My Angry Tenants Ch. 07

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It was the day I had to fly to Buffalo and I was a little bit uncomfortable. Ron and Gary had given me a going away party the night before and invited Johnson and Ken, the parole duo and the massive dicked tattoo guy who did their ink. Which meant that they had run a train, all night long, on my now bruised and throbbing asshole.

My jaw felt like it was dislocated and I felt like my new nickname should be “Cave of the Winds”.

I was dressed and ready to be driven to the airport when Ron said, “We have a present for you.”

I was about to say that if it involved a cock up my ass I’d rather wait till I came home but Gary grabbed my arms and held them behind me. Ron undid my pants and let them drop around my ankles while he fished around in an open counter drawer.

When he pulled his hand out, he held something I’d never seen before. It looked like a tiny round cage for an animal but it was open at both sides and the hinged at the top. He waved it in front of my face, then squatted in front of me and fitted the contraption around my cock and balls. It was a tight fit and my piss slit just cleared the front opening.

I started to get turned on by the sensation of it but as my cock hardened, the metal bars dug into my flesh and killed the feeling. Ron reached into his pocket and took out a small padlock that he clamped onto the rings at the bottom of the cage.

“That will keep you thinking about us while you’re gone,” Ron said.

Then Gary said, “Now, my present.”

He reached into his pocket and brought out a hard black rubber butt plug. It was about six inches long with a blunt pointed end and a thick middle that tapered back down to a wide flange

Ron pulled me forward so that I was bent over and I felt Gary spit on my hole and then start cramming the plug up my ass.

“Keep it in during your flight,” he said as he buried it in my hole. “I’ll know if you take it out. “

Thank God that in those innocent pre-9/11 days, there was no such thing as an airport body scan.

As soon as I reached Buffalo, I had another surprise in store. I’d picked up my bags and was headed out of the terminal when I saw a guy standing out front holding a sign with my name on it.

He was about 50, around 6’2″ and lean. He was wearing a black leather vest over a thermal undershirt and a pair of çankırı escort tight, worn 501’s that accentuated the thick mass protruding at his crotch. His hair was long, in a braid down his back and he had a close cut beard. I walked up to him, identified myself and he handed me an envelope addressed to me in Ron’s handwriting.

The note inside read: “Welcome to Buffalo. This is our bud Long John who you’ll be staying with while you’re in town. He is taking our place for the next two weeks and you will do ANYTHING that he demands of you. He will also introduce you to some of our other old friends from inside and you are to make sure that you keep them happy and obey their every command. We’re watching you!” signed “Ron and Gary”.

I read the note and then turned to my host. “So they call you Long John?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “but not because of the shirt. You’ll soon find out why.” He reached down and shifted the pounds of meat in the crotch of his jeans.

He led me to the garage where he had parked a beat up panel van. I went to the passenger side but he opened the back doors and said, “No, back here.”

I went around to the back and looked in. There was an old mattress on the van floor, covered with a cheap Indian throw, which took up all of the available floor space. Long John pushed me forward as I climbed in so that I fell face down, then climbed in behind me and shut the doors. He grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled them down to my knees and then I felt his hands parting my buns and feeling around my hole.

“Butt plug still in place,” he said. “I’ll let Gary know.”

He then basically ripped the rest of my clothes off and climbed over the top of me. In the tight confines of the closed van, I could smell his sweat. He sat down facing me with his legs spread wide and said, “Time for you to meet the real Long John.”

He unbuttoned his fly and shucked his jeans down over his knees. He was wearing a stained jock and the tattered pouch was stuffed full to the bursting point.

“Pull this jock down and say hello to your new best buddy,” he said.

I crawled forward and couldn’t resist burying my face in his crotch, inhaling the aroma of stale piss, sweaty balls and ripe cock. I looped my thumbs under the waist band and pulled it down.

