Getting On Offline


Patrick was a millennial gay, which is to say one of those people consumed by his hormones with an outlet for it on the internet. Multiple hook up apps, favorite porn sites played morning and night, a steady stream of NSFW tumblr feeds available for an afternoon wank in the toilet if none of the nudes in his Grindr/Scruff/Hornet/Jack’d/Adam4Adam, messages were doing the trick. Work was work, friends were fun, but sex was almost the driving force of his life. It was seldom great but usually good enough. In a city of millions, easy to come by. And if there wasn’t a willing partner, there were probably two or 4 or a whole room of hard cocks for him to work on.

The ready availability of sex made Patrick lazy about it. Much as he dreamed about the 70s, he had to work to pay his rent and sex was at your fingertips more than at the gloryhole or in the bush down the street. So on a good night that meant a flesh light, but generally a wet hand and the steady stream of pictures on his six inch screen. (He was also a member of Bate World.)

Nostalgia can be misplaced though, and the apps have their perks. The thing about apps is that you get to know the neighbors in a way that seems to belong to a different time. You might not know their names, but you know which ones are just as horny as you, single, cheating, poly, bi, transitioning. And you knew sexual preferences, links, and usually what their dick looked like. You could chart break ups and couplings if you paid for the premium service; changing social mores. It was a data mine for the contemporary gay anthropologist. But most of the data wasn’t so interesting, especially Patrick’s. He was just horny. Seldom dating, mostly fucking.

Like with its analog form, app based cruising created some kind of obtuse hierarchy. There were guys that were easy, guys you didn’t really want, guys you could never get, and some that were just beyond the horizons of possibility. They’d talk and flirt, but it just never happened, regardless of how elaborate your thirst trap was.

For Patrick, that was MV5 I’m Scruff; known as Stephen on the street.

They had talked but Patrick scarcely knew the hook up details. 48 (but the hottest 48 you’ve ever seen). Thick black hair. Overgrown facial hair. 5’10”. Very hairy. Relationship status: unknown. HIV status: unknown. Safe sex practices: unknown. Position preference: whatever he wants to do is good for Patrick.

Stephen was the kind of guy you could call a daddy but would never actually call daddy. Mature, salt and pepper features, but a hard body and generally hot as fuck. His eyes were kind and deep but he was flirtatious enough to let you know he would give you the most intense blow job you’ve ever had without ever saying it directly.

Stephen was always keen to chat, to have a deeper conversation than one should with a virtual stranger, and to flirt. It had substance but it wasn’t the parade of nudes Patrick was accustomed to. And also Stephen wasn’t online much. Was he a serial monogamist? Disinterested? In a very selectively open relationship? Whatever was happening, Patrick had a taste from the app but not the full meal he was craving. 8 month’s of wanting more. It was exactly his kind of man and despite knowing.

Patrick could usually catch Stephen online too. He didn’t always get a response but usually was fishing for one. But some nights, the apps seemed to offer little and Patrick was happy enough to enjoy having his apartment to himself and to lie on his couch in a pair of speedos idly playing with his hairy cock, thinking it would be a JO night. His phone in the other room, he ignored the buzzing that had been going on for 45 minutes. Twinks and headless torsos he assumed.

Of course strange pleasures can await. After poking at his cock for some time, Patrick got up to get a drink. A little buzz, shoot a load, an early night he thought. He checked his messages anyway.

Twink98: ram my hole daddy

At 30 with a healthy coat of fur, Patrick was into being some jailbaits daddy.

ToTaLMascTOP: let me shit on your face while you worship my cock faggot. You’ll become addicted to my man meat

Patrick often wondered about the appeal of these tactics. He was no prude; he had been dick slapped and made to crawl on his knees and loved a piss orgy, but sometimes he wanted a little courtship, even if they were going to deep throat one another after 5 messages.

MV5: hey handsome. Busy tonight?

Not an exemplary opening line but from the man of many of his masturbation fantasies, he’d take it. The message was old and it said mv5 was offline, but Patrick replies hurriedly anyway.

OtterS29: hey! Just spending the night at home? Want to meet up?

Rationally he knew he would probably have another night in as a bate pig but this gave him hope. Could he be working his way toward his most desired fuck of the year?

Patrick walked into the bathroom to take a piss but struggled as he looked at his long semi hard cock, getting harder as he thought about all the things he wanted to do Eskort Bayan with Stephen. Drink his piss straight from his cock (was be cut or not), suck his balls, eat his ass, give or receive (top bottom or vers?).

