Bad Boy Road Trip Ch. 04


Please enjoy this new story. It is a work of fiction, intended for adult readers. All characters are adults, eighteen or older, and unusually horny.

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Taylor VanCannon.

Jake woke to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

“He lives,” Belle said, smiling down at him.

Jake scowled, recalling the unexpected ending to yesterday’s book club. He stretched his arms upward and sat up.

Belle chuckled. “Admit it, you enjoyed getting pegged… I know I certainly enjoyed doing it.” Belle gathered her sun dress and sat beside him. Despite her distaste for men, she couldn’t help but admire his magnificent cock. “You were only too happy to jam this monster up my girl’s asses…” She took his limp cock in her hand and gently stroked it.

Jake smiled, fondly recalling the women of Belle’s book club. He ran his fingers through her dirty blond curls while she fondled his stiffening cock.

Jake slipped his hand down her back and dug his fingers into the crack of her ass through the thin layers of her clothes.

“Is that what you want?” Belle asked, thumbing the bulbous head of his cock. “Revenge?”

He wiggled a finger under the hem of her panties and pressed a fingertip up against her tight little pucker. “Seems only fair.”

She leaned over to kiss him, but stopped short when she caught a whiff of his morning mouth. “Ugh,” she said, “in your dreams. Besides, I’ve got a dude ranch to run.”

Jake pushed his dry fingertip up into her asshole.

Belle winced, but then licked her lips and moaned, offering no resistance.

An evil grin crossed Jake’s face as he pressed his finger deeper into her ass. “You know you want it.”

Belle pulled her sun dress up over her head and flung off her bra and panties. “Make it quick… do that thing Daisy told me about.” She climbed up into his lap and hovered over his stiff cock.

“She told you about that?”

“It must have made an impression on her.” She gripped his cock and guided it to the entrance to her asshole. She cupped her breasts as she pressed herself against the head of his cock, savoring the pressure against her tight little hole. “Oh fuck, Jake, that feels so hot. What do I do now?”

Jake nudged her hands away from her breasts and thumbed her hard nipples. “Finger yourself… let me watch you come.”

Belle spread her legs and threaded her fingers through her neatly trimmed pubes, reaching for her open gash.

“Good girl,” Jake said as he watched her face contort with pleasure.

She used both hands, digging her fingers into herself, moaning wildly as the the tight muscle of her ass kept his pulsing cock at bay.

“Stroke me,” Jake said, breathlessly.

Belle complied, using her wet hand on his cock while she furiously flicked her hard little clit. “Quick,” she said between grunts of pleasure, “I’m close.”

“Me too,” Jake said, tugging on her hard nipples.

“I want to feel you cum,” Belle said, breathlessly.

Jake grimaced as cum erupted from his throbbing cock, coating her asshole with his slippery spunk. It provided the lubrication necessary to force open her sphincter.

Her orgasm hit just as he penetrated her asshole. She screeched, a loud combination of pleasure and pain, as she slid down the length of his colossal cock.

It was a noisy, raucous orgasm for both of them. Belle continued to finger herself as she milked Jake’s cock with her ass until she drained him.

Exhausted, Jake nuzzled her neck and waited for her orgasm to dissipate.

Belle got to her feet and pulled up her panties to keep his cum from oozing out onto the couch. She ignored his morning mouth and kissed him, penetrating his lips with her tongue. “Nice trick,” she said, breaking off their kiss. “But, now I’m behind schedule. Any chance you can stick around and help me out?”

Jake shrugged his shoulders. “Sure… but I still want to climb Guadalupe Peak before the sun sets.”

She grinned. “I’ve got two ladies arriving soon, can you pick them up while I get their accommodations ready?”

Jake arched his eyebrows.

“Twins,” Belle said, “from Abilene.”

“I like the sound of that,” Jake said, motioning to Belle to cough up more information.

“College freshmen, recently expelled from their all girls’ school. Apparently their parents think my dude ranch will put them back on the right track.”

Jake chuckled. “I doubt that. Why were they expelled?”

Belle grinned at Jake. “Apparently blowing professors for better grades is a no-no.”

Jake stroked his cock, giving it long exaggerated strokes. “And you think this will set them straight?”

Belle giggled. “Not a chance, but one look at you and they’ll be happy they came.”


Jake held up a sign with Belle’s Double D ranch logo outside the bus station. He smiled when he saw a pair of identical twins approach.

