Therapy Ch. 04


Chapter Four – “Therapy Begins”

The next morning, I was nearly out of bed before I chickened out. I wanted to wait another day or so before making that walk on my own. I needed Jimmy to come help me. I called out for him but got no answer at first. When I resigned myself to lay bored until he woke, he appeared in my doorway. I half expected him to be the typical randy young man and be sporting a solid rod for me to feast my eyes on, but he was classy enough to put on a normal day’s clothes.

He helped me out of bed and aided my trip to the kitchen. He tried to assist my every move but I explained that I simply needed him there to ensure I didn’t fall. He took that as an opportunity. He slid behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his hardening cock against my ass.

“Not now, mister. We have some things to talk about,” I said somewhat sternly.

He quickly released me and stepped back with a look of defeat and embarrassment on his face.

“No, no, Jimmy. We just need to talk about some things,” I said quickly.

I almost laughed at the instantaneous look of relief on his face. I snatched up the coffee from the coffee maker and he helped me over to the table. He went back to make breakfast for both of us. I kept the conversation neutral and normal. I asked his plans, and we discussed the accident a little. I could tell he wasn’t focused on the benign topics I chose. He wanted to get down to the obvious conversation a mother and son would have after she sucked his cock twice in a single night after letting a fiery redhead finger her in the bathroom.

“I know what you want to talk about, Jimmy. Finish breakfast and I promise you, we will get to that discussion.”

I measured his expression and added, “I think it might put you at ease that I’m not necessarily opposed to a repeat performance and perhaps a bit more.”

He finally brought the food and utensils to the table and appeared to me that he was going to wait for me to bring it up again. I didn’t make him wait long.

“How do you feel about last night?” I asked suddenly before I sipped my coffee.

“I liked it,” he replied.

I knew he was eager to get the party started.

I got a frustrated with him. I wanted a more in-depth conversation. His maturity from the day before didn’t seem to bleed over into the following day. Regardless, we were going to have that discussion whether he wanted to or not. I knew he would rather continue with the activities from the night before, but we had issues to get out into the open, if not resolve.

“Jimmy Ray. I asked you how you feel.”

“Mom, the fact that it even happened should tell you how I feel. You were busy for a while with the nurse, and you had given me an idea of what you initially wanted before you left the room. It gave me a lot of time to think about the situation and come to grips with helping you. Then it all changed. Do you think I would have done it if I didn’t want to? I justified it a little by thinking I was helping you when you couldn’t help yourself. I’m also a horny teenager,” he added as he laughed.

“What do you think of me after all that happened?” I asked without acknowledging his answer. “Am I terrible for bringing you into my problems?”

“What problems?” he asked. Again, I was frustrated that maybe he didn’t listen to anything I told him about my private life.

“Baby, don’t you remember me telling you about … well, basically my sexual history?”

“Well, yes obviously, but I don’t necessarily think that to be a problem in and of itself. The problem as I see it is that you don’t have anyone to share it with. That’s where I come in!” he said excitedly.

I was not expecting anything that came out of his mouth. His offer intrigued me. I became adventurous on my own and adventured on my own until then.

“I’m listening,” I said before taking another sip of my coffee.

He had taken a bite of his food and was clearly in deep thought. After he swallowed, he looked at me sahibe escort and blew me away with his next words.

“Well, you said Dad basically refused to be adventurous with you or whatever and you haven’t dated at all since he left. After you told me about your history, I thought you might like to have someone equally as adventurous as you to help you enjoy it. Yes, you could have probably found someone your age, but I’ll tell you, after knowing what I know, I would be a bit jealous.”

I ate some more of my breakfast as he continued.

“I thought about this last night, so don’t think I’m just dreaming this shit up here on the spot. I know I won’t be here all the time but that would give you some alone time that I’m sure you’ve come to enjoy. Since I’m pretty sure you’ll want a partner more than once a month, I could come twice a month … see what I did there?” he asked with a stupid grin on his face.

“Anyway, since you’re seeing a therapist and I probably should, let’s call our time together … ‘Therapy.'”

I put my hand up to stop him from talking.

“What do you mean you probably should see a therapist?” I asked curiously.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that for certain, but since you’ve described to me your sex habits, I have to tell you that I have some of the same behaviors,” he admitted.

“Are you sure it’s not just because you’re a horny young man who’ll fuck any woman who expresses interest?”

I noticed he was slowly rubbing his cock through his boxers, lending value to the question I offered him. I made a motion toward his cock letting him know that I saw what he was doing.

