His First Time


He arrived home his usual time 5:00 to find the house was empty. Where was the wife and kids? He pondered. Oh well… he proceeded to get comfortable. As he sat at the table to remove his shoes a note was left for him.

Hon, I have found out you have been bad!! Go into the bedroom and you will find instructions for you to follow. She and him had talked about something like this, but he was sure she would never go through with it. Almost killing himself he ran into the bedroom he found the next letter.

You will take a bath, while in the tub you will shave your cock and balls. After you have cleaned up you will proceed to the garage and will find a present I have prepared for you.

He was amazed how hard his cock was thinking what was in store from him this evening. She had tried before to Dominate him, but had always stopped way short. He wondered if this would be the same. Quickly he undressed and proceeded to comply with her request. As he was lathering up his body he found himself stroking his cock and dreaming of what was in store for him. As he was about to climax he stopped and finished his bath.

As he entered the garage he saw a note on a small foot stool. It read, Now that you here this is my room. You are but a quest to me. I control this room. You will address me as Mistress. You are only allowed to answer my questions with a yes or a no. There in a blindfold and hand cuffs in the bag beside you. You will place the blindfold on and the handcuffs. Sit and wait for my arrival.

Blindfolded and in cuffs, his mind was drifting off. what was she going to do to him? Was she going to follow through with her plan or stop short. He found his hand on his cock wanting to masturbate. Then the door opened and she was there.

“Stand my slave, she ordered. He smelled the perfume she wore when she was in the mood for love making. The aroma made him want her more. Standing he felt her gloved hand touch his shaven balls. Jerking away she grabbed his cock with force and pulled him close to her. Do you understand my instructions on how you are to answer me she asked. Yes Mistress, was his reply. Very good my naughty slut. First I will tell you why you are being punished. I found evidence that you have been masturbating without my permission. Do you understand slut? she asked. Yes Mistress, he replied. From this day on you will not masturbate unless I give you permission. Yes Mistress, he answered. His cock was thumping with anticipation, her stern voice caused him to become very excited. Next slut, you are my property, you will not cum unless I tell you it’s OK. Yes Mistress, he replied. Very good, my little slut.

He then felt his hands being pulled up over his head and secured to a rope. His legs were spread apart and secured with rope. The Mistress began rubbing her glove covered hands all over his body, causing goosbumps to appear. You like this feeling don’t you slut? Yes Mistress, he replied. He heard some movement and then felt the stinging effect of her hand across his ass. His body tensed up, she had never gone that far. His ass stinging he felt his cock grow ever harder, crying for relief. Do you like having your ass spanked slut? Yes Mistress, was his reply.

Well my Gaziantep Oral Escort hand is to tender to give you a good ass whipping? He figured this was over she had made her point and it was over. She would untie him and they would fuck. But the next thing he felt was a leather belt stinging his ass. He started counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 his ass was on fire. Standing there feeling the heat upon his ass she grabs his hard cock and tell him, I like to see that ass of your red. Raking her nails up across his ass sends waves of pain through his body. As he jerks, she squeezes his cock harder. Do you need more punishment slut? No Mistress was his reply. I think you do, I have been cleaning up your cum for a long time now slut.

Yes Mistress, he replied. Besides his ass was getting use to it and he was enjoying the feeling. waiting for the next wave of smacks, he felt something prickly across his cock and balls. I have found a new use for a hair brush my slut. I will continue to slap your balls and cock till you loose this erection you had no permission to obtain. Yes Mistress, he replied. He was in a dilemma, even though it was painful, the brush was making his cock harder. As she put more pressure on his cock and balls with the brush, he felt the pain threshold and his cock began to shrink.

Very good my cocksucker she replied. He then felt something being placed on his cock, a rope was tied around his balls and cock. You will not get a hard on until I am ready to use my cock, do you understand? Yes, Mistress was his reply. He felt his cock try to grow just from the tone of her stern voice. pain was beginning to build up in his groin. Releasing his hands and feet he was ordered to lie back on the floor.

Mistress then sat on his chest and told him, you are going to suck on my pussy, I am going to fuck that face of yours. Yes Mistress, was his reply. Sitting on his face she pulled his mouth to her pussy, her juices were flowing, she aggressively rubbed her pussy over his face and tongue. Eat my pussy, slut. Suck my cunt juices, don’t waste any of it. Climax after climax she fucked his mouth and tongue for her pleasure.

He had always fantasized about being used like a piece of meat, he was no feeling the effect of reality and not just dreaming about it. His cock was yearning to be released from its bounds. Her scent, her tone was causing him to leak pre cum from his restrained cock. After several orgasms, she stood over him and told him he was a good face fuck. Yes Mistress, he replied. Releasing his cock, it sprang up to a full erection. Seeing this she told him he had not asked for permission to get hard. But Mistress all the excitement I had no control over it!! He replied.

I see you have a few things to learn, How were you suppose to address me? Yes or no Mistress, he replied. I must punish you again slut. Yes Mistress he replied. Stand up, as he was trying to stand she helped him to his feel by grabbing and pulling his cock. The then felt a sharp slap across his cock, causing pain to go from his cock to his balls. As his cock began to go soft. Do you understand now my slut this is not a game, this is our new lifestyle. Yes Mistress, he replied. Very good my little cock sucker. No go to your knees, on his knees he placed his cock in between his legs to keep I from getting hard. Next he felt her hand on his head guiding his face forward, his lips touched something hard, suck on my rubber cock slut.

