Au Naturel


Definition of “au naturel:” adj. or adv. 1. in the natural state; outdoors. 2. naked; nude.

Recently, I was reminded of my love of the outdoors and, of course, my fondness for engaging in sex in that setting. Why? My first thought is the feeling of freedom one has outdoors. It’s a sensuous setting sanctioning sexual sharing free from stifling the sounds of stimulation and satisfaction – squeals, screeches, shouts, screams – that startle songbirds and send squirrels scurrying for safety. Another thought is the openness of sharing, intimately, with another person a natural human activity in a natural setting, meaning sex both naked and outdoors. But, I don’t want to become too philosophical. Let’s just make it simple: I love sex and I love sex outdoors. I thought you mind enjoy hearing about some of my experiences.

My first au naturel experience came my senior year in high school (we were both eighteen, so I guess that makes my stories legal). I’m sure you remember those days. The raging hormones. The groping in basements and living rooms and cars. Rubbing your pelvis areas against each other through clothing. Intense, even painful feelings centered in the genitals. The overpowering need for release. The impatience. The climaxing too quickly, etc., and etc., and etc. Maybe the two of you advanced to the point where she gives him a hand job and he rubs a finger against her clitoris.

More than one of us must have thought at that age, “Is that all there is to it?” It’s a wonder that, after the frustrating and often disappointing sex of our high school years, we ever wanted sex afterwards. Well, I guess we did. After all, the orgasms felt so good and the need for physical release was so great.

Remember how it was? Our focus was entirely on ourselves. It didn’t matter who he or she was. We would seek release from whomever was willing to have mercy on us. Ah … but now we have learned to the place of sex, its pleasure, in our lives. Now we know it’s in the giving. Ooops, sorry about being philosophical again.

Anyway, getting back to my first au naturel. Just two high school kids. This is how it happened. It was fall of my senior year (remember, we were both eighteen). I was walking her home one warm fall evening after some shared groping in my basement that only fueled the pain in my penis and testicles and in her vagina. Oh, yes, she was just as turned on and frustrated as I was.

We had to cut through a park on the way to her house. As we passed a cluster of bushes surrounding a flagpole, an idea came to me. I stopped her and gave her a passionate kiss. Truth be told, I probably kissed her so hard I bruised her lips. I asked her if she’d like to go behind the bushes and get each other off. She grabbed my hand and nearly dragged me behind them. We laid down and started, what people used to call “making out” in my day. We got to the point where my pants were unzipped and her sundress was above her waist.

All of a sudden she said, “Let’s take all our clothes off.”

So we stood up and undressed quickly. We fell back to the grass and groped and rolled and pushed bodies against each other. The feel of grass on my naked body, the sounds of crickets, seeing the stars filling the darkened sky overhead, the feel of her naked body against mine, those sensations stimulated me more than anything I had ever experienced.

No, we didn’t have intercourse. Too much fear of pregnancy. I did put my penis between her legs and against her vagina and we made bucking movements. We had a hard time finding a rhythm, though, so eventually she pumped my penis up and down while I fingered her clitoris until we both climaxed. I never had a orgasm like that before. Neither had she. After that experience, we had sex as often as we could, totally naked in those bushes and any other suitable outdoor places we could find. Eventually, we learned to climax with me between her legs, her by rubbing her clitoris along my penis, and me from the friction.

Another au naturel moment that I really like remembering is the time I learned another one of my sexual joys: soixante-neuf, or 69. This time, it was the summer after my senior year in high school. A new girlfriend and I were sharing sex regularly. It was also in a park, at night, in July. The nights were warm and comfortable, so getting naked was not a problem, except when it was humid and the exertion would cause perspiration to cover our bodies. But even that had a stimulating effect.

She loved having Gaziantep Grup Escort me kiss her body. I was happy to oblige her because she returned the favor. We nibbled on ears, necks, shoulders, chests, even nipples. We never went much lower because we were face to face for the most part. So we usually finished ourselves off with hands and fingers or with my penis between her legs. This time, before we got to the point of needing to relieve ourselves as quickly as possible, I was kissing her nipples. She moved her body so that my lips moved toward her abdomen. She moaned when I tongued her navel. I continued kissing and licking her there and occasionally moved to her sides and her hips. She started to play with her nipples and began raising her hips up and down. Then she gently nudged my head lower. She spread her legs and kept nudging my head, really, by this time, it was more like pushing, down, down, down. It just seemed so natural for me to move my head between her legs. I kissed up and down her inner thighs. Finally she grabbed my head and pulled my face against her vagina.

Oh, my! The aroma that hit my senses was overwhelming. I licked my tongue across her opening and her body jumped like a jolt of electricity surged through her. My tongue felt a moistness, a smoothness, along and inside her sex lips. The taste was like nothing I had ever experienced. I was instantly addicted to the aroma and taste of a woman. She moaned and twisted and shuddered and whimpered and came.

When she recovered, she pushed my head away and said, ”Turn around, I want to suck you at the same time.”

