The Hunter


I could hear my heartbeat throbbing inside my chest; My eyes were glued together by the crust of a deep sleep. I peeled them apart and stared out into the darkness. The dripping of a nearby faucet trickled into my head and I knew it would drive me insane after a short while.

I screamed, my voice hoarse from the unexpected nap and dampness in the air. “What do you want from me!” My only response was an echo mocking me.

The room was pitch-black and seemed to be shrinking by the second. God, I hated small spaces. I decided to test my surroundings and slid off the bed. The slimy texture of the ground sent shivers up my spine.

“I know you can hear me!” Silence rung in my ears as I put one foot after the other, until the chain reached the end of it’s length. I ran my fingers over the cold metal and pulled against the anklet; My skin began to burn while I tried to free myself.

The more I twisted, hit, and yanked the more frustrated I became with my captor. “Why don’t you show your face?”

This time I could hear a doorknob squeak across the room; My breathing accelerated as I prepared to see the face of the person who chained me to a bed post. Light flooded the room and nearly blinded me but I forced to keep watching as the dark figure came into view.

His silhouette was all that I could make out but the smell that came with it was intoxicating; The scent of fresh cut grass and droplets of the sunrise hit me harder than I had ever expected.

“Wyatt?” I whispered.

“How’s your head?”

I pressed my hand up to the wound aching on my forehead; It was sticky and covered in my hair. “Fine,” I said, “No thanks to you.”

He came closer to me. Only a few more steps and I could reach him. “I wish I could say I was sorry.”

“Some friend you are,” I scoffed.

“At least I’m not a monster,”

“That’s a harsh word,”

“It’s a harsh reality.” Good ol’ Wyatt, truly a man of many words.

The chain clanked as I stood up and tried to look into the eyes of my faceless friend, “So what’s the plan?”

He paused, no doubt questioning whether or not he should go full cinematic villain on me and divulge everything to his captive. “Tomorrow’s the full moon. I should know everything I need to by then.”

“For an honors student that really isn’t smart.”

“And why is that?” He challenged me.

“Because I’ll kill you.”

“You won’t,”

“If you really believe that then why am I chained up like an animal?”

“Because that’s what you are now,” He finally stumbled close enough for me to grab him. I tried to play it cool; If he wanted a humane conversation then that’s exactly what he gets.

“I’m the same person.” I couldn’t put enough stress on the human part of that sentence, “Please, I’m your best friend, the one who helped you on our Chem final, the Side Escort one who always helps your mom bake cookies on Christmas eve.” My eyes stung at the sound of my own pleading voice. There was only a few hours before I lost control. “I know I haven’t been the same but it’s still me.”

I couldn’t see him but I knew he was struggling, “I’m sorry, Rae, but I don’t believe you.” He turned his shoulders to leave but not before I lunged at him.

We hit the floor; My body pressed against his for the first time since we were allowed to wrestle as children. A game that he always won, but now I would come out on top.

He pushed me off and scrambled to his feet. I beat him to the door with the bed close behind.

“You didn’t really think that a queen size would keep me in here, did you?” There he was, always underestimating me. I blocked his only escape and dared him to try and move me.

“I guess the beds have turned,”

I rolled my eyes, “Don’t try and be cute.”

“I thought you would know by now,” his voice gradually drifted further from my reach, “I don’t have to try.” Before I could respond a blaring whistle brought me to my knees and the room was lit with red bulbs.

“You asshole,” I growled as I crawled to the speaker and smashed it with my fist.

“It’s better than being a bitch.”

Blood tripped off my knuckles and for the first time since he smashed a vase into my head I met his gaze. The same murky green eyes that greeted me every morning and teared up the first time he watched The Titanic were now focused on only one thing, imprisoning me.

“We don’t have to do this,” I said, “You can just give me the key and let me go.”

He smirked, “I’m sure you would like that.”

“It’d be a wonderful early birthday present.”

“Too bad I already got you a scarf.”

The lights flickered as I crept closer to him; He tensed at my advances but didn’t move away. When my hand finally pressed against his chest I could feel his heart beat racing underneath my palm.

“Am I making you nervous?”

“No.” His jaw tightened as my hand trailed further down his abdomen.

“Let me rephrase that then,” My fingers played with the top of his jeans, “Am I turning you on?”

“Yes, the evil reincarnation of the my best friend is totally making me horny.” The sarcasm dripped off his tongue.

I chuckled, “Looks like you’re telling the truth.” I rubbed him over his jeans and grinned as he stiffened underneath my touch.

We were so close; Our bodies merely two inches a part and only his unprecedented apprehension separating us. He glared at me as I tormented him.

“You’re like my sister,” I grimaced at his words.

“If I was your sister then I wouldn’t have the strong urge to put your cock in my mouth. “

The sound of him swallowing Side Escort bayan nervously made a grin creep onto my lips, “You just want the key.”

