Damn Grandma!! Ch. 02

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Once Grandma Gracie and her cleaning crews left I decided to hit the pool for a while. I headed to the guest bedroom to get my swimsuit, but then I recalled what she had said about her own skinny-dipping in the pool. I stepped into the guest room and stripped off, then into the linen closet for a towel, a quick stop to grab a cold beer from the fridge and then out to the pool.I swam for about a half hour or so then got out to enjoy the last warm rays of the sun. I lay on the lounger and I guess I fell asleep, because next thing I recall was the phone waking me up and it was dark.

I stumbled to the phone and grabbed the receiver, “H’lo,” I mumbled.

“Jimmy?” It was mom. “Yeah, hi mom,” I said, “What’s up?”

“I just wanted to check and make sure everything was alright and that you made it,” she said. “Were you asleep?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied.

“You guess so? Don’t you know?”

“Grandma headed to work and after she left I went for a swim then I just sat out on one of her chaises with a beer and I guess I fell asleep out by the pool,” I explained. “The plane arrived on schedule and I took a cab to Grandma’s house. I think I surprised her, she had figured I’d call and have her come get me at the airport.”

“So, is everything else going okay, you two getting along alright.” Mom asked. “So no surprises or anything?”

I thought for a couple of seconds, I could hear something in her voice, but I knew she couldn’t have any idea about what had happened. “Nope, no surprises and she and I are getting on great,” I responded.

“How’re things there,” I asked, “Dad getting the project wrapped up so you guys can come down?”

“He says everything is on schedule, but he told me today he may have to go on site for a couple of days, which may change our plans a bit,” she said. “I’ll keep you posted on that. Listen sweetie, it is nearly 11:00 so I am going to let you go. Be good and tell Grandma we love her and will see her soon.”

“Ok mom. Love ya mom. Bye.” And I hung up the phone.

Nearly 11:00, damn, I thought to myself, I must’ve been more tired than I realized.

I went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich and grabbed a beer before heading to the shower. I finished up in the shower and wrapped the towel around my waist before going back in to the living room to watch some TV and finish my beer.

I sat and sipped on the beer and found a movie on HBO or some channel and started watching it. It wasn’t a very good flick but it had a couple of pretty good nude scenes with some young actresses with big ass tits. I stretched out on the recliner and soon I was drifting off to sleep again.

I don’t know how long I slept all I know is that I heard what sounded like a door closing and that was followed closely by two or three female voices approaching the living room from the garage entrance. Suddenly I remembered where I was and the fact that I must’ve fallen asleep after my shower. I started to get up and then I realized I had, at some point in the night, managed to lose my towel. I reached beside me in the recliner but the towel had gotten bunched up underneath me. I raised my ass up and began to try and get the towel from beneath me as the voices got closer.

I continued to reach for the edge of the towel as my cock pointed towards the ceiling and started to grow. I heard Grandma tell the other two women to go on in the living room and she’d make coffee. I knew it was now or never. I stretched my arm and tried once more to grab the towel, but came up empty again. I quickly jumped from the recliner and got one step toward the bedroom hallway with my dick flopping in front of me, when I heard, “Oh My!” and “What the…?” as the two women entered the living room.

“Umm, hello, uh…,” was all I could say as I attempted to cover my semi-erect cock and balls, before I heard, “Oh shit!!” coming from Grandma in the kitchen. I heard the coffee filter hit the sink as she dropped it and came running to the living room.

By now Grandma’s two employees were smiling as they watched my cheeks flushing and my failing efforts to hide myself from their view. The older of the two began to smirk and her eyes swept over me, stopping at my groin, “what’cha tryin’ to hide there bashful,” she asked as she stepped further into the living room and nearer to me.

As Grandma rounded the corner and entered the living room, she began to laugh as she saw the predicament I was now in. “Uh, ladies, this is my Grandson, Jimmy,” she said. “He is here visiting before he goes overseas in the Army,” she continued saying as I stood there holding my hands in front of my dick. “Jimmy, this inquisitive lady here,” she said, nodding towards the older lady, “is Geneese, and this young lady is Traci. They are two of my supervisors and today is our weekly meeting day.”