I’d never had my penis inside a girl’s mouth before. As I was to soon discover, it is fantastic. I turned around so my penis was over her mouth.

“Lick me again,” she said.

I reached behind her knees, pulled her legs up, and buried my head between her legs against her wet mound. The moment I touched my tongue to her clitoris, I felt her warm mouth wrap itself around my penis and start moving up and down. She would suck me in and pull back with her lips tight around me. I started sucking on her clitoris.

Oh, my, again! I wish I could say we spent hours enjoying this new experience, but we were so trigger-happy we both came within seconds. From then on, outdoors or indoors, we always finished each other with a 69 whenever we could.

If you’d like, if you don’t mind, I’d be happy to share several more of my au naturel moments. Alright, then, here’s another one.

This was the time I had my first experience with actual intercourse. I was in college. My sophomore year. I was dating this girl. We enjoyed each other’s company as well as enjoyable sex together.

One spring afternoon, I borrowed my roommate’s car and we drove out in the country. I parked by a bridge over a beautiful stream. We walked a way along the stream. Finding a flat spot along the river bank, we stood and watched the gently flowing water. She leaned back against me. The murmur of water as it flowed over rocks, the call of birds, the buzzing of insects, the color of wildflowers along the bank, the branches of the trees above stretching over us like protective arms, the aroma of spring, all caused a peace to settle in both our souls. I nuzzled her neck with my lips. She pressed her body back against mine. I caressed her breasts and abdomen, finally her mound. She began grinding her hips against my hardness.

She turned and, looking in each other’s eyes, we removed each other’s clothing, deliberately and sensuously. We lay down on the grass, facing each other, sharing soft deep kisses, touching and sucking on tongues, hands exploring each other’s body. She rolled me on my back, turned, and mounted me, her mouth above my penis, her vagina over my mouth (I told you I was addicted to 69). We made love with our mouths, our tongues, our hands, our fingers. Before we reached the point of orgasm, she sat up and positioned her vagina over my penis.

I looked up at her and asked, “Are you sure about this?”

In reality, I wanted it badly. The only part of a woman I’d been inside so far was her mouth and here I was getting a chance to have real sex, me inside her. I was sure hoping she was sure!

“I’m sure. It’s OK. I just finished my period. So it’s safe.”

She took my penis and rubbed its tip against her sex lips. I could hardly stand the tingling. It wasn’t painful, just uncomfortably stimulating, like electricity. Then I felt her outer lips part and her flowing juices began coating my entire penis. She began moving gradually up and down, taking me inside her a little deeper with each movement. Then, before I knew what was happening, with one final push, she impaled herself on me.

Oh, my! You’re probably getting tired of me saying that, but I don’t know how else to express how it felt. We moved, she up and down, me in and out. We moved slowly at first, savoring the sensations. Her hands began rubbing my chest, my fingers playing with her nipples. I was lost in the sensations. My penis felt warm. Her vagina stimulated my entire penis. Our movements became more frenetic. I reached up and grabbed her arms. She reached down and stimulated her clitoris. I felt the walls of her vagina grip my penis. She screeched and climaxed. I joined her within seconds with a scream of my own. Mind-blowing! Sensations never before felt! Shouting from us both! She collapsed on my chest, keeping me inside. As our breathing became slower, I turned us on our sides, careful to keep me still inside. We embraced, arms around each other, and, believe it or not, dozed off.

OK. Are you getting bored yet? If not, then I’ll just tell you two more au naturel moments if you think you can keep from losing interest. Maybe I can hold your attention by mentioning that both occurred on a beach. See. I knew it. I saw your ears and eyes perk up.

It was summer. My fiancé and I were visiting my parents in Florida along the lower Gulf coast. We decided to spend some time at a beach my parents had told us about. So, we got into our bathing suits. On the way, she got the bright idea of picking up some fresh shrimp at a fish house. Then we stopped at a restaurant and she talked them into giving us some cups of cocktail sauce. The drive to the beach was beautiful. One stretch of the road was like driving through a tunnel. Branches from the trees on either side of the road reached across and intertwined. The closer to the beach we got, the fewer houses we saw. We arrived and parked in a small area that was already filled with cars and vans. There was a good sized number of people on the sand, so we walked down the beach away from the crowd.

After a quarter mile or so, we found a spot where there were no other people close to us. We laid our towels on the ground and put up the beach umbrella. We ran into the warm Gulf water and played, frolicked, and swam for awhile.

We could barely see anyone because we were so far away from the other beach lovers. We walked out until the water was up to our chests. I pulled her against me and gave her a good long kiss. We swam some more and kissed some more. The best kisses were when she would wrap her legs around me and grind her mound against my penis. I pulled her bikini top down and squeezed her nipples while she ran her fingers through my hair and in and around the folds of my ears.

We decided to stop torturing ourselves and enjoy some shrimp. It was not comfortable trying to eat on the towels, so I trudged back to the car and got the beach chairs. We sat our chairs just at the edge of the ocean so that the gentle waves washed slowly across our feet. We just talked and ate shrimp for awhile.

