Linda Cook was a hot little number when she was in high school. She was blond haired and blue eyed and had a body to die for. She attended every school dance, usually with one of the most popular and best looking boys in the school. She was the girl that most others wanted to be like. Linda just graduated from high school and was awarded a full scholarship to Grove College.

Linda’s family lived in an above average middle class neighborhood next door to Robert Jones. Bob was a 6’2″ tall black man who had just celebrated his 60th birthday. He had always been a good neighbor and had watched Linda grow from a little girl to a beautiful young woman.

Linda’s mother left her a casserole, small cake and a bottle of wine to take to Bob’s house for his birthday. When she delivered it to his door, he was so excited that he invited her in to his house. When they were seated, he offered her a glass of the wine. Since her parents were away for the evening, Linda took the opportunity to sneak some wine.

They sat and talked for more than two hours. Bob told Linda about his wife, who had passed away 15 years before. He talked of his son, Robert Jr., who lived 450 miles away and only visited a few times a year. Linda talked about school and how much she was looking forward to starting college in the fall.

As they talked and drank, Linda at first felt sorry for Bob because he appeared to be all alone. Then she began thinking that he was actually attractive, for being 60 years old. After finishing the bottle of wine, Bob invited her to stay and have some of the casserole, and since she had no plans for the evening, she agreed. During dinner, Bob opened another bottle of wine and offered to fill Linda’s glass. She giggled and said, “OK, but don’t tell my mom and dad,.”

“I won’t,” he said.

Since she had never drunk more than two glasses of wine at a time, Linda eventually became a little inebriated. When she was coming back from the bathroom, she slipped and fell on Bob’s lap. He turned her over and she put her arm around his neck to pull herself back up to a sitting position on his lap. She giggled again and said, “Woweee! One foot got in the way of another and . . . ”

She looked at him kind of funny and then said, “You’re kind of cute, Bob.” She pulled him closer and gave him a kiss. “That wasn’t a very good birthday kiss, Bob. Let’s try it again.” She pulled him in for another kiss, but he resisted.

“Wait up girlie,” he said. “I don’t think that’s a real good idea. You’re parents wouldn’t approve. Besides, you’re a lot younger than me.”

She looked at him with a silly smile on her face and then giggled. “My parents aren’t here, Bob. And who cares if I’m younger than you. Kiss me.” She pulled him in for another kiss. This time she shoved her tongue deep into his mouth. As they kissed, she reached down and lifted his hand to her breast and squeezed giving a soft moan. Eventually he put his tongue into her mouth and they continued to kiss. As she sat on his lap, she could feel his cock getting hard. She slid to the side and reached down and squeezed his cock and then pulled her tank top over her head and threw it on the floor.

“Wait. Wait Linda. I don’t know if we should . . . “

She kissed him hard and squeezed his cock again. When she eventually broke the kiss, she stood up, unfastened and dropped her shorts to the floor. Bob looked at the most beautiful female body he had ever seen. She said, “Would you please stand up, Bob?” Dumbfounded, he nodded and slowly stood. Linda dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest blackest cock she had ever seen. She began moving her small hand up and down his erect cock, and then leaned forward and kissed the tip. She licked the length of it and then put it into her mouth.

“Aaaaah!” Bob moaned. “That feels so good, baby.”

Linda smiled to herself and thought, “This cock will be mine before the night is over.” She continued sucking his cock for the next few minutes and then stood up. She pulled his head down and kissed his big lips. He slid his hands down to her perfect ass and squeezed. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned. She unfastened his pants and shoved them down.

“Are are y-you sure ab-bout this, baby? I d-don’t know if we sh-should be doing this.”

“Ssshh,” she whispered. She pulled him down to the floor and on top of her. She reached down and pulled his cock to her wet and waiting pussy and whispered pleadingly, “Fuck me Bob. I want you to fuck me.” She grabbed his ass and tried to pull him into her.

Once Bob knew she wasn’t going to take no for an answer, he slowly slid his big cock into her tight white pussy. “Uuunnggh!” She moaned. “Oh yessss, Bob. Aaaah!”

He gently fucked this beautiful girl thinking that this was the most beautiful woman he had ever fucked. And it was one of the tightest pussies that his cock had ever been in. Linda rolled him over and got on top and then began riding him like he was a bucking bronco. She rode his cock hard for almost 15 minutes before he gaziantep escort bayan numaraları said, “I’m going to cum, Linda.”