As Grandma finished the introductions, I saw Geneese step a little closer to me and extend her right hand, as if to shake hands. I stood still, still covering sanal rulet myself with both hands and she took two more steps and was suddenly directly in front of me and only about 14 inches separating us as she extended her arm a little further towards me.

“Jimmy, where are your manners,” Grandma asked as she nodded towards Geneses’ outstretched hand. I slowly brought my hand away from my dick and took her hand to shake it.

As we shook hands she looked down and watched as my cock pulsed and throbbed, “You can call me Gen, all my friends do.”

She looked up at me then back down at my cock, Hmm, not bad Jimmy. That’s a nice looking piece of meat there,” Geneese said, smiling broadly as she released my hand. “What do you think Traci? Looks almost good enough to eat, doesn’t it girl?”

As I put my hand back down to cover my still half hard cock, Gen slapped my hand away and aid, “Don’t cover it back up boy, let Traci get a closer look at it.”

I turned and looked at my Grandma who just shook her head and grinned at me as she shrugged her shoulders.

Gen looked at Grandma and asked, “Is that coffee about ready Grace?”

Grandma shook her head and began to turn to go back to the kitchen to finish fixing the coffee. She had taken only a couple of steps when Geneese spoke up, “Grace, let Jim here finish the coffee, then he can bring us our coffee when it’s finished brewing.”

Looking in my direction Grandma said, “That sounds good to me Gen. It’d be nice to have such a good looking waiter,” as she chuckled to herself.

I turned and headed toward the bedroom hall with the intention of getting a pair of shorts to put on. As I started in that direction I heard three voices in near unison as they called out, “Hey…” it was the first thing Traci had said since coming in to the living room and first seeing me there.

“I was going to grab some shorts,” I said looking at the three women. By now I had dropped my hands to my sides and everyone could now see my cock as it bounced with the flow of blood. I hate to admit this, but I was really beginning to enjoy being in this situation, standing around with everything on display for three good looking women. Grandma looked at me and said, “I don’t think you’ll need any shorts Jimmy.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied, “but I sure need to take a leak.”

“Go on son. But when you get done get back here and fix the coffee,” Grandma replied.

Traci stepped towards Grandma, coming between she and I and looked at my semi-rigid cock and the precum that was forming on the tip with each pulse of blood, “You uh, need some help aiming that thing,” she asked with an evil grin and a twinkle in her pretty green eyes.

I guess I ought to describe the two women now, I already described Grandma (you can find that and a photo of her in the first chapter), and added a photo of her in the first chapter of this story.

Gen, the oldest of the two supervisors, was about 5’3″ tall and weighed about 125-135 pounds. Her hair was raven black with just a little bit of grey in a few places. Her skin was the color of café au Lait and her eyes were a beautiful caramel color, she obviously had some Creole in her background. While I can’t be sure I’d say her measurements were about 40-30-38 and her tits were at least a full C-cup. As for her age, I’d say she was near my Mom’s age give or take a couple of years, which would make Gen somewhere between 34 and 42 I’d say.

Traci was about 5’9″ or 5’10” and weighed about 140-145 pounds. Her hair was a very dark brown with traces of auburn throughout. She had really nice looking long legs and a great set of tits, I would imagine her measurements at about 38D-26-36, a really nice figure. Traci was about 24 to 28 years old.

I looked at Grandma and then at Traci and kind of shrugged my shoulders and headed towards the bathroom, Traci was about two steps behind me as I got to the bathroom. I stepped in and grabbed my cock and was about to let the flow start when Traci stepped in behind me and reaching around my waist she grabbed my cock with one hand and pushed my hand away with the other before grabbing me with her second hand.

Traci leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Ok, let me feel that piss pump out, let it go. I love to hold a guy’s dick when he pisses.”

I let the waterworks begin and Traci kept me on target, gently squeezing my shaft with one hand and then the other as she controlled my flow.

As I neared the end she squeezed the base of my dick with her right hand, stopping my flow completely. Holding on to my shaft with the one hand she stepped around from behind me before dropping to her knees in front of me and putting just the head of my cock into her mouth before releasing her hand and allowing me to finish pissing, swallowing every drop. When I was done she slowly licked up one side of my shaft and back down the other. My dick began to swell again as her tongue swept around the head and she slowly blackjack licked and sucked on the knob, bringing me to near full erection before she stopped. She then stood, grabbed a wash cloth and wiped her face and my cock clean, then rinsing her mouth before we returned to the living room.

