Georgia Plays The Game Ch. 04


Beginning Again

“So you like your present?”

“Yes master. I love it. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to it but…”

“It sometimes sends you ‘a message’ when you least expect it.” The chuckle came through her headphones. “That’s not the only message it’s sending is it?”

“No,” she joined his laugh.

“Any white boy gets that far will soon see that you’re Black only – the way a beautiful white woman should be.”

The VCH piercing had seemed a little uncomfortable at first but once any swelling had receded that had passed. Now she could forget she even had it most of the time. It was just that sometimes she would move in a certain way or be walking at a certain pace and she would feel the most delicious sensation pass through her. The little curved barbell would find her most sensitive area and exert just the right pressure there. She had no objection so long as it wasn’t in a meeting at work! She knew that the piercing was said to accentuate the pleasures of sex. Soon she knew she would be able to give an informed opinion on that.

Dr Nikola had checked her over and ruled that all had gone well with both her piercing and her larger operation. Healing had proceeded as expected and he said she could resume ‘normal activities’ next week if she liked. She wasn’t sure her activities in ‘the game’ counted as normal but she knew that piercing was about to be put to the test.

As for the other message. Her Master had arranged for his small Queen of Spades enamelled charm to be attached to the head of her piercing. Anyone who saw her exposed pussy would be in no doubt as to who it belonged to. Black men.

Nikola’s other work had been a little more difficult to get used to. She was carrying more weight in her breasts and it still hit her ever time she looked at herself in the mirror. She had always thought that she did pretty well for a woman who had borne a child and was in her mid-thirties. Now, however, she felt extra confidence when she looked at herself in the glass. A little experimentation with clothing and buttons and she looked like she had never looked before! As a woman grew older a shapely pair of legs and a good deep cleavage could help her stay attractive and wanted. It could help her keep in the game – and Georgia was eager to return to her own ‘game’.

There was one other thing that worried her. That video of Jewel and the other dancers’ worries for the white girl. The man that had recruited her, Cassius, was rumoured not to be the most scrupulous of men and his clubs were notorious. She had raised it with her Master but his response was calm.

“I thought you knew that I was also Jewel’s Master.”

“Yes, but, this Cassius…”

“Jewel acted correctly. She told me of Cassius’ approach and I gave her permission to work for him if she wished for that experience. Jewel is more adventurous than yourself or most of my participants. She needs to test herself and her boundaries.”

“But what I hear about Cassius…”

“Cassius understands that Jewel is one of my girls. He understands that, so long as she remains in ‘the game’, she is only on loan to him. He is at liberty to enjoy her and profit from her but she must be returned in good condition.”

“You trust him?”

“Jewel is not the first of my girls to go there. Nearly all, having had the experience, choose to return to me.”

“But not all?”

“One came back but found that ‘the Game’ no longer satisfied. She chose to become Cassius’ property. Once I was sure of her free decision I did not stand in her way.”

“What happened to her?”

“When she chose to leave my protection she did just that. I understand that she no longer works for him. The life over there is very intense – most girls burn out quickly. Perhaps she has settled down or she has tried to return to her old life. As I once told you ‘the game’ has its rewards but it can also punish. The moth can fly too close to the flame. You are best to stay with me.”

Georgia already knew that – from personal experience. She hoped that Jewel knew what she was doing. Meanwhile, she herself had unfinished business.


The eight weeks had crawled by despite the fact that the latter part had fallen in one of the busiest parts of the school year. She thanked her lucky stars for the good fortune, or her Master’s fore-thought, which had placed her week after surgery in the Spring Break. Now it was the long drag to the end of the school year – made almost worse by the need to dress carefully so as not to draw attention to the change in her body-shape. It didn’t come naturally any more to dress down, to be deliberately unsexy. That wasn’t her any more.

So when she found herself back on the freeway North, this time happily in much better weather, she felt a real liberation, a real relief. She had been shocked to learn about the booths at the adult store and even more so by the state of Roni after she had worked there. Now she felt eagerly enthusiastic Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort to take her own turn in those self-same booths. She needed it – to express her sexuality and to begin paying back her Master, in more ways than one.

