Candy Pleases Her Master


Candy walked swiftly to his door. Her mind running over the previous day’s agreement. Clutching her coat closer to her body since she only had on delicate black lace lingerie underneath. She stopped in front of his door, taking a deep breath and adjusting her breasts before knocking on the door. Not waiting for a response Candy turned the knob to let herself in. The room was lit and she could see him sitting in a chair opposite staring directly at her. His eyes pierced through her clothing, He knows I’m not wearing anything underneath Candy thought to herself.

They stared each other down for a few moments before he quietly ordered, “Strip.”

Candy flashed him a smile, and ever so slowly started to unzip her coat until it was completely open. She shrugged it off onto the floor. Standing with her left hand on her hip, staring at, and challenging the man in front her with her gaze; the man who she would call Master for the entirety of that night.

“Do you like my outfit, Master?”

“I very much like how you look in that outfit, you’re missing a crucial item though,” He was right of course, Candy very much missed her collar. He quickly produced her collar and swiftly moved so he was standing directly behind her. His hands were already roaming the curves of Candy’s body; feeling the lace material of her tights and garter belt. “Promise to be my good girl tonight?”

“I can’t promise I’ll be good, but I am definitely your girl tonight,” Candy replied as her Master screwed the bolt tight on the collar around her neck. Roughly he turned Candy to face him, and kissed her hard. His hands running up and down her curves, grabbing her hips pulling her closer to him.

Candy kissed her Master with matching intensity. She felt him unclasp her bra, and watched as it hit the floor. Gently, he pulled her head back exposing her neck, and connected the matching leash. “Up,” He commanded. Candy quickly put her hand on his shoulders, and jumped to clasp her legs around his torso. Her master carried her to the bedroom, where the ropes were already laid out on the bed. Once over the bed, he laid Candy down, and tied her hands to the headboard. He pulled off her remaining articles of clothing, and begins to kiss up and down the inside of Candy’s leg. Ever so slowly, teasingly slow, kissing his way to Candy’s clit. He paused, his mouth hovering right over her clit. Candy could feel his breath on her clit. She stared down at him, her eyes pleading. Master locked Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort eyes with her, sensing the tension in her body, he gently blew a stream of cold air on her clit before lifting himself up and moved away from the bed.

“Why’d you stop?” Candy whimpered.

Her Master shot her a devilish grin and reached just out of her view to get something.

Suddenly Candy saw a blindfold, and then she saw nothing but darkness. Taking away one sense always heightens the others. Next Candy felt her breasts and nipples being pinched and massaged, “Tell me how much you like having your nipples pinched,”

“It makes me so incredibly wet, Master.” Candy stammered as he continued to play with her nipples. Then she felt cold metal against her breast. Master, one at a time kissed and teased each nipple with his tongue before attaching the nipple clamp. Soon as the second one was in place, Candy felt her Master’s tongue slide over her clit. Candy sharply inhaled; before she could exhale he attacked full force licking, and sucking on her clit. “Oh fuck, Master, master, can I cum?” Candy exhaled quickly knowing that she was about to cum no matter what his answer. He didn’t respond, only continuing to pleasure her, this time moving his tongue inside of her. Candy moaned, shifting her hips to try and get him deeper inside of her. It worked; she felt his tongue press deeper into her. “Can I cum?” She asked again, her body was beginning to shake.

“No.” He stopped completely. Surveying the quivering woman in front of him, taking pride in knowing what power he had over her body, and her pleasure.

Just as quickly as he had stopped, he began again licking and sucking on her clit. Candy’s back arched, pleading this time, “Please, Master, let me cum, may I cum?” Still no answer. Candy couldn’t take the stimulation anymore, with her back arched, and her hips shaking she let out a moan, and came.

“Did you just cum without my permission? Bad girl.” He pulled on her nipple clamps, Candy let out a moan of pain and pleasure. Her Master quickly flipper her over, exposing her ass to him. He quickly bit her left cheek and spanked her with a paddle. Candy loved being spanked, every time her ass was struck she let out a short little moan, mixed with a sharp inhale. “Are you ready to try again?” he cooed.

“Yes, Master,” Candy answered into the mattress below her. He quickly flipped her back over so she was Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort on her back. Her Master kissed her roughly, open mouth, so she would taste herself on his tongue.

