Baby and Me


Thanks again Princesss for helping me again with the editing. Enjoy.


Ruth Pearson had just turned eighteen when she met Gerald Gibson, who was two years older than her. They had met at the local deli where Ruth worked and had gone out on a few dates to the movies and dinner. Gerald was the nicest boy in town and she soon found that he didn’t need to work for a living as his parents were rich and he sponged off them every chance he got. Yes, Gerald Gibson was a spoiled child growing up and never wanted for anything, even now at twenty years of age. If he wanted something, his parents gave him the money for it or bought it for him.

Ruth, on the other hand, was from the other side of the tracks. Her parents worked hard for what they had. Her father was getting a big promotion soon that would take him and her mom to live in Melbourne, Australia by the end of the year, if all went well.

Ruth didn’t want to leave the town where she was born and brought up, and Australia was too far away for her to even think of going there. She had her boyfriend, Gerald, and she hoped that he would be the one who would take good care of her, even if his parents looked down their nose at her.

It was late September and they had been going steady for almost six months now . She loved her job at the deli and enjoyed talking to all the customers that came in. It was a Friday night and Gerald had told Ruth that they were invited to a party at a friend of his and to be ready at 7.30pm, he would come pick her up. It was 8pm when Gerald finally turned up at her door with six red roses, one for every month they had been together. This was what she loved about him, he was always doing things like this for her.

It was almost 8.30pm by the time they got to his friend, Gordon Peacock’s, house or, rather, Gordon’s parent’s house. His mom and dad were away for the weekend, hence the party, which was now in full swing. Ruth had never drank anything stronger than coke and now she was having Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort a glass of vodka and coke put in her hand by her boyfriend, who looked like he had downed a few of them already himself. Ruth drank her vodka and coke, but not having had anything like that before, it didn’t take long for her to get drunk. Gerald realised this and took her upstairs to one of the bedrooms, laying her down on the double bed.

As he looked at her lying there, he noticed that her short skirt had ridden up to almost her crotch. He was half drunk and thought he would have a little fun with her. Having never gone further than kissing and feeling her boobs over her bra, Gerald thought that since Ruth was drunk, he might have a chance to feel a little more than her bra covered boobs and lifted her skirt up far enough to see that she wore little white cotton panties. He wanted to see more and as Ruth had already passed out from drinking the double vodka and coke that he gave her, he unbuttoned her blouse and feasted his eyes on her 34D boobs, clad in a lacy black bra.

He notice that the clasp was on the front of her bra, so he easily popped it open, releasing her soft white boobs, which he latched onto with his mouth and licked and sucked each hardening nipple in turn. Ruth began to sleepily moan her excitement at having her nipples sucked and Gerald decided to take things a little further, the party still raging on outside the bedroom door. A few minutes later, as Gerald was pulling Ruth’s panties down to her knees, the bedroom door opened and in came a drunken Gordon. When he saw what his friend was up to, he was eager to join in, helping Gerald strip the helpless Ruth out of all her clothes.

Once she was naked, both boys also stripped naked and joined her on the bed, one at each side of her. Gordon started sucking on her right nipple as Gerald decided to have a taste of her pussy. He rubbed a couple of fingers up and down her pussy lips before dipping one just barely inside of her to make her pussy wet enough to get his cock inside. His friend, Gordon, was all over Ruth’s boobs, leaving his saliva all over them and pulling at her nipples. Gerald had tasted enough of her pussy and wanted to get his hard cock inside of her. As he got between her creamy white thighs, Ruth began to wake up and Gordon decided it was time for him to leave them to it. Gerald nudged his cock up to the entrance of Ruth’s pussy and could feel the heat coming from her on the tip of his cock.

“No, please, Gerald, don’t put it in me! I’ve never done it before and I’m not protected!” She pleaded with him in vain.

No sooner had she told him not to than he did the exact opposite, plunging his cock right into her pussy, breaking her hymen in the process, and starting to fuck her hard and fast, ignoring her pleas to stop. Soon her body was not listening either and betrayed her, beginning to enjoy Gerald’s cock. He fucked her with long hard strokes, his rhythm getting faster and faster as he neared the point of no return. With one last thrust into her succulent body, Gerald came. His dick throbbed as he spurted inside her, sending his load of hot, sticky, white cum deep inside of her and then collapsing beside her on the bed.

Twenty minutes later, Ruth slid out bed and got herself cleaned up in the bathroom before getting dressed and calling a taxi to come pick her up and take her home.


It was a month later and Ruth had not heard from Gerald. He seemed to be keeping a low profile after what he did to her. She was late. Her period had always been on time and she was now three days late, so she went into town and get a pregnancy test, along with a few groceries. When she got home, she peed on the stick and waited the three minutes required. When she looked at the stick again, there were two blue lines on it. There was no doubt about it, she was eighteen years old and pregnant.

As soon as Gerald found out she was pregnant, he went straight to the army recruiting office and joined up. He had run off and left her to face the future all alone. His family, who had never liked her in the first place, as they felt she was beneath them, never helped her out in any way, shape or form. Ruth was left to bring her unborn kid up on her own, as her own parents had already moved to Australia just before they found out she was pregnant and still didn’t know that they were going to be grandparents.

At almost nineteen, Ruth had her son, James, in the back of an ambulance while on the way to the hospital. Her mousey brown hair was stuck to her sweaty brow and her big brown eyes looked tired after being in labour for almost ten hours giving birth to her son. She had intended on giving birth at home on her own, but the pains got too unbearable and she had to call for an ambulance in the end. With no one to visit her and her son, they spent 3 days in the hospital with no visitors before they were released and sent on their way.

As Ruth stood outside the hospital with a nurse holding little James, a big black limo pulled up in front of the hospital. The chauffeur of the limo got out, came round and opened the back door of the car, asking her to step inside. Ruth didn’t know what to make of this. She didn’t even know who this man was, or who had ordered the limo to pick her and little James up. The chauffeur stood there waiting with the door open for her to get in and, as she looked at him, he told her not to worry, everything had been taken care of for her and her baby.

Ruth decided to take the chance of getting in the limo, as she had nowhere else to go to. She had lost her job at the deli when she was eight months pregnant and even her friends had deserted her now, so into the limo she and baby James went. Forty minutes later, they arrived at a big mansion on the other side of town. She had never been this far to the other side of town and she wondered who it was that lived in the mansion that they now sat in front of. The door to the mansion opened and out stepped an old, thin lady with short grey hair. It was then that Ruth realised where she was.

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