Campus Chaos


Campus Chaos

By Mandy Galileo and Scarlett Paige

“That little bitch.” Scarlet thought as she absentmindedly played with a strand of her blonde hair during class. Her Econ professor droned on with his lecture while her thoughts drifted to far more important matters…

“Cara Crawford.. I can’t believe she actually sucked off Dan and 5 other Delta Phi’s at their last frat party! Pfft! Who the fuck does she think she is, anyway? Me!?”

Scarlet was one of the prettiest women in Dyer College, a fact she never let anyone forget. She’d been well aware of how stunningly beautiful she was since her time back at Ipswich High School. Despite the fact that she was short in stature, Scarlet never had any problem commanding the attention of a room naturally.

Now, as a star upperclassman here at Dyer, she would often bully the girls at school whom she thought were inferior to herself, and since that was just about every other girl on campus, one would be forgiven for thinking that Scarlet had accumulated quite the list of enemies.

Scarlet shifted slightly in her chair, taking particular delight in the way her tremendous bust jiggled at even the slightest movement. She was wearing a fairly tasteful low cut white blouse paired with a black slitted pencil skirt that nonetheless left little to the imagination. As Scarlet was sitting there plotting against Cara Crawford, she couldn’t help but notice the freshman boy sitting next to her that was nonchalantly trying to get a good view of her tits.

“Boys are so easy,” Scarlet thought.

Scarlet eyed the boy up and down, assessing him. He appeared to be her height, kind of skinny, with short brown hair, and wearing a Salem sweatshirt. Scarlet grinned and decided she was going to have a little fun with this boy. Usually she did not mind the attention, but today she was in no mood to resist the latent spell energy that was, for some reason, within the boy calling to her.

Now seems to be a good time to mention that our dear, diminutive, Scarlet also happens to be quite the witch, her second favorite inheritance from her mother’s side of the family (the first of course being her perfect cheekbones). To put it simply as possible, this bitsy vixen was blessed with the ability to bend reality to her very will, though more often it was on her whim.

Scarlet decided she would start the show off slowly by nonchalantly dropping her pencil. An old school ploy to be sure, but sometimes classics are classics for a reason, after all.

“Oh damn,” Scarlet said aloud as the pencil rolled to a stop halfway between her and the freshman’s seat.

Scarlet turned to face the boy, making sure to take her sweet time as she bent down and looked at him. With a small pout and zayıf gaziantep escort the slightest arch to her back, she made sure that her tits were on perfect display. She could feel them hanging there, jiggling ever so slightly. For his part the freshman was trying desperately to pretend that he didn’t notice the show that was being put on for him, even with the clear swelling in his pants betraying him. He could see Scarlet’s beautiful tits hanging there out of the corner of his eyes, almost taunting him. He desperately wanted to look, but was terrified of being caught.

Scarlet could tell she had his attention, his cheeks were flushed, and he was fidgeting in his seat as he tried to get comfortable with an obvious raging hardon in his pants. She couldn’t help but indulge herself in a wicked little smile.

“Well,” Scarlet said aloud, “do you like my tits?”

The freshman boy froze, he didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t possibly be talking to him… Right? With a nervous glance he looked over and saw that Scarlet was indeed staring directly at him, her huge tits still hanging there on perfect display. “I, uh -” the boy stammered.

“What was that?” Scarlet asked quietly, making sure to sway her tits back and forth.

“I don’t – um know what you want me to say,” the boy said nervously. His cheeks were now beat red, and his hands were shaking slightly. The poor guy was a nervous wreck, and Scarlet was beaming.

“Well pervert,” Scarlet said coldly as she snapped back into character, “I want you to answer my question.” The color drained from the young boy’s face. “I..I..uh – um,” the boy sputtered, his body shaking, “I..I’m not a..a..pervert.”

“That’s not what I asked Mark,” Scarlet said, glaring at him. “I asked,” Scarlet said slowly, “do you like my tits?”

The boy just stared at Scarlet completely perplexed. How did she know his name? Furthermore, why was everyone else in class not paying attention to what was going on between Scarlet and himself? He shifted his gaze outward toward the rest of the class, and sure enough, they were all still just staring ahead at the droning professor, who was still going on about something or other. It was like they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary going on now.

“They’re not going to notice,” Scarlet said quietly, “I don’t want them to, so they won’t.”

“You see Mark,” Scarlet said, ignoring the absolute shock on Mark’s face, “I have these powers, they allow me to alter reality, you see. I can change anything, and make people think that nothing has changed at all if that’s what I want. Like right now.”

“’re crazy,” Mark said, as he nervously twirled a finger in his long blonde gaziantep zayıf escort hair.

“Am I?” Scarlet said as she leaned back in her desk chair and tilted her head with a cocky smirk. “Mark,” she continued, “how long have you had long blonde hair?”