“Hi,” one said, glancing Casibom at his sign and extending her hand. “Looks like we’re the ones you’re looking for; I’m Morgan, and this is my sister Madison.” They wore matching blue jeans, tightly cut, with white blouses and leather vests. Their straw cowboy hats were decorated with sparkling rhinestones. Their long hair hung in tight curls and framed their bright faces. It struck Jake as odd that they both had a mouthful of braces.

“Welcome to Belle’s dude ranch. Call me Jake.”

Jake tossed their gear in the back of the pickup truck and all three piled into the front seat for the dusty ride back to the ranch.

Madison scooted up close to Jake. Rather than cowboy duds, Jake wore the outfit Phung put together for him at her Pecos salon. “Our daddy told us this was girls only… imagine our surprise to be met by Brad Pitt.”

Jake took off his sunglasses and gave them a mischievous grin. “I’m just the temporary help. Belle tells me you two had some trouble at school.”

Morgan leaned forward and gave Jake a dreamy gaze. “Imagine that, word travels fast around these parts.”

Jake shrugged. “It sure does, but I don’t think you have anything to worry about here at the ranch.”

Madison rested her hand on Jake’s knee. “You mean we won’t get busted for one tiny little blow job.”

“Morgan,” Madison said, eyeing her sister, “daddy’s not gonna be happy about this.”

Madison replied, inching her hand up his leg, “Jake doesn’t look like the kind of man who would kiss and tell… isn’t that right, Jake?”

Jake draped his arm around Madison and pulled her tight against him. “No, not me,” he said, exaggerating his words.

Madison reached into his crotch. “Good to hear,” she said, giving his cock a gentle squeeze.

Jake dropped his hand and cupped her small, perky breast.

“See that road up ahead, just past the creek,” Madison said, “I could use a quick rest stop.” She grinned as she unbuckled his belt.

Jake nodded as he turned the pickup down the narrow side road and into a clearing overlooking a wide spot in the creek. “How’s this?” He killed the engine.

Morgan got out of the passenger side of the truck and hopped in the driver’s side, nudging Jake to the middle between them.

Jake put the seat back as far as it would go and stretched his legs out.

Morgan finished unzipping Jake’s pants while her sister reached in and unfurled his soft cock.

“Holy fuck, would you look at the size of that cock,” Madison said, air whooshing past her lips.

“Damn, Jake,” Morgan said, admiring his size while she stroked his soft cock. “Never saw anything like that at college. Remind me to send our dad a special thank-you card.”

Madison leaned down and opened her mouth.

A look of concern crossed Jake’s face. “Careful… with those braces.”

Morgan giggled. “You must be referring to Daddy’s revenge.”

Jake questioned her with his eyes.

Madison chimed in. “All through high-school we begged Daddy to let us get our teeth straightened. Now, after getting expelled… for our extracurricular activities, Daddy thought it would teach us a lesson. He doesn’t know us very well.”

Jake smiled as Madison carefully wrapped her ruby red lips around the head of his cock. “So… I don’t have to worry about getting nicked?”

Morgan said, defiantly, “Hey, we’re professionals!”

Madison easily took his soft cock deep down her throat while Morgan locked her lips on his and probed his mouth with her soft tongue. Morgan removed her vest and blouse, then swapped places with her sister. His cock had stiffened to the point where she could no longer get it down her throat, so she licked him from top to bottom and fondled his balls.

Madison stripped to the waist and pressed her firm little breast into his mouth.

He suckled her hard nipple while Morgan slathered his cock with warm saliva.

Morgan wiggled out of her tight jeans while her sister took another turn sucking the head of Jake’s hard cock. She got to her feet and bent forward, planting her hands on the dash. Jake nuzzled the crack of her ass and ran this tongue along the thin fabric of her tiny white thong.

Madison stroked his cock and watched Jake gaze at her sister’s ass while he rolled her panties down.

Jake squeezed her luscious cheeks, opening them up to his probing tongue. He licked her wet gash, savoring her musky scent.

Morgan moaned when his tongue found her hard little button.

Madison peeled off her jeans and panties, then nudged her sister out of the way so she could take a turn riding his tongue.

Jake obliged, lashing at her clit until she moaned in ecstasy. He couldn’t resist the urge to open her cheeks and rim her tiny asshole, probing the entrance with the tip of his tongue.

She gasped at the unexpected intrusion, but didn’t offer any resistance.

“Aren’t you the naughty boy,” Morgan said, intrigued by the tongue lashing her sister was getting.

“Want to try it?” Casibom Giriş Jake said, tempting Morgan.

