Barnyard Fantasy Ch. 02


Three days later, Willow awoke to loud screams in her uncle’s room. His room was right below theirs. She thought it sounded like two people having sex, but Georgia’s mother had left town back when she was just two. Uncle Eddy was quiet and didn’t really talk to any girls so she wasn’t sure who could be in there with him.

Willow got up and dressed, hoping for the noise to stop. She tip-toed down the stairs and across the hall toward her uncles’ room. When she got there, she noticed the door was open a bit.

She stood close to it, peering into the mirror above his dresser. It faced the bed and she could see everything that was happening on it. She could see the curvy body of a beautiful girl.

She knew that curly auburn hair anywhere! Georgia was in bed with her father. She wore a silky white nightie that barely covered her ass cheeks. She must have a thong underneath because no panties could be seen. She also had on white netted thigh high stockings and a pair of white stilettos.

She looked gorgeous. She had her tits in his face as she straddled his lap. His hands roamed over her body, cupping her tits. Then slowly sliding down to xnxx grip her ass. He’d pull her ass cheeks apart and press his cock up deeper into her.

As she leaned in even more, she could see that Georgia was probably naked underneath her nightie. She bounced up and down on her father’s cock. Not even trying to muffle her screams. She sure enjoyed her fathers’ cock in her.

Uncle Eddy must have been enjoying himself, his hands moved from her ass to her tits and back again. He couldn’t get enough of his little angel. Georgia looked just like an angel too.

Without a word, Uncle Eddy flipped himself over onto Georgia, he pumped into her a few times before he slipped out. He lowered himself to pleasure his daughters’ clit.

Georgia sure loved oral, she slithered around and moaned. She came at least twice. Uncle Eddy was good at it too. As he suckled Georgia, Willow couldn’t help but feel horny. She slipped her hand down into her shorts, rubbing her clit as she watched.

When Eddy came up to slip back into Georgia, she pushed him back. “No fair Daddy! I want to suck on you too!”

So Eddy stood at the side of the bed, brazzers his cock pressing out at his daughters’ mouth. She opened and immediately swallowed his entire length. Uncle Eddy wasn’t little either. His penis had to be at least eight inches.

Georgia bobbed her head up and down on the length of her fathers’ cock. She massaged his balls with one hand while her other hand explored his rear. Her hair flowed down covering the cock she was sucking.

He grabbed her head and pumped in and out of her mouth. She was good at this, taking inch after inch. In and out. He was fucking her mouth, all the while grunting and gasping.

Before he could cum, he let go of Georgia. He climbed back onto the bed, laying back against the pillows. She climbed onto his cock backward and began riding him reverse cowgirl. She put her entire body into riding his cock.

Willow wanted nothing more than to join them. She’d like to taste Georgia while she rode Uncle Eddy’s cock. Hell, she’d settle for riding Uncle Eddy while Georgia ate her pussy.

She fingered herself, teasing her clit. She was wet and her body ached to be fucked.

Georgia’s sikiş izle legs were spread wide and Willow could see his cock entering her over and over. She rubbed her clit while she bounced. His hands were on her waist, keeping time with her.

When Georgia opened her eyes and watched herself in the mirror, she noticed Willow watching. She waved at her cousin and then closed her eyes.

Her fingers rubbed faster. Her daddy bounced her harder. Knowing someone was watching them, this was a dream come true. She felt her skin begin to quiver, her body shaking. As waves of orgasm over came her.

Her father came too, pumping her full of his seed. He let out a loud grunt before spilling into her.

As Willow witnessed her uncle and cousin finish having sex, she slipped back down the hall and up the stairs to her room.

Reaching her bed, she pulled her bottoms off and lay naked on her bed. She quickly fucked herself with the plastic vibrator a few times before settling it on her clit. Within moments, she was seeing her uncle fuck her cousin all over again.

The thoughts made her blood surge to her clit. Within moments, the waves of passion were enveloping her. She was cumming while fantasizing about joining them.

When she was finished, she wasn’t sure what to say or what to do, but she knew one thing! Sex around here was very satisfying.

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