Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 20


It swung in a pendulum motion across her face. Richard had convinced his son to let him stay with Martin and Michelle for a week before he returned to England for good. One week and then Martin would be free to live his life with his gorgeous girlfriend.

One problem, after 4 months of experiencing Richard’s 15 inch cock on a daily basis, Michelle had no intention of settling down to a life with Martin and his little stub. The first night of Richard’s stay saw him stroll into Martin and Michelle’s bedroom and lay his cock across her face at 3 am. As she awoke from her sleep all she could see was a massive, solid piece of man meat swaying before her eyes.

“Richard, he is lying right next to me. He will wake up. We can’t,” she said.

“I gave him a little something to ensure he would have an undisturbed sleep. I have fucked you behind his back for over 4 months. This week we will have some fun,” he replied.

His huge cock popped between her sexy lips and for 30 minutes he fucked her head. His hands slid through her long dark hair as his long cock slid between her extended lips and on and on down her throat. He turned to his sleeping son:

“Doesn’t she look hot with my cock down her throat. Michelle, who would you like to live with after this week is over. Me?” he said pulling it slowing out and it stood to attention, 15 inches of solid smooth cock shining with Michelle’s saliva.

“Or do you want to stay here?”

“This is all I want,” she said wanking it with two hands. “It is all I think about. When I will next touch it, suck it, be fucked by it, by you stud. I can’t concentrate at work. I can’t live with him.”

“Son, did you hear that? No, well maybe I will give you some helpful clues this week.”

His balls were full of cum but he turned to Michelle and said:

“I am saving this load for tomorrow. It will be a fun day.”

He turned and left the room, his huge manhood still rock hard and jutting out in front of him. Michelle sighed with frustration.


Martin was nervous about how the week would turn out. He had returned to work a few weeks earlier and as he arrived the following day he found a video in his post. He was worried and justifiably so. He sat in his office and pressed play. His father appeared on the screen and was standing in what looked like a director’s board room with a huge table behind him. He silently reached into his trousers and pulled out his long cock. For 5 minutes he wanked his huge tube until it was a solid log, glistening with pre cum. The video then changed gear. It cut to a pair of oiled, tanned, sexy, endless legs and a tiny tight mini skirt. Only 1 woman had legs that toned, that long, that flawless. He had never seen them so shiny because of the oil. He waited for the picture to cut to the face of his current girlfriend, to break his heart. But it didn’t. Instead the next 30 minutes showed a close up of his father’s huge cock pounding in and out of the hottest, tightest, oiled arse. Occasionally the picture rose to show her toned tanned stomach and he thought of Michele’s toned tanned stomach. The video was silent, it looked like Michelle’s perfect body but he simply didn’t know if it was.

Richard sat at home, strumming his fingers along his Ankara travesti cock. He thought to himself, re-wind to the start son, if you were not so intent on studying my cock as I pull it out you would see Michelle’s handbag on the floor. The clues are there. God she has great legs, can he really think someone else has legs like hers?

Time for game 2. Michelle had arrived home early but had also been joined by Pippa, a rich young woman, Sue’s daughter, who had explored Richard’s assets before and who had made a special detour on her trip down under to fuck him again, without her new husband. Michelle phoned Martin and they discussed the video. She appeared shocked and appalled that Richard would send him a tape of one of his conquests and Martin could not even bring himself to ask whether it was her. She ended the call by saying she was getting home early today.

If Martin could have seen Michelle’s muscular tight arse riding his father’s huge python as he stepped through the front door the image etched on his brain from that morning’s video would have been unmistakeably familiar. Michelle’s tight business suit had left nothing to the imagination. If anything Richard’s grunting got loader as Martin closed the front door. Martin’s heart jumped to his throat, all his worst fears realised by the distinctive noises coming from the spare bedroom. This is it, the showdown thought Michelle as she heard footsteps on the stairs as Richard continued to pound her tight pussy.

Richard beckoned Pippa who had been standing by the window to warn them of Martin’s arrival, over to the bed. With reluctance he pulled his cock out of Michelle and whispered to her to slide off the edge of the bed out of sight from the door.

As Martin approached the door he saw his father’s arse sawing into a young woman. It took him some seconds to realise it was not Michelle and a minute or so to recognise the busty temptress as Pippa.

Richard turned to his son:

“did you enjoy the video son?”

Martin shouted, “who was she?”

“Great arse hasn’t she, the girl on the video. By the way you remember Pippa, she was your girlfriend once wasn’t she? Just in case you were wondering, I did fuck Pippa that night, and her mother.”

With that he pulled his dick out of her and pressed it between her impressive tits.

“A while since you have seen this huh?” he asked his son as the first spurt of cum hit Pippa’s face and the next landed in her cleavage. Martin would have turned away but his father did something strange. He slid his cock against Pippa’s forehead and proceeded to shoot spurts of cum over her head so that they landed just over the end of the bed. Why was he cumming on the carpet Martin thought to himself as the cum rained down on Michelle’s face and tits as she hid out of sight. For 2 minutes he covered her with thick spurts of creamy cum so that she was plastered in it. He had saved his cum for this show and the great thing was that Martin was oblivious to all that was really happening.

Martin started to turn away and said as a parting shot:

“You are losing it, getting old. You try to bully me but you would have sprayed the window a year ago and now you barely reach the end of the bed. What will you do when Antalya travesti you can’t impress the girls?”