“Open your mouth,” Candy did so, and felt her Master’s index and middle finger slide in. Candy sucked and licked his index and middle fingers, until he removed them, and oh so slowly inserted both fingers one at a time inside of her very wet pussy. Candy gasped, she was very wet. He began to gently pump his fingers back and forth, massaging her clit with his tongue again. It didn’t take long before Candy felt herself building to an orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Candy moaned. Sensing her approaching orgasm, Master slowed his pace, until he was completely still inside of her, carefully he added another finger. Candy let out a moan, and tried to move her hips. “Don’t move,” he ordered. Candy let out a huff, she was terrible at this game, and he knew it. Again she tried to move her hips to get closer to her impending orgasm. “Don’t move,” he repeated. Candy let out another frustrated huff before complying. “Good girl,” He pushed his fingers even deeper into Candy and began rapidly moving them in and out, but this time his tongue was on her ass.

“Can, can I cum?” Candy moaned.

“Yes, cum for me.” Candy’s whole body began to shake as she felt that sense of euphoria wash over her. This didn’t stop her Master from continuing his actions. He pushed another finger into Candy’s pussy and mercilessly continued to eat her ass. Her last orgasm had barely ended, when Candy pleaded to cum again. “Yes, cum again,” Another wave of euphoria raced through her. Candy felt his tongue push its way into her ass. She let out another moan. “Do you want more?” He asked.

“yes, yes, yes,” Candy begged.

”What do you want?”

“I want to feel a toy in my ass and you inside of me!” She exclaimed, as he toyed with her nipple clamps. They had been warming Candy up for anal for months now. This would be the first time to have both at once though.

His hands left Candy’s body for a moment, and she could hear him rummage, for what she hoped was the bejeweled plug and lube. He flipped her onto her side, she knew she was right, when she felt him begin to massage her asshole with lots of lube, and very slowly inserted the bejeweled plug. Candy loved the jewel on the end of the plug because, “I feel like I shit diamonds,”

The plug Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort made her feel very full, and even wetter for his dick. “Open your mouth, I want to face-fuck you first,” Candy did as she was told, and felt her Master’s dick enter her mouth, and the back of her throat. She took all of it, swallowing deep, as he rocked back and forth in her mouth. Candy licked and sucked all that she could before he quickly removed himself, pushed her face down into the bed, added more lube and plunged himself deep into her very, very wet pussy. Candy let out her loudest moan yet. She held tightly to her bonds as her Master fucked deep into her. When he hit her cervix Candy let out another long moan, her ass muscles squeezed tight around the plug as she felt herself beginning to build to an orgasm. He smacked her ass hard, Candy cried out. “I’m going to cum, can I cum?”

“Yes.” Candy moaned and let go as her orgasm over took her. Master continued to pound into her cervix while she came. Before she had barely finished that orgasm, he reached underneath her to pinch her nipple even more,

“Cum,” he commanded. Candy didn’t have words to agree, but her body began to shake again, and all her muscles tightened as she came again. “Good girl,” He said breathless, as he slowed his furious thrusting, giving Candy a moment to gather her thoughts before he bit her shoulder and pushed the plug a little bit deeper. Then resumed his furious pace of slamming into her. Candy felt her Master begin to tense, and speed up even more. He was going to cum soon. He grabbed her hips hard, and asked Candy, “Where do you want my cum, dirty slut?”

“Inside of me,” Candy moaned, as she was on the edge of another orgasm, but she didn’t dare cum without his permission, not again at least. She wanted to end together. His thrusting increased even more, he was close Candy could feel it.

“Cum for me!” Her Master exclaimed, as he began to cum himself. Candy obliged and the two shared the most powerful orgasm of the night. She felt him cum inside of her, and relax.

As he pulled out, he gently kissed the bite mark on her shoulder and the few on her ass before very, very gently pulling out the bejeweled plug and tossing it to the floor. He delicately rolled Candy over, and released her nipples. Making sure to kiss each one of them gingerly. Next he untied her hands, and finally removed her blindfold. He looked deep into her eyes and kissed her passionately, while pulling her close to this body to hold. The two lay cuddled together, his arms wrapped fully around her, kissing her forehead, with her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“You are my goddess,” He confessed while looking deep into Candy’s eyes, and then kissed her deeply. The paid drifted off into dreamland while holding each other.

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