Traci went over to the kitchen table, joining Grandma and Gen, I went over to the coffee maker and began making coffee for the ladies. After a few minutes Grandma coughed and spoke up, “Jimmy it sure seemed like it took you a long time to take that leak. What were you two up to in there that took so long?”

Before I could say anything Traci spoke up, “You won’t believe this Grace, but even after walking around in front of all of us in his birthday suit like that, Jimmy has a shy bladder. When I grabbed hold of that dick of his to help him piss he couldn’t get his piss flowing for a few minutes. I was beginning to think I might have to suck it out of there for him.”

Grandma and Gen both started laughing and making cracks about my being shy and how Traci must’ve scared me. By now I had the coffee going and went over to the end of the counter, within a couple of feet of the table where the women were seated.

After Traci’s tongue bath in the toilet and walking around in front of the three of them my cock was now almost fully hard and was bobbing up and down with every step I took. As I leaned on the counter, waiting for the coffee to brew. I reached down and pulled lightly on my cock then cupped my balls and rolled them in my hand. As I pulled my hand away a big gob of pre-cum oozed from the piss slit and my cock came to rest pointing straight out from my groin, aiming right at Grandma as she sat on the far side of the breakfast table from where I stood. Gen and Traci were seated on each side of Grandma so they all had a good view of me standing there.

“Grace, it looks to me like someone may be enjoying this little show he’s been putting on for us,” Gen said as she slapped Grandma on the shoulder and laughed out loud. “Look at that gob of stuff on the end of his cock, that looks nearly good enough to eat, don’t it Traci?”

“It does kinda make your mouth water,” Grandma said as she licked her lips and winked towards me.

The alarm on the coffee maker suddenly went off, surprising me and making me jump a bit. My cock bounced in front of me, causing the big gob on the tip to fall off and fall to the floor. I quickly turned and opened the cabinet to grab some cups for their coffee. I poured three cups and carried them over to the table, by the time I reached the table another large bubble had formed on my cock and was beginning to slide down the knob of my cock.

I set the cups in front of the ladies. Gen spoke up, “I think Traci likes cream with her coffee Jim.”

“Ok let me get it,” I said as I turned towards the refrigerator. I walked to the refrigerator and took out a container of creamer and walked back to the table and around to where Traci sat with her coffee. As I stepped up and went to hand her the creamer she grabbed my balls and gently squeezed them and held on. My dick pulsed twice and the bubble of precum suddenly doubled in size. She continued to hold me by the balls as she slid her cup over to the edge of the table near my cock head. She released my balls and grabbed my shaft, which she held directly over her cup as she began slowly pumping my shaft and squeezing it firmly but gently. The gob of precum continued to grow and slowly began to dribble down into her cup. After a minute or two of milking my dick into her coffee she stopped pumping, leaned in close and licked the head of my dick clean. She then stirred her coffee and took a drink as she looked up at me with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. “That’s the best cream I’ve had in some time Jim, thanks,” she said as she sat the cup down.

Needless to say, I thought my dick was about to burst by now. I knew one thing, this was one wild ass lady. Every vein in my shaft looked like it was a mountain ridge on a 3D map. The head was about the size of a plum and almost the same color. The precum was now flowing from the eye of my cock like a leaking faucet.

I turned away from Traci and stepped out from around the table and headed back over to the counter near Gen. The three pairs of eyes were glued to the head of my cock as it bounced and swayed in front of me, pointing my way. Gen suddenly spoke up, “Jim that is beginning to look kinda painful son. Why don’t you step over here and let me see if I can’t help you with that swelling,” she said.

I just kind of snickered and stayed where I was, thinking she was just making a joke. She took a drink of her coffee and then as she sat the cup down she looked at Grandma and then at me, she pointed her finger at me and then crooked her finger and indicated for me to step over to her. This time I did as she had indicated. When I stood next to her chair she sat still and then turned her head slightly towards Grandma bingo once more and I saw her wink. Grandma and Traci both had a grin on their face as Gen turned back my way. My cock was pointing right at her. She took another drink of coffee then spit into her hand, she began to reach towards my cock and soon wrapped her hand around the shaft. She slowly stroked up and down the shaft a couple of times and I let my eyes closed.

