Corporate Training – Day 01

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“What a day! I work with a bunch of damn idiots. All I wanna do is go home, take a hot bath and get crazy drunk!”

Allison took out a Virginia Slim, lit it, and took a long drag. It tasted great after her rough day. The pleasant smoke was interrupted by the ding-dong of her cell’s Calendar.

Corporate Training Meeting, 1666 Jenkins St. 630pm.

She totally forgot and did Google Maps and started to drive out to the address. So much for a nice bubble-bath.

Allison looked in the rearview mirror and smiled. My coworkers were right. I do kinda look like Hayden Panettiere. NOW if only I had her money.

“Stupid class. I have other ways to spend the next week.”

Allison finally found the Training Center. It was a plain old ranch house. She walked up the sun heated flagstone driveway. Typical Texas weather she thought. Impatiently, she knocked on the door and waited, tapping her foot.

Finally the door opened. The elegant woman standing before Allison was tall and grandmotherly. A unique silver teardrop necklace adorn her. Allison was mesmerized.

“Come in. It’s a pleasure meeting you. I’m Miss Carla. And you must be Allison I presume? I have heard a great deal about you Missy. Please have a seat and enjoy some cold water.”

Two ice-cold glasses of water were on the end table between the pair of brown leather seats. Smoothing her business skirt, Allison sat down and began to drink deeply. Miss Carla studied her intently.

“Have you read the Training material dear?”

“No. And where are the other students?” Allison asked sharply.

Miss Carla noted this outburst and disrespect in a notebook for later action.

“Your are the only one being retrained. Read your folder and you will understand.”

Allison opened the folder and read the first document slowly. She put it down and felt tears start to well up in her eyes.

A future Performance Appraisal read Overall Rating of “Corporate Training Candidate or Immediate Termination” selected.

The details of Allison’s work attitudes and behavior glared up from the page at her. Argumentative. Abrasive. Self-Absorbed. Late Frequently. Deceptive. Inappropriate Language. Disrespectful to Subordinates.

Allison looked up at Miss Carla imploringly for some sympathy.

“Yes, Allison, that is how you are viewed. But you have the opportunity to change that perception and become the considerate, pleasant, honest, and well-liked Engineer you were when you first started with the Company. I will help you change your attitudes and behaviors do if you let me.

You have a decision to make young lady. You can either sign this green copy of the Contract your company made with me and receive discipline. Or sign the pink Notice of Employee Termination and leave. You will be terminated after the next pay period.”

The young Engineer knew she needed to change and really loved her job. Reluctantly and nervously, Allison signed the Discipline Contract and vowed to complete the Course to keep her job.

“Very good choice Allison.”

Miss Carla went into a small closet and took out a small jewelry box. She carefully removed a Sterling silver teardrop necklace and fastened it around Allison’s slender neck.

“This is a token of our Pendik Sınırsız Escort agreement. Several women at your company who also went through Training wear this too. Some men were offered training but would not submit and were terminated. Their loss.” Carla waved her hand dismissively.

“Ma’am, How this Course help me change? Please tell me more.”

Allison leaned forward attentively with her manicured hands on her thighs.

“Yes Allison. You will be disciplined for ALL the items in your Review. You will email me with a Discipline Request for any attitudes or misbehavior you have done. I have selected an Accountability Partner at your company to email me daily – just in case you miss something. Understand?”

“Yes My Disciplinarian.” Allison said quietly

“Follow me.”

The Disciplinarian lead Allison through a door into the Discipline Room. Allison gasped. A padded, adjustable examination table stood in the middle of the room. The table was lined with various rings bars, pulleys, and restraints to hold the “student” down.

A set of wide pull-out stainless steel drawers stood at the far side of the table. Several bottles with pump tops were on the drawers, along with a black liquid blender. In the drawers were the spanking tools.

A straight-back Time-Out chair set in the corner. Mirrors in the room forced the student to see herself get spanked.

“Strip. NOW! Clothes and purse in the closet! Kneel facing the table!”

Allison obeyed and stood in shock. Here she was stripped. naked in front of this other woman and about to get punished. Reality quickly set in for her.

“I will show you one time how to kneel. You will assume this position each time you are awaiting discipline. Understand?”

Miss Carla knelt Allison on the hard floor with her knees apart. She pointed her toes, jut her bottom out, and leaned her over the bench with her hands in a prayer position. Miss Carla stopped moving her.

“Ok Ma’am. I will do this each time.” Allison replied quietly.

Miss Carla saw something wrong and wrote an entry in her book.

The Disciplinarian put leather restraints on Allison’s slender ankles and wrists, leaving them unclasped. Wide D-Ring restraints were applied to each thigh and upper arm. The thirty-two year old Engineer grimaced as her restraints were made to chafe her skin.

Miss Carla brought out the tools of her trade; placing the paddle, strap, and thin cane on the table.

“You may touch the implements you will be spanked with when you misbehave or have an attitude.”

Allison slowly touched and studied them. A flood of childhood memories overcame her. She spoke without permission, excitedly running her words together to release her pent-up thoughts.

“I got spanked with a paddle like this as a child. They gave up on me too early though. Junior High I think. Dad gave me the strap once time after I missed curfew. I have never been given the cane though.

I wish they had been more strict. I wouldn’t need THIS discipline.”

Allison gave a big sigh and pouted. Miss Carla smiled back.

“My dear relax. I don’t give up or stop when my students feel uncomfortable. Discipline is designed to be very painful so you will Pendik Suriyeli Escort learn. I will be with you during this training and beyond if you like.”

The Disciplinarian picked up the spanking implements and put them back for use later. ” All in due time. ” Carla thought to herself.