His soft cock flopped free, a good seven inches long in its relaxed state, spilling over a massive pair of balls in a sack so long and loose that it rested on the floor between his legs. He was uncut and his foreskin hung at least an inch beyond his dick head and when I grabbed his cock and skinned it back, my nose was filled with the powerful scent of unwashed man meat, a smell better than poppers for making a true cock whore want to be fucked.

My own poor dick was trying to get hard but every time it grew a little bit, the cage around it seemed to tighten and kill the urge.

“Let’s see how much cock you can swallow,” he said and I took his soft dick into my mouth.

It was delicious with a sweaty piss flavor better than any French cheese and the sharp smell of old cum. I sucked as much as I could into my throat and started bobbing my head up and down. His cock filled out a little but it was far from hard.

“If you want that thing to grow, you’re going to have to eat my ass,” he said, then flopped me over on my back and moved over me so that his asshole was over my face.

His hairy ass crack smelled of new sweat and man musk and I gave his hole a light lick, then grasped his hips and pulled down so that he was sitting on my face and I could shoot my tongue up his tight pucker.

He was rocking on my face to get as much of my probing tongue into his ass as possible and he pulled my legs up and started playing with the butt plug shoved up my ass. It felt wonderful as he fucked it in and out of my hole, pulling it out to the widest point then letting it slide back into my guts on its own, all the time riding my face with his big sweaty ball sack slapping my chin.

He swiveled around so he was facing me and I got my first look at “the real Long John”.

His erect cock was a minimum of ten inches long and had to be eight inches around.

He skinned back his foreskin and his huge cock head was as big and fat as a peach, shiny from my spit and his cock juices.

He slapped his hard cock against my face and even though it stung, it felt good.

He toyed with the cage around my cock and balls while I reached down and eased the plug out of my stretched hole. When it popped free, he scooped up some of the ass juice leaking out of my hole and spread it on his cock, then pulled the skin back on it and pressed his huge, slimy cock head against my hole. My ass slowly opened for him and when the head cleared my first ring of muscle, he kept pressing forward until his whole monster dick was buried in my fuck chute.

“It’s a talented piece of ass that can take me on the first try without splitting.” he said.

He was crouched over me with my ankles against his shoulders and my cock cage digging into my belly. He slowly started to fuck my ass, using long slow strokes in and out, and then slamming the length of his dick all the way into me when I wasn’t expecting it.

He liked to vary his speed, too, fucking my ass slow and easy for awhile, so that I could feel every thick inch opening my guts, then suddenly fucking in and out fast and hard so that his huge cock head plowed my chute open and made it hungry for more. His thick foreskin felt like a separate cock sliding around in my ass.

I threw my head back and gasped for air while he raped every inch of my ass.

My cock was trying to respond to the wonderful feeling of my ass being stretched to the limit but, not a chance. Long John’s cock was pistoning in and out of my guts and his meaty ball sack was slapping time against my cheeks and I couldn’t even get a hard on because of the stainless steel cage around my junk..

He started slamming his dick into me in long deep thrusts that were opening the deep second ring of muscle in my fuck chute and I knew he was close to cumming.

I reached behind him and slid my hand into his crack and started finger fucking his tight smooth ass hole. His cock felt like it grew even longer inside of me, hard as marble, and his cock head felt as big around as a baseball.

I buried my finger all the way up his ass, he buried his cock all the way up my ass and we both came at the same time. His juice felt like a fire hose was gushing inside of me and, even though I couldn’t get hard because of the cock cage, my own balls emptied themselves through my limp dick. I’ve never felt anything so intense.

He leaned back on his haunches, his cock still buried in my ass and watched himself soften and slowly slide out of my fucked out hole. The big head of his cock popped free and I felt his foreskin slowly slide out of me behind it.

Long John fingered my ass, scooping up the gobs of cum that were trickling out and pushing them back into my stretched out hole and scooping my cum off of my belly to mix with his own in my ass.

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