“Wrong again,” I said. This time inching my lips closer to his, “I want to be fucked.”

“Rae,” He whispered just before I pressed myself against him and pinned him against the wall.

“You want me,” I kissed his neck as he tried to come up with a believable argument. “Just admit it, sparky.”

“God, don’t call me that while you’re giving me a hickey.” His hands settled on my hips as he groaned.

“What would you like for me to call you then?” The lust in his eyes spread until he couldn’t remember why he was hesitating. Suddenly his lips were smashed against mine and his fingers were tangled in my knotted hair.

“Fuck,” I breathed into his mouth, “I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Just shut up,” He commanded and yanked my head back. The pain subsided as his other hand stroked me over my shorts. I pushed my hips onto him, desperate for his touch.

I struggled to unhook his belt as we wrestled for control. In a flurry of colors and moans he flipped me so my back was on the wall. I breathed heavily and stared at him. He had won. He could walk away and stop playing with fire before he got burned.

Instead, he went in for round two with his arm grabbing my waist and lifting me off my feet; He slung me onto the bed and trapped me underneath him. Darkness twinkled in his eyes as yanked off my shirt and bra.

He swore at the sight of my naked breasts before taking them into his mouth; One hand tweaking my nipple and the other buried in my pants. I squirmed underneath him in ecstasy.

I yelped as his teeth bit into my flesh, “And you think I’m the animal?”

He didn’t even dignify me with an answer before removing the rest of my clothes and tossing me onto my stomach. The sound of his jeans unzipping made me drip on the sheets; I gasped as the head of his cock dipped into my cunt.

“What are you waiting for,” I groaned.

“Ask me.”


“Ask me to fuck you,” He repeated, “Nicely.”

“Fuck yo-” I was cut off by his hand smacking my ass.

“That wasn’t nice, baby.” He stretched me just a little further before pulling out. He continued teasing me until I was seeing stars. I tried to force him deeper inside of me but that only earned another smack and his fingers circling my clit.

I swallowed my pride and forced the words out of my mouth, “Please, fuck me.”

“That wasn’t so hard,” He said before thrusting into me full force. I growled as the pain shot through my body but he didn’t slow down for me to adjust before pulling out and ramming himself into me again.

I bit my lip each time his length was buried inside my tight cunt; His hand now grabbing my hair pulled my head Escort Side back like a dog on a leash.

It wasn’t long before he pulled me up and forced me to face him. His hand guided me down to his cock, “Suck.”

I did what I was told and took him into my mouth, forcing him in deeper with each breath. I stared up at him and watched his eyes shut in pleasure.

“Good girl,” His moans opened the flood gates between my legs. His fingers pinched my nipples and I hummed against his cock.

I kissed up his shaft before letting it sink to the back of my throat.

“Fuck,” He twitched in my mouth and I held back a smirk.

“You want to come, baby? I ran my tongue up and down the length of his dick and watched him squirm.

He nodded but I wasn’t satisfied, “Then ask nicely.”

He glared at me as I teased him. His cock was throbbing in my hands.

“I don’t need your permission,” He said and flipped me around so I was on my knees; His hand pressed firmly in between my shoulder blades, keeping me face down with my ass up.

My eyes widened as he positioned himself at my back door. I was far too tired to point out the irony in him taking me doggy style.

Tears threatened to spill as he eased into me. I whimpered when he finally pushed himself completely inside and pulled out just as slow.

With every motion I got more pleasure. My body finally getting accustomed to his massive length.

“Is this what you wanted,” He said as I gasped, “my cock buried inside your ass?”

“Yes,” I breathed pitifully.

Our bodies slapped against eachother rhythmically and the lights faded from red to blue to gold.

My legs shook as he groped my breasts and then forced his finger into my mouth. It still tasted like my juices and I licked it clean.

He pulsed inside of me and dug his nails into my ass. The warmth of his cum shot into me and sent me over the edge.

My legs gave out from underneath me and I struggled to catch my breath as waves of electricity shocked my core. I cried out his name as he rubbed my clit; Prolonging the intensity ruining through my veins.

When the pleasure finally subsided I already had an appetite for more but Wyatt had other plans.

My hands were quickly pinned against my head and I heard a click.

I looked up only to see my wrists in handcuffs and around the bed post.

“Tell me you’re just being kinky.”

He shifted off of me and I heard him shuffle around to put his pants on. “Not this time, Chip.”

I growled, “Do not call me that.”

“I guess that’s a sore topic. Chocolate and all.”

I yanked against the handcuffs but got no where.

“Don’t bother, they’re silver.” He said.


I jumped as his hand slapped my ass, “Bad girl,”

I squirmed and pulled while he pushed the bed, with me captive on it, away from the door.

He was halfway out the room before turning to meet my flaming eyes, “You’ll always have one weakness, Rae,”

“And what’s that exactly?” I spat.

“Me.” The door slammed behind him and left me in the darkness once again.

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