Five minutes passed but no response. He sent another message.

OtterS29: Happy to go close to you if that’s easier.

They had almost hooked up two months ago but Stephen had decided 1 am was too late so nothing happened, no plans made. But Patrick knew Stephen was only 2.7 miles away and that was a distanced he would happily run, bike, walk, bus, train, or taxi to for such a hot fuck. He would wait up all night if he had to.

Ten more minutes, nothing. Nearing 10, his phone buzzes.

He assumed another message from another thirsty queen but instead:

MV5: yeah, that’d be great. Maybe catch a drink. I’m feeling social.

Patrick didn’t want to play it cool. He responded immediately.

OtterS29: Where are you? Want to go to a bar. Stay inside?

He sent his address.

MV5 was typing but stopped. A minute later, no message. A minute after, still nothing.

MV5: lets go near yours. I’ve had some xx fun over there before

What did that mean? A typo? Should he be washing his anus?

Patrick immediately sent some bar suggestions. The messages went through, but they remained unread. For a minute, then three, then five.

He had no chill:

OtterS29: Any preference? I’m up for anything, you can just come here if that’s easier.

Five minutes later, still nothing. But Patrick wanted it,

OtterS29: What do you want? Tie me up in a sling or and fuck me like a monkey or let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear as I jerk off. Pretend I’m your son and spank me as I call you my big strong daddy. I’ll call the Uber.

Patrick regretted it but couldn’t help himself. He hadn’t had sex in a week, good sex in closer to three. And the person he’d been after for months was finally within reach. He needed some notice on how to prepare bud didn’t know. He stood there pacing in his speedos and t-shirt.

Then, the typing ellipsis. But nothing.

A minute later, Stephen was typing, but nothing. A few more minutes. Nothing.



An iMessage from an unknown number.


-Just outside.

Patrick ran to the window and looked down. Four floor down across the street, Stephen, MV5, was staring up at him. He was there in a ragged shirt and white speedo—too many days behind on laundry—and here was the

figure on his fuck list and he wasn’t even sure if his asshole was clean. Stephen, in beautifully fitted denim and a white rumpled button down, sleeves rolled up, saw him and waved.

A phone call.

Patrick answered. How did he have his number?


-You have me this 2 months ago. Hope that’s okay. Sorry if this is a surprise, I just thought you were having a quiet night so I could come over. No need for you to get neat or changed or anything.

-Oh sure, come right up. 4B

-Be right there!

Within a few seconds, Patrick had buzzed Stephen in and scrambled to hide all the crumbled tissues and signs of his sad month of masturbating from this horse of a man.

Stephen came in and immediately kissed him, gently, a peck on the lips. Patrick was flustered. He immediately wanted more but he didn’t want to throw himself at him.

How about a drink, Patrick stammered.

Stephen lifted his right arm, a black bag with a screw top bottle head poking out.

I’ll get some glasses, Patrick offered, knowing full well he didn’t have a single clean glass. Have a seat. I’ll be one second.

Stephen wandered into the messy living room, sitting on the couch Stephen had only an hour earlier been stroking on. He could probably smell onanism in the room.

Nice place he shouted into the other room amidst the running faucet and clamor of glasses. Patrick walked back in.

-I’m glad you got dressed up for me, Stephen said with a wink. Snapping the waist band of Patrick’s white speedos as he leaned to place the glasses on the table

-Oh god, I meant to put something on.

-No, i really mean it. I think I told you’ve I’m a Speedo enthusiast in all those months we’ve messaged. I swim almost every morning (his hot body explained). It’s not so good to be horny at a family pool.

-I know what you mean. I just got back from a beach weekend. I love the nude beaches but they also make me horny. I have to jerk off so before and after I go to avoid a public hard on.

-My partner doesn’t get it. He just wants to be naked, but I really believe in speedos.


Patrick had no interest in upholding monogamy, but he also did not want to be interpolated in some domestic dispute. (Experience is the best teacher.)

-We’re open. The sex isn’t what it used to be despite our libidos still thriving. We’re very open. What about you? Just another Truvada whore?

Patrick grinned.

-Kind of. Not a whore but definitely horny.

Stephen laughed.

-Take advantage of it. I was your age in 1997. Ever see Longtime Companion? I was kind of like Fuzzy. Coupled intensely, partly out of fear. Have your fun; I’m just getting around to it.

-Well, that’s not the only way you’re like Fuzzy.

Stephen grinned.