Then she would check out her potential new school in the city and, of course, visit her daughter. She was a little reluctant about the last part because Charli hadn’t answered her usual pre-visit phone call. Well, young women could be very busy – she’d no doubt get an answer to the message she had left.

As she pulled up she saw Mo, the white guy who worked at the adult store, come out to meet her.

“Tom sent me to make sure you got in safely. He’s been putting the word around among the regulars.”

She flashed him a smile and then followed him back into the store where Brittney, Tom’s young female assistant, was showing what appeared to be a large black strap-on dildo to a white couple. The wife looked enthusiastic while her husband was rather harder to read.

Georgia looked closely at the young woman with her. She had a similar build to the girl in the videos that her Master had sent her. She also had the same light-coloured hair and eyes. Somehow, however, she didn’t believe that Brittney was the girl. That opinion was strengthened later by Brittney’s reaction to discovering why Georgia was there that night. She wasn’t moralistic or condemnatory – just surprised. It was clear that young Brittney enjoyed working in the shop but had NO interest in getting involved in the late-shift goings-on.

Things went much as they had on her last visit. A steady flow of customers some of whom just waited in the shop. Georgia felt their eyes on her as she sat behind the counter with Tom and Brittney. Tonight, she knew, must of the men were well aware that she wasn’t just there as a customer. She felt a knot of tension growing inside her – could she really go ahead with this?

When Mo emerged from the back corridor with his mop bucket to declare the booths ready to reopen Georgia knew that her time was about come. She had to go ahead or leave now. She knew that leaving would be the end of her participation in ‘the game’. However, she couldn’t imagine how she was going to summon the strength to get off her stool let alone to walk down that short corridor and enter the booth. Her legs already felt like jelly.

“Nervous, eh,” Tom was watching her. “I knew you would be so just sit tight for a few minutes because I arranged some help for you.” He turned to the crowd. “Booths will open in fifteen minutes, gentlemen, thank you for your patience.” He cast a meaningful glance at Georgia. “As you can see that patience will be well rewarded.”

There was low laughter and sounds of approval from the fifteen to twenty men gathered in the shop. The intensity of their gaze on Georgia increased and the knot of fear within her tightened. Half of her was screaming for her to quit the store and drive away as fast as she could. But only half. A battle was being fought out within her and she never knew what the outcome might have been if Tom’s ‘help’ hadn’t arrived.

“Fuck – I know I’m late. Sorry Tom, sorry guys – but we got a treat for you all tonight. I’m gonna be fluffing but remember to hold your juice for the star of the show.”

It was Roni, the woman who had performed in the booths last time Georgia had visited.

Once more she was doing her version of the human tornado. She stormed in through the waiting men and swept up Georgia as she passed. “Come on honey, we gots to get ready. These are busy men – can’t be waiting all night to get their nut. Booth E, so’s we got some room to operate – that’d be right Tom?”

“Shit Roni you know this thing better than I do. Go right ahead. Mo – start selling them tickets.”

Almost before she knew it Georgia was in a booth that strangely reminded her of a changing room at a clothing store. There were just a few differences. The low level of light. The big screen along the far wall showing a porn scene of a white women with six African-American men. The tiled floor. Most of all, of course, the two holes in the walls. There was a short bench next to the door and a couple of cheap plastic chairs as the only furniture. It looked pretty squalid.

Roni, however, was very satisfied. “Always good to be in here – a real treat compared to them single booths. They get a lot of use and poor old Mo can only do so much trying to keep them clean. You walk in there and your shoes are sticking to the fucking floor sometimes. Now this is more like good working conditions.” She started removing her fake-fur jacket and then looked at Georgia. “Men will be here in a couple of minutes so you’d best get out of them nice clothes coz things are gonna get messy!”

She cackled as Georgia joined her in starting to get undressed. “Clothes on the bench honey so they don’t get no friendly fire. Now this is yo first time ain’t it? Well it’s real simple. You Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort ready for a dick you put yo finger thru the hole. The dick comes through and you suck it and get him off as quick as you can. Time is money and this ain’t no amateur hour. You hear banging on the wall and he’s telling you he’s about to cum. So get ready to take him out and let him shoot over you if you don’t want another mouthful of that shit. Do not just jack him off onto the floor coz we all want these men to be repeat offenders you hear.”