“Mom, I hear the other guys talk and have even watched some of them with their girlfriends. Their lives just seem … boring! I’m not dating someone because I think I would grow tired of even the most energetic, but sexually average woman.”

The words he used to describe himself resonated in my head.

“You have an excellent way with words, Jimmy. I’ve actually been to a therapist and between her and I, we never came up with something like that. When you say you’ve watched your friends with their girlfriends does that mean…” I said, leaving him to finish the statement.

“Yes, Mom. I’ve watched them have sex. I’ve watched rooms of people have sex. I like watching almost as much as I like doing,” he admitted.

It would have seemed we both needed this time together to be honest with each other and ourselves. I sensed where this was going and I was all too willing to drive the bus to that destination. It was almost time for my daily solo masturbation session anyway.

“Do you just watch, or do you masturbate while doing so?” I asked, felling my pussy getting wet.

“Depends on who I’m watching.”

“Have you ever had sex with those that you were simply intending to watch?” I asked as my hand moved between my legs. It was a futile gesture, but I wanted to let him know I was horny.

He stood up and walked around the chair I was in and stood behind me. I kept my stare straight ahead of me.

“You mean, did I fuck the girl who was getting her pussy pounded right in front of me?” he whispered in my ear.

That he accentuated the verb did not escape me. I nodded submissively. His hands drifted over my shoulders and into my robe. He wrapped his warm hands around my tits and gently rubbed them.

“The last one I watched wanted to know what it felt like to have a dick in her ass at the same time as her pussy,” he whispered. “She wanted to try double penetration. I was the first one who ever fucked her ass.”

His hands drifted further down my body. I frantically opened my robe for his wandering hands and spread my legs. My cunt was so wet. Foreplay was not going to satisfy me that morning, but I wanted to experience him as much as he was willing to give.

“I have gotten off at the thought of you swallowing my cum. You made a fantasy of mine come true. Would you like to know the others?”

What sahibe escort bayan I wanted right then was for him to bend me over the table and fuck me. What also went through my mind were questions about how long he had fantasies such as he had and what he had done to deal with them to date. Instead of ruining the moment, I simply nodded.

Both his hands were between my legs, rubbing my inner thighs as he began to tell me another fantasy.

“This is one I’ve jerked off to on many occasions. In this fantasy, we never ever discussed anything like we have now. I’ve come home one weekend and you’re cooking dinner on that Friday night.”

The insides of his hands rested in the crease between my pussy and my thighs. He moved them slowly up and down, gently pressing inward, pushing my outer lips together and lightly touching my clit.

“You were wearing spandex pants and your workout tank top. I had rubbed my dick hard as I approached the house. As I walked in, you greeted me without looking as you did the dishes while dinner was in the oven.”

His finger dipped lightly inside me and was coated in my wetness. He then moved it to my clit and began making circles around it. My breathing became heavy and erratic.

“I came up behind you and hugged you tightly. I was sure to press my hard cock into your ass to the point there was no doubt what I wanted. I kissed the back of your neck and, despite having never had a single intimate touch, you responded in kind. In fact, you accelerated my plans for me.”

His finger drifted back to my vagina and slowly pushed it all the way in.

“You hooked your thumbs into your pants and pushed them and your panties down,” he continued as I interrupted him.

“Fuck me, Jimmy. I want to feel your pulsating cock inside me as you tell me what happens next!” I was desperate for him to fuck me. I wanted him more than I wanted any man in my life.

“Not just yet, Mom,” he responded.

The fact that he still called me ‘Mom’ was making me insane with lust.

“As soon as I saw you begin to offer yourself to me, I dropped my own pants. My cock popped up between your legs and the head rested right at your entrance. I wasted no time in grabbing the base of my cock and pointing it upward and pushing my cock inside you.”

“Damnit, Jimmy! Bend me over this fucking table and stick that cock in me!” I begged.

He didn’t respond except to insert another finger inside me. I also began to feel his little finger dabble a little lower than the others.

“I will, Mom. Soon.”

He had control over me. It wasn’t the word ‘mom’ that did it entirely. It was his tone, his voice. It was like he maintained subordinance in our relationship by using my title as it related to him, but the way he said it was like he was chastising a child who was begging for candy at the supermarket. I was powerless under him.

“It took several seconds before I was buried completely inside you. You inhaled deeply as you felt me invade you. Perhaps I should say annex? You became mine, Mom. I flexed my cock inside you when I was all the way in and began to fuck you. I initially took my time sliding almost all the way out of you but then began to fuck you steadily.”