My finance, ever the tease, started looking at me, batting her eyes, and sucking the shrimp in and out of her mouth. I looked at her with a sad face.

With a mischievous smile she asked, “What?”

Well, I started doing the same thing. We laughed and teased each other with innuendo and sexually charged words until the shrimp was gone.

I said, “Now that you have us all worked up, what are you going to do about it?”

“I’ll figure something out,” she answered.

She jumped up and pulled me back into the ocean. We did some more kissing, and added some stroking. We reached our hands inside our bathing suits. She tickled my penis and balls. I tickled up and down her sex lips. She had my penis so hard I thought it would rip my bathing suit and her nipples were so hard they threatened to tear through her bikini top. While our bathing suits were down, she took hold of my penis and put in between her legs. We began rocking back and forth.

“Enough,” I said, “I can’t stand this torure anymore.”

“I’ve got an idea,” she said with a naughty smile and voice.

We put our bathing suits back together and made our way back to shore.

She took my hand and, with a wink and a smile, said, “Let’s take a walk.”

She led us down the beach away from people around a point of land where it was completely deserted. We walked hand-in-hand for ten minutes or so.

Suddenly she she shouted, “There.”

“There” was a thick stand of ocean pines. We spied an opening and ran, still hand in hand, into the thicket of trees. As if created just for us, there was a clearing toward the middle. We entered it and hastily pulled our bathing suits off. She held her hands out and clasped mine. She lay back on a bed of soft pine needles, pulling me with her. She wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me toward her. She was so wet I entered her easily. We went at it like animals, pounding and writhing and moaning and groaning, until we came shouting our climax to the heavens. I rolled over on my back beside her. We said nothing, just held hands. We smelled the aroma of the pines. We watched slowly moving clouds through the branches of the trees. We felt a soft breeze against our skin. We heard the call of seagulls. We listened to the rhythm of waves washing against the shore.

After awhile, she sighed, rolled toward me, threw an arm across my chest and said, “Let’s do it again, but slower this time.”

So we did, matching the rhythm of the waves.

I have one more if you have the time. Well, if you must go, you can come back and read it later. It’s not as long as the others though. Well, maybe it will be. Oh, you’ve decided to stay for one more? Good.

Florida again. Lower Gulf coast again. Our honeymoon. Because we were teachers, we had to postpone our honeymoon until the Christmas holidays. We rented a cottage for ten days on an island that was accessible only by boat. The boat captain told us that there were only three other cottages rented on the entire island. Talk about privacy! We were deposited at a dock on the bay side of the island. It took awhile to carry our luggage and food from the dock to the cottage because, between every trip, we had to admire the view from the cottage porch. Since the cottage was on stilts, it was tiring too. We were fortunate that, even in December, the weather forecast for the ten days was for high temperatures in the low 80’s.

That first night, we just sat on the porch swing, listened to the ocean, and looked at the stars. We were so tired from the drive and carrying everything that we just snuggled close together. Having difficulty keeping awake, we went inside, got in bed, I spooned behind her, and we fell quickly to sleep.

She awoke me, dragged me out to the porch, and handed me a freshly made cup of coffee.

“Look,” she exclaimed pointing to a spot in the ocean, “there’s some dolphins.”

What a wonderful way to start a honeymoon.

Over the next weeks, we made love many times a day. Inside if the sun was high. We didn’t want to get a sunburn and ruin our fun because we were naked almost all the time. Mostly we made love outside. On furniture cushions on the floor of the deck. Her sitting atop me on the steps down to the beach. Sitting on the bench on the dock facing the bay. In the grassy yard. Chasing each other while naked and having sex wherever we happened to catch each other. We never saw another living soul so we would walk naked along the beach at dawn and dusk.

The best lovemaking occurred on New Years Eve. I combed the island for driftwood and stacked it in a pit I dug in the sand above the high tide line. We spent the day leisurely, sad that we would be leaving in a few days. When dusk arrived, I went down and started the fire. We took blankets, wine, cheese and crackers, and made our way, naked, to the beach. There was no breeze and the ocean was calm. We ate, talked, made love slowly, and spent times when we were both silent just looking out over the ocean and at the stars overhead. At midnight, we saw to the north and to the south, colorful fireworks bursting over the ocean. We were too far away to hear them, but made our own booms, and oohhhs, and aahhhs.

We decided to make our own fireworks and shared wild and passionate sex. There we were, naked, having sex in every imaginable position, screaming and shouting in pleasure, over and over again, until we fell asleep in each other’s arms, my penis still inside her, not awakening until the sun had risen in the eastern sky.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tales of the outdoors. Thanks for listening.

What? You want another one? Why? Because that last one wasn’t sexy enough? You just can’t please some people. Well, you’re just going to have to wait until I have time to tell you more stories. When? Oh, I don’t know, when I have the time. Let you know? Yes, I promise.

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