-I think we’re both a bit like him. He reached his hand over to Patrick, rubbing his hairy thigh just so delicately.

Patrick closed his eyes and let out a slight sound of pleasure. It’s that feeling of first being touched ever, knowing you’re going to get a lot more.

-Turn around and let me rub your shoulders.

Patrick obliged, repositioning his body, closer but with a polite gap as Stephen worked his fingers deep into Patrick’s tension. Another pleased noise.

-I’m glad you like that. I have to tell you, I wasn’t planning on coming here tonight but I just needed to feel the touch of someone. I always thought you were too young for me despite enjoying our messaging. I just don’t do this that much, even if I am exploring.

Patrick felt some kind of relief. Here was the fuck of his dreams turning the tables, desiring him. This wasn’t an anonymous exchange of available fluids. It was lust and specific desire. He inched his body closer and started rubbing the pants leg of Stephen’s right things. Stephen’s hand slipped down the front of his shirt just slightly, grazing Patrick’s chest hair.

How did you get this fur? It’s so sexy. I’m part Italian but you’re definitely not.

Patrick turned around, this time putting one hand on each of my Stephen’s clothed thighs.

-No idea he said, but I learned to see it as an asset.

-Oh it is, Stephen replied, reaching his hand toward Stephen’s stomach. Why don’t you let me see it a little closer, he said, lifting the shirt.

Patrick lifted his hands over his head and Stephen slipped the shirt right off, exposing his t-shaped forest of hair leading into white speedos bursting with wiry pubes. As the shirt passed by his faces, Stephen leaned and whispered, can I kiss you?

Patrick plunged his face in, pushing his soft, close trimmed beard against Stephen’s dense and prickly stubble. In only his white speedos to Stephen’s full clothing, he mounted the older man’s lap and wrapped his legs around him, pressing their dull bodies together.

Stephen pulled back.

-You sure you want this?

Patrick dove back in, gasping a fuck yes as he pressed his face into Stephen’s. He wrapped his legs around the older man, pressing his body closer, pulling him in tighter with his arms and legs. Stephen reciprocated, wrapping his arms around too, sucking the air out of each other’s mouths. The sensation of an unshaven face created a friction between the two men, a scratchy and intensely manly kiss, scented by the sweat and man smells that develop during the day

Patrick cock grew harder, pushing against the thin seam of fabric that separated the two men’s flesh. The Lycra could barely contain him. Sending this, Stephen pushed him away and plunged his hand for the more youthful cock, massaging the thick imprint against the white Lycra, every being detail of its veiny profile on full display, a moist spot forming at the time.

-Get up, Stephen commanded.

Pushing against the cushion, Patrick rose over Stephen, his fine hairy legs running alongside Stephen’s torso and his loaded Speedo right at the older man’s face. Patrick threw his head back and moaned with the caress of Stephen’s fingers in his hairy legs and his mouth planted on the speedo, slobbering all over Patrick dripping cock. Planting his fingers in Stephen’s soft and thick hair, looking down to see his cock so hard that it was pushing into Stephen’s face, fully revealed from the birds eyed perspective.


Patrick squatted back down, rubbing his hairy body against Stephen’s face on the way down, raising his arms above his head so his out scent would rub off. Face to face, he leaned in to Stephen and began licking his left ear. Stephen moaned in pleasure. He reached to his front and began unbuttoning his shirt slowly. Smelling the scents unleashed from the shirt, Patrick’s hands flocked to Stephen’s chest as he began to run his through a thick pelt of dark fur flecked with bits of white around his pecs.

Patrick dragged his tongue from Stephen’s ears down his neck to his chest, leaving a trail of saliva that stopped around his hairy wired nipples. Running circles with his tongue on the left nipple and tweaking the right, Stephen’s luscious quarter-sized nipples grew tight and erect, just as Patrick began feeling something even harder with his free hand that was massaging Stephen’s crotch.

He pulled away and looked straight into Stephen’s eyes.

-Let’s get you out of these, his eyes darting to Stephen’s worn in and tight jeans.

From the top button to each of the four following buttons, Patrick could sense the intensity of Stephen’s erection. His pants revealed an over flowing package wrapped in Calvin Klein tighty whities, well worn with a holes forming at the elastic waist band and a viscous liquid seeping through at the crotch. Patrick slid the man’s jeans down, brushing against his hairy muscular legs and pulling the denim past his feet. He felt his hairy legs again before burying his face in Stephen’s crotch and taking a sniff of those well worn briefs.