She nodded. “I do, but just for a minute… then I want to fuck you.”

Jake obliged, rimming her asshole with the same enthusiasm he showed Madison.

It was Madison that nudged Jake away from her sister’s ass and hopped up in his lap, depriving her sister of the first fuck. She felt a rush of pleasure as his cock filled her, like no other cock had done before. By the time she reached bottom, and her clit hit his pubic bone, she nearly climaxed. She was too far gone to fuck him, so she reached down and fingered herself to a massive orgasm, shrieking loud enough to be heard in the next county.

Morgan swapped places, but unlike her sister, she took her time, fucking Jake with long strokes. He thumbed her hard nipples and was content to let her do all the work.

Morgan moaned each time she bottomed out on his cock, feeling the intense pleasure when her clit made contact with his pubes. Any hope of getting him off before she did was fading fast. She thought indulging his ass fetish might help him along, so she pulled his hands off her breasts and planted them on her ass.

He took the bait, and wiggled his fingers up into her crack, fishing for her tight pucker, grinning from ear to ear.

It was too little, too late. Like her sister, she erupted in an uncontrollable orgasm, and was even noisier than her sister.

Jake heaved a big sigh as he watched her orgasm dissipate.

Madison smiled. “You’ve got stamina… what’s it gonna take to get you off?”

Morgan laughed out loud. “Like you don’t already know the answer to that question.”

“Rock, paper, scissors?”

“You’re on,” Morgan said, “on the count of three.”

It took three rounds before Morgan conceded defeat to her sister.

Madison took up her old position, bending over and placing her hands on the dash. Only this time, Jake sat back and watched as Morgan got her sister’s ass ready for his cock. She started by dribbling spit into her sister’s ass crack, then using a finger to spread it around the rim of her asshole.

Jake massaged her cheeks and spread them open for a better view.

Morgan coated her finger with warm spit, then pressed it up into her sister’s tight little hole.

Madison moaned. “More,” she whispered, and held her breath.

Morgan dribbled more spit into her crack and used two fingers to push it up inside her.

Madison exhaled with a loud whoosh. “Again,” she whispered.

Morgan used three fingers, twisting them inside her until she could move them in and out easily.

“I think she’s ready for me,” Jake said, pulling Madison down to his lap. Morgan held his cock straight up while her sister squatted over it.

“Right there,” Madison said, feeling his cock at the entrance to her asshole.

Morgan pressed her sister downward, onto Jake’s hard cock.

“Ohhh,” cried Madison as the head of Jake’s cock penetrated her. She gave herself a moment to adjust to the enormous size of his cock. She took a deep breath as she steeled herself for more.

Morgan pressed her sister down as she slowly devoured him, inch by inch, until she reached bottom.

“Fuck,” Madison shouted, air escaping from her lungs. She leaned back into Jake’s chest, turning to nuzzle his neck. “Can you come for me?”

Jake licked his lips and nodded. He cupped her ass and lifted her up the length of his cock, then gently dropped her back down until she was once again impaled on his hard shaft. He used his powerful arms to pump her up and down his shaft.

“Hurry,” Madison shouted, “I can’t take much more.”

Morgan reached down and fondled Jake’s balls while she whispered nasty suggestions into his ear. “Come on Jake, fuck her ass… fuck my sister’s ass… cum in her ass… give her a giant cream pie.”

Jake’s arms were like pistons, pumping Madison up and down his shaft like a rag doll. “Come on, Jake… blow that load in my sister’s tight ass… you can do it… splatter her ass with your sticky cum.” Sensing Jake might flag, she reached under his balls and jammed her finger up into his asshole.

“Aaaragh,” Jake cried out, sending a rope of cum up into Morgan’s tight ass. Exhausted, his arms went limp, unable to move her dead weight.

Madison took over, milking his pulsing cock with the muscles of her ass until he slouched back in the seat, completely drained.

“Nice job,” Morgan said, envious of her sister’s accomplishment. “Who’s up for a quick dip in the creek?”

It was well past noon before Jake delivered the girls back to the ranch.

Belle greeted her new guests with a hug. “I trust you had a pleasant trip?”

“We sure did, Jake gave us a Texas sized welcome,” Morgan said, winking at Jake.

“I’ll second that,” Madison said, “we’re sure gonna miss him.”

Belle gave Jake a knowing wink. “If you’re gonna hike Guadalupe Peak, you better think about hitting the road.”