Gen continued to slowly stroke me as I relaxed. Grandma began talking about work and some changes she wanted to make in the crews. Gen’s hand left my shaft and cupped my balls, gently squeezing them a couple of times before returning her hand to my cock after gathering precum from the head. I let out a soft moan and relaxed, my head rolled back and as I looked up to the ceiling Gen used her right hand and slapped the head of my dick causing me to nearly scream as I jumped back, at the same time her left hand squeezed my shaft hard, stopping my attempt to escape her grip.

“When I say to come over and let me help you don’t make me say it twice Jimmy. That isn’t being respectful,” she said sternly but softly.

“Yes ma’am,” I said as I grimaced from the slap.

The sudden sharp smack on the head of my dick had started my cock to losing some of the hardness but only for a few seconds as Gen went back to stroking me and rubbing my balls. “Now, step over here between your Grandma and me like a good boy.”

Gen continued to hold on to my shaft and guide me to stand between her and Grandma’s chairs.

By now I was fully erect again and Gen was slowly pumping her hand up and down my shaft, and rubbing my balls. She tugged on my shaft to get me to turn a bit to the right, in Grandma’s direction. At this angle if she made me cum right now it would have shot right past Grandma’s boobs and hit Traci.

Grandma finished what she had been talking about and then finished her coffee. Gen had been stroking me for about eight to ten minutes by now, although it felt like it had been longer, all the time using just enough pressure to keep me up but not allowing me to cum, I had to say she was good, damned good. Grandma moved her chair closer towards Gen’s chair and turned in her chair slightly to face a bit more towards Gen and my constantly leaking cock. If I came now it would hit her in the chest.

I was beginning to moan and breathe harder as the need to release the building pressure in my balls continued to increase. I could feel my balls beginning to pull up and tighten as the cum began to search for the exit.

Traci squeezed in a bit closer and leaned around Grandma for a better view.

My head was rolling around and my eyes were closed as I felt my semen beginning to move up into my shaft. Suddenly I felt two tongues on the shaft of my cock, one on each side. My eyes flew open and I looked down to see Grandma and Gen each kissing and licking along my cock. I felt the first surge of semen surging up my shaft.

As I felt my cum boiling up I suddenly saw Traci lean past Grandma and wrap her lips around the big purple head of my cock. As her mouth closed over it I felt the first blast of cum leave my slit and shoot into her mouth. Traci swallowed quickly to avoid gagging as the stream hit the back of her throat. Before she could finish swallowing the first rope a second had erupted into her mouth. She quickly pulled my dick from her mouth and pointed it at her face as the third jet shot out hitting her forehead above her left eye and cheek and splattering into her hair.

Gen’s tongue worked up the side of my dick and as I felt my cock pulse once more, Gen popped the head past her teeth and onto her tongue as she caught the fourth shot. Grandma was gently squeezing my cock and balls, milking out the last three shots of cum into Gen’s sucking mouth as the spasms came to an end.

Gen’s tongue continued to bathe my cockhead and dance around the hypersensitive frenulum beneath the corona, causing my knees to nearly collapse under me. I quickly grabbed onto Grandma’s shoulder with one hand and the edge of the table with the other to steady myself. My cock had begun to wilt after my last shot but Gen’s attention soon had it coming back to life with the continued help from Grandma’s hand as she stroked and twisted my cock.

I slowly looked up from Gen and saw Traci as she finished wiping the strands of cum from her face and licking it off her fingers. The jizz dribbled down her face and chin, landing on her fabric encased boobs. After wiping her face she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her gorgeous tits encased in a thin lacy bra that barely contained the mounds of flesh, her brownish-pink areolas and hard nipples visible within the fabric, causing my mouth to water.

Gen finally released my semi-rigid cock and I turned to lean against the edge of the table. I was now facing towards Grandma, with a gob of cum bubbling at the end of my cock. Grandma leaned forward in her chair and put her lips to the head of my dick and licked away the bubble, grinning from ear-to-ear as she did so. My back was towards Traci and I was busy trying to regain some strength in my wobbly legs, so I had no idea what was happening behind me.

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