She yelled, “Shoot into my pussy, Bob.”

“Are are you sure, L-Linda? I don’t want to get . . . “

“Aaaaarrrgh! Just shut up and cum in my pussy! Aaaah shit! Aaarggh!”

Bob let out a loud moan and then blasted his cum into her pussy. She collapsed onto his chest and nestled her head under his chin.

“Wow, Bob, that was great,” she said. She kissed his chest, They lay like that for almost a half hour and then got to their feet.

Linda pulled on her shorts as Bob said, “Linda, I’m not sure that we should have . . . “

“When can we do that again, Bob?” She asked. “I can come over tomorrow afternoon for a while. How about that?”

“Well, uh. I don’t know, Linda. I don’t think this is a good . . . “

“I’ll be here around 2:30, OK?” She winked at him and continued, “And I’ll wear something that you can take off me quickly.”

“But . . . but . . . “

She pulled his head to her and kissed him. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and rubbed his cock. When she pulled back, she said, “See you tomorrow, stud,” and walked out the door.

Bob pulled his pants on and sat on his couch trying to figure out what just happened. He thought, “I was sitting here minding my own business wondering what my 61st year of life was going to bring. And then in walks the hottest young white woman I have ever seen. She drinks wine with me and then kisses me. Then she puts my cock into her mouth and then asks me to fuck her. Then she tells me to cum in her beautiful pussy. And to top it off, she kisses me good bye and tells me she’ll be back tomorrow for more sex. How could my year have started any better than this?”

The next day, Linda’s mother saw Bob on the porch and he thanked her for the casserole and cake. She waved and said she was going to the store and asked if he needed anything. He shook his head and about 2:15, she left for the store. At exactly 2:30 Bob’s doorbell rang and when he answered, he found Linda standing there in a summer dress completely unbuttoned with nothing on underneath. He had a look of shock on his face as Linda walked in to his house and dropped her dress on the floor.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

“Linda, are you sure this is a good . . . “

“Strip stud. I want sex.” Bob unfastened and removed his pants and Linda dropped to her knees and began sucking on his big black cock. Bob moaned and Linda looked up and said, “Do you want to cum in my mouth or in my pussy today?”

Bob was too surprised to speak so she said, “How about you fuck me again today and then you can cum in my mouth another time. Unless you can get it back up again today.”

She stood and repeated the maneuver from the previous day by pulling him down on top of her and sticking his cock into her wet pussy. He fucked her a little harder today and she loved it. When she rolled on top of him, she returned the favor and rode him harder. She put his hands on her breasts and helped him to squeeze them. She told him to twist her hard nipples and he did, which made her cum immediately.

When they finished this time and his shriveled cock came out of her pussy, she went down and sucked and licked it clean. He thought to himself that he would have married this woman if he was 40 years younger.

After she was dressed, she said, “I can’t come back tomorrow, but can we do this again on Friday? My mom and dad are going out for the evening so we should have five or six hours.”

Bob numbly nodded his head.

“OK, Bob. See you then.” She reached up and kissed him and then walked out the door.

On Friday evening, Linda knocked on his door just a few minutes after her parents left for the evening. Bob smiled when she walked in and said, “Girlie, I start to get a hard on when I see you walking up my sidewalk.”

She grinned and said, “Tonight, I want you to lick my pussy until I cum. Have you ever done that, Bob?”

He anxiously nodded his head and said, “Yep, but it ain’t been for a lotta years.”

She said, “OK, let’s not waste time, Lover.,” and stripped off her clothes and sat on the couch. Bob slowly got ot his knees and moved between her legs. He kissed her thighs and worked his way to her sweet smelling pussy. He lapped and nibbled and pushed his tongue into her pussy for quite some time. It took a few minutes, but Linda eventually began moaning and thrashing around on the couch. Bob was enjoying working on this sweet young white pussy as much as Linda was enjoying having his tongue work on her.

After a while, Linda came on his face and screamed, “Yessss! Yes Bob. Oooh, that was wonderful.!”

Even though he was fully clothed, she sat on the couch naked while they had a couple of glasses of wine. Bob knew he really didn’t have to get her buzzed to have sex with her. Halfway through the second glass, she looked at him and said, “OK gaziantep escort pornoları Bob, I’m ready to fuck.”