“Please lay on your back Allison. Now.”

Allison quickly did as she was ordered and lay perfectly still. She looked down at her pedicured toes to distract herself.

“Very good Allison! Obedience is love.”

Miss Carla snapped the two wrist restraints to each side of the table. She inclined the middle part of the table and positioned Allison so her butt hung over the bottom edge of the table. A wide leather strap secured her firm tummy to the table.

Carla continued to restrain Allison in a modified Frogtie position. Each thigh restraint was chained tightly so Allison’s thighs were parallel to the table and spread wide in a tight gynecological position. Chains from the table to Allison’s ankle restraints kept her bare feet still and spread far apart.

Carla gently massaged Allison’s legs to release her cramps. The Disciplinarian then walked into the adjoining bathroom to start another procedure.

Allison wondered what was going to happen next. She began to squirm as she heard water running. That’s never a good sound!

Miss Carla came back with a razor, shaving cream, towel, warm water and a perfume atomizer. She gently squirted the cream onto Allison’s sex and butthole. Miss Carla quickly shaved Allison clean and applied her favorite, alcohol-based, perfume ‘White Diamonds’ to the irritated skin. She smiled as the spray stung Allison’s smooth skin and made her squirm.

“There. Now I can see all the parts. Doesn’t that feel cleaner dear?”

Allison knew better than to disagree. Carla looked in her notebook and, with a flourish, checked off the last entry.

“Now. About your disrespectful and insolent behavior earlier. I think you have earned the cane. Kneel in the chair and put your face in the corner. Now!”

Miss Carla picked up the cane and whisked it through the air. Allison tightened her bottom and soles of her feet in anticipation.

Miss Carla put the thin cane on the table.

Allison was made to come back to the foot of the discipline table.

She was ordered to bend over the bench, with her legs spread wide apart, and bend her knees slightly.

Miss Carla fastened the wide leather strap over Allison’s waist to hold her lower back in the proper caning position. The lower half of the table was slowly inclined until Allison was on her tip-toes.

Carla tapped Allison’s pert little bottom lightly with the cane and quickly drew the cane back. Allison took a deep breath and waited…

The first stroke, across the fleshiest part of her butt-cheeks, lifted her up off her tip-toes. Allison hissed in pain through clenched teeth and shook her hair wildly.

The next two cane strokes were aimed at the woman’s butthole. Carla flicked the cane tip left and right within Allison’s tender buttcheeks. These lashes made thin red stripes pointing from each inner cheek to her winking butthole. Allison screamed and reached her hands back. She kicked her bare Pendik İranlı Escort feet wildly.

“That’s enough of that behavior Missy!”

Carla calmly secured each wrist restraint to eyes on the bench. She then clasped Allison’s ankles together and to a fitting on the floor with a chain.


The Disciplinarian patiently waited for Allison to settle down then whipped the thin cane across her taut ‘sit-spot”. Miss Carla followed that up with six more strokes all on the lower half of her bottom.

Miss Carla took her time caning. The young Engineer had to wait in anticipation for each stroke. The Disciplinarian was careful to flick the cane and not follow through. Eight well-spaced welts on Allison’s tiny butt showed the skill of Carla’s caning technique.

Allison sobbed inconsolably and heavy tears splashed on the table. She squirmed her welted ass almost seductively to try to take the sting away.

Allison’s Disciplinarian unsnapped and removed her restraints. She walked the young Engineer to the Time-Out in the corner. Allison tried to touch her flaming bottom. Carla slapped her hands away.

“Don’t you dare!

Carla secured Allison into an Over-Arm kneeling position on the chair with her hands on top of her head and ankle restraints fastened tight. She also ran two thin strips of burlap from her wrist restraints to the tender area between Allison’s buttcheeks.

These strips completed a Predicament Bondage for Allison. If she moved out of position, these strips would irritate the inside cane welts.

Miss Carla ran the cane up and down Allison’s tender buttocks.

She enjoyed giving the headstrong woman her comeuppance.

The cane was put back on the table and Miss Carla checked off her notebook.

“Missy, this is the grown-up version of Timeout. Think about your caning and how DISRESPECTFUL you were!”

Allison knelt ramrod straight as she endured her Time-Out discipline. Tears trickled down her face and she sobbed quietly.

Meanwhile, Miss Carla put a personalized copy of Allison’s Discipline Chart into her folder. This Chart detailed the various offenses and disciplines she would receive. A list of morning exercises was also enclosed to limber up Allison for future bondage discipline.

Carla walked slowly up to Allison and brushed her hair gently with her fingers. She undid the burlap strips and removed all of Allison’s restraints.

“Have you learned anything at all today?” Carla said sternly.

Allison thought long and carefully. She didn’t want to answer wrong.

“Y-Y-Yes Ma’am. I will NOT be disrespectful.”

Allison was allowed to stand. She was instructed put on her business clothes for each discipline session and to bring an oak hairbrush to her next session. Allison was to take a cold Epsom bath to help heal her skin. She was ordered to sleep face-down naked and had a strict bedtime of nine o’clock. Further instructions were in her blue folder.

Allison rubbed her smarting butt after changing, picked up her folder and walked head down to the door.

“Good night Allison. Be sure to look for others wearing our jewely. See you tomorrow afternoon at 300.”

“Yes Miss Carla. Goodnight.”

Allison stepped quickly over the hot flagstone. Her bare feet were beginning to sting as she finally made it to her Prius.

Allison lit up another Virginia Slims. Every move she made in the Prius carseat hurt and helped her remember her first caning.

A cool Epsom bath definitely sounded better than a hot bubblebath!

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