“Jimmy…” I whined.

It was useless.

“As my hips pumped my dick in and out of your sopping wet cunt, my hands reached up and lifted your tank top off you. To my delight, you had taken off your sports bra and your luscious tits bounced free.”

I began to cry tears of frustration as I wanted to cum so badly but punished myself by holding off as I listened to his story.

“You were practically naked standing in front of me. Your hands resumed their position in the soapy water in the sink. You began to push back onto my cock and your heavy breathing turned into loud moans. I whispered things in your ear as you fucked me. You were fucking me, Mom.”

His probing pinky began to circle around my ass hole, gently inserting its dominance escort sahibe over me. I begged him to fuck me, but he continued his verbal control over me.

“I began to whisper things to you as I’m doing now. I said things to you such as ‘you’ve wanted this, haven’t you’ and ‘you’re mine now.’ Mom, in my fantasy, I did something I’m ashamed of.”

His confession brought me out of my hypnosis. He continued to fuck me with his fingers, but I knew his mood had been altered by his confession.

“What did you do, baby?” I asked softly.

“I came inside you, Mom,” he said.

“Why are you ashamed of that,” I asked curiously.

There were a couple ways I could see him going with that confession. Neither one bothered me.

“Mom. I came inside you with the intent to make you pregnant. I wanted you to have our child,” he said.

He continued fucking me with his fingers. He was ashamed of his fantasy, but not of what he was doing to me. I decided to play into it.

“Do you want to cum inside my pussy, baby?”

“Hell yes!” he exclaimed as his finger fully penetrated my ass hole.

“Do you want me to have your baby, son?” I said, with every word chosen for effect.

“Mom…” he said absently.

I wasn’t at all concerned with him not affirming his fantasy. His denial gave me pause to re-evaluate everything. Was it his fantasy for me to provide him with a son or daughter? A brother or sister? Was his fantasy a reality?

“Fuck me, Jimmy. Cum inside me and fulfil your fantasy!” I told him, knowing he would not likely impregnate me.

It was enough to put him into action. He carefully removed his fingers from me and began to put me into position for him to fuck me. He was careful about moving me and I helped him as best I could. Eventually, I was naked and bent over the table.

“Put your dick in me, Jimmy! Fuck me like you have dreamt about. Fuck my pussy and shoot your cum deep inside me!” I demanded of him.

He wasted no time and disposed of his boxers. Before I knew it, his cock was pressing against my vagina. There was absolutely no resistance as I welcomed him into my body. My son’s cock was finally inside me. I came immediately.

“OH GOD JIMMY! I’M CUMMING!” I announced loudly.

“Cum on my dick, Mom. Squeeze it tightly and I’ll shoot my load inside you!” he responded.

It went exactly as he said. I contracted my pussy on his cock and squeezed him as my orgasm took over my body. In turn, he shot his load deep inside me. I felt each spurt as it coated my vagina. I hoped it that would not be the end and he did not disappoint. As soon as he was done cumming inside my pussy, he proceeded to pump his meat in and out of me.

“Cum inside me again, son. Put your baby batter inside me and give me a daughter!” I said, absent of myself.

“Will you give me a little sister, Mom? Will you give me a daughter?” he asked in the heat of the moment.

“I’ll give you whatever you want, just make me cum over and over again!” I demanded of him.

He put his hands on my hips and began to forcefully push his cock in and out of me. I was in heaven. There was no greater thrill in life than what was happening to me at that time. In the moment, I wanted to give him his sister and daughter.

“Cum in my pussy and let your daughter start to grow!” I commanded him.

I said the right words in the right way and before I knew it, he was shooting his sperm inside me again.

“Oh, fuck yes! Shoot it deep inside my cunt! Fuck me hard as you come!” I screamed. “Fuck! Me! Hard!” I said as I slammed my ass back onto his cock.

Before I knew it, it was all over. He pulled his sperm-soaked cock from my pussy, and I sat myself back down onto the chair from which I started. I was ready for a nap. He looked as if he was as well.

“That was the single most amazing thing I’ve ever done, Mom,” he admitted to me.

“Jimmy… my son, I will have to agree with you on that. Let’s go nap and see what happens when we wake up,” I suggested.

He looked at me oddly and then smiled, “I’d like to make love to you when we wake up.”

I covered my mouth and nose with my hands and my eyes widened upon the realization that my son was in love with me. I nodded my head vigorously and took him by the hand.

“I’d like that,” I said as he helped me to my bedroom.

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