They started with him on top, and then switched to her on top and then back to him on top when he shot his load deep into her young pussy. She cleaned his cock and then they finished the wine. Bob was able to get his cock hard once more about an hour before Linda’s parents were due to get back home. Linda gave him a choice of a blow job or a fuck. He chose the blow job so he could watch this beautiful young girl with his cock in her mouth.

Linda and Bob spent the whole summer stealing time to engage in sex. They had a lot of time, but they always did it according to Linda’s schedule, which was based on her parent’s coming and going.

At the end of the summer, Linda’s parents went on an overnight trip to visit her aunt and uncle. Linda spent the entire night with Bob. After exploring each other’s bodies for several hours and drinking two bottles of wine, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning, Bob made breakfast and Linda said, “Bob, next week I leave for college.” He looked down and nodded, knowing his sex life would soon be ending. “I was hoping you could come visit me at college sometimes since it’s only two hours away.”

Bob eagerly nodded his head and said, “Where would we stay?”

Linda smiled and said, “I have a single room off campus so you could stay with me, OK?” He smiled and nodded.

The two of them were only able to get together once more before she left for school. After she got settled, bought her books and started classes, Bob visited her on her second weekend at college. When he showed up at the door to her room, she opened the door and saw an ear-to-ear smile on his face. Before inviting him in, she dropped the robe from her shoulders and stood in front of him completely naked.

She made it a point to have enough food for them to be able to stay in the room all weekend without going out. Linda rode and sucked his cock so hard that his crotch ached as he limped out the door on Sunday afternoon. Bob kept thinking the whole way home about why in the world this hot young white girl was spending time fucking with an old black man. But, he figured, what the hell. He would just make the most of it for as long as it lasted.

He couldn’t make it the next weekend, but returned two weekends later. When he knocked on her door, she once again dropped her robe and pulled him into her room. As he was kissing her and grabbing her ass, he noticed another young girl sitting on her bed. He broke the kiss and pulled back and said, “What . . . Who is . . .?”

The two girls laughed and drowned out his question. As he stood there with a puzzled look on his face, Linda said, “Bob, this is Bonnie. I’ve been telling her what a great fuck you are and she asked if I would share you. So this is your lucky weekend, Lover. We’re both going to have our way with you.”

Bob took a long look at Bonnie. She was shorter than Linda and maybe not quite as cute, but she was still a beauty and she had huge tits. She stood up and stripped out of her shorts and top. Bob stood back and looked at these two hot young naked women. Not in his wildest dreams would he have ever thought that he would be standing here with two hot white women who wanted to fuck him.

Linda said, “Well, are you going to take off your clothes and fuck us or did you want to chat first?”

As he started to unbutton his shirt, he mumbled, “Well . . . uh, well, I uh . . . Er uh. I’m going to uh . . . “

At that point both girls attacked him. Bonnie took over unbuttoning his shirt and Linda unfastened his pants and dropped them to the floor. When Bonnie saw the size of his cock, she said, “Wow, you weren’t lying, Linda. I want to suck it first.” She dropped to her knees and began kissing and licking his cock, which took no time at all for it to get fully erect.

Linda said, “Bob, stick that monster meat into this horny bitch.” Both girls started laughing. Bonnie laid on her back and Bob got on top and gently slid his cock into her waiting pussy. As Bob pounded her pussy, Linda stood behind him and slid her finger up his ass. “Unnngggh,” he moaned. “Ah shit, girlie. Nobody ever done that to me before. Whew!”

When Bob was ready to cum, he pulled out and both girls got on their knees in front of him. Being a true gentleman, he shared his cum by pumping half of it into each of their waiting mouths. They sat around talking for a while and sipped some wine. After a while< Linda told him to stand up. She crawled over and began sucking his softened cock. While Bob was focusing on Linda, Bonnie crawled behind him and shoved her tongue deep into his ass. “Aaaaaahh! Oh shit! Aaaaahh!” He yelled. His cock was hard. Linda turned around and said, “Fuck my ass, Bob.” As he stuck his cock into her ass, Bonnie walked around and lay on the floor on her back so Linda could bow her head onto Bonnie’s pussy. Linda licked gaziantep escort portalı and sucked Bonnie’s pussy while Bob pounded her ass. The two girls came several times before Bob finally shot his load into Linda’s ass. Bonnie immediately jumped up and shoved his softening cock into her mouth to clean it.

