First of Many with John Ch. 3

My mind is in a blur. “Did I really do that?” I asked myself as the street lights go bye rather slowly. We were in a more prominent part of town driving to his house. I feel a little queasy. “Man that taste! I know that won’t be going away any time soon” *sighs deeply*. “no sense in trying to figure out weather that was wrong or not” It felt so weird……and there is more to come!! ….(going into the recent past)

We were at a party one of John’s friends was having. She was kinda tall with semi large breasts. I remember thinking how beautiful she was. John has been nagging me for a while to have a threesome. I remember thinking to myself that this girl would probably be the only build I would go for. She was pretty and clean and I knew that if there was any time in this world for me to fulfill John’s fantasy it would be now.

“hey Jen, who is that girl?” I asked. “oh she’s just a friend I recently met. I think she is a business major at the university”. “oh” I replied.

I walked around aimlessly for what seemed like hrs. But was only about 25 minutes. I was deep in thought about how very much I wanted to please John but how hard it was for me to pick a girl. This girl at the party was absolutely beautiful and all eyes were on her. Except John who made a valiant attempt to hide his interest but to the keen eyes of the female his lust was obvious.

“its hopeless” I thought as I plopped down on a sofa in a far corner where my pouting wouldn’t be noticed. “what’s hopeless?” I nearly jumped out of my skin!! There she was. The very being of my thoughts was sitting next to me. It was funny. I sat there looking at her expecting to feel intimidated by her beauty when all I felt was a strong urge to unload all of my personal problems to her. I burst into tears and she quickly led me to a room and shut the door.

“What is it?” she asked in a motherly tone. I told her of the pressure that John has been putting on me to fulfill his deepest fantasy (avoiding what that fantasy was) and that I knew that he thought that I was selfish and that I didn’t care about his feelings but that that wasn’t it at all. I just hadn’t found the right conditions yet. “what’s the fantasy?” she said sounding more of a friend now than a mother, realizing bursa escort my maturity level was much higher.

I averted my eyes and told her that John wanted a 3some with him and me and another woman. (She didn’t look surprised) I also told her that I had never been interested in a women before in my whole life. “yeah sure, I look at them once in a while, the body is a beautiful thing.” I just never had the urge to touch anything or think about what it would be like to touch another women.” She smiled sweetly at me then. It set me at ease right away and from then on I knew that me and her would be good friends and would be able to talk to each-other.

She opened up to me then. “I myself have always wondered what it would be like to touch another women. I know I love men but a women would know exactly what I need when I need it” she said. Giggling to me. I smiled back at her. “I’m worried John will leave me for a more open women” I confessed. “I know he loves me but what if I’m not enough for him? I wish there was some way I could fulfill his fantasy without getting sick in the process” I sighed out as I slumped on the edge of the bed.

She came and sat by me putting her hand on my thigh for support. “Don’t worry about it If you find a women that turns you on just talk to that women about it. Until then try not to let him push you into it. If its no fun for you then it shouldn’t be done. You need to tell him that the fantasy will be fulfilled when you find a women you are sexually attracted to and if he pleads then he is selfish and doesn’t deserve a beautiful women like you.”

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“Of course you are!! Listen, I know you said you weren’t attracted to women and all but I feel I am really close to you. Would you like to just fool around a little to see what its like? We can stop when ever one of us starts to feel uncomfortable.” “Um…. ok I guess. But you will stop if I ask?” “yes I promise”.

I watched her tremble as she reached up and started undoing the buttons on my shirt one by one. I could feel the cool breeze from the air conditioner as my flesh was exposed to the room and to her probing eyes. As she reached for the clasp at the front of my bra that would release my breast fully escort bursa I closed my eyes. I heard the sound of the clasp being opened and then I felt even more air as I was fully exposed to the women sitting next to me.

The air quickly went away as she covered my breasts with her hands. I moaned slightly as she gently tugged and twisted my nipples. I opened my eyes and found her brown eyes staring back at me. I reached out and ran my hand along her neck. I stopped her massaging and the disappointment was evident. That quickly turned to surprise as I pulled her dress up over her head exposing her white lace panties and bra. “She really is beautiful” I remember thinking.

We quickly got up on the bed and started exploring each-other’s bodies. Both of us were to timid to go below the belly-button just yet so we sated our lust with just gentle massages of each-other’s breasts. Suddenly she moaned. I felt her push me back into the bed more and I felt the first women ever close her lips around my breast. I couldn’t help it. I started running my hands through her hair. I couldn’t believe I was actually liking this!!! She switched to the other just then and my senses where keen as I felt the sensation of her large breast rub across my stomach as she made the switch. I wanted to do the same to her but I didn’t know how to go about it without sounding to eager. She soon solved that problem for me.

“Please Cori, please do the same to me.” I quickly lay her down and started to lick and suck her breasts. It felt smooth and at that moment I felt like I was sharing something very powerful with a women I had never met. I wanted to run away in disgust and stay there with her at the same time. I had no more time to ponder what to do though because she sat up and pushed me down again. This time my head facing the bottom of the bed.

She started to undo my pants then and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go any further. I decided to let her continue just to see what she would do next. She started to slip my pants of my hips so I lifted my bottom to help out. My pants were quickly gone and we were then on even ground. We both looked at each-other a little scared and not sure what to do. I figured I had gone this far “what the hell!” I reached bursa escort bayan out and grabbed her hand. Guiding it to my black panties. She needed no more prodding and soon her hand was slipping between the lips of my wet pussy.

I lay there letting her move her fingers over my slit teasing me with quick flicks at my clit. “your shaved” she said in surprise. “I shaved when I met John, he likes it that way and besides that, It feel better that way.” “I like it.” she said while smiling down into my face. “I to am shaved” she said while deftly slipping my panties down around my ankles and then completely off.

“Open your legs and let me see you” she pleaded. I shyly complied and she lay down between them fondling me with both hands now. I lay my head back and stared at the white ceiling while she assaulted my senses. Just then my head switched down to the action between my legs as I felt a moist tongue touch me. She looked at me for approval and getting no arguments she started flicking her tongue across my clit as she moved her middle finger in and out of my tight pussy. I started to moan slightly and she stopped. “Can we do this the way most guys and girls do this? I mean can we try 69?” she more or less begged me. I wanted to please her just as much as I wanted to be please. “sure” I said quietly still not believing what I was doing.

Soon I was looking at the first pussy I have ever seen up close in my entire life. I softly touched her clit as I became reluctant to do the forbidden. “please Cori don’t stop. It feels so wonderful” she pleaded. I quickly flicked my tongue out and touched her dripping pussy. I brought my tongue back into my mouth and tasted it. “not much different than the way I taste” I thought back to the number of times I had tasted my own cum on John’s cock after making love with him. We both started to get into it then. She wasn’t as tight as me and soon I had 3 fingers inside her as I sucked and licked her clit. We both came at the same time and lay there for a while afterwards.

We got dressed and looked at each-other for a long time before either one of us said anything. “Well, I think that I should count myself lucky,” she said. “I got to make love with a beautiful women tonight. I would like to help out with your boyfriends fantasy. Meet me at your place this coming Friday?” smiling I replied: “yes, at 9 pm.”

Driving home I thought of next Friday with a little bit of both dread and excitement. But that’s the next part of my story…

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