He held hid lips closed, this was to far he was thinking. Before he could say anything, she had grabbed his hair and jerked his head, causing his mouth to open, she shoved the rubber cock in his mouth. Now suck my cock you slut. He could not reply, he found a stirring in his cock and squeezed his legs together to keep his cock from getting hard. As she fucked his mouth, you are going to be a good cock sucker my little cock slut. Deep throat this cock, my cunt is getting very wet again slut. He could not answer, he was in a situation, his cock was hard again, he found himself liking the idea of being her cocksucker.

Trying to concentrate on not getting a hard on and pleasuring his Mistress had his entire body feeling every pulse that raced through him. As she pulled out the cock and rubbed it over his face she told him there is more to come. Yes Mistress, he replied.

Stand she ordered him, knowing he was hard again he tried to keep his cock between his legs to protect it. As he stood it sprang forward, well I see you haven’t learned how to control my cock you slut. Again she grabbed it with force and slapped it back to being soft again. Again she placed his hands above his head and tied him securely. As she was standing behind him, he felt the rubber cock between his legs. She was up against him now and as she reached around she grabbed his cock. Now my slut, I want this to get hard, Yes Mistress, he replied. As she gently stroked his cock, and rubbed the rubber cock between his legs he was erect and close to cumming.

You will inform me when you are close to climax slut. Yes Mistress, his voice was raspy, he was very near, he wanted this climax. His cock and balls were on fire with lust, She stopped stroking his cock, and started to play with his nipples. Squeezing the hard, he found he liked the feeling. Back to his cock, pre cum was dripping out of the head. Again she told him, you will let me know when you are about to cum slut or you will be punished. Yes, Mistress he replied. Again he felt he needed this climax and besides she had punished him before and it was not to severe. As he was standing trying to decide if he should disobey her, his body decided for him and the wave or an orgasm took over he could not stop it now. You fucking slut, I told you to tell me when you were close. Yes Mistress, but I could not hold it back. Well you will just have to clean up this mess. He then felt something being spread across his lips, lick this cum from my hand slut, in protest he clenched his mouth shut. Pain shot through his cock as she placed her fingernails into it as she squeezed. He opened his mouth and tasted his cum for the first time. Now my slut do you like the taste of the stuff I have been cleaning up from you. Yes Mistress was his reply.

As he licked the cum from her had and fingers she forced him to suck her fingers. Now since you cannot tell me when you are going to cum, I will punish you. Yes Mistress was his reply. His body was spent, he would be content to be released and go to bed. But she had allot more for him to experience. As she removed his hands from the rope he was bent over on his knees and tied to the foot stool. Standing in front of him, she jerked his head into her very wet pussy, he realized at that moment he had released the beast in her. No longer would she be timid and shy. He was her slave. Suck my cunt slut, make me cum!!! Yes Mistress, again he was being used as a piece of meat and he loved the feeling of it.

As she fucked his face again, he felt his cock begin to get hard again, how unusual after they would fuck he would rollover and go to sleep. Now his cock was responding to all of her again. After three climaxes she proceeded to go behind him. Stroking his cock as it dangled between his legs she said, this is my cock it will get hard for me once again. Yes Mistress he replied. As she was stroking his cock, he felt something cold and wet being placed upon his asshole. She was going to fuck his asshole.

He had always wanted this, but was afraid to ask for it. I am going to fuck you in the ass like you like to fuck me do you understand, Yes Mistress was his reply. She was gentle one finger, then two, he felt some pain but her gentleness caused the pain to be erased. He was enjoying this new feeling, now she placed three fingers in his ass spreading it, slowly she was finger fucking his ass. Do you like your asshole being fucked my slut, Yes Mistress was his reply. Well very good whore, he then felt her behind him and his asshole was being pressed by a rubber cock.

Slowly she placed the cock in his ass, as he opened up for her he felt his cock grow hard. More, and more cock was going in his ass, he felt dizzy with lust. When she was all the way in she had stopped. He was wanting his asshole fucked hard, as he moved forward she asked, do you want me to fuck this ass whore. Yes Mistress he replied, yes what whore, please fuck my ass Mistress.

She then pulled the huge cock back slowly and started to fuck her slut. She built up a faster speed, you asshole looks so good being fucked slut, Yes Mistress he replied, the feeling of having his ass fucked was amazing. She was fucking him, lost in her own pleasure she was feeling an orgasm build between her legs. She was fucking this slave, she seen pictures of him sucking a cock as she fucked his ass, he was her cum slut.

She loved to feeling of power over him, she knew she would look at sex in a totally different way. As her orgasm came she heard her slut, Mistress if you keep fucking me I will cum!!. Getting her orgasm she pulled the cock out of his ass. Untying him she placed him on his back, I am going to allow you to fuck my pussy slut, you cannot cum till I tell you. Yes Mistress. As he felt the hot wetness of her slide over his cock, he knew it would not be long till he would climax.

She was using his cock, not caring about his pleasure this cock was hers, as she fucked her cunt waves of orgasms came over her. Coming back to where she was at she heard him, Sorry Mistress I could not hold back I had climaxed. Not to worry my slut you will just have to clean it out of my pussy. She had never been this turned on in her life, as she shoved her pussy in his face, he knew he would never want to do anything to displease his mistress. Unless he wanted punished!!!

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