Richard smiled and called Martin back:

“So nice to see you again Pippa,” he said mauling her big tits before sending a creamy coating of thick cum all over them. It came out thick and slow and formed a thick layer on her tits. He then turned and in full view of his son wanked his huge weapon through his hands for 5 seconds before firing the first shot. The cum did not arch through the air, it shot straight at the top of the window and splattered across it. Two more volleys followed.

“Wow, you are a cum machine,” said Pippa placing her lips over his still rampant penis.

Richard turned to face his son:

“I can shoot more cum as an after thought, simply to prove a point, than you will in a year. Do you agree?”

“You leave in 3 days and I will never see you again.”


Martin spent every last minute of the next few days with Michelle. Richard simply allowed the pressure in his balls to grow. He even got Pippa to tit wank him to the point of explosion before telling her to leave. She was not a happy girl. Thursday night and Richard didn’t sleep, years of producing gallons of cum in his big balls and expelling it, often on numerous occasions per day, meant that when he went a day without cumming his balls felt uncomfortably full. Having himself teased to the point of explosion produced yet more cum in his balls. The second day was difficult for Richard, especially when Michelle played footsie with his balls through dinner. During day 3 Martin was paranoid and kept Michelle away from his father all day. Richard spent the afternoon wanking his huge thick root slowly. The size of his swollen balls impressed even himself.

The morning of his flight came. Martin was up early because he heard his father was up. Martin’s one aim was to get him out of the house and away.

They arrived downstairs at breakfast and Martin offered to run his father to the airport straight away.

His father replied, “that is very kind of you, I will finish this coffee and we will go. Shame I will not say bye to Michelle.”

“Never mind, 5 minutes then, “said Martin, hardly able to contain his relief and delight.

Martin watched the clock, 3 minutes had passed, it was 8.29 am. He heard footsteps on the stairs. He wanted to call to Michelle to stay away for 2 more minutes and he would be free of his father and could share his life with her. He resolved that he would tell her that they were just going and that he would run his father to the airport alone. She appeared. Her hair was tied back in 2 pigtails. Her white t shirt looked like it had been shrunk wrapped to her body and clung to her large firm tits which bulged out from the top of the t-shirt without the need for support.

But it was her legs, her legs. Long, firm, tanned but oiled and shiny = unmistakeable.

“You can pick ’em son,” said Richard casually walking forward and reaching down he unzipped his trousers and scooped his hardening log out and let it bob and bounce and come to rest on Michelle’s firm, tanned, oiled upper thigh.

“Once more into the breach dear friend,” Richard chuckled as he wanked and slid İstanbul travesti his cock over her amazing legs.

His thick cock not only stretched across her long legs but it also filled the gap in his zip and pulsed with desire. His cum filled balls far too big to fit through the gap. Michelle stared down at his cock with lust filled eyes.

“Does this sight look familiar from the video we made?” Michelle asked as she turned and showed her naked tanned arse to Martin whilst Richard slid his cock across it before grabbing her buttocks firmly with both hands. His dick thrust home.

“I came, I saw, I conquered,” Richard said arrogantly to his son as his huge weapon pistoned up her tight pussy.

“She is amazingly tight considering I have been pounding her for the last 4 months.”

“I love it Martin, I love how he makes me cum over and over again. All I think about these days is getting my hands on it. Cheating on you behind your back with the biggest ahhhhhhhhh fuck yes, biggest cock in Christendom.”

The sight before Martin was better than the hottest porn film. Richard mauled at her hot body, his face buried in her hair and he ploughed remorselessly into her hot pussy.

“I am going to take her home to impregnate her son. Do you think I have enough cum to impregnate her?”

Michelle groaned:

“I was on the floor at the edge of the bed when he dumped all his cum just over the edge and it rained down on me. I was covered in an inch and a half of his nutritious spunk”.

Richard grunted and slowly slid his cock out of her. What happened next was astonishing. Three days of cum under high pressure finally had the stop cock released. Jets shot into her face, her hair, it soaked and splashed into her top, it quickly became see through as it soaked up his seed and clung to her hot tits. Shot after shot flew past her head and hit the far wall. Michelle was mumbling:

“Oh my God, give me more,” and Richard complied.

Martin had cum twice whilst watching this scene unfold, his ultimate nightmare but deep in his head had it become his fantasy. To watch her fucked the way he could never hope to fuck her.

That was when he decided that he had to end it. A life of simply being cuckolded by his father beckoned.

Martin snapped. His hopes that morning had turned to despair, he knew why his father had come and now he saw that he had been powerless to stop nature. She wanted his father’s cock so badly. Well this would be the last time.

He took a kitchen knife and walked towards his father. He was defenceless, his back shining with effort, his cock still hard. Michelle saw him coming through goo covered eyes.

“Richard watch out, Martin no!!” she screamed.

Richard turned to see the knife being raised by his son. Richard was defenceless. The only weapon he had in his hands was his cock.

He grabbed his balls within his trousers and squeezed hard. He let out a large groan and his cannon fired cum like water cannon into his son’s eyes. Martin clawed at them, dropping the knife, the bombardment followed him across the room.

“A little taste of what the girls love so much,” said Michelle walking across the room to lick the cum of Martin’s face as he begun to cry.

“I have far too much fucking of your girlfriends left to do to die,” said Richard.

“He enjoyed our show,” said Michelle feeling his wet crotch. She whispered in his ear:

“Do you think he will prefer my legs to Sally’s and my tits to Kim’s or Polly’s? I know you want to watch.”

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