Stephen grabbed Patrick by the armpits and gestured for them to get up. Although the same height, Stephen was much sturdier than Patrick. A soccer player’s build to Patrick’s swimmer body. They wrapped their bodies together and embraced in a deep kiss, fur to fur, mouth to mouth, bulging cock to bulging cock. Patrick felt Stephen’s hand move from his back to his cock, tugging at his speedos. The two men stripped the younger homo out of his briefs revealing a hard cock, stand straight out with a healthy girth and pushing seven inches. Stephen was thrilled to find a full bush, manicured but intact, and a densely covered hairy ass on Patrick.

-I love it, all natural he said as he stuck his hand in his briefs and bent over to start sucking on Patrick’s cock.

Working the tip, he slowly ran circles around it before taking the tip in his mouth. Slowly, he swallowed mores and more.

Patrick rubbed Stephen’s back, catching a few stray hairs that showed signs of age. He was turned on even more.

-I’ve wanted this since I first saw you a year ago, he let slip. I’ve wanted to see your cock so bad, he told Stephen as the intensity and speed of Stephen’s suction increased.

Stephen slowly slid his mouth off Patrick’s wet cock and snapped back up.

-Come here kid, he said pulling him in tight for a deep kiss, passing the taste of Patrick’s cock back to him. Stephen lifted his legs and started to slide out of his briefs, revealing a thick Bush and hairy balls surrounding a thick cock of 6.5 inches but heavy with girth. The tan of his body continued on to his cock. Patrick stared in awe. Despite all of their flirting and trading, Stephen insisted they not share cock photos. And oh how much sweeter it was this way. There’s never a thrill like waiting to see someone’s penis and finally getting the reveal.

Sliding out of his briefs, Stephen picked them up and stretched them over Patrick’s face. He pressed his face back into Patrick’s, their tongues slurping around one another with the slight interference of the CK waist band and one of Stephen’s thick black pubes that had stuck into it.

Their hairy bodies pressed together. Each man’s cock was sandwiched, pointing upward as the swished their hairy fur against one another. Hands grabbing and smacking, Stephen lightly slapping Patrick’s hairy ass as Patrick bounced Stephen’s thick and muscular butt with one hand and grabbed at his back with the other.

Stephen dropped to his knees, and began sucking Patrick’s cock again. Patrick moaned, taking deep whiffs of the ripe underwear over his head. Sucking harder and harder, faster and faster, Stephen abruptly felt the cock pulled from his mouth and Patrick pushed him against the floor. Mounting him, Patrick got on his knees and placed Stephen’s thick cock in his mouth. Without hesitating he began deep throating it, his mouth catching hairs on the bottom of the shaft and his face buried in Stephen’s ripe hairy balls. He gagged on the girth but kept going. Orally fixated, Stephen snapped up and stuck his faces in Patrick’s hairy ass. First a whiff, then a taste with the tongue that became a second. Before Patrick knew it, he felt Stephen’s hands pulling his cheeks apart and a tongue deep in his hole. Never had he been rimmed like this before, knowing the experience of a mature and seasoned tongue hitting all the right spots as he continued to gag.

Patrick loved it. He moaned with Stephen’s cock in his mouth and began to slacken as the timing loosened him up and sent him deep inside and outside his body, capturing powerful sensations. Stephen leaned up and spanked the hairy ass, leaving a nice spot and echoing smack. A portend of what was to come?

-I don’t usually do anal on a first Scruff date, Stephen said. But I would with you. I’ve wanted you too. Badly.

Patrick moved his body and kissed Stephen, tasting his own hole on his partner’s tongue.

-Let’s do it, Patrick said. I’m on PReP but I have a condom if you prefer to fuck me safe.

-No, Stephen said. I want you to fuck me.

Patrick was surprised. Getting a rim job usually meant you were getting prepared to be fucked. He was vers but accustomed to bottoming especially with older and bigger guys.

-I just thought…

-Oh I’ll top you, but from the bottom, Stephen said with a wink.

Patrick was preparing to start eating Stephen out, but Stephen reached for his pants pocket and withdrew a small brown bottle.

-Just lube it up and go for it, Stephen said. I’m on PReP, and a tight but accommodating hole.

Stephen climbed back onto the sofa and bent forward. He unscrewed the bottles as Patrick gently put one then two then three fingers in. Instead of sniffing it, he dumped some of the liquid onto his CK briefs and huffed the rag. Deep breathing.

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