And that’s pretty much how it went all weekend. Bob was so exhausted when he left on Sunday that he wasn’t sure that he could even drive home. But he made it, and for the next three weeks, he relived that weekend over and over in his mind. And each time, he would end up with an ear-to-ear grin on his face.

Three weeks later, Bob ventured back to see Linda. He kind of hoped that Bonnie would also be there. When he arrived, Linda met him at the door wearing nothing. She steped out into the hallway and wrapped her arms around him and whispered, “I’ve missed your cock, Bob. Come in and fuck us.”

“Us?” He thought.

When he stepped inside, there were two other naked women. He immediately recognized Bonnie and he heard Linda say, “You remember Bonnie, and this little slut is Jill.” All three girls broke out laughing.

Once they had Bob stripped, they made him lie on his back. Jill sat on his cock and Bonnie sat on his face and licked Linda’s pussy. Bob worked on Bonnie’s pussy with his tongue while Bonnie worked on Linda’s pussy with her tongue. Meanwhile, Jill was riding Bob like a bucking bronco. All three women had multiple orgasms before Bob finally yelled, “I’m going to cum!”

The girls all jumped up and dove face-first onto his cock and shared his cum and he painted their faces. After they licked each other’s faces and cleaned his cock and stomach, they took a break to sip some wine and eat some snacks. Jill said, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

As Bob sat on the bed recovering, he looked at the three young white women and wondered if he could keep up with them. By the end of the weekend, he had cum in all of their holes. He had rimmed each of them and they had all rimmed him. At one point the three young women were all under the influence and Bob directed them in eating each other’s pussies and asses. After they had all cum, Bob was hard and ready to go again.

When Bob was ready to leave, he said, “Girls, would you like me to bring more men the next time I come?”

The girls giggled and said, “No thanks, Bob. We just want to fuck your cock.”

“But I don’t think I can keep up with you girls. I’m 60 years old. Hell, I couldn’t keep up with you if I was your own age.”

The girls giggled again and Bonnie said, “We’ll go easy on you next time, stud.”

When Bob got home, he slept for 14 hours and it took three days for the ache in his groin to stop.

During the rest of the school year, Bob traveled to visit Linda and her friends once every three or four weeks. Linda introduced a couple of other girls to him during the year, and by the end of the year, he had fucked six young white coeds.

Bob still couldn’t figure out what was going on. In his whole life, he had never fucked a woman as hot as any of the six women he had banged on numerous occasions at the college. He had also never fucked a white woman before. He was old enough to be their grandfather, and yet they couldn’t get enough of his cock. He even offered to bring a younger guy and they refused. All they seemed to want was his old black cock. The only catch seemed to be that they liked to be in charge. They would get him off as many times as he could get off each weekend as long as he danced to their tune. And as long as he got to fuck these hot young white bitches, he would dance to any tune they played.

The following week, Linda came home from school for summer vacation. As soon as she got home, they, once again began their fuck sessions as often as she could arrange them when her parents weren’t around. Bob admitted to himself, that even though Linda loved to fuck, it was easier to keep up with just her than with her and her friends.

The two of them carried on all summer and before they knew it, Linda was back at school. This time, she and Bonnie had an apartment together, which gave them more room. Since they had an apartment, they asked Bob to visit them more frequently, and he agreed to come every other weekend. Linda, Bonnie and Jill were regulars in their weekends with Bob, and they sometimes included the other three girls from the previous year.

Sometimes after their initial fuck, the girls would dress in miniskirts or short shorts and take Bob out to dinner on Friday nights. .Although numerous college age boys attempted to horn in, the girls always shooed them away, preferring to be with Bob. Several times he had them take pictures of him and his ‘harem’ before they went back to the apartment and spent the rest of the weekend roaming and using each other’s bodies. Even though he couldn’t display the pictures in his living room in the event Linda’s parents stopped over, he had them in his bedroom and had shown them to his friends at his lodge.

As they were getting close to the end of the next school year, Bob asked them one more time, “I’ve showed my friends at the lodge the pictures of me with you girls and they think you just agreed to pose with me. How about if I bring a couple of my buddies for the last weekend of the school year so they’ll believe me and you’ll get more cock?” After a short discussion, Linda finally agreed.

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