Val drove carefully, concentrating on the narrow gravel back road. It was her first time driving on the “wrong” side of the road, and she had no center line to focus on.

It was the first full day of their vacation abroad, and the lengthy flight from London left her a little muzzy. After a restless night at a noisy hotel near the El Paso airport, it felt good to be on the road in their rental RV. Their goal was to hit as many National Parks as possible.

She shouted to her husband in a distinctive British accent. “John, this road looks a little dodgy… are you sure about that last turn?” On their way to Guadalupe National Park, it was his idea to get off the highway early and find a place to boondock before attempting to climb Guadalupe Peak.

He came forward and stood between the seats, peering out the dusty windows at the desert landscape. “We’re fine… don’t get your knickers in a twist.”

She glanced in the mirror and scowled at him. “You’re complete starkers!”

He grinned. “I was going to surprise you… when you pulled over.”

Surprise didn’t begin to describe how she felt. “Bloody hell!” she shouted. However, her voice lacked conviction. Just the sight of his dangling cock triggered a twinge of desire… and left her craving more. She kept her eyes forward, locked on the road, and did her best to ignore the stiffening cock creeping into her field of vision.

He detected a crack in her resolve and pressed his luck. “Come on, Love, give us a little tug.”

He said it so pitifully; he really knew how to push her buttons. She took one hand off the wheel and stroked his cock. “Is this what you fancy?”

He gently wrapped his fingers around her wrist to keep her from pulling away. “That’s lovely… don’t stop.”

She took her eyes off the road to confront him, to tell him that there was no way she could finish giving him a wank and still drive safely.

“Watch out!” he screamed.

Her eyes shot forward and stared into the windshield of the approaching vehicle, an even bigger RV than their modest rental. She instinctively yanked the wheel the wrong way, sending them directly into the path of the oncoming rig.


Jake slowly pried his fingers loose, one by one, from his death grip on the steering wheel. His quick reaction avoided a head-on collision. He glanced over his shoulder and saw the other vehicle bouncing through the tumbleweeds, throwing up an enormous cloud of dust.

His mind was a swirl of emotions. The ridiculous image of a woman holding a man’s cock was seared into his memory. Why was he standing there… naked? Why was she stroking his cock? Why did she turn towards him? He put his anger aside and bounded out to check the hapless couple for injuries.

Their RV had come to a stop, but the engine was still racing and one rear wheel was spinning, burrowing itself into the sandy soil. He opened the door and reached in to kill the ignition. The engine sputtered to a halt, leaving an eerie silence behind. “Are you okay?”

The dazed woman turned her head slowly, giving him a blank stare. Her lips were tightly pursed, like a tight-assed spinster. Shit! She could be old enough to be his grandmother. The absence of any grey suggested it was not her natural color. Despite her desperate situation, he found her oddly attractive. He gave her thin frame a quick once over, checking for any injuries. Finding none, he asked, “Where’s your man?”

“I’m back here.” His disembodied voice was barely audible.

“Are you hurt?”

“I don’t think so,” came the reply, “just a little shaken up.”

Jake did a quick walk around the rig before entering through the main door. The man was still naked, slumped in the dinette. After giving him a more thorough check, he tossed him a kitchen towel to cover his boner. He took a seat opposite the man and considered what to do next. He heard the click of a seatbelt and looked up.

The women scooted in next to the man and checked him over for herself. She reached for both of Jake’s hands and held them tight. “I’m so sorry… did we damage your caravan.”

Jake was struck by the woman’s genuine concern and felt a calm come over him. “My name is Jake,” he said, flipping his hands over to hold hers.

She took a deep breath. “I’m Val and this tosser is my husband, John.” Her speech was impeccable, her words crisply pronounced.


“I think you Yanks say, idiot.”

“That’s bloody harsh,” John said, scowling at his wife. Unlike Val, John’s language was coarse, with a thick cockney accent.

“I say,” she retorted sharply, “you nearly got us killed… pulling out your willy like that… what were you thinking?”

Jake winked and squeezed her hand. Perhaps he’d misjudged her age, maybe not grandmother… but definitely old enough to be his mother. “You’re a very attractive woman, I can imagine exactly what he was thinking.” Whatever residual anger he felt quickly dissipated.

“Damn right,” John said, “besides, it wasn’t me that turned the wrong way, now, was it?”

“Men,” she said, shaking her head. “They’re the same the world over… blame it on the little women.”

Jake gave her a knowing smile. “What brings you out to the middle of nowhere?”

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