was just about 11:45 so she had enough time to get back to her dorm and freshen up before JJ was to arrive.

JJ had gotten to the school early, having anticipated heavier traffic on the way up. She wandered the grassy slope that lead from parking lot to what looked like a dormitory. She had no idea where Ashley lived or where to meet her, but was content to explore for a while. A group of guys, some shirtless in the mild May weather, played frisbee further along the grass. . Students walked about in groups or on their own. Bikers zipped up and down the sidewalks, bells and horns warning others of their approach. It was kind of like watching an anthill. So many people going here and there, all with a purpose.

Something hard smacked the back of JJ’s head with a hollow plunk. More startled than hurt, she turned and looked at the orange frisbee lying on the ground behind her, then at the guys.

“Yeah, uh, sorry about that. Got away from me.” The nearest guy puffed up to her, sweat pouring from his temples, his shirt sticking to him in patches.

“It’s alright. Just surprised me.” JJ bent and picked up the disc to hand back.

He took the frisbee back and did a bit of a double take before heading back to the group. “Dude, that dude is a chick.”

JJ rolled her eyes and kept walking, her hands stuffed in her pockets. She followed the grass where it met the sidewalk, skirting the guys and their game. She found a concrete bench that was unoccupied and sat down, crossing her ankles and pulling out her phone. It was on vibrate and JJ wanted to be sure she hadn’t missed a message from Ashley.

She had. Ashley had text her three minutes ago letting her know she was done with her exam and heading to her dorm.

JJ text back, ‘I’m here. Where is your dorm?’

Ashley supplied her with the building name and promise to meet outside the lobby. Luckily enough, it was the same building further up the grassy hill. JJ had half a message typed back when a familiar object skidded along the sidewalk at her feet. .

JJ picked up the stupid orange disc and watched the guy jogging towards her. He was tall, leanly muscled, and giving her a smile that probably made most girls smile and giggle while going weak at the knees.

“Sorry ’bout that. Damn thing bounced right off my fingers.”

JJ had a hard time believing that, given how close it had gotten. She handed the frisbee back a second time and turned around again just in time to see a familiar blonde mane bouncing along.

Ashley had spotted JJ when she crested the hill and was running towards her.

“JJ!” She cheered, before she leapt at JJ, who caught Ashley and hugged her tightly. Ashley pulled back just far enough to kiss JJ, hard and a bit sloppily, fingers tunneling into her hair. JJ groaned into Ashley’s kiss, enjoying the blonde’s enthusiastic welcome.

There was a loud wolf whistle from rather close by. “Ah hell yeah!”

Both girls looked towards the sound, the frisbee guys all staring. Mr. Lean and Tall was leering up at them, the frisbee dangling from his fingers. JJ sighed and set Ashley back on her feet.

“Let’s get to your dorm before they get stupid.” JJ murmured, not interested in any further interaction with the frisbee boys.

“Kay.” Ashley was still blushing when she took JJ’s hand and led her down the sidewalk.

It was a short distance to the lobby of the dormitory, then just one flight of stairs up. Ashley led the way down the hall, waving and saying hello to the few girls who passed. Before long they reached her door. Two wooden boards painted and distressed to look old bore the names Ashley and Lisa, connected with rough string. Ashley rifled through keys on a lanyard, using the correct one to unlock the door.

“Welcome, watch your step around the boxes.” Ashley pushed the door open and ushered JJ through.

JJ stepped in and took in the simple layout. Two beds, two desks, two closets built right into the wall. The newest thing in the room was the mini fridge shoved between the desks. Boxes filled much of the floor space on both sides. On the far bed there were two duffels and a pile of clothing waiting to be packed. A few boxes looked like they were filled and taped shut. “Which is yours?” JJ asked, unable to tell just by the jumbled belongings.

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