Suddenly, it was like someone flipped a switch in his head. Mark just looked over at Scarlet who was sitting there, offering him a compact mirror. Slowly Mark took the compact and opened it. He looked at himself in the mirror, and everything looked the same!

Except for the long, gorgeous blonde hair.

Mark slowly closed the compact, and shakily sat it down, “ple.. – please um chang..change it back.”

“What,” Scarlet said smugly, “don’t you like your new blonde hair?”

“No!” Mark said loudly, trying to maintain his composure, “it makes me look like a girl.”

“Nonsense,” Scarlet said, “your tits make you look like a girl, not your hair.” With that Mark felt a pressure in his chest as it began to expand.

“No!” Mark cried, hugging his chest as tightly as he could in some desperate and rather pathetic attempt to push his chest back down.

“You crazy bitch!” he screamed, “Stop it!”

“Tsk tsk, how is that any way to talk to such a nice and pretty girl doing you this favor? Look how cute you look! Your hair is fab, your tits are absolutely adorbs, your cock is still diamond hard, and oh em gee your nails are so cute! Where did you get them done?”

Mark’s cock was indeed still immensely hard. If anything, it had only gotten harder, standing straight up at attention and leaving a little wet spot on his trousers.

All of that was simply lost on him at the moment though. He had stopped trying to push his chest back in, and watched in horror as his fingernails began to grow longer. A fresh coat of pink nail polish just appeared on them within a blink of the eyes.

“I’m a freak,” Miserable Mark thought to himself. Here he was with long blonde hair, small tits, and wearing fingernail polish on his now stiletto nails.

With a flash, however, Mark had bigger issues. He was now sitting in his chair completely naked. “No!,” Mark wailed, as he covered his dick, which was positively throbbing at this point, slowly and steadily spilling gobs of precum out of the slit in the crown.

“Awwwe,” Scarlet cooed, “you make such a lovely sight, sitting there naked, your little tits all hard and pointy, not to mention your cute little dick being all hard and leaky! I’m glad you’re having as much fun as I am babes.”

“Please, Scarlet,” Mark cried, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I can,” Scarlet said smugly.

“NO!” Mark moaned as he felt his body begin to change gaziantep zayıf escort bayan even more. His hands and feet got smaller, his hips began to expand, he felt his ass begin to fill out, and he felt his face begin to shift as well.

The changes were totally painless and only lasted a moment really, and then they were done. Mark then suddenly felt the urge to stand up.

Scarlet admired her handy work, Mark made quite the cute girl. He, or better yet she, had long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, nice plump lips, and the cutest little nose! Scarlet was particularly proud of that part. Her body wasn’t too bad either, she had nice little tits, a trim tummy, a nice plump ass and the cutesy little feet.

“Well,” Scarlet asked, “how do you like the new you Molly?”

“Oh I love it,” Molly squealed in her new sing-songy voice, “I just love my new body,” she said as her manicured hands ran up her body and she slowly played with her tits.

Inside, Mark was screaming in horror. He had no control over his body or his mouth. Every time he tried to tell Scarlet to change him back, it came out wrong.

“Why am I naked though?” Molly asked, as she played with her blonde hair.

Scarlet just smiled and an instant later, Molly was standing there in a blue miniskirt, a white blouse that showed off her nice little tits, and cute 2 inch pumps that allowed her cute little multi-colored toes to peek out.

“Ooooh! I look so hot!” Molly squealed as she twirled around.

Scarlet looked on in amusement as Molly’s skirt flew up to reveal a nice pink thong. “That you do Molly,” Scarlet said with a giggle. With a wave of her hand Molly sat back down and reality reshaped itself and it was as if Mark had always been Molly. Well, except for the minor detail that Mark’s personality was still intact and trapped inside Molly’s head.

Poor little Mark, there he was, all alone in the dark, screaming hopelessly into the void. Frustrated, he hung his head, and that’s when he noticed…

He was still naked, and his hardon was absolutely raging like never before.

This thought made Scarlet’s pussy wet. Imagining Molly on her knees, sucking a nice hard cock, loving every second of it. Or better yet, Molly on her back, legs spread open while a hunk fucked her wet pussy, her little toes curling in pleasure. All the while inside her mind Mark would be screaming with rage, disgust, and, most importantly, intense pleasure. He would spend the rest of his existence trapped inside Molly’s head, begging to be turned back to normal, but knowing that it would never happen, and soon the secret that he didn’t really want to change at all would fade away, just like his male form did. He would have to endure the most humiliating experiences a man could ever dream of.

Just imagine it, a straight man trapped in the mind of a slutty woman.

This realization brought a smile to Scarlet’s face as she watched Molly start flirting with the guy in front of her. Scarlet’s mood was improving, and now she thought of the special fate she had in store for her soon to be ex boyfriend and that little bitch of his.

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