…I imagine spending some time with you. The tension would be high because you know that I want to make love with you… and I know that you know. It would be a couple of hours of nervous conversation, that we both know would end it what’s been building for months now.

I picture following you up the stairs to my bedroom, neither of us saying a word. We make the turn at the top of the stairs into my bedroom and you stop as I move behind you. I lean close to you from behind, my head bending forward, smelling your hair… My fingers move to your hair and gently pull it aside, letting my lips find your neck. I kiss your neck and hear a slight breath escape from your lips.

My hands move to your shoulders and rest there for a moment as my chest presses into your back. My hands move down your arms, my palms cupping the sides of them as they travel further down. I pull you back into me, the full lengths of our bodies pressing together. I feel your ass pressed against my cock… and a breath escapes my lips.

I move my hands around to the front, and hold them against your belly… then begin to move them upward. I can feel your ribs as my hands move higher… and higher. I feel the swell of the outside of your breasts, then my hands move inward… cupping both breasts in my hands and pulling you tighter to my body.

Your head leans back onto my shoulder as I kiss your neck, my hands gently lifting and squeezing your breasts… I love how they feel in my hands.

You turn to face me. We kiss… gently at first, then with more passion. My hands move down your back and onto your ass. Like your breasts, my hands gently squeeze your ass, pulling you into me. My cock presses against your tummy and I begin to harden against you..

I move my hands up slightly… and take the hem of your shirt between my fingers. Slowly, I pull upwards… exposing the skin on your back to the coo air. We part slightly, and you raise your arms. I pull your shirt up and off. You step back a step, allowing me to see you standing there in your jeans and black bra. My eyes travel from your eyes, down over your lips, to your neck, then to your breasts covered by the bra.

Our eyes lock again, and you reach behind you… and unclasp your bra. I watch as it falls off your arms, and down to the floor. Your perfect breasts are fully exposed to my eyes for Cami Halısı the first time. A deep sigh escapes me as I take in the sight. So beautiful… the shape, the soft skin… and the perfect brown nipples.

Without touching you anywhere else, I bend forward and my tongue quickly flicks across one nipple. Then my lips press against it, gently kissing. My lips part as I take your nipple between them… gently sucking as my tongue flicks across it.

I kneel down in front of you. My hands move to your breasts as I look up into your eyes. Gently, firmly I touch your breasts. Watching the way the skin moves beneath my hands and fingers. Slowly my hands begin to move downward. Just the finger tips touching your skin. Moving lower, you can feel my fingertips teasing your tummy. You giggle as I reach a ticklish spot.

Our eyes are locked as my fingers reach the button on your jeans. Your tongue licks your lips as I undo the button… then lower the zipper. Your fingers run through my hair, gently pulling my face forward. I open your jeans, and gently pull them down. Your hand in my hair pulls my head forward until my face presses against your panties.

I inhale deeply, feeling the material of your panties on my nose and lips… smelling your scent and desire. My hands move up the back of your bare legs to your ass. I run my fingers beneath the back of your panties and pull you tight against my face… my hands firmly squeezing your ass… my tongue flicking across the material of your panties… reaching the soft skin of your inner thighs….

I look up your body, my face buried in your panties. You look into my eyes as your hands hold your breasts… your fingers pulling and twisting your nipples. I see a look of lust in your eyes as my fingers grab the elastic of your panties. Keeping my face pressed into your crotch, I pull your panties down…

Lower and lower until the material is no longer between my lips and your pussy. Quickly, my tongue darts out and makes contact with your clit. I hear you gasp… and turn my head to the side. My lips kiss your inner thigh. First one, then the other. My tongue traces from the inside of your knee, all the way up one leg, and then down the inside of the other one. You look at me with a look that tells me what you want… never loosing eye contact, my lips kiss the Cami Halıları lips of your pussy.

Its so wet, and I can taste you on my lips. I press harder against you, and part my lips… My tongue pushes out… and between the lips of your pussy. Slowly, the tip of my tongue flicks back and forth, opening you more with each flick… and pushing deeper inside you. I push my tongue inside you as far as I can, and lick upwards as I slowly pull it out… it brushes across your clit.

I move my lips higher, and kiss your clit, my tongue flicking back and forth across it… Your knees begin to weaken, and I let my tongue trail up your body as I stand. Across your landing strip… past your belly button… between your breasts… over your throat… and finally, to your lips. We kiss deeply, your juices still on my lips. Gently I push you toward the bed…

You fall back onto the bed, your hips right at the edge. I stand between your legs and quickly lower my pants… looking down at you, your hands are gently squeezing your breasts, fingers lightly tracing circles around your nipples. I see your chest rise and fall as your breath quickens… My eyes move down your body… across your belly button and over your neatly trimmed pussy. I stare for a moment, taking in the sight… so beautiful… so inviting.

My hands move to your legs. I lift at the knees, placing your heels on the edge of the bed causing your knees to bend, and your legs to open… my palms press against your inner thighs as I gently push outward… opening your legs. Slowly my palms move down your inner thighs, enjoying the feel of that soft, special skin. Down lower and lower until my thumbs rest against the lips of your pussy.

I step closer and gently open you with my thumbs. I look into your eyes and see nothing but passion… desire. I let my thumbs move up and down your outer lips, exciting you… feeling you get wetter and wetter…

One of my hands moves to my cock… now so hard from the images I have been enjoying. I gently stroke it. My fist tight around the shaft, letting the head fill with blood. I guide it toward you… the head gently touching your clit….

I move my cock up and down, spreading your lips open, just letting the head penetrate… then up and over your clit. Teasing it… pressing against it with the head of my cock. The only contact between our bodies – the head of my cock and your clit.

Not being able to stand the teasing anymore, you quietly say to me, “please…”

I smile, and put the head of my cock at your opening… and gently push. Slowly, persistently… inch by inch my cock enters you. I feel you surround me. The feeling is so warm, so wet, so… exciting. For these months I have wondered, fantasized… desired this first time. Now my cock is finally inside you. I push deeply, allowing my cock to rest fully inside you… and I hold it there – lost in the feeling of your pussy surrounding my cock. It feels so good.

I look down to where our bodies are joined, and wish I could remember this sight forever. My cock buried deep inside you, your legs spread wide.

My thumbs return to your inner thighs, and the place where we become one. I gently begin to move my hips… pulling my cock out of your pussy, then pushing back inside. Slowly – fully. It feels so good. I rub up and down your lips with my thumbs… and press against your clit with each thrust of my hips. I can feel my balls slap against your ass as my cock pushes inside you… I can hear the depth of your breathing.

Faster and faster… I don’t want this time to last. There will be time for that later… right now I want you. I want to take you. I want to push my cock deep inside you and feel your body surround mine.

I feel every inch of you as my cock slides in and out. I can hear the noise of our juices mixing. I can see the passion on your face and in your body. Faster and faster… not trying to hold out… Trying only to experience sex with you… to experience making love to you.

You turn me on so much. I feel my climax build… my muscles tighten, my breathing is short, my cock hardens and swells…. I pull out fully, then push back inside. In and out.. over and over again… then… I feel the climax start and push my cock deep inside you… feeling your pussy surround my cock as I begin to cum. My back arches as my cum shoots into you… it is a primal feeling… a dominating feeling… over and over again my cock erupts… then as quickly as it built, it subsides.

I exhale a breath I had been holding for what seemed like hours, and fall forward. My cock still inside you, I press my chest against yours… and we kiss. My hand holds your face, just lost in your eyes. Slowly my cock softens, and I roll over onto the bed beside you. My hand rubs your breasts and tummy…

I smile and ask, “can we do that again?”

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