Georgia heard. Roni was very matter-of-fact about it. She was here to work, to make some cash, to prostitute herself as mainstream society would call it. EXACTLY as Georgia was. Georgia would have looked down her nose at Roni not so long ago but from the moment that first cock came through the hole you wouldn’t be able to get a cigarette paper between them so far as morality or respectability was concerned. In fact, Roni would probably rate above her because Roni at least had the excuse of pressing need.

“The juice ain’t the hard part of this it’s the stamina. Know how long it can take to get thirty guys off? Some of them are excited or decent enough to get themselves close before you get to them. Couple of minutes or less and they ready to paint the walls. But there’s always those mother-fuckas who want to be blown for half a fuckin hour. So I’m helping out by fluffing a little. Try and get one close while you getting the previous one off. Maybe we can give them a little show too.”

Georgia looked closely at Roni but could see none of the predatory instinct of a Shonna. Roni seemed to be all business – or at least to sublimate any desire to the fiscal needs of the moment. She seemed to notice the white woman’s nervousness and gave out her smoker’s cackle. “Don’t sweat sugar this is gonna be a breeze. First time done you’ll find it easy from then on. Besides, might get twenty or twenty-five tonight, just the optimists. New girls flake half the time. You get good reviews from these men and the numbers soon rise. That little white girl with the hood was here one night and did sixty-five. I was trying a late session for once and the bitch had took all the men for the night. She was here four and a half hours just sucking dick. Shows what a woman of determination can achieve but I was fucking furious!” She cackled again.

Georgia’s attention was captured. “You know that girl Roni – isn’t she called Jewel?”

“Shit I don’t know what she’s called. She got blonde hair and blue eyes and all the customers want her blowing their cocks – that’s all I know. That and the hood that she puts on if she being filmed or photographed. Must be shy – tho she don’t act it!” Roni laughed uproariously as she moved to the hole in the wall, bent down and peeped through. “Come on, honey, I’m gonna blow you but keep that juice for my girl here – she don’t want to miss a single drop of it tonight.”

Georgia followed Roni’s example and moved by her own hole. The booth was apparently the biggest at the store but the two women were still left almost back-to-back. Georgia peeped through and saw the torso of a man with a fist working on his hard exposed cock. She tucked a finger-tip through the hole and almost immediately a sizable cock was pushed through. It was milk chocolate in colour and, with only the slightest of hesitations, Georgia took him into her mouth.

His cock was hard and warm and felt good in Georgia’s mouth. She put her fingers on his shaft where it came through the hole in the wall and gently stroked him while she used her mouth and tongue on the head of his cock. Despite the noise of the video she heard a little grunt of appreciation come through the wall and she warmed to her task. She didn’t know who he was, and she likely enough never would, but she didn’t care. She knew all the men were there for her and she demanded they make their tribute. They’d done it by laying down some cash but she was more interested in the other kind of tribute they could give her. A big load of cum. The first man might have been especially excited or maybe just impatient but he fulfilled his end of the bargain after only a couple of minutes. Georgia heard a tap on the wall and then the cock in her mouth pulsed as it shot its load. Georgia tasted him as she swallowed.

“Switch!” The order from Roni was sharp. She pulled Georgia across to her own hole and the cock, already wet with the other woman’s saliva, that poked through the wall there. Georgia made it just in time as the cock jerked and sent a couple of streams of cum onto her face. She just closed her eyes in time and felt the moisture on her eye-lid. She gasped but her hand found the cock and her mouth cleaned its head. Behind her she heard that Roni was already working on the next cock that had appeared.

Georgia cautiously opened her eyes and then reached down for a swig from her water bottle. It cleaned the last of the cum from her mouth just in time for a menacingly Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort thick coal Black cock to push through the hole in front of her. Georgia didn’t need to think about it or consider her actions any more. The moment the cock presented itself she took it in hand and began to give it the best blow job she could. Whoever this man was he was going to remember her. He was going to know that she could make a man feel better than any of the other girls. He’d forget about that little whore Jewel and he’d save that beautiful Black cock and its cum for her in future.

The adrenaline was flowing through her veins and she was on a real natural high as she worked the booth. She quickly lost count of the number of men that she had serviced. One shot its load straight onto the back of her tongue and she had to exercise all her self-control not to gag. After that if the men gave her the warning tap she decided to take their cocks out of her mouth and just stroke them off to shoot their loads over her naked face and tits. There were enough that didn’t give the warning tap so she ended up having to swallow their loads anyway.

The fluffing routine worked pretty well but sometimes Roni found herself with a man who had a hair trigger. Usually she gave the urgent instruction to ‘Switch’ and Georgia got herself across the booth and into position but once or twice she heard Roni take a stray load of black cum. “That you Darnell! I know that fucking cock! Why didn’t you warn me you horny fucker!” Then there was the deep bass chuckle of a man who knew exactly what he had been doing. “Sorry honey,” said Roni, “Darnell’s a regular of mine. Guess he just prefers me swallowing his load.”

“You know it babe,” came through the wall.

It was surreal if you thought about it. Roni was apologising to Georgia that she had deprived her of a strange Black man shooting his spunk over her or into her mouth. An act most women would have regarded as one of degradation or defilement. It MIGHT have seemed surreal to Georgia if she had been thinking about it. But Georgia wasn’t thinking. She was too busy sucking cock and listening for Roni’s instructions and waiting for that next cum tribute from her new clients.


Finally Georgia felt a tap on her shoulder from Roni. “Finish him up and then we’ll take a break,” the brown-skinned woman said. Then she lent down to add her tongue to the coal-dark cock that Georgia was sucking. Georgia pushed her tongue forward to meet Roni’s on the warm flesh and the additional stimulus seemed to do the job. The man tapped on the wall and Roni pulled the cock out of Georgia’s mouth and stroked it twice before a series of strong spurts added to the cum already on the white woman’s face.

“Yeah – thass what I’m talking about – thass the shit! ” came through the wall in a happy tone.

The two women looked at each other and giggled together. Men could be so easy to please! Then their eyes met. “You’ve done great girl,” said Roni in a tone much gentler than her usual one. “Real good for a first time here.” Then she slowly leaned forward and kissed Georgia. The moment felt right for both of them. Amidst all the cum and raw sexuality a simple moment of human connection between two women. Roni was smiling as she pulled back. “What say girl – shall we give the men a show?”

There were perhaps ten customers in the shop when the two women, naked save for their panties, emerged from the booths. Tom moved from behind the counter to lock the doors and flick on a ‘temporarily closed’ sign. He didn’t want anyone walking in on this and reporting him.

Georgia was quite a sight. There was cum in her hair and covering her face. Little clumps were visible here and there as they moved to the string hanging off her chin. More cum was visible on her newly-enhanced titties and little marks showed where little trails of cum had run down her body. Now she was showing herself to the men and her eyes were wide with excitement. As she saw their hungry eyes drinking in the sight of her she opened her mouth in a smile showing her perfect teeth. Tom wasn’t sure whether that smile and excitement was down to nerves or to the men’s reaction. He was satisfied though – he was pretty certain Georgia would be back many times in the future and that she’d be drawing plenty of customers to his store.

Just now though she was a mess and it was just as well that Roni was here. The men gave little murmurs of approval as they realised what Roni had planned. She moved in close to Georgia and began to gently, carefully, lick every bit of semen from the white woman’s face. Her tongue darted out to collect as much of the cum as she could hold in her mouth and then she made a hand gesture to Georgia who seemed to understand her and immediately opened her own mouth. Roni moved in close and the two women’s mouths met. They swapped the cum of many men from mouth to mouth as their tongues inter-twined.

“Fuck yeah,” said a man as he watched the two women. Tom looked over to Mo and chuckled. His white assistant just raised an appreciative eyebrow.

Roni was busy working on Georgia’s tits now – licking off the residue of cum that had dripped down onto them, When she had shared that with Georgia she turned back to the men. “Any of you late comers or after second helpings?” There were some sounds of assent.

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